Only when school’s on there’s a school over there, you’re gon na see it in the video so i’m out here today with the iflight. This is brand new iflight protect 25 pusher drone. Let me bring it close. It looks like that mine looks a little different than others. You’Ll see is because it comes in blue and it comes in black, and what i did is i stuck the blue and black together to create this frame so that you could see the separation of the carbon fiber in black compared to the blue in plastic. And i did put the stuff around the edges, so you can fly it indoor and bounce off the walls. Now, if, when i say, protect protech25 pusher you’re confused because you say didn’t iflight already have a protect 25 and 35 well, you would be correct this. Is it here? This is the iflight protect 25 and this my friends is the iflight pro tech, 25 pusher. So the word pusher means that the props check it out. The props are pushing down the motor is pushed down. Everything pushes down to cause the drone to be like a hovercraft to move along the ground. This i protec 25 is actually a race freestyle drone with propeller guards, so you can fly it indoors or in and out and through things, but you can’t fly it in and out and through things the same way you can fly a pusher drone, because this is Not a hovercraft, whereas this is a hovercraft, does that make sense, so this falls in the cinewope category, of course, and uh being a pusher drone it’s a senior pusher drone this well.

A lot of people would probably put it in the scene whoop category because of the prop guards the way it’s built the frame around it. But i’ve flown this one and you can get this going really fast and do some really cool freestyle and you can get it going slow as well, and oh, my god, it’s starting to rain. I got ta hurry up this review before the rain hits really hard. So we’re going to see how this does out in the rain. Now the other cool thing about this here drone is on top. Do you see that there’s a 3d printed battery mount that’s, pretty cool because normally have a battery strap and the battery i have in there is. I put one of my uh. What is this? There 700 milliamp hour batteries and it fits perfect in there says you can go from like a 650 up to an 850 on this four cell battery on the front. Iflight also sent me their new camera that just hit the market. This is their gocam by iflight it’s, almost 100 identical to the uh smo 4k by insta360, actually, i’m. Pretty sure insta360 makes this, because the app for the insta 360 works perfect. With this, it can record at 4k 30, and i believe, 4k 60 frames per second put a micro sd card in the side, we’re going to see how it works. These cameras are really designed for sunny days and they do come with nd filters to give you that beautiful footage really stabilized it’s super dull out here today, as you can see, i’ve already increased the exposure on this camera.

So i don’t look too dark. So i don’t know how the video is going to come out, but today is just a test to see how this little pusher drone works out here. I should also mention quickly that this drone comes in digital and analog. This is the digital version. Digital always costs more money and it’s more much more heavier, so this one’s heavier than the analog version. However, the drone is very light, it’s a way under 250 grams and when you put all of this on it, uh usually stays under 250 grams motors are 1404 motors f4 flight controller inside it’s, a 20 amp esc, but it can bounce up for bursts of power. It takes a 4s battery, they say it can take a 6s, but i don’t have a small 6s, so i’m, flying with a 4s since mine is digital. I have a cadx nebula nano camera in the front so i’m, going to show you footage from that. Since i’m, flying it and recording video i’ll be using my dji fpv goggles record video inside plus i’ll record some video with this camera and show you both and, of course, for the radio since uh it’s, all digital. I didn’t put a receiver in it. So i’m, just going to use the dji radio to fly it around here now, ifly does say this is a much quieter drone than other drones on the market and they are correct if you’re in the fpv hobby and you fly like 100 different fpv drones, you’re Going to find for a pusher drone it’s, not that noisy compared to other pusher drones.

However, if you’re somebody who has one or two fpv drones and or you’re, not in the hobby, you’re going to find that this sounds like someone took a blow dryer and stuck it right at your ear or you’re, standing too close to the vacuum cleaner. So what i’m going to do is i’m, going to put my hat cam on uh i’ll fly it right here. I don’t know if you hear it over all this wind and see if you hear the sound that comes out of this. So here we go all right here i am over here i have the camera and the little protect 25 down there. I have the camera on the front, recording there’s a bug on it. As always, i always have bugs anyways let’s just arm it. There we go and uh let’s, take it on up it’s gon na blow around the wind, bring it over to me. You see what i mean about a vacuum cleaner or a blow dryer the flies really nice, though now let me bring it down lower to the ground here. Applause i’ll bring it over here got a little lights on the back. You can see them right there. All right, so what i’m going to do is put it down and take it for a flight just wanted to show you the sound. Hopefully you can pick that up in my mic, so let’s bring it over here. Put it down Music, not on top of the gopro, but here i’ll put it over here there we go all right i’m, having no luck with the weather out.

