Do it you’re gon na do a clap hold on. Let me do it: oh you’re, you scared your dog, oh no! He just he was napping and he like jumped up poor henry. You get scared easily. Oh henry: okay, buddy settle back down you’re all right, poor henry it’s, the beginning of a new month, and that means it is time for my new product, roundup and giveaway. Where i and uh my co host here blunty. How are you doing bunty good joshua how’s? It going how’s it going good uh. We are going to go over many of the new products that have come out in the last month with the idea being that uh there’s not always time to do a full review of everything that might be interesting and there’s. A lot of new stuff that comes out that just isn’t that interesting, so let’s just home in there on the most interesting stuff, give you our off the cuff thoughts about it and, oh by the way, at the end, i’ll be giving away one of these items To a few lucky winners and we’ll announce we’ll talk more about the giveaway at the end, um, but i’m glad to be back with you blunty. We we missed last month, that’s my fault, not yours, uh through some scheduling, snafus uh, but that just means we have more good stuff this month. So you ready to get into it. Yeah let’s! Do it man all right? Well, the first thing i think we have to start with uh and – and so much has been said about this product already – that i don’t think we want to say a lot about it, but it’s the dji fpv uh drone, the v2 goggles and the controller um.

It came out it’s a new product uh. What should we say about it before we move on yeah? All i would say is, i think, if you’re interested in this at all you’ve, probably seen a bunch of videos about it and if you haven’t uh, go check out uh joshua’s video on his channel for the dji fpv drone, um and kind of get an idea. What what it’s all about, i think that’s, probably the best way to know otherwise, i think it’s kind of been beaten been to death yeah if you’re interested in the drone go watch a review about the drone but yay it’s here so maybe before we move on From dji fpv for this month, why don’t we look at the dji fpv motion, controller that’s, another product that was released with the dji fpv combo as a separate standalone product and right now is only able to be used for controlling the drone. But i know i saw an interview on youtube with the dji director and he did say that they’re planning to bring that to the air unit um at some point in the future. Um – and this is a pretty cool like i would say – innovative control scheme there’s. A company we saw called motion pilot that might have been working with them a little bit and that helped to develop this, and i just think it’s pretty neat. You know you use one hand and your thumb and forefinger to control the drone and to move it around and with the drone.

Anyway, you have stabilization features and stuff. You have emergency features like all in one hand, and a lot of people are saying it’s pretty intuitive, because you kind of point where you want to go. I don’t know how that will work with the air unit or anything. Obviously they haven’t explained any of that. But yeah that’s what i was wondering a lot of people who see this might think it is a traditional motion, controller where you just tilt the direction that you want the drone to go. In fact, pavel spakowski, one of the inev developers, made a homebrewed version of something that did that, but it’s actually way cooler than you might realize. Inside the goggles there’s like an augmented reality, there’s like a dot and the drone will fly wherever you put the dot and by moving your hand, you’re moving the dot up down left right and you see you can basically like, like put the dot on a gap And the drone will just fly through the gap: it’s it’s it’s, actually a really cool control scheme. I don’t know how it’s going to translate to the air unit or the vista, because you wouldn’t have direct control over the drone in the way that you do when you have uh the dji fpv. But i do agree. This is pretty cool. A happy model has just released an express lrs, a pre, flash custom, setup, uh product um, the transmitter and receiver for express lrs and i think that’s, pretty cool um, 915, 950 megahertz, so it’s, just like other traditional long range, setups like your crossfire or your r9.

But it comes pre, flashed and ready to go with express lrs, and the price is obviously pretty fair. 20 24 dollars for 20x i’m, not even sure you can buy a free sky, r9 module and receiver. I mean that’s the price of a free sky r9 receiver by itself to be fair, it doesn’t come it just comes with a board right. It doesn’t come with a little plastic box. You need a separate box for it, but okay, um right. This is pretty exciting. Express lrs has been in development for a long time and is very focused on maximum performance, low latency. They were on the low latency train uh before a lot of people were, and and also very efficient use of spectrum. So you get just so much range um in addition, there’s a cool feature. You told me about with expressos related to binding yeah, it’s called binding phrases, and so, instead of having to worry about, you know how to get everything bound together or get account profiles or anything whatever you would have to do to bind on these different systems. Instead, all you do is when you flash the firmware to each of these devices you just type in a binding phrase, and then that if that binding phrase is the same on each device, then whenever those devices are powered up near each other, they’re automatically bound it’s Kind of like your wi fi, password just type it in just knows yeah what, if you want to bind in the field and you don’t have a computer, then there is a button also, and you can use the button to bind instead but it’s, just like an It’S kind of a backup or a special option for you, that’s, pretty slick that’s.

The kind of idea that, like sometimes people say well crossfire, is so good. Who cares about all these other technologies but that’s? The kind of idea that, like an open source project like this uh, could could really you know, bring to the table and and then soon everybody will be doing it, maybe yeah. I think this get good. I think the other big thing we’re going to see is them start to push the rest of the market forward faster, so we’re going to see improvements from companies like crossfire or companies like freesky, i’m. Sorry, companies like tbs or companies like um immersion. I see emerging rc yeah, just to see like how they’re actually going to push the envelope and get those packet sizes down and get the consistency better and all the things that we want out of these radio links. I think this open source project is really pushing that forward absolutely and so, and one of the one of the weaknesses of it so far has been that in order to use it, you need a like a cp 210 programmer or whatever the heck it is. You have to have a special piece of hardware it’s not hard to get, but then you have to like solder to little pads on your receiver to flash it. But now that happy model is doing this. If people who aren’t comfortable doing that can just buy this product and it’s pre flashed and ready to go and that’s pretty cool, i should say before we go on.

