The swarm drones form various crucial formations to demonstrate distinctive capabilities to enact real time scenarios like target encirclement, coordinated attack and many others. The indian army and the indian air force have conducted a joint airlift exercise known as operation hercules and the high intensity airlift exercise was done using several il 76 aircraft and c 17 globemaster that has strengthened the military logistics supply in the northern sector and also augmented The winter stocking in the operational areas, amidst the standoff with china, interest from egypt, is one of the main reasons why india has fielded its stages. Light combat aircraft in the dubai air show 2021 and hal chief has said that the idea is to manufacture the tejus in egypt by setting up a local unit in the country. Hal chief has also said that hindustan aeronautics has met almost every requirement of the royal malaysian air force, while two of the malaysian parameters that is not met currently can be easily added, and the pages mark 1a fighter is technically ahead of other competitors as they dont Meet many of the malaysian requirements. Price is an important issue for malaysia, which is expecting to pay around 900 million dollars for the initial 18 of 36 fighter jets. That comes around 50 million dollars per fighter, and it is understood that the tejus is being offered at that price, while the korean fa 50 and russian mig 35 is slightly more expensive. Hal is also pursuing the case for 12 light combat aircraft by argentina and the argentine air force is believed to have received only two offers, one for the chinese jf 17 and a letter of intention from hindustan aeronautics to participate in the tender with the tejus aircraft.

Hal chief has said that more than 50 systems and subsystems will have to be replaced, including the british martin baker, ejection seat. Hindustan aeronautics will have to test and certify the new replacements and the company is currently working out the costs and hopes to inform argentina. Before the end of november, the indian navy has decided to back away from its original plan to develop a 65 000 ton carrier and instead might go for an aircraft carrier with lower displacement that will be able to operate a mixed fleet of twin engine deck based Fighter and unmanned combat aerial vehicles. The indian navy has dropped the plan for a nuclear pressurized water reactor powered carrier, as well as the electromagnetic aircraft launch system and advanced arresting gear to reduce the cost of the new aircraft carrier. The directorate of naval design has been asked to tweak the design plans to accommodate both fighter jets and unmanned aerial vehicles, and the new carrier could be a modified ins. We grant class sister ship or a new design with 55 000 ton displacement. The indian navy is already working closely with the drdo to develop a deck based variant of the air forces. Ora unmanned combat aerial vehicle, bharat dynamics, limited has showcased an armed quadcopter drone at the dubai air show 2021 that can be used as part of a small flock of swarm drone to carry out saturated strikes over ground targets. The drone has a hover time of 32 minutes while carrying a payload of 1.

5 kilograms, and it has a maximum takeoff weight of 17 kilograms. The quadcopter can be seen with a one kilogram class bomb that has a 730 grams, controlled fragmentation warhead with impact based activation. A 1.5 kilograms lightweight precision guided missile that has a range of one kilometer is also seen in the picture that has a 300 grams anti material, multi purpose warhead to target light vehicles. Pentagon spokesperson, john kirby has said that the u.s government has been very clear with indian partners and the u.s government has expressed its concern over the delivery of s 400 systems to india, but it remains undecided on how to deal with the transaction. The biden administration is yet to clarify whether it will impose sanctions on india under the qatar and, interestingly, the indian government has now fast tracked its plans for procuring 30 predator armed drones from the u.