Channel today were going to check out something new from gap. Rc theyve released another quad that im having a hard time finding a lot of faults in were going to talk about this and give a no hype review. A total honest opinion about the new mark v. It is the predecessor to the mark iv, which has been around for several years and been super popular, its primarily a freestyle drone for 4s and 6s configurations. It is a squashed excellent here. It does have new motors from gap rc. These are 2107.5 and theyre 1960 kv, so under 2000 kv. It gives a nice power to it, but theyre actually a little smaller than what ive seen them use on freestyle quads in the past. So i feel like what we get here is a little bit more efficient motor to power ratio as far as the draw on the battery as well so less amp draw equals more flight time, which is great. So this quad comes in uh, like i said 4s and a 6s configuration at the same price at 350 for the analog version and then close to 500 to 450 for the hd version. Now i am flying the hd version today. I will show you the tune on here. Well, do some mild freestyle well, do some power, loops and well do some sort of nice, smooth cinema flying and im going to show you the camera on board im not going to show you gopro footage, because that would be kind of cheating and it wouldnt show You the tune on the quad im, not going to use any smoothing or hyper smooth or anything like that.

Gopro hero 10. were just going to see pure quad footage today, and you can see whats really going on with this quad. If you want to buy it, i think thats super important so were not hiding anything in the tune here today. So lets go ahead and fire it up with todays flight and well come back in the studio right here on the bench. Well, talk about the mark. V and give you my honest opinion kind of overview of what gap rc has changed on this version of the new mark. V lets go ahead and do some flying okay, guys lets go ahead and jump right into the flight test. The mark v. This is the fpv flight test were going to do some freestyle cinema and just some general cruising around on this 6s 10 50 milliamp battery that were flying today and right away. I just want you to see how well this quad tracks and then later on, when we do some freestyle youre going to see how the quad handles some heavy quick rotations and if it has any vibrations in the camera, youll see it there, because what youre seeing Today, youre seeing full just 100 percent dvr and i just slipped through the trees right there without hitting that tree. Thank god, a lot of water out today, and this again is recorded straight to the dji goggles, so youre not seeing like the onboard dvr here, you can also record 1080p onboard dvr, which is fantastic wont have any of that bitmap kind of blurring.

That happens when you go behind trees with the dji system with the onboard dvr, so its kind of the benefit of having the onboard dvr, which is nice, and that, in that honestly, that way, you probably dont even really have to use a gopro if youre just Uploading to like facebook and things like that to share with people if youre really into cinema, you can get the gopro here at 10 and fly on this all day. You can also use the cadx peanut, the dks go pro and pretty much any other camera out there thats going to be shooting 4k to to 5k, the insta 360s, the 1r 360 cam would look super cool on this. One well show the whole quads body, but here were just cruising and im, relying on that tbs crossfire that i have on this quad um to hopefully not fail, safe and and honestly, i havent had a fail safe on me um, and this is where i can. This is where i would absolutely fail, safe with an xm plus style, taranis receiver down this road right here is notorious for fail, safe. I dont know how many times ive had to go, jump a barbed wire fence to get down that road and pick up a quad that failsafed right to the ground and fail safe. If you dont know it, it just means when you lose communication, the quad drops to the ground and thats the standard safety setup for betaflight if youre brand new to betaflight so welcome to the sport of fpv and again it tracks really well, you can get right Down into the trees like that, you can fly along fence lines and i was having fun just hopping from one side of the fence to the other, as youll see here a little bit further in this flight test, but very very nice and predictable flight lines.

Now one thing you want to notice on the goggles dvr is that it does show the props. You can just barely see those kind of grayed out props on the left and right of the screen and thats not a huge deal for me, its not a deal. Breaker but thats gon na show up, i believe its gon na show up in your your dvr im gon na have to double check that, for you guys to to see if that shows up in the dji dvr and if you dont, like props and view by All means just put a gopro or another action camera. On top. You will not see the props in view because of the camera tilt very nice, so much water out there today, no room for mistakes. The grass is wet by going down in the grass today, im gon na have a problem, and sometimes you can crash in the grass and get away with it without shorting, something out. I was supposed to fly with diego today during this flight test and he put his new seven inch that he just built down on the ground, fired it up and it blew up the flight controller. It could have been moisture the water it could have been some soldering, we dont know yet, but were gon na go for a power loop here and kind of late on that one. So, im going to turn around and im just going to try that again guys lets just go back for another power loop and let me try to get a nice solid line this time you can do any freestyle moves.