You may have noticed that the last website i showed was race day quads. This one is bang good. Many of these products are available at lots of different stores and i’ve got links down in the video description to all the different affiliated stores, where you can pick up these products. But in order to just make life simple when we’re shooting the video i’m only putting i’m just picking one store and i’m putting it on screen, and then you know, we’ll just try to cycle between the stores and give everybody a fair amount of coverage, all right. Moving on next let’s talk about the insta360 go 2 and i i can’t decide blunty how i feel about this camera. The insta 360 go was one of the best ways to get high definition footage out of like a tiny, whoop or a very, very small quad. The image quality was not the best. It could only record for like five minutes at a time and the battery died really quickly, but it wasn’t too expensive and it did its job well, the insta360 go. 2 has much better image: quality, much it’s higher resolution, etc, etc, but it’s also like 300 and it’s just hard for me to justify paying the price of a gopro for an insta360 go to. I don’t know what do you think yeah? I i think i’m kind of on the same page as you are i’m still actually waiting on one of these to come in so eventually um i’ll have one of these i think that’s.

The other rough thing right now is just the shortages we’re, seeing and the delays on a lot of products, but um. I think they they made a decision on this for sure to um, to like include the case and include all the features and make sure it was ip protected and add the pendants, and you know there’s just a lot of decisions. I think they may, you know it’s a little heavier than the first one, but they fixed a lot of the time constraints that people had an issue with the battery life is a bit longer, so there were a lot of improvements as well. I just think for me: i think it lands a little high in price, but i’m interested i’m still interested to try it because it seems really cool and yeah. It it’s rough, because yeah 300 does seem a little high um. At the same time, it is pretty feature packed, and i think, if you plan to use this, like i do for anything other than quads, then i think it starts to become much more of like an appealing thing like if you just want to hang some on Your neck, when you go around or if you want to like, stick this underwater and get a cool shot of some fish on your dock or you know you can do all those things with this as well that maybe you you could do with a gopro, but Might be more difficult or might not be geared towards that yeah here check this out.

This is the case. It also doubles as a tripod and it’s also got some remote controls, for it really slick uh. It feels to me like the way to justify this would be to say i was gon na buy a naked gopro, so i was gon na spend let’s say i was gon na spend 300 for a gopro hero8, and then i was going to rip it apart And gut it and then shortly thereafter, i would crash and break it because naked gopros, aren’t, very durable and instead i decided to go with the insta360: go to what’s the weight, maybe similar in weight, probably pretty close, similar in cost, probably more durable, worse image, quality Right, i think the the main comparison here like uh would be the smo 4k, because that’s another instant 360 product uh sure that’s about 4k is, i think, only 230 yeah, so here’s, the smo 4k, which is the it’s a naked gopro from beta fpv and insta360 Uh very nice that you don’t have to gut it yourself and it’s. Only 240 dollars on the flip side, like it’s gon na, have durability issues. I think it doesn’t have a case it’s, not waterproof uh. It doesn’t have a built in battery, so you have to power it off your drone it’s the right solution for some people, um, so yep uh. I think if you’re somebody like zorro, for example, zorro loves shooting with his insta360 go. I think for somebody like him.

This is a no brainer he’s going to eat it up, it’s, just all pluses, no minuses except money uh. We should also point out blunty isn’t, is it cadex is coming out with their own version of this yeah cadx is teased. The cadets peanut, i think, it’s still delayed because of issues. The same reasons with electronics issues but they’ve teased, the cadets peanut they’ve claimed it’s going to be lighter, it’ll, be cheaper and it’ll be more durable because they’re going to case it for fpv nice. So some people have wondered whether that might like not have a battery it’ll, be powered off the drone and be lighter uh, not a lot of information out there, maybe presumably it’ll be cheaper. We can hope. Yeah they’ve claimed that they’re going to get the price down. So i would assume it would come without the remote yeah makes sense, makes sense. So now, let’s take a look at some different products, we’re going to take a look at the sky zone: sky 020, fpv goggles. This is sky. Uh looks like lower market um. Oled option looks like they’re trying to move in that direction. With this goggle skew it has the steady view, diversity rx, that they have when their other, their other goggle options like the o4x or the o3o yep yep uh that’s. A same well, i want to say, it’s a good receiver on par with rapid fire and fusion, although they have been having some issues with some cameras with screen rolling issues, i think they just released a firmware that might help but that’s undetermined.

Yet so, if you um, if you are lucky enough to not be having that issue, you probably think the sky040 are just like the best goggles on the market. If you are having that issue, you probably are pretty mad that you spent 500 on a set of goggles. That is having this problem. I guess you maybe you’d rather spend 389 on a set of goggles and take your chances um. So this one has the same. Oled screen as the larger goggles, presumably the same menu and the same feature set um. Is it just lower resolution 600 by 400, yeah, so sorry, 640 by 400 screen instead of uh, whatever 900 960 resolution or something oh 1610, aspect ratio? I don’t love that i hope they handle that better than the attitude v5 did. Yeah i’m, not sure this seems like a it seems like a goggle to have a goggle i’m, not sure this is a great option in the slot um, i think at 389. I would probably want to be moving to some. You know some better goggle like spend another hundred bucks yeah, especially because, like the ishii, no that’s not right. The issue in ev300 is definitely not 479 dollars uh, because the the sky zone it’s alrighty, then well. I was going to say you should get the esc and ev300, which comes in closer to uh closer to about the same price or maybe four hundred dollars uh, but i can’t find anyone who actually has them in stock.

