The box got all the little out of the way it’s not really important. We’Re. Looking at this lady here, we’ve got uh 3d printed bumpers down here. I i don’t know. If the screws, i think the screws may stick out past them, almost we’ve got a usb here. I remembered them showing it being on integrated into the side of the duct here, but i presume not let’s see. Maybe there is one: no a lot of changes on this uh makes me wonder: do you think it’s got all the same stuff from all the other reviews, joshua bardwell, the one i’m watching right now or did they give me something different here? Is our camera cad xfpv it’s got the nifty little oh okay, i’m. Seeing some connections there, it’s pretty well uh and encapsulated it’s really light. I think it’s the perfect size, though yeah i’m gon na, have plenty of bigger ones. This uh 25 is really cool uh. I don’t know everybody’s focusing on the bigger one, but for me for my learner, i believe this is gon na, be it. This is really expensive. Damn learner drone, i just can’t believe what i spent but look at that and when they put the fr sky with these on here, it just sticks out the holes rather than have it pushed to the sides which would be cool these i don’t know what we’ll Do we’ll figure something out they just gon na hang.

Is that the way it’s really gon na be or maybe i’ll zip tie them to this, and have them stick straight out? The back i don’t know whatever’s best straight up, put them in uh rubber sheathing and have it stick up? Would that be better? I don’t know very interesting little drone. We got the flywoo, oh, i missed a damn call some area code. I don’t even know okay, who cares we’ve got the flywheel explorer coming it’ll, be here in a couple days: badass new remote coming. I don’t even get to fly this for a few days, my until my controller comes and i got ta, get it bound up and set up. Luckily i got with a 918 fpv they’re located he’s local here in tulsa there’s, a group of racers do indoor racing freestyle, all the the cool and um. Luckily they’re going to help me out get this thing set up, maybe all of them. Maybe i’ll luck out. This one has a receiver, my fly, woo explorer that’s coming don’t even have a receiver, but i saw uh they got the. What is that thing? The hex copter, oh my gosh, so now that i’ve seen that i don’t know that it will be possible not to get it look at that. So we got one mount on here and they gave us another. One we’ve got the big fat ones and then this little one very interesting they’re just different. I guess maybe one of them’s for knockoff i don’t know one of them is for a naked gopro that’s.

Probably what this is they’re just telling you do not stick a huge gopro on here. This is 3d printed. Also let’s see i shouldn’t be getting so close. We can just zoom in i don’t have to zoom in that much their 3d prints aren’t horrific. I can see it and ended on the top. I don’t know when you do your own 3d printing. You tend to be very critical on people. We got a battery strap. I thought they gave us. Maybe an extra battery strap also. We got some other strap in here. It’S like a, i don’t know what the yeah, i guess, it’s just another battery, strap no, no uh key chain. You really let me down. I fly no keychain. Well, i guess that’s about as exciting as this one gets look. I got another little pocket drone here, i’m gon na give you a sneak peek at this and here’s the news, it’s cool, it’s, pretty cool! Look at this! This is an fpv. Are you? Are you ready for this? It’S got auto return. 360 heads free fpv, hd camera and it’s tiny it’s right there. It fits inside this controller. Is that awesome or what this is? What happens when you’re sponsored you get like this to play with my buddy’s? Kid flew the last one out the window, so i mean that’s as good of a review as you can get. At least i use the really cool yeah so we’re going to review that too that’s.

Next, you look on the lookout for this guys. I’M gon na start charging the battery as soon as the remote shows up i’m binding this, and i don’t even know if i’m gon na update the software, i might just fly the out of it until it sets on fire and send it back to them. If it does uh, i don’t know we’ll see, then i might get help and we’ll set it up different, but this is it. This is my banger i’m gon na learn with this thing and it’s it’s gon na be my banger, so it’ll get really really tested and i’m really interested to see how well it does so. I don’t know what the else to say: uh get high and maybe i’ll make another video and ramble on for a while. We got lots of cool stuff to fly and check out we’re, getting ready to go fly uh on the river here. As soon as the batteries are off the charge, so look at this we got other new stuff, it’s, probably a bad idea.