What up people whats up? Gabe sport, his yankees hat, and he should because theyre still on the hunt. Im sporting, my padres hat, because guess what im used to losing seasons but not to get too far off track a little drive by my team, and i still like the hat its very nice. We are checking out a reaction to a video. Today were reacting to a video today, gabe i and jody the threesome. Here we got together a trio i should say, and we reacted to an india video like in three minutes and people like hey, thats, okay, but check out this video incredible india. Indian 11 minutes youve got to check it out. A drone video where the drone goes around and so thats what were checking out today, gabe, you excited to see some more india yeah for sure it was a uh request set to us on twitter and i was super excited to go check it out. Um. You know i like i enjoy these drone videos, man and you know one of the things you realize when you see this, is you get to see things a lot differently and from a different perspective of you know when youre down on the ground, so to speak And like even here in nevada, ive watched one of these cool videos and theres so much to see i mean guys, we have the grand canyon out here. You know what im saying and hoover dam and a whole bunch of other things, not just casinos, and i i enjoy watching, especially since india is a place that one day hopefully soon well be able to venture to once.

You know. Obviously, a pandemic settles down and all this craziness and you know, were able to travel freely. Um ive still got a couple of places on my bucket list. I want to cross off and it is one of them man. We got a whole bunch of love from india um we enjoy the food enjoy the culture enjoy, the people enjoy cricket, you know. If we, when we go, though we got to go during, you know, uh the ipl, because the kid the kid got to go go to chennai. You know what im saying the kid got to go to chennai and watch the super king put in work, but uh im super excited to check this out. Man absolutely im excited too its number one on my bucket list, um because im not really. I never really had a place. I had to go travel to my wifes, the one that really wants to go to so were gon na hit some of her spots up first, but im with you, andys gon na be one of the top things that we do lets go and check this out. Dont forget to like and subscribe and were going to skip over the first three minutes of im, assuming ive uploaded the video um no offense, then we just want to get right to the drone action. So lets jump into this in three two one stream moto Music. Its a cool way to start the video here we are great camera too man, nice bikes, oh yeah, super nice camera.

Oh, you call that a its not a channel. Is it where you got the ocean on both sides, kind of looks like yeah peninsulas. Three sides: thats cool yeah, no waves on the one side, weighs on the right side, thats, crazy, addy, yogi joey, and i reacted to something with that. Did those roads, those are crazy. Bro. I like this, the speed. Oh, look at the fog, nice thats middle earth, Music, wow, thats, an interesting look. You know image right there. I wonder what makes that color red right there, Music seriously, kolkata the knight riders baby darjeeling. I know that was a place. Music. Music love the snow. Oh wow, oh, got ta, go there, my friend Music. Is he going down fast forward the waters just really dropping that fast, because the people were moving at normal speed. I think its just dropping that fast man, nice Music. What do you think that is a flute in the background, the music, i think so or piccolo? Oh snap, thats nice, that is cool Music we live in the desert, were not used to all this green whats going on and all this water exactly Music. Those curvy like going up mountain roads, just freaked me out man dude. That would be such an awesome sequence. An action movie trying to get through those things, but you cant go too fast. Nice, Music resort area there, oh wow Music. Is he walking on ice Music? Thats, cool Music Applause, Music im, assuming all these places arent like super close to each other, hes, just traveling, all over yeah.

Oh im, sure you know in the comments section, this is just like one part of envy, or this is all over the place: Music. Music. Oh yes, hockey, as i said, i didnt know they played hockey in india. I mean i knew they played hockey, not ice hockey right ice hockey, yeah yeah. It makes sense middle of the road hes in the middle of the road hes crazy. That is so cool right on the mountaintops, all those buildings – Music, wow, Music, oh bro, thats, dug into the side of like a mouth. Oh, no isnt that nuts jeez rocks are beautiful. Colors Music yeah, like a high speed chase with those curvy roads, thatd be crazy. Bro great action scene actually absolutely Music, that cant be all of it. Yeah, im, gon na, say theres still more. You know, honestly, when you see all the different locations, obviously and india has its own film industry, but they should a video like this. You could really use to market to you know different uh movie companies like hey, you want to film a scene because theres so many different things. They could do here. Its awesome, absolutely Music yeah its got ta, be just the clay in that water to make it that color they could brown. That way, i was thinking about that earlier, the soot or the clay yeah Music. I mean that is a serious statue right. I think its got to be what 10 20 stories huge bro huge, Music, wow historical significance with that fort Music wow, you just drive through it, Music wow.

That is so awesome that is super cool, much respect and love for this video go ahead and uh subscribe to the video guys follow his channel thats, a great work, man, great work for sure um, you know whats crazy. Nick is i expected to see a lot more locations that uh we recognize right and i think we saw one in kolkata, but we didnt see the mumbais right. We didnt see uh uh delhi, correct me. If im wrong, we didnt someone that had delhi at the end, i was not sure if thats part of delaware that just happened to have deli in the name right right, right, right, um, of course chennai but again, just like america were probably more familiar with the Big cities right everybody thinks, when you think of america, you think of new york, l.a miami – you know chicago, you know now vegas, but you know what really surprised me of this video is that just like americanic, theres, so much rural areas, so much natural beauty, thats Still not tapped, which is what always trips me out when were talking about: oh theres, a housing crisis and oh theres a and then you go to a place like texas and youre driving for miles and miles and miles about theres, nothing to be, and exactly so Theres so much uh natural resources and natural beauty uh out there and again i think theres, so many different extremes to in the video where you went from the you know: snowy mountains and the ice to the rivers and the waterfalls i mean you could easily as A production studio take that one, you know and say: okay.

