Well, in this episode, we are going to take a look at a really awesome, long range little drone. This is an fpv drone. It is called the eachine shadow fiend i’m spinning it around here, it’s a really good drone because it came on the market after a lot of the other long range drones. Now, let me say this as well: eachine does not make drones. If you buy an eachine drone, they don’t make drones. They have other companies like the big name. Companies make the drones for them. So who makes this drone? I have no idea. It kind of looks like it’s made by iflight, but i could be totally wrong, but that’s, probably why it’s such good quality it’s a really good drone. Now this drone comes in three models and two of the models are digital, and one is analog. Big difference is obviously digital means the camera’s digital. So you have to wear those dji fpv goggles they’re back there someplace, i can’t really see through the camera. If you get the analog version, you will save yourself over a hundred dollars u.s, because analog is very inexpensive. Nowadays, so this thing in analog is about, oh, i think, it’s about 1′ dollars for the analog version. When you jump up to the digital version, it starts at about 235 dollars u.s. That is not expensive. All of you running away from your computer, monitor right now. That’S not expensive compared to other long range drones on the market with similar features, for instance, you have the flywoo explorer.

I reviewed this drone in the summer of 2020. It was the first of its kind. That was long range super super light under 250 grams. It is loaded with features, it is really good and this eachine one is it just as good? Well uh yeah it’s, just as good, and it costs less. Not only does it cost less, but it it weighs less yeah. So, if you’re all about the 250 gram regulation, then this is under 250 and this is under 250., but as soon as you start adding a battery to this one like a big battery, it goes over 250.. You add a big battery to this one it’s still under 250., so you see how the eachine one is kind of like it’s coming it’s becoming more attractive to you. Let me just tell you about the weight. Now. The weight of the iashin shadow fiend is 148 grams, and the weight of the flywoo explorer is 160 grams, both under 250 grams that’s great, but watch what happens when you add a battery. Now i like to fly these little drones with a 650 milliamp hour battery, but i really love to fly them with an 850 milliamp hour battery but that’s a problem for the flywhoo, because it pushes it over watch check this out. So with the eachine drone and a 650 milliamp hour battery i’m at 215 grams and the flywoo explorer is at 227 grams, so we’re still good, but watch what happens when i put the 850 milliamp hour battery now the eachine’s at 246 grams bonus, i mean within Regulations but the flywoo is 258 grams and it’s over regulations now for some unknown crazy reason.

This happens all the time to me. If you ever become a reviewer on youtube of drones. I never ask companies to send me anything. I don’t know how many people write to me and say: hey steve: how do you get companies? Send you drones? I don’t ask anybody to send me anything. What happens? Is companies have to ask me – and i have to give the okay if i want to review their product, so i say no more than i say yes, so banggood said: hey steve, you you review long range drones. Would you like to review the eachine shadow fee, and i said yes, they said we’ll, send you one well, they didn’t send me one. They sent me two of them, so i ended up with two. Why do i have two because they both have different digital cameras in them? So i have one that’s, the nebula camera, which is this one and one that’s, the vista camera, both digital. If i were a newbie – and i didn’t know the difference between the nebula, this is a nebula version 2 by the way and the vista digital camera, then i would be scratching my head right now, like probably some of you and going well what’s the difference between The two honestly there’s not much of a difference. There is a difference in weight and there is a difference in price. So if you want to fly with as little weight as possible, you want to get the nebula version here v2, which is going to cost you less money than the vista version here.

This vista camera is heavier because it’s, a bigger camera, has a better image, but you’d probably want this one, the smaller one, so what’s the difference in weight. If i look at my little chart here, the weight is 148 grams for the drone, with a nebula, and here we go 156 grams for the vista camera for everybody out there, who’s not familiar with vista cameras, digital and nebula cameras. This is version 2, which is the good nebula. If you ever heard that nebula cameras are really terrible, that was version one version two nebula cameras are outstandingly awesome. So if you don’t know what the difference is in the image, let me show you right here. Watch this here we have the nebula v2 and it only allows me to record in 16×9, which is perfectly fine for videos, just check out the colors they’re a bit over saturated with the nebula compared to the vista. Well, you haven’t seen the vista but you’re about to i’m, going to switch to the vista. Now the vista lets me record in a full 4×3 format. Now you’re saying, why would i record in four by three over 16 by nine it’s, because then you can crop and grab the 16 by nine at any portion you want of the video lower upper or middle, and if you want to see what it looks like, If i switch it to 16 by nine here, we go same image and that’s in 16×9.