So i guess they don’t exist anymore, uh and and at a price of 485. How much is the sky 04x? Oh, like 500 bucks? Oh my god, they’re 565.. What has happened? Uh, oh, is this? The electronics thing i don’t know: why is the same prices in orca? Other people should have the o4x so hold on let’s, see what’s going on here: 500 bucks, okay, that’s. What i thought they should cost all right banggood. What are you doing? Bang it your whole. Stick your whole shtick is that you have bad customer service and long shipping, but you’re cheaper. Very true. You bet you’re messing up the whole game. All right! Moving on we’ve got this uh. Oh oh, before we go on i’ll go ahead, go ahead! I’M, just gon na, say, interestingly, at about the same price as the o2o um they’re, releasing the o4l um and the o4l is like says it’s going to come in at ‘9., so i’m, not sure at that point. You know this is a lcos display, but it’s going to be a much higher resolution and it’s going to have the option like the like the o4x to have the external modules put in it and it’ll still come with the same, steady view, but you can actually Remove it on these goggles it’s not built in you’re, slow you’ll have the adapter adjustments. This is like almost like a premium goggle it’s just lcls. Instead, outlet, yeah and the image quality of lcos is not as high as oled.

Obviously oled is the is the cream of the crop, but the gold standard, but lcos is pretty good and and sky zone seems to be taking a shot at the fat shark attitude v6. With this goggle uh, the sky o4 l is going to be way more feature packed and have a much better built in receiver, but it’s uh it’s going to be 50 uh. I was trying to find some way to balance that out and i actually kind of ran out like why would you buy the fat shark attitude v6 over the sky o4 l granted this guy 4l isn’t that isn’t really out yet, but i guess fat shark has Great customer service that’s what we always go back to yeah and build quality, although sky zone’s, build quality is also pretty good, should say, though, should say, though blunty the the removable modules – and this is true for the sky04l, the sky 04x and any of the new Skyzone goggles that have this same form factor uh. You can put a rapid fire in them with a custom 3d printed uh cover, but you cannot put a fusion in them at all without modifying the case it just doesn’t fit so it does have a removable module, but you can’t actually really put a lot else In there, without jumping through some hoops, which some people are pretty annoyed about, yeah i’m, not sure how that ended up happening uh, because they, i feel like in some of their marketing.

They have comment about the fusion but yeah it’s unfortunate, that the fusion and i don’t think the true dx fits either in those all right. Let’S move on to a bind and fly drone e max has put out the baby hawk 2 hd with the new 3.5 millimeter or 3.5 inch avant props seems pretty exciting man. This thing looks real durable. I think the size and weight comes in pretty fair for a lot of people, they’re looking for something around this bracket around the 250 gram bracket. With a certain battery on, it looks like a little basher yeah emacs ever since they released the first baby hawk way back when has just been making really good little binding flies. The baby hawk the tiny hawk uh, all of them just really solid. So i haven’t reviewed i haven’t flown this one. Yet all of the reviews about it have been positive. You think what you will about reviews uh. I think there’s, every chance that this is a really really good. Quadcopter um i’m very excited to see the 3.5 inch prop size gaining more traction. I think we first saw that with the iflike protec, 35 uh and there’s. I think there’s a very strong argument, uh that between three inch and four inch prop size there’s. A lot of performance to be gotten, so you know in the middle there, whereas like five inch to like 5.2 inch, how much difference is there really? I don’t know, but i think 3.

5 inch is a pretty exciting little genre to be growing. Like i said, i think this seems like a really cool little basher. It comes in hd, i don’t think they’re doing an analog version at least currently um. I think that’s kind of where a lot of the markets move into and yeah. I really like this little quad this uh somebody was asking me for an option just like this around three inches to bash it, a bandeau um that was around 250 grams, with the right battery on it and uh. They came out with this a couple days later so yeah. I really like this quad. I also don’t help, but oh yeah go ahead, just because i i like i haven’t flown it. Obviously i don’t i haven’t seen it, but i like the bracket that they’re in and i think, they’re doing the right thing. I also uh. I can’t help but notice that you know there’s that fella who’s been doing the resonance analysis. The finite element analysis of the resonance of frames uh. We talked about that on the news um chris chris rosser, chris rosser. You can search for him on youtube, uh, and one of the things he’s pointed out is that frames with struts and triangles like this tends to have better characteristics, now, obviously that’s an oversimplification, but i can’t help but think that maybe this style of frame we know It’S going to be durable because triangles are strong, may also have pretty good vibration characteristics, so that’s, exciting.