This is a hawaii scene right with the waterfalls or whatever. But then, okay, you could film a scene and say: okay now were in russia or youre gon na be in alaska or something or whatever like. You could really do a lot with those different areas. So i would honestly, you know, take a video like this and send it to those companies. You ended up saying, like yeah, you know uh and of course, um im, not sure what the uh compensation would be, but you would maybe send it as part of the film industry to get them to be in there and market it as a place to film Movies, obviously, you know uh india has its own film industry. I mean from the telugu film industry, of course, uh the hindi film industry, theyve got so many bollywood, but for other you know whether its the the latin or the spanish um film industry korean industry has gotten really really big as well. We know that they just won recently uh. What was it an oscar? What was the name of that movie? Nick um? It was uh. Oh my gosh. We saw in the theaters for crying out loud. You saw it in the theaters yeah its right on the tip of my tongue. Can i remember the name of it. Parasite parasite right right and then, of course, you know uh uh, americas always looking for places to to film and i wasnt um extraction.

It was actually filmed on site that was filmed in india, yeah well. Im sure it was it wasnt i was gon na say, filled in location is all about money. It really is for two different reasons. One a lot of places you you film in they give you huge tax tax breaks and in some ways it actually those tax breaks. They they pay. You back, on the other end to help cover some of that budget cost so youll see the budget for a film itll say like 130 million 80 million after taxes, its like wow. Thanks a lot. You said its 50 million. The other thing is just traveling. The entire crew and cast, if youre, a company based in america all the way to india thats an expensive trip right to go all the way over to film. Unless you have that vision, because theres so many beautiful places to your to your credit, there vancouver is used a lot to um to be new york, its its in canada, its really close to new york, its a its a lot cheaper, im assuming and not as Crowded, even though vancouver is still a really big city um, all smallville, my favorite shows was filmed in vancouver, so its all about money but youre, right, theres, so many awesome, location, places and im sure the the bollywood film fans. Those grew up watching those films theyre like what are you talking about. I remember this movie from that this movie that i mean im sure they can list those off and thats thats a lot of fun to do, but i love first of all the the effort put into this video.

I want to give love to extreme moto adventure. This guys got almost a million subscribers im gon na send another subscription a thumbs up, because this guy, not only is he flying the drone and and the camera is like perfectly level. I mean its like film quality and not shaky, but he obviously had a list of places he wanted to get and then to edit that and to remember okay. This was this. This was, i mean very, very well done with the editing and with the creation of that the music was perfect and just the shots like that music was a perfect partner for those shots. We were seeing where youre just relaxing like this could honestly like one of those like fall asleep or those meditation videos where youre, just relaxing and youre listening to it, but the shots locations were beautiful. Some of my favorites were um. The waterfalls that were coming really fast, you had that family right there that you could see the waterfall going above where they were underneath i mean you have lots of places like that, but those are some of my favorites. I love waterfalls, i think its so cool to go and visit one of those places, but also all the green too, like that one green place where i had like look, i had cracks like in the grass im sure theres just different edges and they just grew Close to each other really really cool shot yeah.

I want to go ahead and give a shout out to um as warner swarner deep. He uh was the one that requested us on twitter, great great video. Thank you for the recommendation and again man. It just really shows its funny because media right, whether its television movies cinema, whatever really gives us an idea when you think of india, where i think the busy cities – i am thinking of delhi, im thinking about a whole bunch of people whatever. I did not have this: definitely not the mountains with the with the snow and the ice and the lake that you can walk over. The waterfalls like that really like wow, took me back for a second same thing when people watch movies in america or whatever or you know, and theyre foreigners theyre, always thinking wheres new york, wheres l.a these two cities in a huge, huge, huge country. Okay, i mean weve got massive untapped, i mean one of the fun things i remember doing. Nick when i went to college is doing a cross country trip man and we didnt even go the entire. We just went directly, you know what i mean from uh new york to to vegas or uh nevada, uh bro holy cow. It is, it is a 3 500 miles bro and you drive in some places, and i remember we were in louisiana and it was like an adjacent movie. Bro nah bro were not stopping, were gon na get drunk were gon na keep.

Yes, we, its more of a super college bro, were like bro. We check into a motel here we may not check out again all right lets keep driving through the night, bro people, tired chicken red bulls like im, okay, i need to get well youre out in the woods like that. Bro, you just fear man like oh crystal lake, this crystal but yeah man, i mean thats, crazy, ive, never done a cross country trip. That would be a lot of fun. Ive gone from the lower part. Southern part of that were at up to reno thats, a long drive of a whole lot of nothing as well thats a long, long drive. Let us know what some of these places youre actually from, where youve been to your favorite places to visit, maybe its just around the corner, from where youre at dont forget to uh like and subscribe as well.