So we spent the night here last night. I won a very nice one, in fact, typically this ones nicer than most, because this one has like a it, was floodlit until about 2am and then after then, its its got a lot of cameras everywhere and stuff. So you feel i dont know end up feeling a bit more secure. I guess because theres cameras and stuff, but to be to be fair, that never really enters my head anyway, when were supposed to spot, is it you im a nervous wreck im like im, not saying here unless its secure and safe im really nervous? I always think the worst yeah, i always think the worst, but um yeah this one, this one, this one felt nicer than most, and it also has a mcdonalds next door, which was definitely tempting this morning for breakfast, not gon na lie, but stuck to my toast. So i feel happy about myself for that. So we decided to park here last night because we ended up getting into the traffic jam that we filmed yesterday and we just waited to basically get off the road rather than having to then go into florence and find like a part for night spot. That was suitable. We thought this would just be the best thing, because we are only five minutes outside of florence right now, so literally were gon na jump back on the motorway, for i think one junction and then were there so um our plan.

Today it was to go into florence and see all the beautiful things that has to say, however, im feeling a bit like i did yesterday when we were in rome, and that is yesterday, there was a lot of parking spots that wed researched beforehand using park for Night and things like that, where wed be able to park the van because, obviously the vans big and its high, so you know youve got like a height limit and its long as well. So where would be able to park? I researched yesterday in rome and then every single one of those spaces and then every other space. After that, when we looked around was rammed like there was, there was no parking room at all yesterday, so we ended up leaving and then there was obviously a number of spots on the outskirts of rome that people had that was on park for that and stuff. But those reviews on those ones are really mixed: theyre kind of like theres, theres loads of five star reviews and people have had good experiences there. You know by parking half an hour away and walk into the center of rome or whatever, which is fine, but then theres, the theres, the few as well one star reviews that say you know yeah. My van was fine for a few hours. Then it got broken into um and i just theres a lot of reviews like that around in rome. There was a lot of reviews around that saying that their vans had been broken into, and things like that and im just im not willing to risk that weve got roof boxes on the top yeah thats.

The thing looks even more like that, like there might be something in here thats the thing one. Now. Obviously, we have to have those roof boxes for storage, because otherwise we wouldnt be able to pull this trip off, but at the same time it highlights that other people that might be up to no good that there might be something in the van and weve never Left it anywhere where thats been an issue before now, and to be honest, i didnt even consider it being an issue before we came on this trip. But it is an issue, and especially when now im reading all the reviews on the parking spaces in florence and its not specific to one place. No, its, not im, not saying like its just because were in italy, im just in cities in general are gon na. Have this this? No matter where you are, but florence um all the spots im looking at like every one of them has like really mixed reviews for being good, and then i had my window broken into and theyre all like and theres thats from this year. Theres a lot of them uh, you know, you know what i mean. I had my van broken into all my car broken into um and theyre. Not old reviews, you know so just makes me feel a bit mixed feelings about what i want to do today, like i do want to go into florence and see how it has to see, but at the same time i dont want to be worrying about my Van all day were here to enjoy it not to rush around really quickly because were worried about the van its also a little bit later in the day now its one oclock, the girls, have just had a tutor lesson since um 10 this morning, so its just One of the things im trying to think about what were going to do so, i think what we are going to do is were limited on daylight today, a little bit because it does get dark here now around happiest four or five.

So because were an hour its not much later, its were at an hour ahead of the uk. Uk is four oclock dark time in there its about half past five. I think it got dark yesterday, so were limited a bit on on daylight, but i think what were gon na do is were gon na head into florence now and were gon na go around a couple of the spots that we can go to that ive. Seen that look all right for parking and stuff and just scope it out and see what we think and um and then hopefully were going to feel good and were going to park and were going to walk into florence and have a good day. I really want to see some theres a few things i really want to see, and i really would love to. I really would love to have a restaurant meal here, just because ive heard just really good stuff about it, and i want to try some proper italian food. I really want some proper italian food, so were gon na do that, but there is the chance as well that were gon na go into the center now ill not find anywhere to park at all, and just have a have a not a good vibe about leaving The van or something – and in that case we might just go straight up to venice – i dont know – can we go check it out.

