Welcome to my channel well, today were going to take a look at the iflight pro tec. R25. Now youre, probably wondering pro tec ive heard of that before. Well, you have because i made a video several years ago about this. This is the pro tec 25, and at the time when i made this video, i said this was probably one of the best drones you could possibly buy on the market, because at that time people were making cd whoops cd whoops have big shrouds around the motor. So they can fly low and you know theyre well protected, but iflight made a version with this really weird design. So because of that, this is kind of like a cine whoop race drone and it was very popular and then they made this one here. The pusher drone – this is a protec 25 as well. You know when i say pro tech 25. I think the pro tech stands for im, protecting the propellers im, making that up, i dont know if thats the case but the 25. I do know that stands for 2.5 inches which all these props are 2.5 inches, so they made the pusher, and that was pretty popular and now theyve come out with this one. This is called the r25 protech r25 and i think the r stands for round, because in the past they never really went fully round with the prop guards and theyre very flexible. They call this the light version.

So, im not sure if light means light is in less features, im going to say its probably the opposite, because i checked the specs on this and they are out of this world really good specs. On this baby i have the hd version with elrs communication system and ill stand over here. Im going to put all the specs right here, because im not going to bore you running through repeating all these things many times over. So there you go, you can see the specs, i will say i flew this indoors and it is crazy fast for indoors. I flew it in angle. Mode too. Theyve got a stability system built out of the box so that a beginner theyve made this for beginners, which is pretty cool, can just set it up. You know plug it in not even do any configuration really and uh go fly it and it flies perfectly matter of fact they have kits. I think you can buy this and you can buy this and you can buy the goggles like here. Let me show you the goggles right here: these are digital goggles, so mines the most expensive version and even for that price, its not super expensive. So when i say digital, it means the camera up front is sending out a digital signal to the little antenna back here, which means you need digital goggles to decode it. If you want to spend less money, you get the analog version and links to that will be below as well, and this cables going to walk me in the head.

Also, i did mention that this is the elrs version. Elrs is a popular thing in the year 2021, its even more popular in 2022.. What elrs means its a tiny little receiver in the back. I dont know if im showing a picture of it right here but anyways that receiver can send out a signal like up to 20 miles or more its really insane. I dont know and its very cost effective and not very expensive, so iflight sells their own e l r s remote. So if you buy this and you buy this, they bind together and you dont have any hassle, and this is their latest version because its going to talk cool. So you could have all your settings here like arm there. You go hopefully my mics picking up because theres buses all over the place im at a bus station, pretty much if youre wearing goggles its perfect to hear it, because you cant take your goggles off and look while youre flying not with fbv drones. You got to keep those fingers on the sticks now i dont know if you can see it in the trees over there from this gopro, but its unfortunately pretty windy today, but when it comes to fpv drones, if youve been flying, fpv drones, all your life, you Know that wind really doesnt matter because fpv drones can cut through anything, you could fly them in a hurricane if you wanted to, we dont worry about wind in the fpv community.

However, when i want to show you something with it hovering and staying still when im not wearing goggles wind can sometimes be a little bit of a hazard. So im going to go, fly it over. There put a hat cam on a gopro cam and the flight around, because i want to show you that its also very very silent now one of the cool things with this baby is they say if you put an 850 milliamp hour, lipo battery on it 4s. Its a 4s system, if you put that battery on youll, get 10 minutes of flight time and it stays under 250 grams, so thats pretty sweet. I know from flying it in the house, its super powerful, so flying it out here it should be a blast to fly and i just have to reiterate one more time. This is a cine whoop, slash race, drone combined into one so thats what you get. So, if youre into that sort of hobby, this is it also up front uh. There is a little hd camera, so everything comes back digital and i can record that, but im also gon na put a little insta 360 go camera thats. Why? I have the little green thing. It doesnt come with it up front here, so i can stick my camera in there and get you some film footage. All right lets go all right. First, things first were going to power on this controller here, just press this button.

In this is called the iflight commando controller. Next, we just plug this baby in and plop it down on the ground like that with our little controller here, these two will talk to each other. Just by flicking this switch, the beeping will stop thats the finder beeper. There we go so now lets uh hit this button and arm it here ill, look down at it. There we go and whats going up in the wind, see it it is so powerful, like i just barely touching the throttle, but its also very, very stable. Its right here, you can see it now. I do have a dji mini 3. Pro orbiting me at the moment, so youll get some video from that. If this thing is so powerful like when i fly this, this thing is going to be insanely insanely fast for a scenible that ive never seen anything like this before. So anybody who buys this you are going to have your hands full of joy because its going to be a lot of fun anyways. This is the wind knocking it around, but thats, okay! Here, let me just bring it over here, im doing very little on the joysticks, because its in stability mode, its made for beginners, like i just want to. Let it hover like this and bring it back and bring it over to me its kind of like flying. A helicopter, actually, it reminds me of the same thing: bring it over here.

