R25 hd mine is the hd version, so its got a cadx vista inside and this sort of quad is the kind of quad that most people will fly pretty flat and theyre looking to get a sort of movie sort of slow, moving cinematic sort of shot and Possibly use it for other purposes, maybe youre, making a family reunion video or something like that and youre, using some b roll as those people who are doing those sorts of things. But in this video kind of per my typical style im not just going to show it flat with my gopro hero 6 cutting edge technology, but im also going to fly it a lot more aggressively. In order to see you know what sort of capabilities its got. So if you want to fly it and not only get that movie sort of shot, but you want to fly it more aggressively in order to get a more aggressive movie sort of shot. Well show it in this video. But the first thing weve got to do is weve got to get down to the desk. Weve got to go through all the specs whats in the box, weigh it up the batteries flight times all that stuff and then well cover it up at the end. In my case, because its hd, like i said it, requires the dji hd goggles, the the black goggles, none of the other goggles, they have to look like this. There theres new versions coming out, probably sometime, but for right now we got ta.

Have these and its got express lrs receiver here in the back so im flying it with my trusty radio master zorro with that is the express lrs edition, uh no module in the back. But if youre looking to transition, i would highly recommend getting the foreign one and then adding an express os, thats kind of makes the transition a little bit easier, but because ive got several radios im just doing it. This way. For now the motors on the pro tech r25 are the 1404 4600 kv, its got two and a half inch props and the props are the nazgul sin: 2025 tri bladed props. As i said, mine is the hd version, but there is an analog version. The camera that they use for the hd version is the caddix polar, which does mean its got a maximum frames per second of 60 frames per second and, of course, also in the hd version. Youve got a cadx vista, no, its, not naked. You can see the heatsink plates right in there. It does come with a mount up front, so you can mount your external hd recording camera, the all in one flight controller down. There is a all in one, its an f4, its the version 1.1 of their whoop flight controller. Its got a target of iflight underscore f411 underscore pro, and it has a 20 amp esc with a burst rating of 25. Amps and weve also got black box on here, and the gyro is the bmi 270 according to the specs, but as we know, sometimes those gyros theyve been changing around a little bit, so yeah theres only one true way to tell and joshua bardwell, i believe, made A video about that just the other day, so check out his video to tell which gyro your current flight controllers all have, and, of course this is a usb port to that.

All in one got the typical antenna that we find with all the vista based quads down in here is the iflight receiver, and that is express lrs with a little cube antenna you can see right down in here. Weve got protection for our motor wires, so in case your propeller got bent, it might give a fighting chance of not getting chopped. One of the features is the safety of the prop protection, and these are quite flexible. This does not feel like the kind of material that is real stiff and would break on an impact. I suspect this is going to take a pretty good number of hits. Probably most likely just do damage to our props, which is a good thing. We want to keep these nice and safe its also worth noting. Theyve got a 3d print that completely encompasses the size of the body, so your airflow isnt great, and that is going to be a concern. If youre running maximum output on your vista and youre flying in a hot area, youre going to want to get it in the air pretty quickly, weve got 3d printed skids here on the bottom. It does come with a screw that you would need for an external hd camera mount. It comes with an extra set of props. If you get the analog version, you might need these antenna tubes. It also has a battery mat. You cant see it because its a sticky side, we have an extra battery strap and then we have our little smorgasbord of iflight extra screws.

My flight quads come with these little stickers that tell you it is pre tuned bind and fly just bind and fly, but it also on that lower sticker says its only been tested indoors, never plug in the battery without an antenna installed, vista manual, motor rotation or Prop installation card safe flight card be responsible. It does come with a bmi 270 custom target notice, which gives you some details about the bmi 270 thats in there, and it also explains why some come with a bosch bmi 270. Instead of the mpu6000 due to chip shortages and high prices, yeah everybodys having to switch due to those reasons that notice does come in two languages, weve got the iflight express lrs user manual, telling you how to flash. If you were to need to, i didnt, i found the receiver came with version two of the software. How do i know it was version two, because my radio is on version two and i bound route up without flashing, so thats good, and you know what it came with a full sheet of stickers. The r25 in the hd format weighs a 150, almost 151 grams. If we add my naked gopro, the screw the mount and my little harness here to plug in my naked gopro, we get 187.5 grams. I fluid on these two batteries. The cotter there on the green label – 4s 650 milliamp and the rdq 4s 850 milliamp rdq batteries are made by gnb.