Well, speaking of binding flag, quadcopters here’s, two new binding fly quadcopters from diatone and a diatom is doing something different here, blunty at least for for them, because these are the diatom, gtb4 and gtb5. And when i look at these i’m reminded of like the beta fpv, the x night, that x style of stack with the camera on top, i was going to say, diaton doesn’t make those traditionally, but actually they do like that. Just down in the like the two inch size, i think this is the first time i’ve seen diatone do a five inch like this, maybe yeah, it seems, seems like they’re coming up into the bigger sizes for the um like to catch on to like the power Pick or the like, uh 250 or like those kind of like different frame markets, i think everybody’s going smaller and lighter uh and these bigger toothpicks are kind of popular. So it looks like they’re trying to get on that. I think you know if you compare this to something like the beta fpv x knight, it looks like the motors are a little beefier, maybe they’re not totally shooting for that sub 250 target, at least at least on the five inch let’s look at the specs uh. The five inch has a 195 millimeter wheelbase 180 grams without battery, so you’re not, and it recommends a 1300 4s. So you’re not gon na be you’re gon na be at approximately you’re gon na be over 300 350, maybe grams uh so definitely not under 250.

There. On the four inch you’re 118 grams, with an 853s i feel like that – would be sub 250. What do you think yeah? I think you’ll probably fall right into sub 250 there. If not, you could go 650, but i would bet that’s, probably yeah, sub 250. yeah and let’s see what’s, making up the weight on the five inch, because i mean you can get a five inch under 250. If you try hard enough, i think it’s some either running 2204s. I think some of these other builds are 2004s or 1804s. I think is the x knight, yeah good point um. Those motors are definitely adding some weight uh compared to 1804s, also they’re using a stack it’s, a small one, but you know they’re not using a io they’re using a stack in there. Good point good point now: diatone does have an all in one toothpick stack. I think we may see it later in the roundup, so maybe diatone would think about using that and saving that saves a little bit of weight, no it’s, not nothing. As for the uh four inch, the four inches it’s an interesting choice to use 1404 motors. I feel like 1404 is a good choice for a cruiser or long range, but if you want performance, man 2004 is just killer killer for freestyle, but it does add weight how much weight would it really add, though i don’t know yeah, it depends on again if That if there’s like a weight target here um, you know, then maybe they were trying to stay under it but i’m, not sure.

I would definitely want a little more than a 1404 on the four inch, especially if you’re trying to rip it around but yeah, and this looks like a ripper to me. Doesn’T, look like a long range quad, all right, so diatone think about it. Think about it. Diatone give me a gt v4, with 2004 motors on it just seems like it’s, going to have a lot better performance uh, but this one these aren’t bad though i feel like these aren’t bad. I would be most interested to fly. The 5 inch um. The 4 inch – i think the 1404 motors would turn me off of this style, but the 5 inch actually seems pretty interesting. All right, so let’s move on from bind and fly quads to a way to bind to those quads we’ll. Look at the immersion rc ghost light um this is finally out. Ghost has been out for quite a long time. The ghost light was shown like right at the beginning and something they were going to do with the whole specs page and price and everything, and then it was you know until now. We’Ve finally seen the ghost light come out. So for all those people who have the light, bays and the radios or who also want to do the ghost system, then now you finally have the opportunity yeah the x9 light uh in theory, you could put this on a tango 2. If you had the light module, adapter uh the the x light, the freesky x light all of these radios with the light module bay.

Now you can take advantage of immersion rc ghost without having to do a big janky, 3d printed adapter on the back, so that’s pretty cool. It has the full functionality of the ghost system right: full output, full output, power, 350 milliwatts, yes, um and even and i’m super psyched. When i first saw this, i thought oh surely they’re not going to have a screen, so you’ll have to use a lua script or something that’s kind of annoying, but no it has a freaking screen and a joystick. So you yeah it’s, really good yeah. My guess is part of the reason it took so long was trying to get the screen and the joystick and everything to fit in there with the module because yeah, if you look at the cross for the smaller crossfire modules or tracer modules, they don’t have the Screen and that’s one of the downsides is, you have to use lua to get them to bind or plug into. You know h, m or agent x on the computer, but yeah now with the irc ghost the light module, you just have the joystick in the in the screen. It actually is a lot easier to bind and do stuff with the uh, with the module like that. Yeah for sure um worth pointing out in case you haven’t been keeping up. Uh tbs tracer is sorry uh immersion, rc ghost is a 2.4 gigahertz high performance, low, latency, long range, control, link, sort of like crossfire and tracer.

Crossfire is 900 megahertz, tracers, 2.4 gigahertz, and without going into too much detail about which is you know, the pros and cons of each um? I i do want to point out that ghost has been doing some really cool stuff, similar to how we talked about express lrs, coming up with new ideas. That kind of push things forward like they came up with the idea that if it powers up and your quadcopter is not powered up, the module will kind of just shut itself up a little so that, if you power up during a race you’re, not just blasting. Max power for no reason – and i forget what they call it, but it’s, basically just politeness mode there’s, another thing they’re coming up with multibind to let you bind multiple modules to the same quad that’s, not something new, but they’re, coming up with some new and inventive Ways of handling that for uh for like um uh relay racing uh that are pretty freaking cool, so yeah always good to see people push the boundaries i’m glad to see uh just ops from three people who need the light module all right. Next let’s talk about some new antennas that have come out uh and i think antennas in some ways are the unsung heroes of the fpv world, because, like very few people are super excited when new antennas come out. But if your antennas are bad you’re going to have a really bad time – and the first antenna i want to talk about is the lumineer duality hd.