Anyways lets put it down and lets go fly this enough with me talking and hit the arm switch on here, bring it down and blink if ever youre about to get into trouble hit that arm switch right here in and out its a latch system, all right For this first flight, i am going to put the insta 360 go camera on the front and im going to use a 700 milliamp hour, lipo battery 4s im gon na guess with something like that im gon na get. I dont know six minutes flight time. Seven minutes flight time, so uh lets go theres, a football field behind me and some little area here where people wait for buses ill stay away from that, but the football area i will go to okay. This is acro mode, and this is a cd whoop wheres. The camera someplace over here this is the city whoop, but its gon na be like go like stink. Here we go there, we go going up, see what i mean. This is a race freestyle drone, its not really what i would call a cine whoop as per se. This is acro mode im flying in im just going around the football field just to test it out. This is a maiden on my screen. It tells me everything is a okay, all right speed it up a little bit come back. This way lets try flip whoa. Those flips are too fast. For me, holy cow lets.

Try that again lets try slower wow thats, better a little too fast there. So you have a choice when youre flying this, you could fly it like a race drone or you could fly it like a senior whoop, so im coming down low like a senior, would you would fly along the ground? I do have the wind pushing me on an angle, so it might look a little lopsided, some places but yeah. So you can come low and explore stuff im, not super low, but im low enough quick test. The penetration power you see down there thats my jeep over there and if i go this way well im away from my jeep right, but look at this – you would not normally do this with too many fpv drones, because this will cause signal, degradation and loss. So if i come down im going to go and put that huge stance as well as the announcers booth in between the you know, between the jeep and i so here we go, lets bring it down nice and low and come along here getting closer. So the closer i get to these stands. I should have image breakup. I should have everything breaking up uh, but i have no breakup whatsoever. Everything is super smooth and i have full control over the drone. There was an offense there. I could go underneath that, but theres a fence, so i cant go underneath so here lets go this way its not really affected by the wind too much unless you hover.

What was that was that a rabbit? Did i see a rabbit over there? The image on here is crystal clear, so i could see something right behind this tree. What is that its a bird? And here i thought it was a rabbit? Oh sorry, bird all right. So maybe the screen is crystal clear, but my eyes are lacking at the ability to tell the difference between a birdie and a rabbit so im cutting in and out of this video ive been flying now for about five minutes. Just going around exploring the area different things so now im in stability mode. This is what you would get if youre a beginner and you should be able to like hover it really still right now, its just blowing with the wind but uh there we go. The winds taking me as i hover here but yeah, so even stability mode on this, i i dont, i dont – fly in stability mode on drones because it stops my banking side to side, but i could see people really enjoying this. All right lets go back into acro. There we go now. I can bank all over the place like this and fly super fast thats. Why people like acro all right were coming up to seven minutes. Wow. Look at that seven minutes exactly! It ran out of power. It just ran out of power right there at seven bed, its just disarm it pick it up before the bus runs it over.

Oh just in time, just in time there comes a bus, good thing. You said well im getting this and were getting out of your way. Laughter that could have been a squishy squishy review could have called this. The squishy pro tech review all right, the batterys a little hot, because i went right to the end im, probably at the lowest amount of voltage. Let me check it all right. Can you see that see down here where you see the zero one thats the percentage remaining and thats, of course, the volts 11.09 out of this 4s battery uh? I drained it right to the very end in that flight, so thats not advisable. If you want to get seven minutes dont do like i did. I think this battery would give you probably more like five minutes normal, but i pushed it right to the end and i got about seven minutes now. I do have much larger batteries like this. In 1100 they recommend more or less an 850, so this is more than they recommend its a lot of weight and ive used this with a camera. I dont know what your flight times will be. I dont know if id get 10 minutes, but im gon na be flying around here, taking some more video and ill. Let you know at the end of the video what my experience has been: trying: different batteries: Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music.

