If you’re thinking of getting a drone and you’re a beginner and you’ve never flown a drone before. I think this would be a good video for you, alright, so without further ado, let’s go on with the show. As you can see, the drone is so small it’s, so compact, it fits perfectly in my hand and here’s the side view of the drone, and this is what it looks like um when you fold out the wings, as you can see, i’m flying it inside the House and i’m not doing anything in my remote control, so it just hovers in place and here’s just the different angles of the drone um i’m, just showing it to you guys. So this drone is controlled by an app called a dji fly it’s available in both android and ios. You connect your phone to the remote control and when you open up the app it looks like this, but unfortunately we’re not going to talk about the app for now. That will be in a separate video because there will be so much stuff to talk about. In this app Music, all right so enough with that boring nonsense and let’s go fly our drone. So, as you can see guys, this is just a screen recording of my cell phone um. The cell phone is attached to the remote control and that’s how we control the drone i’m going to try my best to explain everything you see here in the screen, but let’s go ahead and fly the drone.

First and i’ll explain to you everything um, while we’re flying around the neighborhood. So here you go. I just launched it from the front of the house and the walkway in front of the house. So there you have it all right. So let’s talk about what you see in the screen right now, in the upper left hand corner, it says end mode, that’s um, the mode. Your drone is right. Now it has three different modes: cinema normal and sport. Uh we’ll talk about that later and then it says in flight. Here you see the battery life and an estimate and how much flight time you still have left in the battery and the remote control signal satellite and an option. And here is the return to home button. The exposure histogram and the recording mode photo or video and the record button and album the map. This one is the height and the distance, and this one is the navigation. It allows you to see the orientation of the drone in relation to the remote control, so that triangle is the drone which is facing a bit to the left, and this one is you and this one is your video or photo mode and if you’re in 4k Or 1080p, and this one is the exposure value, i believe i think that’s what ev stands for and this one is the auto exposure. If you want to lock or keep your exposure at auto, this one tells you and what angle the the camera is.

Looking the gimbal, so you can also control that you can look, you can make it look up and down and this one for some reason. Oh, i left the auto exposure at auto. I did, i forgot to lock it so the screen darkened. So let me fix that. Okay, there you go so you guys see all those zebra lines in the sky and you can’t see the clouds and stuff like that. That means your footage is overexposed. So one thing i love about this app is it tells you if your footage is overexposed, so you can adjust your exposure value and you never want to over expose your footages because you’re losing all the details in that part of the footage, for example, that sky? If that is overexposed, i will not see all the clouds or small details, like probably birds and stuff, like that, when i started editing the video, so let’s open up the options here so at the safety tab, you can set your maximum altitude, your distance and the Return to home altitude, oh, we got a warning there all right. Let me turn that off sorry about that all right, and then you can also calibrate your compass and find my drone. If your drone, you know, gets missing control, you can change the color of your. The lights, the gimbal mode, gimbal, options there and the camera you can turn on and off the histogram and the exposure over exposure warning and also the grid lines.

You know you see the the x and then the process, the screen. You can turn that off it’s good for, if you’re, making a composition of your footage and also the sd card right there sd card that’s in your drone, and this one is the frequency you’re using for the drone. You can also change that if you want, but i don’t mess with that at the about. You know the name of your drone and stuff like that, the firmware of the remote control. Also, i forgot. If we go back to safety, you can get more information about your battery. Although you can see how much battery is left in your upper right corner of the screen, but you can get more information about your battery. If you go here like temperature and stuff like that, alright so let’s just fast forward this part of the video and okay. I just want to show you guys one thing here so remember: i mentioned there’s three modes of the drone, so we’re going to go to cine, smooth mode, which is c mode or slow mode. This is a good mode if you just want to record a grand vista or a nice uh b roll. You know stuff like that, and what you’re looking at here is the footage from the drone itself um. This is the one that’s saved in the sd card. That’S in the drone – and i think i should mention this – that when you hit record in your remote control, it records a lower resolution version of the of the footage in your phone and also records a 4k version on the drone, because you have an sd card.

