Some of you will be going. Oh, I don't, like the body right away I'm used to that but check it out. This is a good repurpose, because I, instead of buying new stuff all the time, I often like to save my RC parts and try to repurpose them for a later point in time. So this is often ECX temper. I believe it was called a very small model, but for the old discontinued, axial XR 10, which had a very similar body to this just longer it the way it mounts up is a single post in the front and two posts in the rear that's. What she said guys come on. I can't help that got a nice titanium, servo up front these XR 10 axles that are no longer available. They are motor on axle, so there's a motor right underneath there you can see above the top suspension links. My old painted Springs here, getting all the paint rubbed off, but you know what I think it adds character. Look at these big, big, crazy, RC. Four wheel drive tires on aluminum bead locks. These have skulls on them. They look a badass, so I say enough chitchat. It has been way too long since I've been on the rocks and it's beautiful weather, so let's get crawling, and I have my wonderful wife, Jem filming for me. In the background, a baby – I am excited always when you're in the video with me, slow video for rock crawling.

Look at those RC four wheel, drive 2.2 mud slingers on their brand new set. This vehicle always reminds me of watching like a spider crawling along because it just conforms so well to the rocks. Look at this. I can go any direction with this vehicle and it's going to go where I asked it to go now come around now the bonus about having motor on axle and I've covered this in previous. Ah, talking not driving that's what's, going on Kyah monologue in what I was about to say before I so rudely interrupted. Myself was, since I have two electronic speed controls in here. I can actually control which motor goes and which motor stops and just to help those that have additional questions, because they've never seen the inside of an MOA dig operation before here, you can check out their two Tekin electronic speed controls one on either side. These are the older FX RS and a 10 amp Castle B EC, which basically is just a power regulator that helps regulate the power to the super strong servo when the motor is being used or both motors are being used. So it just regulates the power properly. Now, as a lock out, I have it on my radio here on a three position: switch that I programmed and yes to ESC s are plugged into one receiver and there are many ways to figure out how to do this with an MOA rig. But if you can see here all i do is i: if i push the 3po switch all the way up, it's just my front that will work my back's dragging along there.

Why would that be helpful? Well, if I was on sandstone or any kind of rock, I can help pivot myself around when I've got ultimate traction right gives me a nice tighter, turning radius and in competition rock crawling. This is imperative because you don't want to be hitting the gates or the gate, markers or getting any points awarded against you, because you had to either backup or reposition because you were stuck being able to pivot like this actually helps a great deal to move. It'S called the dig for people that don't know gets here around obstacles, so if I wanted to turn sharply, I would just have my fronts moving and then I can move myself around with my lock, backed up over my back lock up there and then two at Once two motors at the same time, baby it's a lot of motor now normally I would have set out some beautiful gates for us to go through oh honey, there's, there's deer. In the background right over there behind my buggy that's, why? I have a body that protects it, though Applause we play, I want it back up, but I don't want my whole machine to back up just the front of my machine, so I'm gon na lock those tires and then kind of bring it around see how that Suspension sucks right down just dragging that tire going through the scalloped area and now that I know I'm anchored properly I'm gon na.

Let all four tires roll done deal on. Normally I don't mind going deep into the V, but this time I want to straddle it. I don't want to get stuck in the V. Yes, look at that, what a beautiful crawl the articulation on this whole machine – oh there, even with my bad driving at work, lock up that back! Get that front around! You can just hear me changing on the controller. Oh, oh that's, too bad. I should try that a little bit sooner CNN, comprar crawling and competition rock crawling. You actually have points that count against you with every single backup that you do so yeah yeah it's great to have good control that's. Why a dig can become so important through look at that mud slingers are usually my all terrain, go to tire and a lot of people don't like them for rock crawling specifically, but I still find them spectacular and if you guys are rock crawlers. Let me know what crawler tire do you actually prefer for competition crawling across the badlands to the bridge of doom? This bridge starts off wide it's, a stone bridge and then gets smaller and smaller. As you get up there. Oh you're, there I run out of room for my wheels to even run on which makes it part of the challenge. Oh yes, look at that beauty spin that axle around okay here's a dangerous, dangerous spot I'm gon na try to drop down if I'm, able but I'm gon na have to use my my front tires to turn only dragging the back end.

So I don't flip immediately. Oh he's, dead, I'm walking, Oh bye, bye. Okay, remember that advice. I told you about dragging the back don't. Do that it's terrible advice. Dad was wearing steel toe boots that could have really hurt they just snap it. There we'll finish with the old rusty truck in the background. All the grass is finally turning green I'm. Loving it guys. Let me know, are you out in your yards already with your radio control hobby vehicles? Gem. I remember when I was a kid that there was no real RC that would even drive on the grass let alone on rocks like this.