I flew it on the camaro 7.. You can fly it on the khmer 7, but it was not um. This battery was not made with that particular quad in mind, so its not the best use case in terms of testing. This battery was designed or intended to be used with the taurus x8, which is a very large sim lifter, i think, has eight motors ten inch props and its designed to carry dslr cameras. Hence the name cinder left here very different use case, a much larger, quad different sort of profile in terms of power, usage and um. You know i dont have that quad. Obviously so i couldnt test it, and the best i could do is just try it out on the command 7 to see what kind of flight typing get, but for this particular battery you know i dont think i would recommend it for using with the khmer 7, Because it is very heavy, uh barely fits on the camaro 7. By the way it barely fits between the back of the the xd60 and the uh gopro mount. Also, the battery uses an xt90 connector, which is right here, and i had to use a converter. Uh xd98xd60 converter to use it on the khmer 7., so theres, a few of the downsides on this battery, its very heavy, its 685 grams, so uh very large ill put the dimensions up here on the screen as well, and you know 685 grams is huge.

So i put a posting of this battery up on my instagram. I dont know maybe a week ago, when it first came in and i sort of asked the question um what kind of flight time you think this will get. I set the over under to around 25 minutes and thats, based on the fact that i flew the same khmer 7 with this outline the 3300 milliamp hour 6s, significantly smaller battery and lighter. So it is smaller and lighter, as you can see here – uh 433 and a half grams for the 3300, and i did a video on uh on this flight time. Uh test on this one. It was uh around 19 20 minutes. I believe ill link that video up here in the corner. You guys check it out. I basically just flew it around circles, which i did the same test, basically with the uh larger 4 400 milliamp hour battery, so but based on the fact that im on the lighter 3300, i got about 19 to 20 minutes. I was setting the bar around 25 minutes im thinking. Oh you know. I think it will get more flight time because obviously, its got 1100 more milliamp hours, but significantly more weight to carry around so there you sort of hit that point of diminishing returns right. You dont get a linear return on um, more energy or more weight that youre carrying around doesnt necessarily yield the same amount of flight time, and that turned out to be true.

So i did the same boring test im not gon na ill. Show you a little bit of this speed up footage here flying around circles. You know just just to basically burn the battery off simulating you know just kind of a cruising type of flight with the camera. Seven uh dont think youll be doing any kind of racing or freestyle. With this 685 gram battery on the camaro 7, so um yeah people that are going to ask me for that kind of ridiculous test. I dont think youre going to get that from me or anybody else, because this is not a good use case for that. But uh yeah, if youre just cruising around, which is you know, kind of what the khmer 7 is kind of built for is just you know, doing like long flights and cruising around for a long range, etc. Um just simulating that kind of just going around circles. I got roughly uh 26 minutes so just a little bit over uh. Now i did land a couple times, so i think the flight time could have been a little bit longer if i didnt land uh. Just because i got tired, 26 minutes is a really long time, so this is 26 months of actual in air time, not counting the time that i landed. I i think i took a one minute break two times and yeah. So if youre doing continuously, you could probably go to maybe 27 or 28 minutes plus i only drained the battery to um.

Well, it was based on the voltage sag. It was around 3.2 volts, which is pretty low for a lithium polymer or lipo battery. I dont recommend going that low. So realistically, i think around 25 minutes was about right. I think thats. When you probably want to land you dont, i mean you cant push it but yeah. I dont recommend doing that now, given the fact that you know youre not getting that much more flight time and youre carrying a lot of extra weight. I think, as some people suggested this going to a larger lipo battery is not what you want to do for the khmer 7. again. This battery was intended for this, the taurus x8. So i dont know what how that will perform on that particular quad. Im sure that they designed this battery for the that particular quadrant, because it has a better internal resistance – has better voltage, sag numbers than the outline battery here, which is more intended for the camaro 7. So obviously they got the xd90 on here its intended. For more of a current draw than the other smaller 3300 battery here, so in terms of performance, this battery is a good performer. You know its got. I dont think its got any issues with um in terms of voltage staggered drawing out the current from this battery. At least on the camera, seven so, which i think is intended to be used on something like the tour than the tourist x8, which is going to be actually be drawing a lot more power.

I think that on the khmer 7 youre going to want to go with, instead, the lithium ion pack its a 21 700 6s1p pack – 4000 milliamp hours, but it weighs the same as this 3 300 milliamp hour, lipo its around 433 grams, and you can discharge that To a lower voltage as well, so you can go to about three volts per cell on lithium ion no problem, whereas you cant do that on the lithium polymer packs the lipo packs, so that um again, i dont have that battery id love to test that one Out at some point, but im thinking thats going to give you better um bang for the buck. I think its cheaper battery as well uh youre gon na get – probably you know, uh for four thousand milliamp hours and be able to drain that battery, also being lighter youre, gon na im, im pretty sure and those of you that have the battery and the commercial. Let me know down in the comments below pretty sure youre gon na be able to get close to 30 minutes on that 21. 700. Pack. Let me know if im mistaken on that assumption or not but thats. My guess uh because of the you know, basically its lithium ion. You can go to a lower pack voltage and uh. It weighs the same as this 3300, so thats about it. For this video um yeah. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below what battery would you use on the camaro 7? If you want to do 30 minute flight im thinking that 2100 or 21 700 um lithium ion pack is probably the way to go.

But if you have a different pack that you would suggest, let me know down in the comments below thats gon na.