That actually might be my last time saying that good, its a horrible catchphrase franks. Finally, getting what he wants, so what good thing that ive came up with shalom? No, i actually realized. No. I like it. Okay, so youre probably wondering why i just said that – and i have a lot of explaining to do, but i just want to come forward and tell you guys my true feelings so basically im going to be telling my friends today that Music, i really dont, want To do youtube anymore and its not its not that she doesnt want to do it its just that you know shes been doing it for a long time or something i dont know. Why are you so happy about this? Get out of here, youre, making me sad. Well, if youre sad, then dont stop yeah. I know i mean but stop, please stop no afraid, but i just want to talk about why ive been having these feelings and thoughts and all of that stuff. I love making it no, no its because my thoughts, arent smelly enough to move not live up to your energy, very, very, very smelly and i dont know actually she cant smell anything. I still have my notes from covent, so i cant smell anything. But besides the point, listen, the reason why ive been having these thoughts is because you know i wasnt quarantined for 10 days and those 10 days like just straight.

I was, you know, waking up whatever time i wanted, and you know taking care of the cats and all of that stuff and hanging out with my family, my mom, especially that was really fun and i feel, like you, know, youtube ive been doing for like four Years with your moms name, she dont even know how to hold the dog right. What do you mean shes? Really bad at it? Okay, frank! This is besides the point you know, ive been doing this for about five years and i just dont know if i can do it anymore, i love making it because i know that it makes you guys happy and also makes me happy, but something else you know Is just making me, you know a little bit more healthier and just a little bit happier, and i also want to go see my family in georgia more. You know i dont have time to do that a lot, so i want to go. Do that and see them and hang out with them and all of that stuff well and heres the thing like! Never in the last five years of you doing this, have we ever forced you to do this? Ive always wanted to do this for myself and for you guys, because i know it makes you happy, and it makes me happy too yeah so its just not giving me what it is think about it, like this theres been a big chapter of your life and Youre changing the page to the next im about to be 14, so i feel like if im 14, i should 14 year olds.

Shouldnt do youtube, you know no, they should they should totally do youtube. But ive been doing this since i was like literally mature little babies. This is not babies heres the thing this could be a temporary decision or who knows what like it, is in your brain and you can decide frank, listen if she wants to do youtube again. If she wants to do youtube again, stop talking stop trying to convince her her mind is screwed up. Look if you ever want to do youtube again. Obviously, like the doors open, you can 100 hop back on the train and do that. But you know at some point i probably will, because you know i love doing this so much, but just right now. I really think for, like you know just me, it would just be a lot better. If you know i dont do videos, and you know who knows i could you know, focus more on my music and maybe i dont know dont do that im gon na do that by the way guys. Also, yesterday, your song dropped right, my song, we put so much time and effort into really liked it, and i want to do that more. It was really really really fun like that really made me motivated like the music video was such a fun time. I had an amazing, no, no, no, no, the whole time so. Look heres the concept piper. Basically, today, youre bringing your friends in youre, going to talk to them and talk to them about this and get their feelings and their emotions im just going to talk to them like one by one like we usually dont, just really bring them in here and just Tell them that i really just like, i just want to do something else: im, not even going to be here for that conversation, so thats all you like one thing.

I definitely want to make clear. Never once was anyone forcing piper to do this, and – and this is 100 on piper, if piper wants to do something we full throttle. If she wants to not do something, then we dont do it like everything that she does is her decision. So we support you with whatever you want and im sure, youre friends im, just like really just like. Overall, like the hate and stuff and im, not i dont want to always have to worry about. You know like if this video is going to get a lot of hate or if i did something wrong in this video or, if someones going to like it. I have to say thats the biggest thing like you guys, dont understand how much pressure prank and like how much like negativity you guys put on here, boring every time you come in here. You just say something mean about everything and then you leave sorry yeah. What was hers im a hater? I mean if he was nice, it would be different, it would be yeah, it wouldnt be the same, keep doing it. We need frank but yeah. So the haters the mean people like its not fair for piper its, not its, not as cool so like you know, just like its a taxing its emotionally taxing on her so show some support for piper. You guys can at least like this video and subscribe and turn off most notifications and im still going to have you know merch and all of that stuff.

