The ink pot now i dont know where they came up with the name for that ink pot. I dont oh how these people come up with this crap, the inkpot. I o six kids training drone and its got the uh standard fare on here. Oh theres, something about the company that makes it and you got your flips. You know its a safe and durable and headless mode, yeah, okay, theres some stuff on there. Now this doesnt have a camera or anything like that. It just has a light there on the front, so lets get it out of the. What does that say there? Okay, thats their email address. Okay, so uh lets get it out of the box and check it out all right there. It is out of the box and you see its pretty pretty plain. You get a manual charger, two batteries quadcopter and the controller and the batteries are 300 right. There three point: seven three: hundreds heres, the quadcopter theres, the on and off switch right. There theres the light in the front thats where you plug the battery and its got the nice modular batteries which i like. Actually i actually like these. I think you stick it in this way in first and then just snap it in there like that, yeah great, easy, stuff, easy stuff, then you got the transmitter. I think you got some speed. Some flow heres, the speed up here, theres the light you can turn the light on and off um, i think thats a headless mode and thats the power.

One of these is the flip. I think its this one im not sure about this one but im sure it does something. Let me look in the manual here: real, quick, like oh, it does a self rotation thing yeah. If you click on this itll itll, you know do 360s or whatever so were going to try that out here in a second so lets just take it and uh turn it around here and take it off to see what it sounds like and then well take It outside and fly it when you start this ink pot. Okay, you turn on the quadcopter with this little power button right here and then, when you turn this on, you have to hold in the button. I think its this one up here hold that in and then turn on the power youll hear it in three beats and that unlocks all the modes, because if you just turn it on and bind it itll just be in in beginner mode, and it wont do Anything that flips wont work. The rates wont change anything like that. You have to hold this in up here when you turn on the power and thatll unlock the the pro mode or whatever you want to call it. You know so you can do the flips and do all that other stuff, so heres the switch for the light. I believe right here, this one works see, and then you got your rates over here so well start it and take off in the first rate, were just going to fly for a minute, then were gon na.

Take it outside try a flip out. Real quick flip works great, so we just want to that lights. Flashing cause the batterys not charged all the way i didnt put the charged battery and i put the the one that wasnt charged in just to try it out like this. I just wanted to show you guys how to turn that on, because uh, if you dont, read the manual of course youre not going to know that and youre going to think the thing dont work. Okay, so i just wanted to show you that part so were going to take it out, fly it test. The battery and uh ill put the little timer thing in there like. I always do well get the flight time on it. All right guys were out here with the ink pot. Okay, so were gon na fly. This little turn around and see how this thing rolls lets. Do the level calibration were going to turn the light off to get the maximum to get the maximum flight time? Out of it, oh yeah flights, great look at this. Look at this great flyer, wow its in the third rate. Right now you see that wow, really nice, nice flip nice flip again funnel yeah. Look at that wow, real nice flyer! Man! This thing is so precise, holy cow at that speed. Okay, great lets check some range out here: real, quick, okay, ill just go straight down there. We got ta go low here because i dont want it to take off on me.

Okay, so theres about 30 feet. Right there, oh yeah, okay id say the range is probably about 50 feet: okay, no complaints there, okay lets, try that little its that little mode that it has where itll do its own little circle or something i think it was pressing down on this button here. It does that rotating or something like that so lets try that out real quick there. It goes see, okay to stop that you have to hit the button again. Okay lets try the um the rate one very slow, although its better than i thought it was going to be. I thought the first rate would be actually a lot slower than this, but its uh actually doing. Okay, theres no wind lets try the second break ill. Put the flight time in you know like i always do in a little corner, yeah the second rates, good third race better. Now you know i showed you when you turn it on. You have to hold in the one button there to get unlock all the features. This is with all the features unlocked im, not flying it in the training mode. I dont need any training, okay, so, but you can do that. You can just if you just turn it on and dont hold in one of the other buttons and bind it up. Itll go real slow only in the first rate and it wont flip and it wont rotate so its just for you know, teaching somebody in the living room how to fly it, so it does have the training mode.

I just not you trying it out, but it explains it in the booklet. Oh yeah, this thing is really nice man wow, oh the red lights flashing, so its on its way out there. It goes alright, wow ink pot, the inkpot training drone yeah, its nice man flies great wow very impressed with this thing. Holy cow all right guys have a nice day.