Here it was raining for a while. I went home. I’Ve come back, it’s still windy, but the sun goes in and out it’s still cloudy right now so i’m gon na take this for a flight now and one thing i’ve noticed when i flew it before. Is it really flies fast, so i’m gon na try to control it with this wind? It could be an issue, so you might see some fast flying footage. So here we go glasses off and goggles it’s blowing the wind. This might not be a good flight. Make sure we have it in acro mode there we go so uh here’s. What we’re going to see nice so it’s in the wind. The wind is bouncing it around. I don’t know how is that looking let’s bring it back over to me there’s my jeep over there that’s what i took off from you can see the propeller or the fan or the windmill or whatever you want to call it the electric station up there. Oh, the wind is just blow i’m being blown to the right right now. That’S, not me. Turning to the right towards the school, the wind is just blowing me that way. Whoa, this fed is just getting it check that out, but the cool thing with this drone is look at how i could just hover here. Look at that that’s what you get with these type of drones, all right so let’s say: go a little lower out of the wind and let’s not get chopped up.

Let’S go see what we have down here, so pusher drones are designed to fly in and around in between things. Let’S go over here. This is somebody’s garden for the school, so let’s go over here. Oh, the sun is gone, see what i mean about the sun in and out in and out. So i don’t know how all this looks. Uh let’s go this. Oh my god, the wind i see over. On the other side, we have uh city of ottawa workers over there see that white truck look at the wind it’s, just the blowing me i’m going i’m like fighting it all right. Oh i see it. I see a bird let’s see if the bird sees this. Let me hit the water, maybe don’t hit the water coming through the bird coming to the bird whoa. One of us almost went in the water that’s, pretty cool, all right so i’m. On the other side, i am going to have to come back because i don’t want to get too far away with this wind or i have a long ways to walk i’m just hovering here, and the wind is just blowing me so i’m coming back over here. There we go and now i’m going with the wind wow it’s just a moving. This is so cool. I don’t know i feel like i feel, like i’m, in a sailboat of sorts all right. So the problem with a pusher drone uh is that it’s so light, especially this one that the wind can mess you up.

I wanted to go through that sign, but the wind pushed me over and there goes our sun again. They do say that this thing’s supposed to be able to do freestyle so let’s just take it up a bit, so i don’t kill myself and let’s just flip. It yeah no problem with freestyle there, but look at what i oh, the wind just takes it. When i let go of the throttle, let’s go this way into the wind, just be better into the wind, now i’m being pushed backwards, let’s try it there. We go that’s, pretty cool. So with this wind one thing, i’ve noticed is i’m fighting the wind and at the same time i have a camera on board that needs power, as well as the uh, the motors so i’m, really drawing the power off this battery. Something fierce. So let me come over to me and land over here coming down there. We go all right so because it’s so friggin windy out here. If you want to get an fbv drone to fly better in the wind, you have to tilt it more right. So the only way to tilt it more is to i’ve got crap all over this thing. The only way to tilt it more is and fly is to lift the camera up. So let’s see this camera here, i’m lifting it up so i’m going to tilt it about this much and have the camera point a way up.

I can fly fast this way into the wind it’s going to fly really fast, but i’m not going to be able to see the ground and orientate myself. So i can’t go through things or anything, but and we’ll see how it spins around in the wind and of course i got ta take the camera here on the back and angle it as well all right, let’s, try it our motors here we go. This would be going with the wind to start really fast. I believe here we go yeah so now i’m booting, it see what i mean in order to keep the camera straight i’m, just booting it here so i’m gon na come back towards the wind. Now i should be able to fly towards it. No problem on an angle: let’s go over to the proppy thing. I see a lot more vibrations in the image doing this because i’m just fighting everything but uh yeah there we go. We seem to be doing well. Hey the bird’s gone going into the wind it’s, just a screaming all right bring it back there. We go so see that going with the wind, not a problem. Look at how fast i go. I wonder what the speed is on this all right, let’s, bring it down low, it’s harder to fly low. When you have the camera facing up, but i’ll. Try it go down, go down, go down there. We are try low. At least i got ta go straight.

