Our indie partners span the globe from sweden to australia and japan and we cant wait to see what theyve been cooking up so lets get started: Music Applause, Music, oh dont, you just love games that are cozy and weird. Oh, i absolutely do this charming creature, collection and farm simulation game from glumberland has everything to give you the warm fuzzies grow and train adorable little creatures called ooblets as you cultivate new life in the blossoming community of badge, town customize, your character, befriend, the locals decorate. Your house run your own shop and, most importantly, have epic dance battles. You can even dress up your ooblet pals and travel to different locations, visit the arcade, packed boardwalk and port forward saunter through the spooky swamps of nowhere and ascend the frozen peaks of tippy top ooblets waddles. Its way onto nintendos switch this summer. Colorful and mesmerizing planets await in this fast paced action rpg across the cosmos. In this deeply story, driven game by storm, mind, games, youll, use both strength and wits to interact with others and conquer the challenges ahead. Balancing the duality of your physical and mental powers is key sacrifice, one for the other against opponents, and things might not turn out well for you. Ultimately, your conscience will carry the weight of your decisions. What kind of hero will you become? Choose your destiny in batora lost haven, launching a nintendo switch. This fall be Music, hey. If youre looking for a clever and challenging 2d puzzle platformer, then weve got just the game for you from nama: takahashi a one person development team here, youre a small robot named elec whos on a mission to restore light to the world while navigating a booby trapped Facility by using your electrifying powers to touch walls, floors, platforms and switches, electricity will charge through them and bring them to life.

Hey dont, get ahead of yourself, i mean. Actually, you should detach and throw your head to trigger objects. Youll need to retrieve it within 10 seconds, or else there are plenty of hidden rooms and secrets to discover so use your head literally to explore every nook and cranny of the facility elec head bolts onto nintendo switch this summer Music dj. Take it away Music, music, Music, Music feel the beat in soundfall this fast paced rhythm, based, dungeon crawler from noodle cake and jurassic games, combines looter shooter action with musical gameplay thatll. Keep you on your toes and tapping your toes as a guardian of harmony, youre transported to the world of symphonia to battle the forces of discord, move to the music solo or with up to four players locally or online, as you restore harmony to symphonias, corrupted lands Levels and encounters are dynamically generated from the music and there are over 140 songs to choose from so pick the tune. You want to hear before jumping into the fray time your actions to the music and your power will increase. There are five different musical heroes to choose from over 500 pieces of equipment for skill, customization and thousands of loot combinations, giving you opportunities for multiple playthroughs, get your head boppin to soundfall, launching on the nintendo switch system later today. Why is it freezing in here? You better be ready to weather the snowstorm in wild frost. Take on the harsh elements in this tactical roguelike deck builder from deadpan games build and customize your deck as you set off to put an end to the eternal frost card companions and items are at your disposal, use them to battle wave after wave of monsters from The deceptively cute pangoons to brash and brutal bosses plan your next move using the dynamic counter system and fell those frosty fiends after each run, try daily challenges or expand the hub town of snow, dwell to unlock new events and cards helpful for your fight against the Perpetual winter wild frost makes its snowy debut on nintendo switch.

This holiday were from landfall games a small game studio based in stockholm, sweden, and we are excited to announce that our game, totally accurate battle, simulator or tabs for short, will be coming to nintendo switch. We first started working on taps in 2016.. The idea was to make a game that is inspired by the feeling you got when playing with your action figures as a kid. We then added the strategy and fighting elements and turned the game into the wobbly experience that it is today. Our wonderful community has been with us along the way and helped us shape the game with their suggestions and feedback, so, together with them, were proud to bring time to this awesome platform: Music, Music, ah, Music, Music. Do the wobble wobble wait what you heard that right in this fighting game from landfall games, youll lead teams of over 100 wobblers in battle hailing from ancient lands, spooky worlds and fantasy realms those wobbly physics are very uh wobbly, oh theyre, awesome and those arent, your Garden variety battles: either watch your wobblers flail and fail in silly simulated battles or make new ones in the unit creator and customize their size, weight and speed among other stats. Cant get enough of the wobble. Send him to fight your friends in online multiplayer mayhem say it with me its wobbling time. You never cease to amaze me totally accurate battle. Simulator wobbles, its way onto nintendo switch this summer Music, so Music, three youre a gruff woodsman on a quest for revenge.

In this noir punk action adventure from doing soft armed with the titular gumbrella youll maneuver through various locations from a cultish town to a junkyard fortress use, the gumbrella to glide swing, dash dive and take out enemies in gritty side. Scrolling combat along the way youll scavenge. For scraps and spare parts to upgrade the umbrella and employ your sleuthing skills to assist a cast of increasingly bizarre characters in a world rapidly losing its natural resources and thats. Just the beginning of your investigation, plenty of dark twists and turns lie ahead. Gumbrella launches on nintendo switch next year: hey everyone im jared, huntley, lead programmer on, we are ofk and im luca lafaye lead singer of the band. Ofk were super excited to announce that our music biopic game is coming to nintendo switch, yes ooh. I can play it on a tour bus ugh. I cant wait to tour together. We havent seen each other since that music, video brainstorm at your place in la in 2019 yeah, wow wow and with the game on handheld itll, be easy to play. The new episodes that are coming out every single week back to back to back cant, wait to share ofks story and music with yall hey jared. Can i get your opinion on tour outfits, so, Music, this musical narrative from indie pop band ofk, is gon na. Take you on quite the emotional ride set in downtown los angeles, itsumi saito struggles to establish herself in las ruthless music scene, while managing a full time job, a social life and a brutal commute, but a chance encounter with a rising hollywood.

