Now, not maybe like eight months, um yeah its still holding up pretty good. I just got in a really heavy crash. I got some prop damage, but overall its so good im using this gopro mount that i printed myself, you can find it on thinkovers, just look it up: um yeah and this man. This thing is heavy duty and i think this is going to be my my new main quad uh. I usually fly fly glide glide 5, but i think this is going to be my new quad um. So yeah lets check out some flight footage. Music Applause. Please wow Music turns out the quads fine, okay, not bad. Like i said this is adorable quad i just did a heavy crush. Look were gon na go fly right now, uh Music, you get with the top damage or still flies flying um. So this quad is very adorable. I really like it. This is going to be my new main. I mean theres no point to build your own quads anymore else, youre doing it for fun, because its just more cost effective to buy uh plug in players yeah, so lets try to catch another battery last one instead got ta go back to the backpack. Hopefully, nobody stole it. Um yeah its a good drone, very sturdy um and its still good. I mean look at it. Its built really well um. Even my tbs antenna world is doing good and yeah its a good quad lets pop in another battery and lets apply.