So how does this compare to the nebula you’re wondering? Well, let me put them side by side and show you right here and you will see. As i mentioned, the images look really good. I’Ve got them both in 16 by 9, but on the nebula a little bit over saturated for colors and you’re, going to see that in my flight, all right, so the next thing i’m going to show. You is my flight with one of these because i had to go out and test them so i’m going to spoil it for you right now. Uh it flies fantastic, it’s, it’s, awesome, it’s like i i fly so many drones. It doesn’t matter if they’re, fpv or camera that honestly it’s like i can fly anything and as long as the drone, you know as long as i’m flying and everything is working. As my brain says. I have to do this, and the drone should be doing this. Then i’m happy if the drone does something else, when my brain is saying, i should be doing this then i’m unhappy. So let me just say this here: it flies great now. I know a lot of you do not have a lot of cash, because every time i show videos of drones, everybody’s asking me about, can you show a 50 drone? I don’t show 50 drones, but anyways you know maybe in the future. I will so what i did instead of flying the one with the vista camera, which i’m sure a lot of you would say: well he’s going to fly the vista camera because it has a better image.

I actually flew the one with the nebula version 2 camera, because i think the image is pretty good and you’ll save yourself some money on it because it is cheaper. So what i did is, i took this drone here i’m looking over here, and i just took one of my 3d printed mounts. This here is for an insta, 360 go camera and i just slapped it on top with a zip tie. That’S, all you do with these mounts i’m going to show you video of my flight with the camera. The nebula i’ll show you some of that and of the insta360 camera and you’ll see how good it is. It’S really good so check this out. Alright. I’M. At my local area, where there’s people skating down there on the river it’s frozen and ice fishing, not a lot of people out ice fishing because we do have the covid thing going on and everybody’s gon na keep their distancing. So i have the shadow feed here and i’ve attached a little insta 360 go to the front uh that’s, going to record some videos so i’m going to show you. The video coming from the insta360 go and also the little nebula camera on the drone i’m. Going to take it down and go check out the guys ice fishing, since it is a long range drone. So here we go all right, i’ll put on my dji goggles over my glasses, hopefully nothing fogs up there we go.

I can see everything nice and clear doing this with gloves on is not that easy. All right, let’s make sure we’re in acro mode. Here, let’s get this out of my, so you can hear me not mumbling and arm there we go. We should be going fly over the branches. Oh, i see somebody out here, that’s the road to take you out to the ice fishing. What the heck is this? What is this? Oh that’s, a piece somebody made a little rink here: pretty sweet, okay, there’s, a rink right there, cool and there’s people skating over there that’s that big fishy it’s, not really the greatest thing to skate on it. Doesn’T. Look that smooth all right! Let’S, go back, go see, mr fishy here. Take it up, so i guess i should talk about this here. A drone long range. It flies really really well. It’S super easy to fly. Oh, i see a group of people over there and let’s go out and check out the ice fishing people first. Another skating rink over here check that out looks like one: oh there’s, somebody without a hot ice fishing, a few people there and this guy’s got a little hut. You need the hut when it’s windy out and we have some people back here. Pretty sweet and let’s see if i can make it all the way out to these guys all the way out here going going going going, or else i have a long walk.

If this thing falls from the sky, there we go there, we go so they got a hole down there, pretty sweet, so that’s where i came from – and this is where i’m coming back video reception is good because it is digital and of course the telemetry is All a okay, at least it is right now i’m, just staying over the road keeping away from the people. I’Ll go on this side over here and let’s, see what we can see. So this drone i’m so used to flying long range drones. Long range drones are all the same: there’s no uh, no differences. Really this one flies super smooth. It flies just like the flywhoo. I don’t notice any difference. I’M. Just checking these people out what they’re doing i can hear cars driving beside me, there’s a dog doing its thing. These people are wondering: why is that guy flying around people? They can’t see me because i’m way back over here, there’s the fishy there’s, the people skating. So if you have a long range drone, you can do an awful lot of cool stuff, so pretty good! Oh we got. I don’t know what’s going on going on over here. What is that there’s? Something in here cool you can go in this area. Let’S go down here, check this out, see where this leads to not really sure all right and uh go way up and i’ll be on the road. Coming back to me and there’s my jeep over there, i’m gon na go over into this area water.

This is behind my jeep and let’s see. I can hear a car moving around me there. It is right there that truck right there and i got ta watch out for these wires electrical wires up here. So long range drones, all the rage. Everybody should have one because they’re so small this here drone is, i don’t know. If i already mentioned it, it is less than 250 grams, with the included instago camera mount that i put on it plus the instago 360 plus a 650 milliamp hour battery. So it’s pretty decent all right, let’s, bring it down and check out the video let’s go over here. Where am i i’m someplace through these trees, all right, bring it down close nice and slow trying to get these branches and come on over to me there’s my landing pad trying to fit these branches and come on over to me there’s, my landing pad. Do you see white that’s? All i see there’s my landing pad and uh that’s, where i landed right there face first in the snow, all right, let’s grab that out, so i don’t do any damage to it. Now these drones i’ve probably mentioned this. In a million videos you can, if you want uh, fly fpv drones in the snow in the wintertime, because the snow is cold right now nothing is melting, so i just have to unplug it and shake that snow off like this and it’s. All good, just don’t want anything to melt and turn into water.