We set a cabin yeah so anyway, how much these look at these guys down here we just packed up ready to go and theyre all in the little den down there, all of them watching um man theyre all having a little little brother sister hang out back There so were gon na get on the road and um. We will hopefully see you in florence. Weve found a spot. Eventually we just cant fit in it looks so annoying. I think we just got very very lucky. On the last try of the day, literally, the last car park try out the day and weve got a space. So im really really happy about that and its right above right above the town, its so beautiful. That is incredible. Thats florence down there so weve got to walk down this road here which takes us down to a bridge we cross over the river and then were right in the heart of florence. Im gon na go first up, i think, to the cathedral right. There looks stunning from here the mountains in the background, its really really really pretty im so im, actually so so glad. Now that we found a parking space and hopefully we can enjoy the day, i will link up below the park for night listing. That is this car park. If anyone else is traveling here in a big van like us, and they want to park somewhere its um, its pretty perfect and its quite open and theres like a restaurant and stuff over the road and theres lots of people about.

So it feels good and theres no reviews on this one about any break ins or anything like that, which makes me feel a little bit better uh. Obviously i know it can happen anywhere. Fingers crossed wont have anything like that happen to us also were here, but this looks good were gon na get the pram out, uh get everybody out and um go explore. Where are you? Does anyone elses baby just seriously try and constantly sit up like this? Whenever theyre laid down in the pram mila mila rosa belle, you have to lay down and relax your back. Look at your beautiful face. Cheers you can have a little walk. I want to walk, you can hey chase, j.c, listen chase, tell everybody! Where are we? Where are we? Where are we? You tell me Applause thats, not funny. Where are we tell us me where we are no? Maybe later maybe later, hey yall come on there little one. Oh look at her eyes. She looks so sweet right. Is everyone ready to go? Yes, hello, oh milas, ready to go shes talking to her toys; Music, its amazing, its so cute, okay, okay, dads going to pay for parking, and then we can go so we just taken that approximately half an hour ish stroll into the city center of florence and Were heading towards a cathedral and the cathedral, its called the sentiment santa del fury, so we did, i didnt want to pronounce it yeah.

We didnt want to pronounce it wrong, so we googled the way to pronounce it correctly and its meant to be one of the most beautiful things here to see in florence, as well as its very, very, very old, yeah, 14th century right 14, something it was. It was finished in 1436.. It was finished in 1436, so its a very, very, very old cathedral im going to head towards that now and check it out. It smells so good here, no joke. It smells like christmas market, like it smells like a german christmas market. So good, i also just want to say how glad i am that we managed to find a parking spot here, even though i kind of decided that it was not a big deal. If we couldnt wed just make our way to venice and hope and weve got good, we know that wed be able to park in venice, because weve already looked up like the park tonight and the reviews and things thats cool. So we know that, but id kind of said you know if we cant park here its no big deal secretly. I would have been a little bit disappointed, especially because the same thing happened in rome yesterday i was really excited to properly explore rome and obviously we couldnt do that. Just be careful, as i think but um i was about to say, fingers crossed we can, but we have tiniest truck ever smaller than you isla its like a tiny toy truck im.

Sure inside its like it is look its like a bike. Its not got a steering wheel, its just got like a bike handle Music im, pretty sure theyre used for like business things like that, probably not milk, but maybe who knows Music, so insanely beautiful these streets Music. So we just found the coolest bridge ever whilst on our little walk into the city. This one here look how cool this looks, not sure if the houses or shops or restaurants – i cant really see from here. You cant really tell from here yeah, but i do know that this is the bridge that were going to walk across the dad said its one of the things to do here. So im guessing well find out what they are when we get down there, but look how cool that looks. Yeah, that bridge is the ponte victio ponte Music, its a medieval stone, closed, spandrell, segmented, arch bridge over the arno river in florence, beautiful its noted for its shops, built along it and theres one shop, as was once common butchers, tennis farmers, initially ive read these shops And present there are jewellers, art dealers, souvenirs et cetera, oh cool, so good were going to go for those shots were going to go over there in a little bit when weve been to the oh, you cant see it from here the cathedral and the other beautiful Things were going to see, i do totally get it.