If youre wondering about that, not that i just used these two batteries, but it was these two brands and sizes of batteries that i used on. My flights with the 650 milliamp battery, it weighs 264 and a half grams with the 850 milliamp battery it weighs 286 grams or just a little bit over and because math is hard. If we take off the hd camera, we get just under 250 grams with that rdq 850 milliamp forest battery and just under 227 grams. If we use that 650 milliamp 4s cotter battery, so the hd version can come in under 250 grams. If you dont add the external camera, which is important to some of you, the carbon fiber bottom plate looks to be about two and a half millimeters, and the top looks like its two millimeters and motor poster motor post. It looks just about 113 millimeters. The battery connector is an xt 30. By the way, this flight is on the cotter battery the 650 milliamp 4s battery and im showing you this because well, i kind of liked how it flew more aggressively on the 850. But when it came to the slower flight – and i think particularly you know what im going to try to show you of this little house tour – i think the 650 made it a little bit more manageable and one of the things that i noticed was the weight. When i have to make small corrections – and i try to make them more abruptly – you know you wouldnt want to do it.

You know in this sort of flying format, but i needed to in order to avoid a crash or a bang or something like that when im trying to go through the doorways and whatnot i found the 650 milliamp battery was allowing me to make smaller corrections a Little bit better, this was not a one and done sort of run. I actually did this a few times and then i went through and picked out what i thought was the most interesting, but necessarily the best and again i am going to show a fair amount of aggressive flight footage after we get done with this flight im going To show that more of a picture in picture format, because it isnt necessarily what this quad is designed for. But again, i do think its important to show you that if you wonder you know, i am interested in this sort of flying of getting my sort of movie shot cinematic sort of flying. But i also might want to uh do things that are more aggressively, and can this quad do that? Uh surprisingly, i think these companies are getting better and better at making more capable sin. Whoops is the typical term that we use to describe these. You know prop protected made to carry an external hd camera designed around flat flying and smooth flying, but theyve become much more capable over the last year. It used to be especially the bigger the heavier ones, theyre, probably more durable.

I will give those original ones that theyre, probably more durable, but the newer ones they are more capable and well see that back in the picture in picture, my stats for the day weather was actually pretty nice. Thats. Probably why im using this footage, because the other days was probably much more windy, but we still had wind as far as the weather data goes of 7 to 10 miles an hour, but i really dont think were feeling much of that because it felt especially calm. I remember this this wasnt that many days ago, and you can look at the trees in the hd footage that im showing you and you cannotice, that very little movement ive got my audio recording camera out. No, the flight audio that youre hearing is from the camera. Thats sitting in front of the house with me, it is not from the quad itself also down in the lower right, its pretty apparent, but i draw your attention to the goggle view down there. That is what we see inside the dji goggles. Of course again. This is running the caddix polar camera, which is a 60 frames per second camera with the dji system. Of course, you get outstanding range. Youve got that 50 megabits per second, so you get a real nice crisp image and with expresso rs you can just fly it to wherever you want to fly. And yes, i do make sure all my neighbors are aware, and you probably saw the construction in the backyard and chad was on the roof.

Chad was well aware. He does have his music playing, hopefully that doesnt get me a copyright strike, but i think the volume is fairly low and we cant hear it all the time. So i think that will help me not get that copyright strike. So everybody in the area is aware. Ive got a little text chain and you know make sure everybodys going to be safe. Of course, im flying pretty slow chad. He is. He is the guy that we use for most of our projects, since i kind of retired after remodeling our master, bathroom, solid, dude, love working with him, hes, always very patient with us and uh. You know hes hes, a small business owner hes, a single proprietor and he never does this wrong. So um oftentimes. When i come home for lunch, he has lunch. We go over the project, we sit around and just talk shop a little bit. What have you so ive enjoyed having chad around and hes done great work for us and he is building that outdoor living space that will have our grill and a refrigerator and a side burner, and a tv and itll have heaters in the ceiling. So we can use it in the cooler months and itll have a fan or multiple fans. Actually its got two fans uh, but were gon na come in here and wrap up the flight. We saw. The walker took a strange little look at me and theres.