There right now i have a 64 gig and i think it probably put like a 256 in there, so we went back to normal mode because i want to move the drone to a to a different spot i’m. Just going to show you guys this real quick before i descend or move the drone lower. So i make sure that i look down and you know i make sure that i’m not going to hit anything like a tree house, people, car and stuff like that. That’S always a good practice, especially if you’re not too familiar with the area, all right, so we’re, just gon na reposition. The drone here and then we’re, just gon na take a quick shot of this building right here, i’m gon na change, the video mode to photo mode there you go and we’re just gon na take one shot here. There you go and, as you can see guys, it takes absolutely nice and clear photo. I mean i’m, not a professional at all, so this is good enough for me, i’m, pretty sure it can be um better. If you do your color grading correctly, all right so let’s take another shot, this time with a 2x zoom and, as you can see, it’s still very nice, it’s nice and clear it’s, sharp Music. Now let’s just compare these two pictures. The left one is from the cell phone. You see the over exposed part of the roof. You see those zebra pattern and on the right side is the picture from the drone.

You see how we lost some of the details in the roof. It’S like solid white. There and it’s a good thing that dji included that overexposed feature so good job on that all right, so let’s go back to flying around. We still have a lot of battery life, 70 percent or about 20 minutes on the battery on the timer. So, okay let’s open up the map, real quick. I just want to show you guys this um. It will show you the home point and the orientation of the drone. You see the triangle, so it will show you where it’s pointing at where it’s facing so okay and then i’m gon na push forward on the remote control. You can see on the lower left, corner, it’s moving and then on the map. It’S also moving towards the home point. So you just follow that red line and you won’t get lost and you see those blue lines. That is also the um. The path that you’ve taken with the drone so it’s like the breadcrumbs, but if you want to just go back to your home point like you’re running low on battery, just follow the red line. You know it’s a very nice feature of the map, all right, so we’re, just gon na fly around um we’re losing a little bit of remote control signal um, the satellite, i think we’re still good. It still says 19 – is that 19 or 23. I can’t see i’m just looking at a small screen in my editing software.

So all right so we’re, just gon na fly around this neighborhood and let’s, see how long the battery will. Last i mean the weather is nice it’s 60s? But the thing is, you know i’m controlling this drone. I’M inside the house. You know i’m, i’m, literally sitting in my uh, my living room. You know controlling this. This drone and i’m surprised that the remote control signal is still pretty good, but i mean i’m not that far though it’s only like you see in the distance at 600 feet, but i got up to a thousand and i think 1400 feet away and it’s still Good signal, it still has a good signal. The dji mini 2 is advertised to have a 10 kilometer range, but i mean why would you even go 10 kilometers away there’s, no way that you can get your drone back in 10? If you go out 10 kilometers i mean i saw a video. I think they only did um five kilometers because of course you have to get your drone back. So so i guess that’s. The 10 kilometer range five, five out, five back and we’re, probably talking like the best condition possible, like you know, no houses or probably in the desert, or something like that or the ocean. No, no you’re, not in the woods. You know the weather is clear stuff like that, and i saw a video um. They tested the range, i think they did um five five miles or five kilometers i’m, not sure, and then they have just enough battery to get back.

So i think that’s the 10 kilometer range. So what do you guys want to see next? Maybe a range test like in an urban setting or residential area like this or how about a height or altitude test? You know, let me know in the comments below okay. So we still have about 15 minutes left in the battery life, so i’m, just gon na show you guys um what this little thing can do for this price range for this size of drone, i mean it takes pretty good um quality, 4k quality pictures and and Videos so let’s follow a car here. We’Re just gon na do a normal follow mode. It doesn’t have the tracking feature like the other, more expensive model, dji models, so let’s see Music, close your eyes. Music get some rest i’m by your side. Lay your head on. My chest, i know you’ve had a really bad day but i’m right here, it’s gon na be okay. Music. The world could fall down. It’S gon na be Music, okay, see guys as simple as following a car. Just like that. I mean you can make it cinematic by just framing it right, adding the right, uh music, just using the right mood. You know this little thing is so much fun, it’s it’s the best bang for your buck. I mean if you want to level up your your videos, your your youtube content. I i really do suggest getting this drone all right, so we only have like about four minutes left on the battery um.

I took out five minutes of the footage because there’s nothing interesting going on. I was just going back to my to my home um, all right, so two minutes left and before i close out guys. I want to thank you so much for watching this video for staying until at this point. I really do appreciate it guys. So thank you and look at that. We lost connection to the drone, so this is the this is the time i went to the basement and i’m pretty sure i’m going to lose connection there, but i’m, not too worried because you know the drone is like about 300 feet away from my home. So not too worried about that and if you’re wondering what happens, if you lose connection to the drone um, what the dji have in the system is, they have a return to home like this one rth return to home, so that will kick in and then it Will go back straight to your your home from where it’s last launch and guys make sure you watch the little outro i made at the end.