Every single street is like more and more beautiful. Every time you turn around, the buildings are just stunning and then on the bottom of the of the buildings are just lined up with bistros and restaurants. Take away places that just smell insane dont come to florence if youre hungry, because you will definitely without doubt really hungry, though so all these pizza smells and all these things that are flying around in the air right now, oh its just. I thought this is so good, so yall thinking about food as well. No, i told you yes, shes, like youre blocking my life. I want to see the green light. What do you think of these lights hes in such a good mood, as always today, so weve? Just come to this little street and theres these shops here and theres about four of them, like all the way down, theyre all called the same thing, so its obviously the same shop. Oh big fire truck. I dont know what they are theres some sort of food shop, but i think theyre like massive sandwiches. They are massive, and my point is: is that theres massive cubes outside all of them like that queue, goes all the way up there and obviously dont show it because theres loads of people there fats lets just casually just walk past like this theyve got big views, But the sandwiches look absolutely giant, but the meats look like giant as well like the best massive things joints.

I guess so theyre, obviously really good mm. Hmm. We have sports today. No, i think today might actually be the day that i get. My italian pizza dream fulfilled theres pizzerias everywhere here and they look amazing. So we found the place were having dinner tonight and im quite happy about it. It looks like a nice cute little italian restaurant, its been here since 1955, but its called pizza, napalini and it looks so cute – were going to sit on these little tables outside because its so beautiful here, yeah its pretty cheap. So, quite a cute little street fresh bread being made yeah everybodys watching them Applause, so yeah were sitting out here. Look how cute this street is such a beautiful evening as well. Angry angry! Why are you still sat in there chase? Do you want some pizza? No, i like apples youd like an ice cream. Thats, really really not something we should be doing were gon na get ice cream after dinner. Okay, can you can you tell me? Where are we tell me where we are then ill get you out? You tell me: where are we our way? No, you tell me: where are we are we were in spain? Yeah? Are we in spain? No were not? Oh, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, so Music, Applause, Music Applause. You know youve arrived in italy when your pizza is the shape of the house. These look so delicious. Yours is not hot, unfortunately, babe.

Sorry. All of us, ladies, are, though, and jace look how gorgeous Music Applause Music, its just rained a little just as weve left the restaurant, and i think that it might be even more beautiful now, its one of the most beautiful streets ive ever seen in my entire Life, so stunning right guys were time to walk time to go, find our cathedral. You talking me on the head: yeah Music, welcome to the palazzo vecchio, so just around, for my pizza, restaurant is the palazzo vittio, which is the worst pronounced on my part name of a palace ever. But this is a 12th century palace and it is very, very beautiful. The atmosphere in here is indescribable, its just magic wow. You should see how stunning these places a massive piece of 12th century magic right here. They definitely do not build them like this anymore. I dont know if you can hear jase right now. Look at my map, but another book, a big book. Look at all the book books. Obviously the monuments here have their bottoms out, which jace i can see. James finds absolutely hilarious like why its the body, its just the body, also look at the size of these doors. I know theyre really big. They are the biggest the biggest thing well, the biggest doors in the world. Also, if you come out of here and into this whoa this little square – oh my gosh, its stunning, its so pretty Music.

Okay, so i dont pretend to know anything about history whatsoever, especially not italian history and the history of florence. I really hate watching videos where people pretend to try and know about history when theyre done Music, okay, my man yeah youre on your monkey, so um. I want to say those are historical things about this place, but i dont know any so this plate that i know something. This is not historical, its just a fact. This place is mad. Beautiful yeah, its mad, like its stunning, like florence, thats. What i was gon na say im so glad we managed to find that parking spot, and i actually think i actually cringed and thought that we could have missed all this. Yes, because ive had such a good weve not even got to the cathedral. Yet i know we just were just were just walking like filming everything and taking to taking about 100 pictures already to see the whole square, just full of statues and just tons of history, just its its the most beautiful place ever and you cant. Even imagine how beautiful it is from this video. You have to come and see it in person and if you get the chance to then youre so so lucky because this place is unreal, like i totally get it this, we met a canadian couple in pisa and they told us you need to come to florence. In tuscany and there we were like okay, cool wasnt on our stop list, but yeah.