My audio camera, as we whizzed by that flight, was four minutes and 22 seconds, so i opted to show you just pretty much the full flight of the 650 milliamp. If you fly with an 850 milliamp of course, theres a variable within it comes batteries. Battery quality battery care, all those different things uh, the 850 got me on average. It got me about a minute and a half more flight time, so youre youre, looking at six minutes again thats carrying the naked gopro and everything as well. So, if youre looking at the flight time thats what you should expect uh in the top right hand corner, i think the main thing that you want to kind of address as far as flight characteristics and being more aggressive is this does have uh. Let me rephrase every once in a while on the tail end of a battery or at the back half of the battery lets say if youre doing a dive from a height greater than my the chimney on my house, you can potentially get your wash out now When i was doing my dives, i was intentionally trying different things like to bring up the throttle really slowly and really low. I was trying to bring it up slower and slower and slower, and basically im testing to see that because thats, one of the normal issues with a quad with prop protection, is that youll be doing your dive and then itll pitch up and usually yaw one way Or another kind of uncontrollably, of course it usually flattens out.

So if we recognize that we can get ourselves out of trouble but its something that we oftentimes look for so hopefully ive shown you in that left hand corner some of those dives. Many of my dives went normally. I i dont know how many i can have the time to show you, because i also want to show you some of the other flight capabilities of the quad outside of the flat smooth sort of cinematic style, but um i had. I im just spitballing lets, say a dozen dives that went normally and two that didnt, so that should give you some sort of number and i was using both of these batteries. At the same time, like i said during the slower flight i enjoyed the 650 milliamp battery. Excuse me, i enjoyed the 850 milliamp battery flying more aggressively and when i flew slower, i flew the 650, but of course, if youre flying slower and youre trying to get your shot, you might need more than one run. So having more run time might be. What youre needing thats, just my personal preference, you know you do what you need to do to enjoy yourself or get the footage that youre. Looking for one of the questions i addressed kind of early – and hopefully you didnt miss that was it – does have this tpu protection all the way around the quad, or at least the body, its not encased in the front and the rear its just around the sides.

So the nice thing is that if you get grass or debris or something its not thrown into the body of the quad, this does run props out. So it would throw the debris that way so that keeps it out, but from a temperature standpoint that could be a potential issue. Its you know depends on how long you wait around how hot it gets and how what the uh uh are you running at 700 milliwatts? Are you doing the hack to run at 1200? You know how hot are you running the vtx on this little guy? It keep in mind its in case, so all those factors could play a role. I didnt see as slow as my gopro is to boot up and be ready. I did not see a temperature warning, but that was the first thing i thought of when i saw this now. The other side of that is maybe youre looking at this, and and you like what you see, but you want to lighten the load for more flight time or more flight capabilities. You could take that off. Thats always going to save you a few grams tpu isnt, necessarily the heaviest material on earth, but its also not the lightest material on earth. I talked about the prop protection already and how its fairly flexible. Let me move that prop, so you can tell a little better, so these are going to move and they spring back into shape pretty well.

So i think if you hit something if the prop protection is going to break its probably going to break down here on a strut, but it i dont think this is speculation, because obviously i didnt have enough crashes to where it would break. I did have some crashes, but everythings fine, so im speculating. Obviously i think it would break a strut before it would break this part up here. So i think this is going to be fairly durable. Weve got a good, thick bottom plate down here and weve got all the components pretty much housed within the confines of the quadcopter. So you dont have antennas outside of this one. Maybe you want to extend that. You do have a little bit of the tubing still down there, so you could extend this out further. You know thats really not going to be necessary unless youre in a very specific case, the receiver that they have in here has got the cube antenna receiver, but i also notice on their website that their elrs receiver does have an antenna. So mine might be slightly different than what you see when you purchase one. If you were to purchase one and you can see theyve kind of enclosed it with this print and it is wrapped with heat treats. So you should excuse me, heat shrink, so shorting isnt an issue when it comes to your receiver. Binding was easy enough. You know, like i said it come with version 2 at very least of express lrs.

