Youre back from covid yeah, the last video i had covered yep and it may seem like i gave it to the rest of the staff because everybody got copied about a month later. It was like full lockdown yeah. I was the only one there for a couple days. All i was in here and theres no way i could have shipped everything return, customer service and uh done the door like answer the door here, so we locked the doors, put a sign up, saying local pickup. Only in there it was an interesting yeah. We adapt its kind of fun at the same time, yeah its kind of fun as a business one when whack gets crazy and you just got to kind of like flex with it, but over here were back were talking about the v12 high torque thats right. I almost forgot what we were going to talk about um first things. First, the v12 high torque is everything. The v12 should have been to begin with, that theres no reason for a 16 inch wheel to be able to go 70 kilometers an hour its. I never pushed it past, probably ever 60, which is the new top speed of the high torque very rightfully so right off the bat. This is what they should have done all along it, as i just mentioned, has a top speed of 60 kilometers an hour. It apparently has 23 more power, the same 2800 watt motor and i can feel it.

You can definitely feel it going up hills, its more effortless um. I was riding trails and it was pretty chill pretty smooth and um ill say i was on the s. 20. 20 and uh – i guess 22 or whatever, and the thing is built for trails right, like built in knobby tire 130, mil suspension. Ive got thousands of kilometers on it now thats all. I still really ride im, not much of a trail rider like im, okay with them, i guess, but we were. We were ripping pretty fast, fast, single track. I wish i caught that in film. It was such an intense trail that we didnt really want to hang on to a 360 camera, but he was hanging on like you know he was. It was a bunch of commanders and me on an s20, and these guys the guys on the commanders ride trails like three times a week, kind of thing, theyre being just, and he was right behind us the whole time on this v12 with no pads. He rides. It raw back just bareback yeah its one of those wheels that i feel like it. Doesnt really need pads. I mean itd, be nice to have better braking power, but i find it accelerates and breaks so easily um with the custom settings. So i like to have uh what is it i think: 33 percent breaking 66 yeah and 66 acceleration power. I know what you like, yeah and its like the sweet spot, so i can just sink into my braking and it breaks quite well and accelerating is no problem.

I was going up steep hills, no pads everyones like pretty impressed with my riding yeah going over big rocks and whatnot, no, no pads. So not just pandering too. It was like i so he he says that i would have died like im, not a 16 inch wheel rider. I i just i dont have never been a fan of the 60s, not a fan. I love the wheel, like i understand who its for and all that, and i think its, but this is going to be mostly bradley talking about his experiences that he spent way more time on it. I feel uncomfortable on it. I i wish it had pads. Personally, i just want. I just need a bit more of a feeling, control, probably coming from the fact that ive been on the s20 and when i have your you know by proxy by s20, set up its like the low pads are like sucked into my feet. Like i am locked and its the only way, someone moved my pads a couple days ago, um casey came in and moved the pads up and i went to hit a little curb and almost ate it. It was no bueno, so its just like im so used to that setting. I got on the v12 smaller wheel way to work here than ive ever experienced on a smaller wheel, and i was just like, oh, oh dear, and at the start i was like you.

Oh, this isnt very good, and i came back the first time and i sent him a um. What are you talking that i took at home and i said what are you talking about? This is so good ill. Try it again, and i kind of like turned off my bias, wrote it around a little bit more and didnt, try and like push it and just try to get some kilometers on it like okay, i get it kind of like you know if you understood how Off tempo jazz was really cool; we still didnt really enjoy it, but youre like i see why its really good yeah, you know and thats another reason why we didnt really release a video so quickly, next to the everyone having cove but um. I wanted to get enough kilometers on this thing and i have admittedly ive been pretty obsessed with the master and ive been writing the master, a lot um, but i finally, we had some better weather and im, like you know what ill take the v12 well take. The v12 homework and i ive been really enjoying it. One of the things i like about it, and one of the things i like about not having pads on it is it keeps the wheel, thin and sleek, and its really easy to put in my car behind the seat. If i try to put the master behind the seat, its like pedals, flopping over all the plates and pads everywhere and its like scratching up the sides of the car, its just so easy to put the v12 into like its just slim and sleek and thats.

One of the things i really like about it and it is still b12 as well, but the v12 high torque high speed, whatever you pick um were actually not going to carry the high speed its going to be, i think the v2 high torque is all people Need theres no reason to go 70 kilometers on the thing and get it from someone else and its got more robust rim um. But what is going to say its just a sleek wheel and you can put it easily put it places and for me thats important to have a wheel like that so and the price point too, like it already, is our number one number two seller, depending on Whatever month even pre, you know high torque. We already have like close to 30 preorders yeah. Now that were out sold out of sherman maxs. I think v12s have taken the number one and its just like you think about it. Okay, you learn how to ride your friends get into it: youre, like oh, maybe, youre, upgrading from an 8 or a 10 or t3, or something and youre like whats. Next, i dont want to spend five grand. I also dont want something that heavy i want to be able to carry it around. I want something: thats, manageable, somewhat lightweight, nimble, water resistant, especially, but it looks cool it has performance like i can go ride mountains with my friends on their commanders and s20s.

