Today I have a really cool review for you. I am excited to have an insta 361 R. This is the twin edition version of the camera. It has multiple attachable reattach of all lenses that you can use. It has a 360 option on here. This is the 360 lens with also an extra battery on the bottom, and it has a touchscreen on it as well, and it comes with the singular lens, which is a GoPro style lens which actually, in my opinion, probably looks better than my GoPro very exciting. It also has like a hyper smooth type, video smoothing for any type of drone racing or fixed wing flying if you're gon na put this on an airplane. The footage looks amazing if you're going to put it on a quad. The footage looks amazing. Either way you go, it has a stability on both the 360 camera and for the singular lens. It is a better format for all of my drones, because, honestly, the first one that I had it was around 400 it's. This one right here and it's. Just a little awkward to put on a quad, because you have to mount it from the bottom here and stand it up like this and a lot of times when I would land it would kind of tip over and a lot of times I'm using the GoPro Style mounts for mounting this on so there there screw on and they're adjustable by the axis, but the problem was is that they would.

It would always tilt forward. So this is nice because we can use that TPU type of mount for these to mount directly on our quads, but we're gon na unbox. This one I'm going to show you what comes in a box and we're also gon na go outside and do some flying I'm going to show you both of these cameras I'm. Also going to show you the singular lens footage and I'll show you some original 1x footage as well and I'll. Try to put all that links down here below, so you guys can check out the specs alone each different camera, but for now my favorite new camera for 2020 is absolutely for filming flying or any of my surface vehicles is definitely the one our twin addition. It is super awesome, so let's go ahead and open up the box. Let me show you what comes along with this camera, so let's check out what you get in the box for the money and, if you'd like to skip to the flying it's gon na be at eight minutes in this video. So that was where the beginning of the flying's gon na start, but right away inside the box we get to 4k single lens and that dual flow state lens with 5.7 360 video I'm gon na go ahead and take this plastic wrap off and it shows the Two data ports, they're also HDR video, which is sweet. The singular lens only has a single data port and the battery itself.

Pretty nice they flattened out the battery versus the GoPro square battery. It does have a locking mechanism on the bottom and it is eleven. Ninety milliamp – and this is the core on the left and the singular lens right here. You can see 4k wide angle, F. 2.8. Sixteen point four millimeter equivalent pretty nice looking unit all metal on the outside. Let me just show you a little closer up. This is where you can connect your cable. It also works on Wi Fi, with the one our app and up to around 128 gigabyte microSD card is supported on this camera, and you can see that singular data port there for the singular lens and it just snaps back together. Just like this pretty cool that you can just pull the entire lens body off and snap a new one on there, so I guess this will be a little bit future proof if they come out with new lenses or an upgraded 360 lens. You could always upgrade later and it's, not waterproof until you snap the whole bottom body on just like that, so it is waterproof to about 5 meters, which is pretty sweet. Now you fire it up by pressing the on button on the very top select your language and you can go through the prompts and once you get to the main menu, this will pop up only for like a split second and then it goes away, and it Brings you into the main menu now you can see that 360 camera sort of view there and I'm gon na go through these other problems.

This is just kind of telling us what to do where to find things inside the camera swipe left up and down again. Very similar to GoPros interface inside here you can see different camera settings which is kind of nice. You can change the white balance, the ISO and, if you scroll up, you can change the shutter priority and you can format the microSD card as well and inside the main menu mode. Here we have brightness control, you can go up and down on the brightness, which is nice. If you want to make your screen more dim and we can go on the main settings and can change general settings USB mode there for Android or iOS it's kind of nice, I have an iPhone so I'm gon na change mine to iOS. We have the you disk mode, which would be plugging into the computer or into the bottom of your phone device, whichever phone you have and the prompt you can turn off the sound which is kind of nice. I usually do turn off the sound on these cameras. Power onoff wake mode. We have SD card there when noise reduction, which is nice and h.265, not h.264 on this camera. By the way it isn't up, create a video format which is pretty sweet. You'Ll also have additional controls on here to press the shutter button when it's off and it'll turn on to start recording press it again and it'll turn the camera off and finish the video which is nice, and you also have voice control in here.

If you decide to use that again, just like the GoPro, which is also nice, so plenty of things to change in the settings, if you want also the shooting modes HDR time lapse, interval normal, I usually shoot in normal mode. So if you want to select one of your modes, all you have to do is click on it directly and it'll. Select that mode and go back to the main screen pretty easy to operate. I think it's probably a easier interface than the GoPro honestly now also in the Box, you get some additional cables and you get that camera mount, which is super nice if they give you one of these and it is compatible with all the GoPro style mounts as Far as the the legs and the arms go, you can snap in any type of GoPro accessories on here, the one quick guide and lens cleaner what's in the box. Your warranty card super important when to hang on to that, as well as your waterproofing guide and make sure your camera is all together before it touches any water. That is a big thing about this camera, also, some stickers and USBC cable moving into the future. With a USBC cable, that's, pretty sweet as well as this is fairly easy to operate. You just open it up. Just like this and what's cool about this. Is it also fits the 360 lens inside this mount so make sure you have it in the right way.