I cant tell you exactly, which version it bound up to my xoro radio, that is running, express lrs version 2 as well. So one of the things that worried me was the usb port. Now, if i can get a good profile shot, the usb port really isnt in jeopardy, this screw head is above it weve got these bumpers from the the motors that are also bring it even higher. The only risk we have on the usb port is, if you were to land or crash and come down on a surface, that wasnt very flat or happen to be have a rock right there and you hit it at some sort of glancing angle. You know its very likely, it might even survive that its all going to depend upon the force applied, but there is potential because the usb port is available as it is on just about every one of our quads with all in ones. Unless it comes off the side, you know its a slight risk, so if you can bring it in land on a nice flat, surface and youll be fine. Iflight is one of those companies that does also apply. I think its an interesting thing. They apply uh thread. Locker to their screws, so when you screw things in that, you know youre relatively assured that the screws arent going to come loose uh matter of fact, i dont have it out anymore, but even the spare screws come with a little bit of thread.

Locker blue thread. Locker that is applied to them, not to a couple things that i wasnt a fan of and hopefully im showing that flight footage up here. So you can get a better idea, because i was, i was fairly excited and impressed with how this thing flew in a more aggressive style. You know outside of its design scope, it flew pretty well, you can see down here, theres a link button and i left the sticker on there just so we could well. I left the sticker on there wondering if it would actually stay on there but its kind of hard to see because its dark. So let me get a flashlight, so you can see it its right below the green arrow. Hopefully that helps that you can now see it, but unfortunately uh thats, th well, the sticker says link button its also the usb port on there, which you may need access to for the dji assistant to activate it. So you can actually use it and then the link button is actually further to the left. I dont even know. If i can uh can i get a shot of that usb port? Can you whoops trying to show it try it? Let me focus my light. So usb port and then the link button is actually to the left of that. So i had some troubles getting my usb cable, my usbc cable through that hole for two reasons. One the distance between here i didnt have a usbc cable.

That was short enough and i didnt have a right angle, adapter. So what i ended up doing was unscrewing the motor taking the prop protection off, and then i took my soldering iron and warmed it up and i reamed out the hole a little bit so that i could get my usb cable through there. The let me just show it to you here. This is my primary usb cable, its pretty much a standard size, usb cable, but i tried to find one that was thinner as well. Ive got this gray one over here about the same, and then ive got another one that i pulled out of my drawer. They, they all wouldnt, fit through there, and it was just the bottom that wasnt big enough, i think theres. Actually, the hole in general is big enough, but the hole wasnt aligned just perfectly from mine to plug right in so i just took my soldering iron and just kind of rubbed, some of that bottom edge down, and then i was able to plug in. Of course, after youve activated with the dji assistant, then youre going to want to link them to your goggles and then youve got to take a little tool. I like to use a little plastic paintbrush from one of the kids, its probably our youngest shes, the one that likes to be real, creative and crafty. So i take this little guy, i kind of shaved off the tip and i just kind of pressed it in there that worked just out fine.

I didnt have a problem with the hole. I do appreciate the fact that they put the hole there. We didnt have to take the whole side plate off in order to be able to get it and they they, obviously they label it. For us with a sticker which is nice, one of the other things i wasnt a huge fan of was the small battery mat and it mainly concerns me in that more aggressive flight style that if you do have an hd camera up front here that you know, If you have any battery shifting, you dont want it moving forward, and if we could have, you know extended the battery mat outside of just the width of the strap you know. Had it come back here, a little bit to give the battery more overall rubber mat to adhere to as were crashing, but uh, you know its its pretty small, but it is texturized. I didnt have again, i didnt have any troubles with it. Its just one of those things after having a lot of quads and a lot of crashes, its a little tiny thing i would appreciate. I do like the fact that ifly, you know takes the time to make sure their stuff is got some sort of unique features to it. When it comes to the carbon cutting and speaking of the carbon, this carbon does, you know, i dont know whether to say anything about this or not im, not a fan of looking at carbon and then making any sort of judgments.