This is a new antenna for the dji goggles v2, because the dji goggles v2 have some differences. You can’t just slap the v1 antennas on there and assume you’re going to get the best experience yeah, especially for using the drone um. You want to make sure, because it’s dual band, that you have a dual band antenna and currently the only option for that was the linear dual band antennas that come on the dji, v2 goggles. So true are so lumineer has created the luminaire duality hd uh stubby, which is a duality antenna, but it’s also lhcp, so you’re going to get a little better signal on your air unit and vistas when you bind to those because those are going to have that. Now i have that 3 db, loss from linear and you’re also going to have the duality for the drone yeah it’s worth pointing out that if you are flying only with the air unit and the vista, if you’re not using the dji fpv drone, you absolutely can Just use the same old antennas, you always use you don’t need dual band antennas, but if you want to mix it up with the drone and air units in vistas, a dual dual band antenna like this can give you the best range out of the drone by Letting it use the 2.4 gigahertz band um we’ve also got some from true rc again uh. This is a new version of the true rc x air and to really appreciate this, can we see side by side wasn’t there, a side by side picture somewhere blunty? So the truer cx air is widely recognized as one of the best antennas well for for analog, of course, but also for dji, uh and uh.

One of the problems that’s been had with it is that it’s a little too big to just slide into your backpack uh. You ran into that recently didn’t, you yeah it’s. Actually, they seem like they’re, almost taller than the goggle, the original, so you have to tilt them like when you put them into your backpack. If you try to keep them on and then you have to have it where you’re not like pressing against them – and it definitely isn’t super easy. So these look a lot more manageable to leave on in a backpack yeah, so good performance, a little more manageable we’ve got the tourer c x. Air mark ii left hand polarized and right hand polarized. So for use with the dji system. You would want left hand for traditional fpv. You would you could use either, but usually you would use right hand. You know what blunty before we get too deep into this. I want to get the rush tank solo because i’m super excited about this. Video transmitter and i’m worried it’s going to get left to the end, because oh it’s, just a video transmitter rush, makes some really really high quality. Video transmitters, uh they’re a little bit cheaper. A little bit less expensive than like a tbs unifi, but performance wise and quality wise, i feel like they really deliver and the rush tank solo has an output power of 1000 milliwatts or more um. So if you want maximum range and output power uh, i think this should be on your list to check out yeah.

It seems super solid uh. If there’s anything i mean the name. Tank obviously implies uh that it’s a tank, but it looks like one that’s for sure yeah. It is certainly not the smallest like if you’re looking like i’ve i’ve had the rush tank ultimate uh. They have a 20 millimeter version of that. That goes up to 800 milliwatts and i think i, i think, it’s the only 20 millimeter mount vtx that has that much output power there may be another. I don’t know about it um, but this one uh, i think they say max milliwatts. You see they’ve stopped saying, like 1.5 watts. I think part of the reason for that is, if you’re over one watt, the fcc gets mad at you. And the other reason is that if you say 1.5 watts and then somebody hooks up a immersion, rc power, meter and it’s only 1.3 watts, then they get mad. So they just say max. But this thing is over 1 watt, good quality 45 bucks. If it fits in a build, i would seriously be looking at it for a freestyle build built in mic too, so that’s cool, yeah that’s. The way to do it. If you want audio don’t, be adding a third party mic and rush. Has that automatic gain control technology where it turns the volume down when the wind is rushing and turns the volume up like when you land so that’s, pretty slick as well? All right so let’s, look at some motors fpv cycle has updated their 13 millimeter motor used to be the 1303 it’s.

Now the mid weight 13 millimeter motor for two to four s, and this is going to be a 1304 motor, so a little bit beefier. I think this is pretty much intended for the naked cadets vista builds on the tp3 or on the baby tooth and that’s. Definitely i ordered a few of these to do the same thing. So i’m pretty excited about it. I i did too, and in fact we talked about this before we started recording, but i have a naked vista. Build naked vista pic naked vista is where you take all the heat sinks off the vista and it gets the weight as low as possible um. I have one of those that i built that i was going to put in a video to review and when i saw that bob had made a naked vista version of the toothpick i was like. I forget it that’s just clearly the that’s clearly the best one and there’s no point in me reviewing this other one and i immediately went out – and i bought four of these motors in a toothpick frame to build one of these, so uh yeah. If you want the best flying three inch, lightweight vista pick, i haven’t built or flown this, but just based on bob’s reputation. I feel confident saying that this is what you should be getting and they are currently in stock, but they won’t be for long blunty. Am i am i am i out of line here.

You often say let’s not say it. We didn’t fly it. We didn’t. You often insist that we speak from personal experience and i’m. Not doing that here. My personal experience is going to be the 1303s that i’ve flown the crap out of that’s the same idea: they’re wonderful motors they’re, my favorite toothpick motor on three inch. So if this is that’s any indication, then these are going to be excellent motors, um they’re. Just a little taller so i’m definitely excited about these a lot of times going to a bigger motor you’d compromise on flight time. But he says uh 5 to 15 minute flight time, which seems like that’s uh you’re, not compromising very much yeah let’s get a little more beef, all right, uh! You, you said earlier. You think that naked vista picks are going to be like super popular. Do you want to speak to that yeah? I think uh, more and more people are buying um, the dji fpv system, um it’s, getting super popular based on the drone and stuff and i’m just seeing a lot of people. As soon as this motor came out. I saw a lot of people contact me asking about the naked vista builds and ideas um. I just think yeah we’re moving that direction. A lot of people are understanding that you can take the heatsinks off of vista and it’s not going to die, and it seems like actually what they’re running across it.