If i want, but i dont have to pay an insane amount of money for it, yeah all the things you get, it yeah its like its a no brainer its yeah and just a little improvements like they did like the reinforced room we were talking about earlier And its got better mosfets, the orange accents looks really sick um. This is a good time for me to throw in the b roll of us showing off close ups of the v12 and then its got a wider kickstand than the original v12. I noticed um. Let me confirm that ill put a little note, but im pretty sure that looking at im, like oh, this kickstand, looks way wider than one way to find out my friend the poke test. Um now one downside to the v12 high torque is, i noticed it drains. The battery a lot quicker than the high speed yeah and i didnt i dont – have measurable amounts, not quantifiers. I was riding the b12 in the winter fall right in the high torque. Ive been writing in the summer im, not a business anymore yeah. We went up to seymour. Did this like a lot of trail riding a lot of uphill? I was keeping up with commanders, so were going pretty quick, 45 to 50 kilometers an hour, yeah perfect spot, and i only well. We had a 50 kilometer trip. Maybe and i i had range anxiety coming home like we really had to slow it down, i hadnt i came back with like 21 battery left, but we drove slow on the way home and its just.

I would thought i would get more range. I thought were gon na get closer to v11 type range, but that added power added torque. I think it just drains the battery quicker were were torquing it up a steep mountain and keeping up with commanders ripping the whole time pretty much consistently so thats. You know important important caveat for sure yeah um, theres really apparently just 45 degree hills. I didnt try that, but it does do hills it. It feels like um a master, not a master tour, because the master torque is just insane, but i feel like i can keep up with that. Instant acceleration um keeps up the the s22 and im quite happy with it. Im pleasantly surprised. I hope that these controllers are better quality than the first batch of v12s. We had in motion ive been really on their ass lately, because uh we want the quality control to get better and for a wheel that looks amazing, um a little bit more complicated. They have more firmware issues theres, so much bms things going on and like if you, for example, a begoad wheel. If you replace a controller in a begone wheel or a battery, you just make sure the batteries are balanced boom. Youre on your way, thats not the case with the v12 or any in motion wheel. We fix it in motion, wheel um, at least if its 100 volt wheel. We have to replace the controller, and then we have to get in motion to do a remote calibration and if that doesnt work so more issues.

As long as we need to replace the battery and replace the battery. Even if we get the battery levels to the same, it still requires a calibration and we cant do the calibration. We actually have to wait for a motion to wake up in china stay late here and then our techs will and just slows down the repair process. Its very frustrating beauty of having a warranty through, but yeah theres, something were doing for ebs customers uh only for now were opening a second location. We actually just signed the lease um, probably operating in august or september, its going to be service center. Only pretty much uh and parts parts and service, and then people will be able to come in, do look up, drop off their wheel and whatnot and well. People can do local, pickups yeah and were going to ship from there too. Itll be your main warehouse location. So because weve all grown this space, so quick aggressively, but weve been kind of chatting back and forth with emotion and because we could end up being an authorized, uh repair shop for them we might actually have to. They might give us access to their tools and their calibration tools, which would make our text job so much easier and we would be the only ones in the world i believe, with this capability so lets. Oh, my god, this cookie and oh, my god that statement this guy eats meat. Now dude came out wrong, yeah no longer vegan.

I was strict strict vegan for 10 years. Almost to the day june, 8th would have been 10 years to the day like strict, strict, strict, not a single, like cheap milk. Chocolate. Nothing for 10 years got covered a week later. Something clicked inside my mind. Something changed. I dont know what it was, but it was like you, you need to add animal foods back into your life, um its going to make going on road trips with this guy a lot better, its insane man, its like im, rediscovering everything right its like you forget A lot of stuff after 10 years, you just dont, remember at all so like think of all the things like nutella milk, chocolate, all the different meats and stuff, but like pizza, all the like this cracker, i cant try these chips because so its just like a Rebirth in a weird way, still quite odd, but im happy for him. Yeah, okay, give away giveaways. Should we make it meat related. I was like im. One of those like i was gon na say: give them uh because nobody gets to enjoy the glory of mello. Maybe we send them a little mellow care package. Would it would it stay in that, if we like wrapped it in cellophane, each cookie separately or something each donut, uh doughnuts, maybe not, maybe just like much of the cereal cookies and chocolate chip cookies, wrap them in cellophane, put them in a little air ship them? I mean like, like butchers, send meat well, so now thats gon na say we do a butcher kit.

You know how they have those like cool, whatever yeah. All right. Well, do cookies, this time, all right all right! Well, send you a little cookie pack and a swag bag? Well, give you you know. Whatever we have a number between 1 and 147 guess the number closest guess, the cookies? Okay, there we go and the swag thanks for watching. I hope we still have juice. Let me check because we dont – oh man, theyre rewind here i dont see a light on anymore: oh, its recording, but its its dead. So the battery is at zero.