Just like that, close it and snap and lock the top it's, also compatible with the invisible selfie stick that insta 360 makes and the lens cover fits on top of the mount too, as well, so that's, pretty cool. So now, let's go ahead outside and let's. Do a little bit of filming with it! Let me show you some of the footage from the 1r, all right, guys, we're gon na start off with some 1 hour footage we're going to show you some 1x and we're gon na show you some GoPro footage. So, if you're thinking about buying either of these cameras, you have a good idea in this video. What each of these cameras are capable of starting out with the 1r. I have to say I think the colors look a little bit better on this version than my 1x, my 1x. I was really excited to have because it blew away all the other 360 cameras that I had tried and the ones in the past just seemed kind of like a gimmick compared to insta 360s cameras or just a lot better than pretty much any of the other Brands out there that I've tried they seem kind of hokey and they have issues with distortion, whereas this one just seems to have much less fisheye and wide angle in this particular lens. The 360 lens looks pretty good and when I do a pan left to right, I don't see a lot of sneaking and sort of fishbowl approach.

But when you can zoom out and editor that's, when things can automatically, it purposely look fishbowl, which is kind of cool. So you can go to that tiny planet view or you can zoom all the way out and make it look sort of all cinematic which I like and I have to say the editor is a lot of fun: it's really addictive. To make keyframes and change the camera angle in your editor, that's included it's free software. Now this is the singular lens, and this is sort of the GoPro 4k competitor lens, not the 360 video lens. If you want to shoot just regular straight ahead. Video like this, you have that option, because this camera is like completely modular, and what I mentioned before is that I think that this footage actually looks better than the GoPro with hyper smooth. Dare I say it? I did, and I think that this is probably gon na – be my go to camera this year. Instead of the GoPro I've been using the hero for years with hyper smooth and it really does get nice with video, but it has dark to light transition problems on the GoPro Hero. You can change that a little bit in the settings, but it just seems that their firmware needs to be updated to be able to handle dark to light transition better and unless you have an ND filter on this lens. It'S gon na have a lot of lens flare and issues with lighting out the entire frame of view when you have a little bit of sunshine coming into the lens and back to my original 1x right here, see a little bit of skateboard footage in downtown Portland And this is looking pretty good and what's neat about this again is: I can change the keyframes on this? I can spin the camera around in space I've got that an invisible selfie stick right there, so it is sort of it's it's amazing to me that this, the stick just disappears and here's an example of it on one of my rock crawlers it's, not the highest Mount if you get the camera up a little bit higher, you can see the entire truck or whatever quad or drone you're flying it's really really kind of a cool new perspective that a lot of people are trying out now, here's the 1x on my voluntary Sabre And this is a 3d plane check this out.

This is wild footage, and this is something again that kind of changed the game for me for reviews it's, just a really cool new perspective for anyone watching YouTube and wanting to see something different when it comes to RC and flying it just makes some of the 3D maneuvers on planes look a little bit cooler and again I love the keyframe editor they've included in the instant 360 studio. It is really really cool and you can export as an mp4 and take it straight into whatever editor you're, using if you're, using it on the PC for premiere or, if you're, editing in Final Cut Pro and it handles some slo mo as well. It will handle 360. Video will handle eight times slo mo mode. So if you want to slow things down and make some slow motion shots, you can also do that with this camera that's kind of a nice option, and here I'm flying up behind my buddy. Changing that perspective again with editor super smooth there and back to the rocks for the rock crawling. This is on the selfie: stick without the mount and there's back to the mount above the truck and again I'm looking down the face of the rocks here, super cool. So you can see that perspective and I ended up swinging it back around to see the back of the truck, but probably some of my favorite video. Again, though, is the skateboarding video, where you can really swing the selfie stick around and get some super low shots or hold it up above your head and get some really unique perspective from high up above the skateboard and again back on the Green Hornet.

This is a Cinna whoop if you have not heard of a cinema before you have to look these up on my channel, because these are some of the most popular cinematic drones out for 2020 hands down everybody's going for these because they're ultra durable and you can Bring home footage like this. It looks like a mechanical gimbal, but this is hard mounted to the quad there's, no mechanical structure whatsoever and if you crash it's, not as big of a deal because this camera is pretty tough and you can replace the lenses on there. So pop the lens off and put a new lens on there, but what a difference this is making. So I think insta 360 is one of those big companies to look out for in 2020 they're really coming around.