It might be a little better than stock yeah and it just seems great you, the weight’s good, and these motors are nice and beefy to run it um. So yeah seems like a great build yeah and there’s a lot of compelling reasons to fly a three inch. Toothpick size build the performance, i mean even bob’s 1s baby tooth, which i flew. It was on analog, not not dji, but for a 1s it flies amazing. It was, and so going up to a three inch with a 3s or 4s battery performance is going to be great lightweight long flight time. This is a really fun category and it’s really nice, that if you want to do it with dji now you can going from an fpv cycle motor to another motor. That sure seems like it was at least inspired by an fpv cycle. Motor let’s take a look at the iflight zing 23. No, not the 2306 where’s the fn damn my segway was going so well, the 2506, the high flight zing 2506 um. The reason i point this out is uh. Some people have speculated that this is a similar size as bob’s five inch motor um. What do you think about that yeah? It seems like that’s the case. This is more that trend. We were seeing from fpv cycle and a lot of the rest of the industry. Where we’re getting the shorter fatter motors instead of shorter, in this case, we’re getting the same height but we’re getting that extra bit of width.

So maybe you get a little extra torque a little easier to push that prop around and you’re, not sacrificing too much weight. That’S been the idea here so that’s interesting. This is actually a 1350 kv, um yeah yeah. You say you say that about the weight um but bob’s bob’s five inch motor is 33 grams and i don’t know how he got a motor that heavy that large down to that weight, that’s the same weight as like a 2306 or 2207.. This i flight motor is much heavier 30 38.7 grams and, as you pointed out, it’s 1350 kv, which makes it feel like they’re, aiming at not at five inch but more like at a at a seven inch prop or a six inch prop yeah, six or seven. For sure, does it come in a higher? Does the 2506 come in a higher kv? It also has a 1650 kv. That would be like a 6s 5 inch, um uh, although certainly an argument that if you’re gon na go like, i would hesitate to put a 38 gram motor on a 5 inch quad. But – and i would have said that there’s no point in a 2506 motor on a 5 inch quad but having flown bob’s 5 inch motors. I do think that there’s something to the claims that they offer uh great power, reasonable efficiency and very, very good low throttle control. Yeah. Absolutely so. We’Ve got this whole line of uh iflight zing v2s.

If you’re not interested in the 2506, then certainly there’s, also 2306 and a 2207 zing makes very good motors and uh and a reasonable price 20 bucks it’s a beautiful motor for 20 bucks. What do you think about those bell? Cutouts? Is that just to make it look, fancy i mean i mean presumably uh. Does it look like a unibell to you it’s, a one piece bell? I think it is yeah. I think it is too yeah. So i mean that’s some complicated machining hard to believe it’s. A 20 motor and iflight has always had just all of the specs. They have uh 7075 aluminum, titanium, alloy, shaft, nsk, bearings, n52 mag, uh, mag magnets arc. Magnets and it’s even got a uh. A special o ring to help protect the bearings from impacts, which is a way that motors often die um, so very, very good motors, especially at a price of 20 bucks. But if you want the, if you want the 2506 for a five inch, build just go to fpv cycle or or actually you can get it from race day, quads too alright uh, so t motors also got a. It looks like they’ve decided that um they’re going to make a new version of it. That’S a cinewoop motor, so it’s got the t mount prop. Instead of the traditional shaft mount for a traditional prop yeah, it really calls a lot of people say well. Why not? Just use a standard, shaft gush darn it t mount props, are so fragile uh, but you can really see how much weight you save by going with a t, mount prop it’s, so much material and the motor’s so much smaller, so uh we got that uh.

In addition, there’s a couple other t motor uh sizes here right yeah, it looks like t motors, also got a 1204 and a 1404 uh in their lineup. Now it looks like lightweight small lightweight motors yeah uh. The 1404, i think, is what’s used by fpv cycle. There’S, a custom fpv cycle version, that’s used on their qavs micro four inch long range. I guess this 1404 solid, pyro drone, isn’t the fpv cycle version it’s, probably just the generic one that’s a good, probably good, four inch cruiser motor uh and the 1204. What would be a good use for the 1204 blunty uh, probably small toothpicks, like 2s or 3s toothpick, looks like 3s kbs, 2s3 skvs gotcha, okay, let’s do props there’s, actually some really cool props uh to today, which i’m kind of surprised to hear myself saying that, Because props like how often are there cool, exciting props that come out, so i think the most exciting one to me currently is the gem fan uh 51 3d uh, it looks like they’ve got finally got a 3d prop in a 5.1 inch um that’s, not yeah. Does not like the old style, where they’re totally bullnosed and stuff yeah this one confused me because, as we were searching for information about it, it just says 513d durable prop, and then you and i were both like well with a name like 513d. Surely it’s a 3d prop so it’s symmetrical, so it works both directions, but we like can’t, find anything in the product material actually saying it’s a 3d prop, but we think it’s a 3d prop.

