Unfortunately, however, it is not what we all expected. We thought we would find ourselves in front of a new 250 gram. Drone competitor of the dj mavic mini del di gemini 2, but in reality it is not so parrot has decided to take the path of professional drones so guys. Unfortunately, it is a drone, a nice drone weighing just under 900 grams, but it is not all to throw away guys because it is what it is been shown is really very interesting or maybe design apart. That looks like something never managed a drone mixed with a duck. Something like this. However, it is a drone with a potentially infinite range of control that bacteria and allowing, but how is it possible? This bale parrott anafi, is the first drone to fly using the exact 4g telephone connectivity. This drone did not switch was automatically between 2.4 and 5 ghz band as on it usually happens, but it will fly using the same system as our smartphones. Given the forces expected 5g connectivity, which would have allowed a power, a quality, a much more robust signal, but if parrot has tested this drone with 4g connectivity and they kept working well well me: I trust, because it could be a very, very, very interesting thing, because We want to fly with our new parrot, anafi and ai, or any other drone that maybe will arrive in the future with the same technology flying in 4 gb. We can potentially get anywhere as long as we have telephone coverage in that area.

Therefore, without signal loss, even at two three four or five kilometers away, fantastic true, if this is a fantastic thing in urban centers or just outside large urban centers. Well, considering the Italian network, I do not say in totally rural places, but in the country a little more secluded, there could be some problem. You who say collectivity part of the other cars. The most important features of the new parrot, anafi and ai are the 4k 48 megapixel hd r10 cam, capable according to parrot of too much rhegium areas the image and without losing too much detail. There are also anti collision, sensors and cleverly mounted. In my opinion, it is on a jingle of the room that, unlike what has already been seen on DJ drones, on which drone also condition are limited only to calculating the distance from the obstacle. Here we have a three dimensional mapping of the surrounding area for even higher safety. The emphasis has also been placed on photogrammetry. A click is done, so it has been defined in the sense that it will be within everyone’s reach, a totally revised application compared to the parrot anafi, apparently much more feature rich functionality that can also be implemented directly by the pilots or in any case by other External developers, thanks to the sDK available for this drone. Finally, I particularly like the radio named co sky ntroller 4, which would be the evolution of the one already seen on the parrot two very cute, but as well as the drone not very transportable.

Well guys – and this is all we know at the moment – about the parrot anafi and the smartest drone of the house in parrot – we do not know at the moment how much it will cost if it will be purchased by us mere mortal hobbyists, or will it Be destined only to companies on request. Well, I do not know this friends when I have further details on this information that I told you a little while ago. I will communicate it directly in my official technosteel telegram. Channel selected in the first line below in video descriptions then enter it. Now it is below. You will also find the premium link, facebook group drones and technology italy. I am waiting for you many, but I am waiting for you also below in the comments. Tell me what you think of the parrot anafi and iai. I hope that my pronunciation is correct, but surely it is not let’s talk about it together. If you have any questions and ask yourself, I will answer as I can is. If I liked this video a little bit well, you can support me very simply with a like a comment, a share by subscribing to it by activating it little bell so as not to lose notifications of my new next videos. This is really all. I now greet you because here I am melting.