You guys want to buy it shopping yeah, so you should and now that you know i have more time. I think that you guys should go follow my instagram and tick tock, because i have more time to do. Amazing yeah were going to see better tic tocs, better tick, tocks mine are already amazing. Hmm frank got anything to say about that. Whats she talking about but look lets get into the video. She said it already go check out her merch, also without as much youtube. That means were gon na like kick some booty on tour this summer, yeah and yes, tour. I am so excited about tour and i hope that you guys are excited for tour. I love meeting you guys and i love when you say im going to be at like this stop or whatever i facetime one of you guys its amazing, because then im like going to remember you and were going to be like besties, so im really excited for That but you can go, get the tickets at I seriously think we should start getting into this video because its already its been a lot of talking so well, just let it freaking boring its so freaking long lets go make people cry all right. Well, i dont like that were gon na have to make some people and just good luck, Music, one starbucks and two selfies later then. I might look good in this pic. What did i do? What are you doing? Well, this is really cool Music, Music or whatever Music um, Music Music.

You want to do Music. I think that this is something that you guys should do. Subscribers Music. Imagine like people would die and like like people would do anything to get eight million subscribers Music. You want to do i we just dont, want you to make a mistake and then regret it. Okay, im just very confused because, like whenever i dont feel like doing youtube anymore. You guys, like my way for me to keep going on. I dont know i feel like we always have a lot of fun. It just feels very unnatural than its just sudden i dont know its like, but the problem is its not sudden like its not just like havent, been thinking about yeah intensely, but now that, like i saw how my life would be like. If i dont do youtube, you know ive been here for your guyss videos, my videos and its just a lot better. We can totally like do our videos, but still it like its gon na hurt your fans, its gon na hurt your supporters like you cant. Do it like you, cant, just quit, but i mean um Music, its all Music, Music, Music, okay, its okay to change things, just dont cry about it, because youre making you guys cant change my decisions and we do were just making sure that you need the best Advice, you want us to be fake friends to just look at you and smile and agree with you and just leave we cant like, but we want to be real friends.

We, like we like you and we like filming your youtube videos and everything and hanging out with you, and do you understand that, like like the point of being friends, is to like help each other and like love, each other and everything im just saying so? Okay, listen its just a lot to process right now and its just coming like out of nowhere like for you. Okay were gon na support you, okay, we just want you to be happy all right. Thank you guys. Let me just think about it. Were here a lot – and i i i know my destiny – you talk no, not really actually, Music. All right! Oh did the pepper tell them. You know why what we should have been doing this for a long time, guys like way longer than you guys. We understand shes, probably burnt out its like when i was like a dog groomer like i did it for like 17 years. I would like burn out. No, it made me no. I know its just that, like what did she say exactly? It was just kind of just quitting yeah like she like. She wants to do music and no more youtube and just post music videos. We want to be here for her yeah. We also just dont, want her to make a decision that shes gon na regret later. On and be like, oh, i wish i didnt do that. Well, i mean, like shes, been doing this for literally like five years.

You know right now it makes total sense thats a huge part. Well, i dont like to you, know, force it or do anything, and there was like, like one other time, that she said that she might want to stop. Maybe yeah like one like how long ago it was like two years ago, yeah that was when she was going through a lot like a stress with the hole. Well, do you think shes like serious this time? Well were not gon na make her if she doesnt want to do. This were not like. We cant, be like oh yeah youtube, but she cant force her to do it so because i forced him to do it. I mean well support her. Okay, i mean heres. The thing shes still a kid and theres a lot of stuff where its like its like. You really dont, know what youre doing like. For example, like you, you cant force your kid to do homework i mean like. Is she its just youtube like at the end of the day, like i mean thats, youtubes her life? This is why she has this house. This is why were here, Applause or whatever or trick up my sleeve um, i dont know if itll work, but what is it yeah? I dont want to tell you guys it was kind of like a surprise for her i mean were not going to tell her look heres the thing we cant force her to do anything she doesnt want to do, but we can try to motivate her yeah thats.