It looks like a 3d prop from the profile and the bit of bull nosing that’s on the props yeah. Okay, the other thing we should point out, since we did just talk about it, that newbie drone looks like they are doing a propeller discount as well. You get 10 packs of these for 20 off. Oh nice, yeah good, excellent don’t want to leave them out uh yep. So if you fly 3d like zoe fpv, your choice of props has been very, very limited. Of course, zoe has her uh signature 3d prop zoe. 3D prop is it made by gem fan by any chance prototype no they’re made by hq uh gemfan 5 inch 3d pro. No there. It is. This is zoe’s prop right here and you can see the blade profile there. It looks like this. Uh 513d is a little bit more of a tapered blade profile, probably going to be a little more efficient, well let’s, uh let’s do another unusual, prop blunty since we’re going that direction. I want to take a look at these. These are the hq macro. Quad props, uh macro quads are getting more and more pro what’s a macro quad. I guess it’s ever anything from eight to ten inch props. I would guess what do you think? Okay, yeah, that makes sense between between the sevens and the like, the x class, beast class, stuff, you’re right right, um, some somewhere between 10 and 13 inches you get to x, class and beast class um anyway.

These are some hq props for this category and it’s exciting, because quite often uh people who want to build a quad with an eight nine ten inch prop end up using airplane props and airplane props are not designed to operate at low rpms, whereas quadcopter props often Are running at low rpms and they need a different design to generate thrust at low rpms, so hq makes good props. We got some nine by five by three eight by four point: five, you can read them as easy, as i can anything from eight to ten inch in size, um, very, very cool uh, to see hq stepping into this realm. Yeah good options for people who are looking for them for sure carbon reinforced too, so it looks like they’re going to be pretty strong, looks like kind of like a evolution of the old style props. You know that were the carbon style, props, yeah, uh carbon reinforced nylon, uh not going to be very durable, gon na be a little brittle uh. I remember i was using. I don’t know what the exact polymer was, but it was um. It was airplane props, uh, i’m blanking, on who i bought it from uh and on my beast class and they were just shattered after the first crash and then gemvan came out with these uh beast class props, which were a little flexible and obviously you don’t want To crash a beast class ever, but they had a little more give that like, if you flew into some scraggle, they wouldn’t just explode on you, i’m, not sure where we’re going to end up on these hq props, though all right so let’s look at some fairly New gem fan props d90s for cinewoops, so these are going to be uh new props from gemfan the gemfan d90.

These are a three blade prop in a 90 millimeter, so they’re three and a half inch props, and these are going to be like the traditional gem fan style. So you can mount these on a normal motor shaft or on the t mount with their little insert. Uh look pretty cool yeah uh when i think iflight with the protect 35 was one of the first, if not the first, to release a 3.5 inch prop cinewoop and uh. It really, as i said earlier, that 3.5 inch prop really fits in nicely offering some of the advantages of three and four inch, but one of the criticisms was that almost nobody was making 3.5 inch props. So now we got a few more options here. Uh maybe try these out on your iflight if you don’t, like the highflight props uh i’m, not gon na, be really for, like a freestyle quad like the uh baby, hawk hd, though that’s going to be more for, like the scimitar style prop here is a uh. A new prop the t motor blackbird 4943 uh blackbird fpv – has his own motor with uh get fpv uh, but this is a. This is interesting to me because, similar to the johnny fpv prop where he’s going for a little smaller, prop uh, you get a little less thrust, but then a little more responsiveness and smoothness um. I haven’t flown these, but it’s always interesting to see somebody trying something new uh supposed to be stiffer and have you know better thrust than the previous ones, also popo compatible.

You don’t see popo props that often so yeah. All the luminaire props, of course, are popo, but we’ve also got here the gem fan 5126 and 5130, and at first i didn’t know what the big deal was with these props but looks like they are t mount five inch props, although, as you pointed out with Gem fan, they have the little thing where you can use it on a on a standard: five millimeter adapter um. So is it just another five inch prop i’m, not really sure looks like it. They’Ve got um. I need yeah they’re, like probably just like a little bit of a bracket they weren’t in before, but local kitchen lightweight toothpick builds running five inch, so these are tailored towards five inch toothpicks. Like those diatons, we looked at earlier, perhaps that’s fair yeah, just getting the yeah the bigger size with the lower pitch yeah. It makes sense to get a little more efficiency same with the buy blades yeah. Okay, well you’re, probably not going to want to put these on a traditional uh, five inch freestyle quad, but if you’re building a five inch toothpick give these a look uh. So we looked at a couple of stiniwoop options. So let’s take a look at a bind and fly sodomoop the holy bro copis in a loop 2.5 inch. It looks like they’ve got this made for our cadx vista yep there’s, an analog version as well, but of course, we’re going to look for vista version.

It looks like holy bro’s creeping into the same market as the pro tec from i flate yeah uh. Yes, sure they sure are um. The pro tec, 25 um, my takeaway from the protech 25, was that i i thought that i would rather be flying a three inch uh, whereas the 3.5 inch the protect 35. I thought it had a valid place between like a because you don’t see a lot of four inch cinewips you’re too big at that point, but i felt like the 25 was giving up a little too much unless you just absolutely needed small size. It also looks like they’re using a similar frame material which, on the iflate, was not that durable, uh, yeah yeah. It looks like they’re doing the the same yeah similar foam idea as well, um that some of these small quads do and stuff. So this seems like a an option but i’m, not sure that it’s any better option than the pro tec would be, and the pro tech i didn’t like very much yeah, the the the foam didn’t make a big difference on the protect durability. Uh. Obviously we can’t judge it. We haven’t flown it. We haven’t crashed it. It could be fine um, but overall i’m, not sure. I see the advantage of the 2.5 inch cinewhip category, but if you do hey check it out. Okay, uh we’ll, stop we’ll, stop bashing! This product that we haven’t uh, really even seen let’s uh, move on to some flight controllers and holy bro does have some new flight controllers.

