I wanted to take a look Music at something im, a little bit sad about um. This is a high spirits, double flute. This one happens to be the Music uh. What did they call it twin hawk or something like that um, so g flute, their regular gs were the red tail, hawk Music twin tail thats, what it was twin tail, um, Music – and i just looked at the website – and i dont know if this is due To Music supply issues, i dont know if it is due to pandemic trying to keep up with production, because sales are up because more people were buying musical instruments and things during the pandemic, but they do not offer the standard double flutes anymore, like this, they are Offering a nova double, which is made more like Music, a what im going to call a normal uh, shotgun style, double flute or drone, except their new ones, do not have Music, a slow air chamber, the mouthpiece, its basically a whistle type mouthpiece now, Music. And while it does shorten them up, make them more compact easier to carry around than something like this. The sound is nowhere near as good as Music other peoples. In my humble opinion, the sound is nowhere near as good as a a drone or double flute. That does have a slow air chamber, Music, so thats. What makes me sad, um i enjoyed these flutes for a few reasons, and ive got Music a larger one up here and my triple in a.

I really liked this design because people that struggle reaching over this type of a a drone. Let me set this one down for a second Music people reaching over to hit those holes, sometimes struggle with that, its its a little abnormal. It doesnt its not as easy as reaching over just one flute barrel: Music and the a frame design gets rid of that problem because youre only reaching over one flute barrel and it kind of rests on your hand over here to help position that this particular one Is made out of spanish cedar the same type of material im, pretty certain that same woods that are used in the the newer nova double? This is in key of g. It has uh kind of their older style, red tail, hawk, block design and the blocks are made out of walnut that have been ebonized. They have some laser engraving tuning holes down at the foot end and a brace some of the newer ones the brace was glued. In place most or the older ones, the brace was tied into place and glued up at the mouthpiece joint. These have a 7 8 bore. It is a one piece, solid, routed or board design. Excuse me solid board construction. They bore in and stop that creates the wall. They bore in the breath, hole and stop creating a solid piece in in the wood. Still that creates the wall to separate the two chambers. The breath hole breath holes 3 8 of an inch in diameter, and even though this design does not have a an opening for a larger slow air chamber, it is opened up a little bit right underneath the block and because of the size of the breath, hole It does create a in effect, slow air chamber over what they are offering now in the nova double flute.

I do prefer the sound of these. I wish i had one of the no nova flutes to compare with, but i couldnt bring myself to get one because i didnt like the sound of them. So here is what the old twin tail a frame double flute sounds like in spanish cedar key of g. I am going to do the first part with no effects: Music, Laughter, Music, so Laughter, Applause, Music, so Music, oh Music, Music, Applause, Music. I do love the way these sound. I love the way that they play the breath hole position and this particular kind of flattened, very slightly rounded but kind of a flattened design make it so simple to switch and add in the the drone side. If you want to here, i will add reverb and a little bit of delay, Laughter, Music, so Applause, Music Applause do Music Applause, Music. I sincerely hope that someday high spirits will go back to producing these, even if they cost more than the nova double vastly superior. Vastly superior for this player anyway, um, i do know of um at least one other. I know of one other flute maker that is making these. He is not based in the states. High spirits flutes are based in patagonia. Arizona ive been to their factory. Ive met. Odell his son jonah is now, i think, stepping in to help run the company a lot more than he used to in the past. I sincerely hope that they do put these back into production.

The only one that was left on the website available in stock was a large version, something like this condor double um. They had some listed that were out of stock, but those were all signature, flutes Music, so they might be offering only the signature flutes, which were a lot more expensive than the standard series. I hope they offer the standard series along with the nova, even as i said, charging more, i would i would still – and i know other people prefer these also so high spirits. If you see this, please make your a frame in a standard series again charge more. If you have to but Music, these are greatly appreciated, and i greatly appreciate you for um tuning in watching this video Music. Taking a closer look at the a frame twin tail in g from high spirits, flutes Music made from spanish cedar walnut ebonized walnut uh hawk blocks. These do not have a chimney as all of the high spirits flutes blocks. Do not theyre straight slightly canted forward Music. A very, very slight forward, angle, to the front face drop to nest very, very easy to reach finger holes theyre, not very large, on the regular standard series, with a 7 8 bore when they move up to the larger bore. The holes do get bigger, and that is a struggle for people with very, very narrow fingers that can be a little bit of a problem with getting those holes covered easily.

This one, no problem, no problem at all very easy to play. Thank you for watching this video and taking a closer look at my twin tail. Double flute. Please subscribe if you havent already and click the little bell down over there, so that you can be notified the next time i post a video could be a review of another flute from my collection could be one. A music video using the flute is kind of the center piece in most of my musics. It could be solo, it could be with other instruments as well could be a tutorial on how to play these. They are very easy when you first get started. Virtually anyone can start playing a song in about 10 minutes Music. It can be more complicated. If you choose to take that route also, they can play pretty much anything, but the way that they are designed right now. Music for the beginner, it is a basic pentatonic, minor scale or major scale, depending on where you start Music thanks again for watching. I hope you have a fantastic day.