This beast is made for professional filmmakers that want to carry cinema cameras to get the best possible image quality. It can carry cameras like red, commodore, z, cam, black magic pocket cinema camera and also dslr and mirrorless cameras and i’ve tested it in two different scenarios. One was chasing paragliders and the second one was chasing a motorbike in this review. I’M gon na show you both of the videos and give you my feedback about the drone. Let’S start with a two minute: uncut sequence of me, chasing two paragliders with tauros, and just a quick note before i show you the video it was stabilized in premiere pro with warp stabilizer set to 10 intensity, so yeah enjoy the sequence and let’s talk after Music Experience Music experience: i can see Music Music it’s, nothing like i’ve ever experienced. Music is Music. I spread Music there’s a world i’ve, never Music, so yeah. At the end. I quickly turned back because the signal was getting in the red and i really didn’t want to risk it. In my opinion, the drone fly is great. Even the raw footage has no serious vibrations, since the mount has high quality vibration. Dampers it’s pretty amazing, to see how much the fpv has progressed in the last years and that we are now able to fly professional solutions on an fpv drone i’m. Not gon na lie. You feel adrenaline when cruising around. With this thing, i held back a little bit with the cinematic maneuvers when flying around paragliders.

I didn’t want to do anything too risky and of course i did a few test flights with taurus on an open field. Before doing this shoot always test your new drone. In a safe environment, first taurus is a very responsive drone. It can do all moves that a 5 inch quad can do, but, of course, because of its sights. It needs more time to do it. You do feel the extra weight and you do need to use and push your throttle much more to get a response. So if i were you, i would first get used to flying a 5 inch. Quad master. It then progress to a 7 inch squad, like camaro 7, for example, that’s already heavier and then once you’re 100. Confident in your flying abilities in your skill, then you can progress to something like this. As mentioned in the beginning of this video, i also did some motorbike chasing with tauros, but before i show you that footage, i want to introduce another amazing product that i used for the first time on this shoot, and these are lenses that you put in your Fpv goggles, the company name, is vr wave. So if you wear glasses, these lenses are a game changer. If you have vision conditions like myopia, hyperropia or astigmatism, you can get tailor made prescription lenses anyway, tom, you don’t, wear glasses. Why do you still use these lenses? Well, if i fly a lot, my eyes start to hurt so that’s.

Why i decided to try out these lenses, since they also offer a blue light. Filter. Add on to protect your eyes. Prolonged exposure to blue light causes eye dryness and tiredness and the lens filter blocks most of it feel free to check their website. The link will be below this video and you will get all the information there. They also offer worldwide shipping, so i will definitely pick them up now back to the review here’s, the motorbike sequence, oh, and just for the record. This motorbike sequence is stabilized with 2 warp, stabilizer intensity, Music Applause. This is my time. This is i’m not going to go super deep into the specs, because you can read about them online, but i am going to share what are some of the things that i really like about this drone and what are some of the things that can be improved. This x frame layout reaches a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour. You have gps installed, so you can see how fast you’re, flying in your goggles and having the gps rescue option really calms your mind. Taurus has redundant safety, design, meaning a fun propeller breaks, one motor fails or one esc blows. You will still be able to land safely in most scenarios, but do land as fast as possible. If, during the flight, you get a feeling that something is not. Okay. With your drone, because, for example, let’s say the esc goes well, the flight controller will follow quickly, after so just land as fast as possible.

The build quality and design is super. Clean they’ve really put a lot of effort into it. You get iflight’s best components and, of course, time will tell about the drones longevity. I personally have a great experience with all of my iflight drones and i’m sure that the quality check on this beast was on point, since this is their premium product, especially because it’s designed to carry expensive camera systems. Maximum recommended payload is 2 kilograms, and i really like how fast you can adjust the camera angle and that the angle degrees are also written as a reference. I like that it has a quick release plate. But what i don’t like is that the mount is not designed to add straps, i mean yeah. The quick release plate looks fine and it’s all good about that, but i just prefer to have double protection with my gear. For example, the chandron thick mount is wider and has a dedicated hose four straps. So this is something that i hope that iflight will add in the future updates. I just don’t feel safe if i’m flying around with my camera attached to the mounting plate with just one screw, i want to have the double protection with the straps. Iflight was very generous with the package content. You get tons of great accessories. You even get a lipo battery just keep in mind that it has an xd, 90 connector and since i already have a lot of batteries with xd 150 connectors i’ve decided to change the connector on my drone, with my camera mounted the flight time.

With my 5 million per hours battery is around four to six minutes. It depends on how fast and aggressive am i flying. So the flight time is really really good and more than enough for capturing cinematic sequences yeah. My first impression with taurus is amazing. I love it, but listen. This drone is not, for everyone only get it. If you are a professional filmmaker. You are serious about fpv drone filmmaking and you also fly or you are planning to fly on commercial and film sets, and you have a clientele that’s ready to well pay for filming with this expensive, beast and i’m really excited to have tauros. But in a lot of scenarios i will still fly and film with a 5 inch quad and a gopro because of the smaller size factor, meaning i can also push it more. Different drones are just different tools, best used in different scenarios, thanks for watching today’s video hope you enjoyed it.