What im saying just point her in the right tip? He has an idea or something yeah. What is she doing? Music, okay, well, heres. The thing look in the meantime how about we like the suns going down soon like like, while the rest of the day, lets film the video for piper okay lets, make it one of like the best videos that she could remember. Lets yeah lets make her love youtube again here. Yeah lets. Do it? Okay go tell them because its like really yo serious, my check about 20 minutes later sit down. Dont be a holder. Okay, look paper. I know we just had to talk. Listen were going to make you laugh again. Yes were going to the beach, i think youre feeling just a little burnt out, but we are going to get you out just because if you dont want to do youtube, it just means well. Do it differently? Well, like have well do different. Well, have fun! Well, do them differently! No, like i told you guys, never gon na bring these yeah. Do you know what these are? I think she knows what these are. Okay, so thats the smile that ive been waiting to see. All day, okay, so think about it without youtube. You cant do this, so so were going to give these to the boys at the beach and wait until you should like get to water and say like we have to take a photo yeah so that look! This listen, listen, listen, girls! The sun is going down very quickly, so that means all of you.

It takes like an hour to get to the beach. All of you got ta grab pack some swim trunks and lets go. Okay. Lets go girl. Im, a boy im used to saying swim trunks lets go: okay, no ringo! You cannot wear those okay, so we made it to the beach. You can see all the kids are all running down there and i just got ta say the boys have absolutely no idea. Whats going on this is gon na, be so perfect. Im so excited for this is my favorite place to be no, not really theres a lot of pokemon. Here, though, so, were here, and i think that we should do kind of like a mini last two challenge. Maybe or maybe not it might be the last one i dont know i dont know. Why are you taking your socks off right now because i am getting in the water? The idea of piper we got to make you like youtube again, and one thing we always do on youtube is last two challenges so were gon na do another last two challenge im staying in there heres the rules, you guys got ta go in the water, at Least, to your hips, okay, so hips like in the water lots and lots of towels. I got a question what up what if you go in there with your brand new camera guys, if you dont know audreys new cast, is new. Look. How crazy is that just come finish us imagine.

This is so funny the boys literally. They have no idea whats going on like look at them. They dont even know all right. This is gon na, be great guys. Just stay tuned lets go okay. Watch out here comes the wave its cold, oh its so cold its in the water come on. Lets go all right. Jensens in jessie thats, not big waves. Oh no dont, he doesnt even know any moment. Jess is going to be screwed. Jensen knows whats going on yo. I think jensen knows his your face. Lets say: jensens trunks are ripped, oh no get to what happened. Yo, lem, doesnt, even notice, but legs are cute. So boys, those are dissolvable swim trunks every second youre in the water theyre. Slowly, falling off, oh no, oh no um! I dont know what a time card is, but i look really cute in this hat. So the objective of this video is to make me love you again, so i actually love giving sexy people, so i decided that it would be fun to do a little video where i gave out ice cream and free makeup. So all right, we literally rented an ice cream truck and gave away like ice cream for free. It ate way too much ice cream. Yes, it was amazing, enjoy this clip. First of all, we actually have an ice cream truck and we are here at a park nearby and we are going to be giving you guys some free ice cream and some free potatoes lets go so guys check this out, heres the ice cream truck.

These are our options, we got vanilla, we got chocolate and we got a swirl and its our boy food yeah. So this is his ice cream truck hes seriously so awesome and were gon na hook it up today, but we already have someone over here. Do you want some ice cream come get some ice cream come on girl lets go okay, so girls? How about all of you? You get an ice cream in hand and well start handing them out. Okay, perfect, okay, cool free ice cream. You want ice cream, its free were giving away it for free free ice cream lets go all right. What do you want? Do you want vanilla, chocolate or a swirl, so theres, three options: vanilla, chocolate or swirl free ice cream? You guys want some ice cream. Its totally free chocolate well take a chocolate chocolate cone on the double here we go. Lets go its free free ice cream. All right more here you go girly! Thank you, Music! Oh its! The best day ever, you want to say hi whats up woo swirl ice cream lets go. Do you want a bag of makeup to use makeup lets, go emily hook, her up with some pizza and pretty okay, guys again shout out to pizza and pretty? If you want to see some more stuff of giving away ice cream, you can check out their channel and see where the girls got their like aprons lets go Music.