Music producer may give her the edge she needs to achieve her dreams through episodes released, weekly and interactive music videos, with the fully voiced cast youll, witness the lives of itsumi and her friends. Unfold youre allowed to take a break and not be okay for a second. Thank you from fighting over song lyrics at band practice to sending silly memes via text its a heartfelt making of the band journey, thats sure to pull at your heartstrings. We are ofk drums onto nintendo switch this summer, hi im, dom and im tom and were spiral circus. We are an indie games, developer based in bristol uk, and our passion for the stranger and surreal side of art is what brought us together. Weve both come from. Really different backgrounds, i was a research scientist and toms a fine artist because of the pandemic, weve been an entirely remote team and almost all of silt has been hand drawn at night by me, which seems entirely appropriate for the subject matter. Our audio designer even set up a fish tank in a studio to record the underwater sounds that youll be hearing throughout the game were really excited for you to experience our hand drawn work brought to life, and we hope you enjoy exploring the strange oceanic world of Silt on nintendo switch take a deep breath and dive into the harrowing ocean abyss. In the depths of this puzzle, adventure from spiral, circus games, youll unravel long forgotten mysteries as you explore a surreal underwater realm filled with strange machinery, ancient ruins and dangerous ocean inhabitants.

A variety of sea creatures can be possessed, harness their abilities to solve, puzzles, navigate the haunting environment and survive encounters against deep sea goliaths, theres more than meets the eye in this unsettling monochrome world plunge into the dark waters of silt launching on nintendo switch next month. Hey a way to avoid traffic morning, commutes can be a real jam. If you get my drift, oh, i know right, but guess what, in many motor ways from developer dinosaur polo club, the key to solving the citys congestion problems? Is you draw and build roads to create a bustling metropolis and keep traffic flowing on maps inspired by real life cities as demands interchange, youll, continuously redesign and expand via upgrades, like highways and roundabouts ramp up the difficulty by taking part in daily and weekly challenges? More maps will unlock, as you become a master road designer. How long can you keep the cities of the world moving buckle up for mini motorways? Cruising onto nintendo switch later today, whoa a flying hospital thats new ive, never seen that before then hop aboard this heartfelt narrative adventure from ghost pattern set in 1970s, rural australia as intrepid teen, journalist, casey youll, come to know a diverse cast of eclectic voiced characters through The stories they tell and the moments you share each story unfolds in real time at the same time, so you get to choose which ones you want to experience, follow the hospitals, inhabitants, eavesdrop on them or enter the room and be part of the conversation darcy right.

Mrs bs kid its um casey, not um, casey, just casey sure, by keeping track of information in your notebook and spending time with certain characters you might unearth new stories locations and revelations. Multiple playthroughs will also give you the opportunity to witness other events allowing you to delve deeper into the stories and weave together mysteries aboard the airship wayward strand lands on nintendo switch july 21st Music. A randomly generated world, awaits in this action adventure game for massive monster. As a possessed lamb saved by a foreboding, stranger from a ritual sacrifice, you need to repay your debt by creating a loyal community of woodland. Worshipers gather resources to build structures then gather your courage to brave deadly dungeons like the silk cradle through its dark depths. Teeming with razor spiders and toxic millipedes to challenge the dungeons overlord shimura, there aint anything sheepish about it. Cult of the lamb trots onto nintendo switch this year: Music, Music, Music, hey crab fans, im nick and im kalyn, previously aggro crab released going under and it didnt make us rich. So this time were selling out and giving the people what they want crabs. Our second project is a crustacean themed souls like another crabs treasure through our extensive research. Weve found that crabs are the perfect enemy for an action game. Theyve got natural weapons, can strafe from side to side, and you can hit their weak point for massive damage. Souls likes are known for their difficulty and we want to create a game that maintains that challenge, while being approachable for new fans of the genre.

What if you died in one hit when youre not wearing a shell? I just said its supposed to be approachable. Oh, what if every time you dodge roll theres like a one percent chance that you just trip and follow well looks like our segments over everyone, its time for crab all right. Eureka put your pincers up! Oh here we go with the crab puns crab absolutely anyway. In this action, adventure from agro crab youll embark on an epic treasure hunt under the sea to buy back your repossessed shell, while wading through this underwater world plagued by pollution and sinister secrets, youll scavenge for trash and use it as a shell to defend yourself in Challenging combat there are over 50 potential shells, so get shellfish with them and repel enemies with powerful umami magic. If you dont youll, be in a pinch before you know it. After all, one crabs trash is another crabs treasure which sidesteps onto nintendo switch next year. For our last segment, wed like to show you a sneak peek of several more indie games coming to nintendos switch enjoy Music Applause now now: Applause, Music, wow, Music, Applause, Music, oh Music, Applause, Music, thats, all for todays indie world. We hope you enjoyed the slew of games in todays showcase, a big thank you to our indie community and indie partners, working on games for nintendos switch and, as always, thank you for watching check out. Our official twitter account to stay up to date on all the latest indie world news until next time.