So behind me that is steve and he is going to give this a try. He flies fpv drones, helicopters, airplanes, rc cars just like i do so were gon na get a second opinion and im gon na. Let him try the 700, but im gon na keep track of the time, so he doesnt run out at seven minutes ill. Make him land it at about five minutes. Wind is picking up. Steve is going to take it away so im going to stand out of the way and just stand back here, hit the arm switch and youre all set. You should be in acro mode. Here we go Music there. He goes. You have lenses in your uh. Sorry steve, i have lenses in my goggles yeah thats hilarious. I forgot to tell you that so yeah, unfortunately youre youre, now looking through how i see with my eyeglass prescription. Sorry about that very maneuverable, very gentle! You want it to be like good city whooping, here, thats good anyway, there it is out there walking by and its in the sun. If you should happen to drop it in the weeds. I have a beeper on it. We can find it here. It comes here. Comes will he get it on the pad down? Oh, he got it yeah. So what steve is talking about? I dont know if you could hear them. There is this camera angle. Right here is yeah its too low in order to fly in the wind.

You want. The drone to be more like this and race forward and the camera is being flat: yeah, okay, so there we go yeah, thats, good, okay, so there we go thats what we got its not gon na. It just makes it weird for takeoff but thats. Okay, we can manage oh yeah yeah have fun landing yeah! Okay! Here we go and ive changed. His battery hes got a 900 milliamp hour lipo battery on there. Okay, take it away id say: youd get about 10 minutes flight time steve with that battery. Its fast got power lots of power, no issues yeah, it definitely has a lot of power. I noticed every time i flew it, it was like i was flying a race drone yeah, it is yeah if you want to fly fast. Itll certainly do it fact that you have a little motor protectors or a prop protector yeah. You can hit thats right, you can hit the leaves and youll be okay and if it gets stuck in a tree too high, hopefully you brought an ax its in your trunk uh yeah. Okay, good! Does that grow very well too. Oh yeah, its very fast here, come full speed over us all right. If you can just aim right at us whatever height and go full speed all right here we go, i see it coming. I see it coming there we go there. We go its almost tilted. 90 degrees that is craziness its gon na be hard.

Now your cameras pointed upwards Applause. Let me grab it out of the air. You ready when i say hit the arm hit the arm. Okay, i was gon na grab the battery that batterys not warm its all good all right before i give you my final thoughts and steves final thoughts. Uh, let me show you what comes with the box check this out. This is the box. The protect 25 comes in. These are the specifications of the protect 25. I used in this review youll notice that the drone is made out of plastic, carbon, fiber and metal. There are all these little tags on it. Those are designed for beginners to help you out when youre getting started in the fpv hobby on the bottom. Youll find the usb connector just in case. You want to set this drone up in betaflight. I have the digital version, so i have a polar nano camera youll see here, the elrs receiver. If you want to buy additional 4s batteries, just make sure they have an xt30 connector. The prop guards are very bendable. Accessories consist of a spare bag of props. Some spare screws a nut and bolt for mounting an external camera, a battery strap and an elrs guide on how to bind the receiver to a controller, a prop direction card and finally, some documents and stickers total takeoff weight of the drone without a battery is 152 Grams lets add a 700 milliamp hour lipo battery and were up to 238 grams.

If you dont already own a radio well, then you can buy the commando 8 radio, its for elrs drones, so any fpv drone thats the lrs. You can use this radio with it. Alright, so my final thoughts and steves final thoughts are coming up now, so my final thoughts are that i flew the original pro tech 25 and i thought it was phenomenal if you wanted to put a full size gopro on something of that size to protect 25. You should buy the pro tec 35, however, when it comes down to this little new model, uh, with this little insta 360 go, i didnt even notice the camera on it steve. Did you notice the camera? No, you dont feel the weight at all, though it is beautiful and even the different batteries i stuck on the lowest one. I had was a 700 and i went up to 1100. I couldnt even tell the difference in the battery weight just get more flight time. So it was pretty decent with that ill. Let you hold that again, so i have no complaints about it. I dont really have anything negative to say because it flies so beautifully and its another winner for me. What about you steve? I love it yeah. I really like that type of quad with the protection, if you need it, but yeah flies. Cine whooping is great. Racing is great lots of power. Lots of control, love it yeah. So an all around great drone.

If youre a beginner iflight makes these for beginners and they also sell you this. If you want so you just bind it out of the box and you have stability mode right away. They also sell you the goggles. If you want to buy them digital, we were flying with digital, it does come in analog, so your choice course analog costs, half the price of digital nowadays, but thats about it and for receivers its elrs thats elrs. So you know you can fly for miles away and still get a signal back to your drone. We have you didnt have any problems. Oh, no! No! No! No issues, no issues, thats a range yeah, a lot lots of control, yeah everything good. All right, guys! Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up, steve thumb. There we go there, we go and if you have any questions on this drone, just post them below and ill get back to you and well catch you in another video. With many more drone reviews from steve and steve all right guys catch the next one.