We see uh videos of the tesla berlin, brandenburg gigafactory and i dont know who showed these videos, but we see the drone entry practically everywhere. Illusion. Look at look at where the drone is stopped at waiting for a price to go up and before you know the drone is inside the price practically showing us every bit of what is happening in it, and we can see the name tesla casted on the giant Press practically, i think everything about tesla car is made in this battery. That is why its called the factory just look at the videos were getting. This is an assembly line you see operator trying to get. I think a horse tee from uh from a bonner and before you know the drone was inside the robotic machine practically looking at the robot, bring out these cast iron cast and rotating rotating around it and see, and it comes to a group of robot trying to Fix a frame of a car: this is insane bro. This is actually insane practically. This drone footage shows of every bit of activity happening in the gig of artery and practically inside an empty frame. Well, see. We see scaling through up to the assembly line and above a car being positioned just for painting and it gets into the the dye room. Also the coating room as we will call it and up to a place where we have all operators doing. One thing on the other: i think, where they hold meetings and where exactly this is where they hold meetings.

I think uh for the day and the drone blows through every single area. In this gigafactory we can see some work as i do why some are working and while i just imagine it going through glasses and just inside, he can stop for. I dont know what that guys been. I think for clarence or something like that – and this is the warehouse obviously just like that – just look at this drum this is this is crazy. This is really crazy, so i want to send kudos to tesla and for the guys that show this video.