So what did you think of that flight? It’S pretty decent? The camera looks pretty good. You know it wasn’t it wasn’t half bad at all for being outside and through my goggles, my digital fpv goggles. Well, the image looked perfect and i could see where i was going and these uh well this both of them. They all drones, fpv fly well in the cold camera drones. Not so much cold affects them, but when you’re flying fpv and you don’t have to worry, the only thing is, as you saw in the video when you land and you get snow on. Your drone do not do not keep flying without removing the snow, because the snow will melt due to the heat so i’m impressed. I really like it so the next thing i’m going to show you is what comes in the box, and let me tell you right now in the box, for some reason and since it’s, an eachine product and it’s, usually typical with ishing, you don’t get an awful Lot like you get enough to get going, but there’s no instructions or anything like that, so i hope you’re watching this video because uh this is telling you everything about it. So let me show you what comes in the box right now watch this, and here we have the box, the product comes in and then here’s what comes in the box. So you get props, you get a battery holder, a battery rubber mount and some spare screws, and then you have your drone.

Just put it together and it looks like this. Pretty simple i’ve got my laptop open because i just wanted to check something on the specs. I didn’t show you in the video the gps rescue, but yes, just like all long range drones on the back of the drone. Here you have a little gps and the gps is very fast because i forgot to mention it. When i was flying, i could see rate my goggles when, if you’ve never used digital goggles and a drone with gps rescue, when you fly two things, sometimes three or four things you’ll see, but you definitely see how many satellites you have if that’s what you want To see so, i could see how many satellites the gps had, and i see a little arrow that points back to me all the time. So i always know where i am. I could fly out two miles. The arrow will always point back to me and i just follow the arrow to get home, because if not, i could get lost and run out of battery power, and sometimes, if you want, you can show your along the two latitude i didn’t have that displayed on Mine, so they do have gps rescue and it does work. I don’t really show it in videos anymore, because it’s always the same. You just flick a button and the drone flies up comes back to you, but you have to take it over to land it yourself.

So it has that i just wanted to check on my laptop here for the esc’s on here. It is a f4 flight controller and they are 20 amp esc’s. I i thought they were 20 amp psts, but i wasn’t sure so that’s pretty decent one. Other thing i should mention that i’ve noticed between the two, the version with the nebula camera. The frame is a little narrow compared to the one with the vista, because the vista camera is larger, so it’s a larger camera, so the frame is a little larger. I, like the narrow frame it’s, pretty good and that that takes away some of the weight they both have like a two millimeter carbon fiber frame top and bottom, which is very strong. The arms are pretty thick, i think they’re like three millimeters and checking my laptop. I wanted to see what they called this antenna. I like the antenna. It’S got some alien thing on the end, so i’m, like no no way is eachine going to put an alien stamp on the back. It must be a brand name. So i look here and it says: it’s called a ufo second generation, far space line antenna. I have no idea what that is, but the antenna works. Fine. You know my digital signal. This is what’s, shooting everything back to me. My signal for my video and the telemetry and everything all went well through this big long antenna all right guys.

So there you have it well. Let me just squish the propeller there yeah, so there you have it um yeah i’m, really impressed with the shadow fiend it’s really good. If you want to save some shekels and uh where’s my flight, the flywheel you know now they have version two out of the long range and they also have the hex version. I’Ve reviewed that there’s a lot of r d that’s gone into the flywheel, especially with the version two so it’s more expensive um. But if you wan na save some shekels and you wan na get the banggood one i’m gon na put the links below so i’ll. Put i’ll: do it this way, i’ll put the links to uh all of the ones on banggood, the shadow fiend i’ll put links too, because a lot of people always ask me i’ll put links to the insta360 go the camera i stuck in here. This mount is just something i found on the internet. If you search around for insta360, go camera mounts you’ll, find them they’re all over the place. I have a pile of them and i found this on the internet and i use it on a lot of drones. Like i said, you just put a zip tie through and you’re good, and with all of that said, i say thanks for watching this video hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future videos with many more drone reviews and before i say goodbye, if you have any questions on this drone, these drones, the insta360 anything just post them below and i’ll get back to.

You alright guys take care catch.