You want with this quad – and i was a little far out that time, but you know theres water on the ground and better be safe than sorry. Now lets just try a little uh kind of freestyle maneuver around this tree lets throw a spin in there and well kind of dip back under the tree with speed super nice, very, very nice handling on this quad and the tune is looking good. So i dont see a ton of vibration even on the hardest power loops um and hardest maneuvers. You can do yall snaps, with this quad too, and its not going to kind of vibrate really hard on those hard turns and gap. Rc again is just proving that they can continue to deliver us products in 2022 that are just going to be solid out of the box. If you want to buy something thats just solid out of the box and have problems buy something from gap rc. I dont care which one it is. Let me know which one you bought in the comments down below and let me know if you enjoy it if it broke or whatever, but i think this ones a nice kind of streamlined, better flight time better motors on this one theyre, not so big, 2306 theyre Kind of large now and im loving this one lets go back to the studio check it out. Alright, guys welcome back from the flight test. I got ta say that uh caprc, you know ive said it a million times every time i get something from that company.

It seems like i go and i fly it and i dont i dont have any problems um, so that says something about gap rc as a company as far as their quality control is concerned, like these guys are really flawless at sending a product thats already boxed Up for retail, a retail ready version, not a prototype most of the time these companies send me prototypes before theyve, actually got a lot of their retail ready versions ready for you guys gap. Rc doesnt do that, so they give me the the full retail ready version. This one, as it sits with the dji hd system on board the old school original air module back here i dont know how they have these still available, but apparently they do. It has an sd card slot on the side and it has the original dji camera up front, which most of fpv pilots prefer. This is a really nice camera, so that ones 486 thats pnp, if you add crossfire to it, its going to get you up to like 500 rxsr 504, and you can also do gap rcs new el rs receiver. On there gap, rc now makes a elrs receiver ill, try to find a link and put down to that below. So if you want a cheaper version of long range type of receiver on board, try out some elrs its actually getting really easy to bind those up. Now, with all these different modules out there that are coming out for radios, so the analog version that ones coming in at like 3, 49, 4s or 6s same price, it doesnt matter which one you get same price for that one.

You know you can run a 6s battery and you can get five minutes flight time out of something like a 1050. thats, my original freestyle battery. If i want kind of lighter weight battery on there, if youre doing cinema and long range type of flying, i would suggest running something like a 6s 1400 milliamp battery on this one, because still, even with such a large 6s battery, youre, probably going to get like 8 to 10 minutes flight time, if youre just cruising now. What i also like about being able to have multiple size batteries on here is that you can fly it with a gopro. You know something like a dks, gopro or an insta360 go to. You have various mount options that come in the box. I got the smaller d cased mount, you can take this one off and you can put a full size gopro mount in here, which they also include. So you can film with your dji action camera the gopro dks go pro or the micro size cameras, pretty cool. They also have bolts on the top of the mount that are oversized on the very top right here, so that the tpu, if it gets pulled it doesnt rip out as quite as easily years past, they were using standard size bolts like a just a regular m3. Like this, it doesnt have a wide pan head on it, its just a standard m3 bolt and a lot of times.

Tpu camera mounts were getting pulled off the quad, so manufacturers are listening to us. I mentioned about this particular detail, probably like six months ago. One of the companies did it and now it seems like a lot of the manufacturers kind of catching on to that so thats nice to have a wider kind of a washer included into that camera. Mount both so thats, really nice. Aside from the hd version, the analog version has an f7 22 hd uh flight controller on there as well. So if you want to upgrade later to hd, you can do that 50 amp eses on this baby. We got 2107.5 motors and 1960 kv version for for the 6s version and for the 4s version we have 2450, which is very standard race, motor or freestyle. We also have jim fan freestyle props on here and typically, i had been sent gap. Rc version props, but these are running really nice. They have a kind of a medium cord here and a nice tapered tip. So its really smooth on takeoff – and i got ta – say the the tune on on this one for my as far as my hd goes im sure its the same numbers and the pids on this particular quad and the hit and the the analog one. Its really smooth, really nice – i saw mild the most mild vibrations on the most extreme maneuvers, so thats thats really good news, but it is again a squash x and i wanted to tell you guys.

