Why? I believe this is one of the best cinematic fpv drones on the market right now seriously. I am not exaggerating. I was blown away by its performance and versatility if cinematic fpv is your priority and you’re searching for a cineboop that flies like a racing quad well, this drone is for you and in this review, i’ll share. Why so? I have the protek 35, but you also have the option to buy a smaller size, john protek 25 that can carry a naked gopro for start let’s go over the build quality. There are a lot of new things going on here and the most not worthy is the new prop guards design which we actually tested. Unintentionally, you see my friend crashed it. Sadly, i don’t have it on the video, but what happened is the drone went full throttle up in the ceiling and then boom bounced into the concrete pillar ceiling again and then smashed onto the floor? I almost cried when watching it happen. It was so frustrating but yeah to everyone surprised. The drone worked like nothing happened. Yes, the plastic prop guard broke on two spots, but that’s an easy fix, so i used some gaff tape and it flies normally and the prop guard is also replaceable. So no problem: the drone is incredibly durable. It’S made out of quality carbon with a portable compact design, it’s pretty light without a battery. It weighs 348.3 grams. Only so let’s talk features.

Now. The image quality in my goggles is amazing. I have the new iflights antennas and, as already mentioned, a dji air unit with a full size, dji camera inside the drone. You really fly confidently with this combo, because you see all the details. Clearly, protec is a lot faster from bumblebee cinebook, for example, because it flies with the 3.5 inch nozzle props on the new 220 2203.5 motors that offer a lot more power. Iflight is advertising that it can fly 120 kilometers per hour now. At the moment, i don’t have a gps installed on my protec to confirm this information, but from my experience of flying it it’s fast and yeah, i would say it flies almost as fast as my nashville so yeah, i do believe it’s capable of doing 120 kilometers Per hour, it flies with 4s batteries. The ones that i’m using right now are the 4s fun fly 1550 million pairs batteries. The flight time of course depends on how you fly and if you are carrying an action camera, for example, a gopro or insta360 one r. When shooting this review, i got around four to five minutes in cold weather and i was flying pretty fast pushing it. Another thing i really like is that there are no props or a frame in view and at the back, you’ve got led that shows what’s the battery status and an easily accessible usb port i’ve also noticed that’s a little bit quieter than the other roofs it doesn’t Have you know that annoying high pitch sound, so you won’t attract so much attention if you fly in a public place, which is very good, you can get this drone with whatever receiver you want.

I got the crossbar installed and, yes, it is a bind and fly drone, meaning when you get it all you need to do is bind it to your controller and goggles and you’re ready to fly so let’s answer the most important question now: how does it fly? Well, it flies great kind of close to what a 5 inch racing drone feels like even when you are flying fast, it’s smooth and you have no problems hitting those gaps with precision. We had some ice on the floor when flying it for the first time. So, of course, i needed to test the durability. Boys will be boys. We did some sliding on the eyes fast approach low to the ground, disarm the quad epic sliding arm the quad and continue flying lots of fun. Anyway, i was surprised to find out how it stays on track when you do fast turns with nas glue. I kind of felt it’s gliding out of the corner, but protag was able to do very sharp terms without throwing him out. It was a gentle difference but noticeable. I also use protect to follow 5 inch, quads it’s capable of following fast moving objects with no problem. You can also do light freestyle moves. I tried to do flips and rolls and compared to a racing drone. It did them slower, of course, and i’ve lost more height during the trick, but it could do them. I even tried dives and power loops and there was minimum wash out remember.

This is not a freestyle dedicated drone, so it’s not as punchy and responsive as nasgo. For example, but it can be the same moves almost as good, which is fascinating. Overall, i was very impressed and i think iflight’s iflight revolutionized cinematic fpv with this one, and you know i think they started a completely new type of drones. So let’s talk about what i don’t like, and there is only one small design thing you see. If i want to insert my sd card into air unit, i need to use tweezers. There is no other way to access it. It is frustrating you know. I always like to have some backup footage from the air unit when doing a professional, cinematic, fpv gig, so every time i’m playing a surgeon when trying to insert or get out the sd card. And another thing i noticed when i was filming in the mountains last time is that it doesn’t handle those really strong greens well, but that’s about the the only thing otherwise i’m super impressed with this squad. So who is it for? In my opinion, this is a great option for two types of pilots for complete beginners and for experienced pilots that do cinematic fpv. Let me explain and let’s start with why it’s great for beginners, you get a great tune out of the box binded to goggles and controller and well you’re, ready to fly it’s suitable for learning how to fly, because it can fly fast but it’s not as aggressive And punchy as a racing quad it’s safe to fly, even if you crash it into something or someone, it will take a beating it’s, a very durable drone, long story short: it enables you to practice fpv relatively safely and it’s, also a great option for cinematic fpv Drum pilots, because it offers so much variety, you can use it for slow precision flying to do real estate, videos, for example, or you can use it to fly fast and follow fast moving objects because it’s twice as fast as the other cinebrooks out there.

It’S also super safe to fly close to objects and people, and even if you do crash, there is no bigger danger of something bad happening. Unless, of course, you stick your finger in it, and i don’t know why you would do that but yeah. This is the only potentially dangerous situation i see here. So what are my final thoughts? This drone blew my mind honestly. I love it. You can’t go wrong with buying protect 35. You get an excellent pre tuned singer, race group, it’s it’s like nazgul and bumblebee had a baby and his name would be protect. Let me know in the comments below.