I know why i totally know where i get it completely, get it, but were gon na its even more beautiful, because its raining like its even nicer, because its actually raining right now, its only light raining but its giving everything a really nice shine. It just looks wasted and yeah, even though its raining dont, you think it just makes you feel warm inside like it just its a really weird way to explain it. But when thing when its raining like this and its all shining off the pavement, it just makes me feel so warm ill. Tell you some of this coats making me feel warm right now, its not even cold. So a few of the streets here, you may have seen, are called a demedici and just in case anyones wondering i found this really interesting. You guys probably wont but de medici is named on to the streets which is named after after no thank you, catherine de medici, who was basically mary queen of scots first mother in law. But, more importantly, she was the queen consort of france. Cant see what it ties in with italy and, more importantly, florence, because this is where she was born right. She was an italian naval woman and she was born here in florence. She was an italian noble woman. Oh jace, whats, wrong Music, get out this winter girl. You dont have to say in the prom if you dont want. Oh, no. Thank you.

No thank you everywhere is either selling umbrellas. In fact, as soon as it starts raining that, like you know, are you getting one now? Oh no! Thank you. No thank you. Theyre literally like come out of all the shops, anything like umbrella, which is kind of cool about to get some sales doing that yeah, but also theres light up. Oh, that would be my turn, its okay im just joking, but also theres, those light up things that we bought in everything start of this trip anyway, i cant get over how beautiful this place is its just so pretty everywhere. We need to stop filming because todays vlog will be way too long. Weve still even got to the computer and weve still not even got to cathedral yet right. This is the last clip im filming now this one here before we get to the cathedral. This one like this one, this is the one i meant look, how oh my gosh, so so beautiful! Oh! No! Thank you! No thank you. Theyve already got them. Thank you, though. You see, bless them, but yeah, absolutely beautiful. Here, Music cathedral of santa maria del fury, peaceful pronunciation – this part is obviously under some renovations because its covered up it looks real, but its paper. It looks like its paper. I said theres an angel on top of the church, because, if you can see, can you see it on the camera theres like a really bright, yellow light onto the church? Oh yeah, you can, you can see it in the middle part, yeah Music.

Absolutely there are no words im, not going to say stunning im, not going to say beautiful, because theres no words this place is my new favorite city in the entire world. Look at this irish wall definitely coming back to it the best seat in the world. For a pub right, the balcony, so cool thats, a pretty good seat up there with a pretty good view over here, surprised we rooted to it. We know we walked to it on purpose you just you just saw it before i could pick the camera gone then got fun. We knew this was coming and we knew theyd freak out its just a shame as many story before i could surprise her Applause come on mate lets, go jace were going to get out in one minute: okay, go bye, Music, Music, Music! Oh my goodness! So this walk is a 25 minute walk if you dont have a prominent two year old and you can go from the car path which is somewhere on the top over there straight down. The steps into the city also am i doing lightening in the distance from the light it looks so cool, probably not not going to catch up the camera, because its really sporadic its not like regular, but, oh, my goodness, were almost at the top well burn off. That ice cream, thats for sure im gon na end the vlog here because were gon na get back to the van and fall asleep and im allergic.

Can we come? We cant stay overnight where weve parked were gon na drive back to where we parked last night, because it was only 10 minutes away. Oh my gosh, florence is my new favorite city. I cannot believe what weve seen today. We didnt film everything because the vlogs super long as you know, because youve watched it, but its just everywhere it wasnt it. I felt like i was in some sort of like fairy tale all day. It felt like it was just so stunning, so beautiful back into the medieval times, yeah but modern times, but its just so its just stunning, its unbelievable somethings, the wrong word yeah its enchanting thats, where i think really enchanting. It was stunning, its beautiful. I cant wait to come back here one day and explore even more. It is really late now, its like 9 00 p.m. We wanted to make the most of our only day here and because the girls had tutor sessions this morning we couldnt set off until kind of late afternoon. We didnt get here till late afternoon with finding a parking space, so we so we stayed out pretty much. The whole day i had to write my own advert for my tutor. She did. She did but were going to walk here, get ourselves to the van get to bed and dream about this amazing place and its on to venice tomorrow, really excited about that. This is made up for not being able to roam well go back there one day.

Thank you guys so much for watching. We hope you enjoyed the vlog come back here tomorrow to see what we get up to in venice, at 5 p.