The vtx on the analog version has irc protocol on there for smart audio, and it also has up to 600 milliamp its changeable, and actually that goes uh. It looks like they have pit mode on that as well and 40 channels, and it also has a microphone if you want to record your quads motor noise, some guys like to do that on the analog version. They also have cadx. Retell 2 was 1200 tvl. Really nice starlight style, fpv camera. This one is not a starlight, so this is your standard. If you want a dji starlight camera, you can also get the caddux polar the caddix polar sees great in low light conditions so like, if youre flying around night time or dusk, its going to appear like daytime. Almost. I love the starlight cameras and its cool to see that there is a dji version of a starlight camera out now, but without the as this one sits, if analog version 349 and almost 500 bucks for the hd version. But you know its kind of like the standard price right now with covet and a limit to manufacturing on the chips and all kinds of delays on shipping and things around the world so um. This is kind of the standard price that were seeing this year, but i feel like for gap. Rc stuff 349 is its actually its an okay price because youre getting something out of the box, its not super duper cheapy components, youre getting speedx branded gap, rc motors, which ive used the speedx versions of these motors for years, a very, very nice motor, smooth and Reliable four bolts on the very bottom through these tpu bumpers, which is nice weve, got a really thick arm on here for that squash x and they replace.

We see this massive bottom plate right here with the extended long body. I call this the truck bed because you can fit a huge battery on these type of frames. Weve got aircraft aluminum up front. We have a special tpu mount just underneath that camera mount where you have your capacitor in there tucked in there and your beeper on the other side, so full size beeper on this. If you lose it out in the weeds somewhere or in the marsh, you can hear this thing beeping from like a quarter mile away its super loud in the back. We also have a tpu amount for the diversity antennas for the air module, which is super cool, thats, really nice. You dont get that on the standard, uh cadex vistas. You only get one antenna coming off that. So i feel like this. One has better penetration than the caddix vista, meaning going behind trees and things they also have it padded so check this out, theres a theres a bit of padding underneath the air module thats nice. So if you ever had a kind of a bottom out after a power loop and you smack down on the ground, youve got some padding there underneath your expensive dji, dvr and vtx thats really cool. We have a usbc right here, just above the 50 amp speed controller and a little push button there for the boot button and really nice soldering. All the way around you have extra uarts as well.

This one has up to six uarts. We have around a three millimeter: 3k carbon fiber top plate and standard size, motor nuts and an xd60 in the back and overall you know i i i was actually contacted by gap rc a few days ago over the weekend. Theyre, like hey, can you give us any feedback about our mark v? And you know what i said make a mark six, because the mark five is fantastic. I dont have a lot of problems with this, so i think that uh that theyre theyre really onto something here with the mark v. This is a really nice update and ill put some links down below. If you guys want to grab this one because um this one is definitely going to be a kind of a flagship model for for a five inch release from gap, rc uh, if youre thinking of the nasgo 5 versus this one, you ask me, which one should I get because i know you guys are going to ask im going to give you my opinion. My opinion is grab the mark 5 over the nascar 5.. The evoke, i think, also the evoke version – is the v2 nasco 5 evo. That one is competing with this. One, but you have a little more options with this one, so you dont have the fancy leds down the side and the side plate, but thats going to keep everything cooler here as well. So there is an advantage to having an open case design on the side of the quad, so take that with a grain of salt, its just my opinion and also multiple camera mounts come with this one, so thats pretty cool.

If you pay 500, you expect some some extras and gap. Rc gives you a giant bag of extras, bolts and all kinds of camera attachments, so i think thats a pretty good value for what you get and you get great components on board. But thanks again for watching my reviews, guys try this one out for freestyle or cinema and start out with the 6s 1050 battery. You get five minutes with this one on freestyle, which is great its a great flight time for a freestyle flight and if youre flying long range, uh or medium range, mountain surfing. Things like that and youre toting, a gopro use the 6s 1400 ill put links for both of those style batteries down below uh. Tattoo r line is my battery of choice. Right now, so take care guys, and i will see you on tomorrows review were gon na. Have reviews all week long so stay tuned and uh stay tuned for the podcast as well everything fpv friday night at 7 p.m, pacific standard time, im! Sorry! I didnt see you guys.