There i got it going under something for a change. A pusher drone is not i’ve, probably said it 100 times already it’s not designed to fly in the wind. You need a non windy day to fly it low to the ground, or else you have to fly really fast like i’m doing here. This is me with the camera facing upwards, so i get this high speed type uh, video that you see here, but of course this is not what a pusher drone is designed for it’s designed to go slower. So i can come over to my jeep there. We go who is bye there we go all right. So let me take this over here for a nice little landing by my jeep, no cars coming and coming down. I picked a bad day to come out all right. Next thing i want to show you is when you get this drone, what comes in the box? So let me show you what comes in the box here we go. This would be the protec 25 pusher box that your drone comes in, and these are the specifications of the drone i had in this review now, like all drones from iflight it’s. A very solid construction, as you can see here – and one thing i find interesting – is the carbon fiber that you see here in the center portion does not look like carbon fiber, it’s very smooth and shiny. Now, the video transmission is based on your digital goggles.

You can set it to what you want. Also to make note is, it is an xt30 battery connector. So if you get extra batteries make sure they have an xt30 connector on them. Here we can see the pilot’s camera, which is a cad dx digital nebula, nano camera total weight of the drone in my test is 142 grams. Other items included with your drone would be spare props, as well as a goody bag, with all sorts of items that you’re going to need to set up your drone and to maintain it. The knife light battery strap is included. Mine also came with a 3d printed battery. Mount iflight also includes documentation on how to fly safe, as well as which way the props go on the drone and your information on your digital camera, as well as stickers, iflight, also sent me replacement parts in case. I wanted to change the carbon fiber or the body to a different color, as well as putting protection on the body. Iflight also sent me their new gocam digital 4k, 60 frames per second camera, which is super light, and there will be a full review on this camera in a separate video. This is what we call a tree and the tree is moving because there’s, something called wind and the wind only comes out when i do reviews of drones like this, that require next to no wind yeah, so, unfortunately that’s what you get at least the sun’s out.

Well, it’s going behind a cloud in a second so with the wind out here, the rain and everything else and a little bit of sun. Let me give you my final thoughts on this drone. Let me start off with the only negative. I noticed the only negative is that i noticed some vibrations in the pilot’s camera. You know when i have my goggles on what i recorded in those goggles. There was a little bit of vibration that i could see, and that is because this here pilot’s camera right there you see it is just mounted straight to the frame. There is no vibration dampening on it, so yeah, so you will get the vibrations. As this thing vibrates, especially in the wind but the camera up top, should have looked okay, because it’s got stabilization and all that other good stuff that’s it that’s my only negative. Now i have to point out as well. If you have any drone and you put a camera up front, even if it’s a naked gopro or this new gocam or the smo4k, it requires power. Oh, look at the wind is just a howling again, it requires power to function and because of that, the battery you stick on. The back has got to supply this camera with the power, as well as your four motors and your esc and your flight controller. So yeah it so you’re not going to get a long flight time if you run it with the camera up front, but that’s a given most of us in the hobby know that already.

But if you put a camera on here that has its own power supply like an insta360 go or an insta360 go to, then it doesn’t affect any of the power going to the motors and you can get a long flight time that’s for sure. So this iflight gocam, i won’t, say much about it, but i will make a video about it. A very short one. Just to show you some of the features. The features are extremely extremely, almost identical to the smo 4k by insta360 even uses the same app. So i’ll show you all that in an upcoming video, but for now i’m going to put links below to where you can find this here drone. Now this drone is available on certain websites and i noticed on banggood that they include the camera in a few of their deals, so you can buy this drone in analog or digital. This is the digital version. The analog version is very inexpensive for a drone, but the digital version is uh, it’s a lot more expensive because of that chip shortage. So everything has gone up in price for digital, so it’s an arm and a leg. And if you buy the digital version and this camera together in a deal it’s an arm and a leg, a toe, a finger, a head and everything else – it’s pretty expensive. But if you get the same thing with the analog version, it’s affordable. So those links will all be below check it out see if this is for you, you know it is an investment, especially if you go digital because you need the goggles and everything else and the camera and all that other good stuff.

But in the end, you have a really good drone for having a lot of fun doing cinematic stuff. Alright, guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and if you have questions on this drone, just post them below, and i will get back to you catch you in a future.