Here we go here. We go. We got a vanilla ice cream coming at you yo, you guys are subscribed. Whats up lets, go you want to say hi to the vlog whats up, say: hi, say hi to your friends, hello, hello, yeah. It is cool yeah, all right, okay, so our job im going to get the goods the goods – okay yeah. So this is tiffany right now and look guys lets really really really quickly flash back to when she told emily a secret Music yeah that secret okay, tiffany is going to pick up that secret for piper pick up to see. Basically, we got piper gift and um. This should hopefully make her laugh jensen left it here. You cant, you realize you cant bring back her gift on. You realize how big her gift is. Tiffany. You are gon na hurt yourself: okay, all right: okay, okay, look, shes gon na get pipers gift and guys well see her soon, with with a huge surprise for piper yeah. I know it goes like 20 miles an hour okay, so anyway yeah dont. Okay, we will see you soon with the biggest surprise ever for piper guys stay tuned, because this is going to be emotional long time later, look at me im on a turtle hunter. I just got home, get that bright light off of me. No, this! Okay, look! This is important: okay tiffany had a huge trick up her sleeve, so i think this one its definitely going to work.

Oh my gosh piggys here i know the light is bright. All right, so look piper has no idea. Whats, going on and shes upstairs just watching tv in her room, and i think that this this surprise is going to be big piggy hasnt been to la since pipers lived here. Peggy hasnt been here since its been 57 years, yeah like he, he said he would never come here. Okay, well, im its about time. You showed up okay, im, so excited to see you im so excited for fiverrs reaction lets go okay, dont go upstairs like hide over there. Piggy come on come on. Okay, come on, come on, okay, get cozy in the chair; okay! So look our mission for this youtube. Video which were continuing the video emily was to make you love youtube again right, uh huh, so your mom is literally like. I just woke up. Okay, well, wake up because guess what one big thing we prank on your youtube channel, but one other thing we do is surprise. So your mom got you a huge surprise. Did you know i was coming? I think you told me that you might be coming for my birthday, but i didnt know right now, but i have one more surprise for you: what well no its pretty big its in my suitcase. You want to unwrap it its early. Okay, all right lets go emily, come on bring your hand close your eyes. Okay, oh hold on okay, hold on eyes.

Applause. Did you think it was gon na be? I really knew it a little bit. Surprise! Eliza! You want to quit youtube! Well, i want to. I just want to have like more time to like go see you guys and stuff. You still have my time to come see us. You just have to still go slower. I know but, like i have to like film like a lot of videos for myself and like for other people, and i just i dont know what other people like like the squad members and yeah you can you cant you cant just quit, but youve got so Many fans that love you well, i just want to make sure that i can see you guys more youll see us more. We can always come out more youre going to come on your move. Well, piper. He hasnt been here in fifth over 50 years. I think hes hell come out more now for sure. Well keep going if you promise to keep coming out more yeah, pinkies, probably pinky promise i got ta get me me, pinky promise. Maybe hes got to come out by his shelf first after everything we did in this one video like pranks, surprise we did some awesome stuff, like my birthday. Is this week. Yes, three days, weird yesterday after we just posted this video, your song, just my songs, totally go check it out on spotify and itunes, and you can pre save it and all of that well, its already out so you can save it.

Link will be in the description, and i love you guys so much make sure you like subscribe and turn on those yeah turn them on emily. Oh my gosh shes over here, crying too. We like had nothing to do tonight, so we were just doing yoga poses yeah. What else were we doing? We were doing tick, tock dances um. We learned a little walk ready.