I want to show you um. This is the holy broke, acute f7 mini it’s, a 20 millimeter f7 flight controller, and it also has got a uh here’s, an f4 20 millimeter flight controller, and there is an esc in here as well, somewhere esc as well. An f3 a 20 millimeter f3 bl heli32 esc rated for 45 amps i’ve, always liked how the holy bros flight controllers blunty. What do you think of them? Yeah? I like the layout um, i like the documentation, uh yeah. They seem super solid. One of the things you get with these 20 millimeters is, if you’re, using them with dji. You don’t need most of the solder pads because your esc plugs in your your air unit, plugs in your vista plugs in and then like. Maybe you solder up your receiver and you’re good to go so that’s. Always nice, um solder, pads on the holy bros, have always been super tiny and difficult to solder. To look how little copper there is there yeah. This definitely doesn’t seem like a great new pilot flight controller just for the fact that number one there’s about a million different pads to solder to to choose from, but also just because yeah they’re, smaller they’re, going to be harder to get to some of them are Closer to screws and stuff it doesn’t seem like the most new person friendly. I like uh, am i seeing a barometer here. Is that a barometer yeah that’s got to be a barometer that suggests uh one one of the things that i’ve always liked about holy bros flight controllers is there’s inf targets they basically all use the same target it’s just like the cacoote f7 target, unlike some of Them like maytech, where there’s seven different targets for, depending on what flight controller you get and the fact that they all run on the same target means that, since there is an inapp target for the holy bro, f7 or then all the holy bro flight controllers can Run innav, so it seems like maybe they’re keeping that going here.

Uh with this little guy it’s got a barometer on board suggests in f support, so that’s nice, 20 millimeter board sports. I nav, i think i presume i would expect that’s why you have it. Also. The price super easy whoa, 32 yeah that’s super reasonable. Well speaking of super reasonable uh let’s, look at the diatom lineup daitone has some mamba basics now and the mamba basics. Look like they’re targeted at you know. Maybe i don’t even know removing features i’m, not sure. What’S gone from them, but they’re, basically a whole bunch of pads laid out on the board and uh it’s 34 bucks, 30 bucks for uh for the for the base, one so yeah. I don’t know what i know you use diatonin like most of your builds that’s. Your go to i don’t know how they do it, because there are some premium diatom flight controllers that are like 45 or 50 bucks, and now these are there’s an f7 flight controller for 35 bucks, an f4 for 33 dollars, and if i look at them i’m, Not actually sure what they took away like even in terms of quality, you think oh well, then maybe it’s just gon na break, but you fly them and they’re solid yeah. I can’t imagine what’s really missing here from the from the other controllers. I think it seems to me like this is just pushing down uh to try to get you know down into a lower market and uh, make sure they’re they’re doing the best competitive price and, to me i’m really, i’m, really happy with uh with what it looks.

Like i’ll definitely be trying some of these out i’d love to see like this amount of pads like for new people, maybe it can be a little daunting, but the ability to just have so many options. They’Ve even got the the pin header laid out and pads in front of it in case you can’t use the pin header for some reason yeah. I just really like that, and they also have the traditional even on this basic they’ve got the detector leds. To tell you if any of the rails are messed up, yeah that’s a great feature kudos to diatone for coming up with these little leds, you don’t have to pull out your multimeter, see if your 9 volt rail is busted or your your 5 volt rail or Whatever um it’s a controversial thing, they do, they don’t put silk screen on these and they give you a little printed wiring diagram. It does mean that if you’re soldering it up sometimes you’re going uh, okay, it’s the one two three four fifth pad from the left. Oh wait: no, which corner you know, so it could be a little, but i understand why they did that to save space on these tiny boards and uh. The price is just like from anybody else. I would go oh well. These are clearly crappy and half of them are just going to die right out of the box at that price, but dietone they just don’t.

Do that mostly so kudos diet, uh yeah. We got all these mama basic 20 millimeter uh flight controller, esc 30 millimeter no vtx is on here i don’t think but f7, a 20 millimeter f7 for 30, a 20 millimeter f7 for 32 dollars get out of here, it’s just crazy, yeah, wow and there’s nice. The pads are actually pretty nice, too that’s a killer yeah. This is a great lineup, i’m excited to see it okay. Why would you why? Why would you buy anything else? That’S, the real question yeah, i guess we’ll see how they fail with people when they get out in the wild, but i’m i’m super excited about the basic lineup. Okay, all right, let’s, stop gushing. Okay, um all right plenty! Well, i’ve got one more flight controller that i want to bring in. I first saw this flight controller. When i did my qavs mini build. This is the flight controller get fpv or fpv crate includes, and at first i was prepared to be underwhelmed. This is the beta fpv toothpick flight controller, it’s, an f4 flight controller and esc all in one 25 millimeter board.