Now frank, this quarter, isnt just any drone right. I thought there was a typo when i read the background specs for it did. I read it right. Man, 99 bucks for a drone that should be 5 000 roger that josh, you read it correctly, thats, not a typo thats. Exactly what this new industry busting drone is worth in my opinion and the 99 bucks thats, what you can buy it for today, but this thing is insane and not just because of that incredible price, yeah, yeah, thats right so lets get down to it. Brother blow. The viewers mind as to why this drone is the greatest advancement in personal droning, since the drones were invented. Lets start with this crazy durability. Look at this. This thing could probably go to war with the terminator and come out on top. Well, maybe its been sent back from the future too yeah right itll be back all right, no doubt, especially when you know its armed with gravity, sensors that detect the ground and other obstacles, it could change its flying course automatically to avoid a collision, or you know, With the touch of a one button, itll fly straight back to you. Whoa sounds like its military grade yeah, but that doesnt mean its hard to fly. The user experience with this drone is the easiest ive ever come across and dont just take it from me. I gave it to my dad to have a go, hes, never flown a drone before and he was ripping it at the top speed of 30 miles per hour only minutes after taking control of it.

Thats awesome, which gets me to my next point. This thing is great in urban settings. Most drones that are this affordable, sound, like a lawnmower up in the sky, theyll wake up their neighbors theyre so loud, but this little thing its super stealthy thatd be great like if you were stalking a deer or two right. Oh yeah definitely im actually planning on taking this on my next mission into the mountains, its ideal for scoping out terrain and spotting targets and its so compact and light ill easily slot it in with the rest of my gear nice. So how good is the camera on it then? Well, spielberg could literally use this for his next movie josh the camera shoots in 4k and has different modes. You can set it to. Personally, i love the point of view option because it makes you feel like youre flying like superman when youve tuned it into that very nice, so were almost out of time. Is there anything else that youd want to add um? Well, a lot okay, but the last thing is the battery its superior battery capacity lets the drone stay airborne twice as long as the competition, which is obviously super important when youre up in the air twice as long wow. That sounds like a total package: frank im. Thinking about getting one for myself and my dad too, what can i get one? Well, you could pick up a quad air just like this.

One from the website link below the deal to get it for 99 might not be live for much longer, though its 50 off. So if i was watching now guys id head over to the quad air site to secure one, you wont regret. It certainly sounds like it: hey, thanks for coming on today, frank: this is my favorite gadget of 2022. By far thanks for tuning in everybody, now go get yourself.