This is too much for me. Oh yeah, hey guys, yes, hi guys and welcome back to bad hair adventures. You join us halfway through our walk. It’S uh been a bit people central and there’s a lot of people, a lot of dogs and things so it’s very difficult to get to this point where we could give you an introduction into what we’re doing so we’re on a seven or three quarter. Mile walk from ican cliff round, we are now currently sat in tunstall forest, this book by the way yeah it’s in that book yeah, and then we end we end up at the top of tunstall forest. We take a right to snape, maltings and we’ll. Get you some footage of that and then we head back towards ikencliff along the it’s, the river old. I think isn’t it yeah. So you can come and join us for that. Hopefully, we’ll get some drone footage in as well. Well, here’s hoping yeah we’re going to try a dry freeze, dried meal, aren’t we, yes, we brought lunch with us, so you can join us for that in a moment. Ow you’re in time, nature just attacked me a moment of sorrow for my knuckles you’re not pointed i don’t think that works anymore yeah, so bad Applause baked well. So this should be about ready. Now let’s give it a bit of a mix up, looks a bit wet there’s, pork and beans, though it’s got weird potato chip.

Looking bits of pasta, i assume minced beef beans, haricot belotti, potato onion, tomato ketchup, salt, sugar, spices, celery black treacle, tomato puree, garlic, tabasco, ginger, rapeseed oil allergens are celery and mustard powder. Definitely to get one of them. Long, spoons, all right, close up very nice. Well, i’m, not sure there’s supposed to be crunchy bits in it after 15 minutes is it nice, though flavor wise it’s got sweetness to it. That’S, not bad what’s. The flavor profile it’s got a like a rich sweetness. It kind of goes you’re not expecting it you’re. On sand, when you have something but uh i mean the beans are quite nice yeah. I don’t think it’s supposed to be crunchy, though, but the background taste is a bit like kind of oaty you’re almost expecting to have some sort of roughage in there, but there isn’t any it’s, just beans and pork and obviously the flavoring. So it’s nice, though i’d have it again. I just think we need the longer spoon to mix it up properly. Maybe the freshly boiled water rather than just flat, like you say, the whole guarantee is Applause. The cottages, i think of my new kix youtube bam. Tasty yeah ultra lone peak 4.5, so i know i realize there’s the 5.0 now that’s why these were cheap, so they’re, a different type of walking shoe. I was finding my solomon’s. The toe box was as soon as my feet would get warm. My feet would swell and the toe box would just crush and kill.

My toes so uh they’ve been relegated to work shoes now and i’ve got these fancy wide toe, jobbies and actually they’re very comfortable, very comfortable different in the sole is like it feels like. Most of the padding is in the middle of the foot rather than under the heel or under the toes answers. It’S a difference. It’S taken me a couple of miles to get used to Applause them. These clouds look fun so it’s, like we’ve, just passed through ancient forest, and to get to that, we had to go through like new forest, where it’s all in rose, and now we find ourselves kind of in new forest again, almost straight rows. All that way. Applause raining a lot Laughter trying to avoid that thing coming around, which is doing now. Applause, the car comes we’re in trouble. Look how much water is in the right Applause. Are you sure that’s not going to get us? Does it go back the other way? Oh, i see i thought it came around in a circle. Thanks farmers there is blue sky it’s, just not over us Applause, so Music, foreign, Music, hmm, okay, guys so that’s the walk over um wasn’t too bad. Apart from getting absolutely drenched. My socks are drenched, my shorts are drenched and the fancy blue tape i’ve had on my knees, the kinesia tape, that’s pretty wet as well still, but it was actually quite enjoyable. Yeah, it was nice walk. Actually, i really enjoyed the whole back: half it’s, all just wood – that was kind of nice and calming i felt like the water as well, but it was a lot of people it’s quite annoying nice, the nature of the beast at the minute isn’t it you can’t Make videos promoting getting outdoors and walking and then be annoying, go outside and start walking can’t they walk somewhere else.

On that note, thank you for joining us. If you’d like to like the uh video that’ll, be amazing and then maybe subscribe to subscribe, because that would be cool also, why not leave us a comment and you’ll get a witty reply from myself and mary depends who edits it really.