I i wanted to get something cheap that i could learn and i could practice with, but i still didnt want it to be. You know a toy, so there was a particular drone that ive been eyeing for actually about two years and now that ive and when i got a gift card for a store that sells them, i decided that it was finally time to pull the trigger and get It – and this is not that one no, the one i ordered, was supposed to be delivered in three to seven days, but as soon as i ordered it actually, two days after that, i got notified that yeah because of supply issues its gon na take another month. Even though they were supposed to have it in stock well anyway, so i was talking to my dad about this and he mentioned that. Well, you know i have a drone that i actually got for that very same purpose, but that he has not been able to use or practice with, because my parents, dog, which is the most gentle and peaceful dog in the whole world, goes absolutely ballistic over drones. He went on to explain that the drone has therefore been just sitting on a shelf gathering dust and that, if i wanted, i could just come and pick it up. He also told me the price that he had paid for this particular drone and it was 250 euros or 266 dollars, so it was supposedly decent quality.

Well, this is it the hubsan x, no sorry hubsan, fpv x4 plus h107d Music. Finding information about this drone was extremely difficult, i mean apparently hubsan does make decent drones. I wouldnt know because my knowledge on drones is extremely limited. The only brand that i know is dji and i dont even know their hobby lineup, but regardless i was excited to try out my first actual drone ever because you know ive been waiting to fly one and see what kind of footage i can get with a Cheap drone and speaking of footage, the drone has a 720p or 1080p camera. The uncertainty comes from the fact that even the website itself doesnt know it can make up its mind and the manual it doesnt. It doesnt mention the specs of the drone itself at all. So theres that well, but regardless here are some examples of the footage Music yeah, i think even 720p is reaching a lot and the other features include the ability to hold its altitude, which i think would be possible, but not really ill. Explain that a little later it has headless mode, which means that it doesnt matter which way the drone itself is facing. The controls will always work as if its facing the direction that it was. So when you go up and you go forward, it goes this way in headless mode, even if the drone is this way and you youre in the same place and you press forward, it goes that way, apparently thats good for beginners.

I dont understand how, but whatever it has expert mode which increases the increments of the sensitivity adjustment for the sticks, okay, built in leds, so its easier to see the drone. As you can see, the red and blue flashing there and a micro sd slot for recording your footage both on the drone and on the controller. Speaking of the controller, this is it its huge. It feels like incredibly cheap plastic, but it also feels like feels like its 90 percent hollow. I mean listen to this. I can imagine that opening this thing would just show me, like one circuit board the size of a usb stick in the middle and thats it regardless. It does have a 4.3 inch display, which is absolutely terrible quality. Its also supposed to be making the connection using a 5.8 gigahertz connection for minimal interference. I wouldnt know if that works or not, because the live feed is incredibly choppy and i would never ever trust the display the live feed to be the reference to which to control the drone. To that was a lot of times. I said too, the controller does have a port for vr goggles, because it is an fpv drone, but there is not a chance. I would ever try try that out. If the live feed is something to go by, i mean i can handle vr. I can handle rough vr and i know i would be vomiting all over the place with if i got that live feed in vr goggles, no nope nope not happening now.

The drone has a 520 milliamp hour battery, which does give it an eight minute. Okay, seven minute flight time with an hour of charging which ive observed to be relatively true, it is very short, but in a drone this size, i think thats kind of the norm and i dont mind the drones battery life, the controller. However, it uses four double a batteries, what not only that it eats them like skittles i put in some high quality extra long life, double a batteries and, after maybe six to eight flights, its down to two out of the five battery bar things. Just just give me a rechargeable battery, please now hubzan does say that the range on the drone would be a hundred meters, but i really cant comment on that, since my ability to test that out has been quite limited, also the max speed, no idea so with All that, how is the usability well ive actually been just going from problem to problem to problem to problem. First of all, the drone will just not stay level now keep in mind. This thing had not been used before i got it, so there is if there is problem with the drone itself, that has been there since it came. The problem is that, once the drone goes up, it will constantly drift to the left and im not talking about a slight slow movement im talking completely just to the left, the manual that i managed to find in the end because bless my dad.

He gotten rid of the box, and the manual did have several different ways to calibrate both the drone and the controller and out of the three two of them somewhat worked. The third one never did what it was supposed to and after calibration after calibrating it several times, nothing changed its still veering to the left. If we look past that the drone is incredibly light, its 140 grams, the drone will be absolutely blown away by the slightest of wind. I think i can blow it out of its. You know balance that it never has im sure thats common with lighter drones, but this is so prominent that i cannot imagine a situation where i would want to take this with me on a trip or outside in general, and i also dont know why i would Want to take it out because the camera is such garbage have a few more images here. What is this, so that is my first ever drone experience. Hopefully, when my other drone arrives, it will be a uh, better experience. Now i just want to ask if you are a drone aficionado, my dad paid 250 euros for this, maybe two years ago. Did he get ripped off, or is this what you get for that money? I mean i have nothing to compare this to, because this is my first drone and the amazon reviews that this has its not for sale anymore. So no links not that i would want to link it anyway, but the amazon site that it has does have 3.

4 star reviews. So i really cant say: let me know what you think in the comments. My name is lo fi.