Because from what i understand of talking to people who work with carbon on a daily basis or professionally, what were looking at here, the weave as we like to say in fpv, its nothing more than wallpaper it doesnt show us the layers. It doesnt indicate anything about. Whats, underneath what we can see so take that for what its worth you can believe me. You cannot make your own judgments. I i think the carbon looks strong. It feels strong its a very solid in the hand, sort of quad, especially this body, section very stiff and theres. No, like really sharp edges like sometimes when you get a hold of a frame and maybe the tools a bit worn down the edges will be real. Sharp to your fingers now the outside feels like its like slightly chamfered a little bit, and the inside is a little bit more sharp, but not sharp, like i felt on really inexpensive frames. Those tend to have really sharp edges. So as far as the carbon fiber and it being stiff, i approve again as far as the wallpaper on the print. You know make your own judgments about that sort of stuff. I should mention that iflight has their own batteries uh about the same size. I think i actually have a couple of 650s, but they must not have been at the top of my bag when i was charging batteries, so you can try those out theyre called full.

Send batteries, of course, theyre going to cost you more if you were to buy this kit and buy some batteries and when you buy batteries, of course, that does change shipping so its something to consider you might want to buy your quad. You know in one order and wait 24 to 48 hours, whatever you do, maybe get the quad shipping a little bit and then, if you cant, buy your batteries from a local fpv shop and you want to buy batteries from iflight their full. Send batteries then order them separately and and have them shipped separately, so it one doesnt necessarily slow the other down because well i guess without batteries you cant really fly this thing, but maybe you just want to try their batteries. I wouldnt order batteries with the quad. Just because battery changes how the shipping is handled, you cant get air shipping with the lipo batteries. To my knowledge, i believe thats illegal, at least shipping back to the united states. Maybe you can still do that to other countries, but just know that iflight does have their own full, send batteries of this same sort of size. So the last thing to talk about is price. You know our fpv budgets. They can be pretty rough everybodys talking about inflation, the stock market, all these little changes. Hopefully you still got some money in your fpv budget uh. The hd version comes in at 309.99, so kind of where you expect it.

You know its theyre generally 130 to 150 dollars more than their analog counterparts. Uh, therefore, their their analog version of this comes in at 179.99. They do have kits so if you dont already have goggles or a radio, you can buy those things together with this. As of right now, i only see these available hd and analog with express rs. They dont seem to have an fr sky option, a crossfire option or something like that. We may see that come around, but as of right now, with whats on their website and other websites that ive seen for this express lrs ive been telling you for what a year i dont know what its been im, a big fan of expressly s love the Fact that we have this open source community with this, smack you in the face sort of control range and feature set. That is just in my opinion, its just great so express lrs is the only version they have available right now and i dont even think you can get it without express lrs. So if you wanted to add your own receiver, because they do have a little wiring harness down in here to where you could potentially plug in a different receiver or something like a crossfire, but you cant get it without the express rs, not that you cant change. It later so the price of this again 309 or 310 u.s dollars 180 for the analog version, and then you they have options there.

You can buy goggles, you can buy radio, you can buy extra, prop protection extra propellers batteries. If you choose to so uh. What do you think and another question that i have for those that have watched all the way to the end? I appreciate you. Thank you for sticking around. Hopefully, its been an enjoyable enjoyable. Video to watch is. Do you want to continue to see me fly quads outside of their design? In other words, this sort of quad is generally thats a slow smooth flying, but do you want to see me continue to fly them more aggressively or, more typically, of how i fly them? I probably will continue to do it, but whether i show it or not, thats something different. You know in case something really awesome or really bad happens. I might bring that to a video but im curious. Do you look forward to that? Do you watch a video on a quad like this, knowing that when you come to this channel youre going to see it flowing more aggressively as well id like to know if you have any comments, questions, suggestions or otherwise about the iflightprotech r25hd or the analog version? I might be able to help you out with some questions there. Please.