Ive previously used many other bags for putting all my drones inside my goggles, and it was not designed for this today. Were going to have specifically designed for fpv stuff here? Is the box heres the bag? What else we have? This is iflight fpv backpack, specifically designed for the fpv um drones, and i think this is one of the best im gon na show you what i have used before for many yeah. Well, nearly three years, its sort of like a custom box with some velcro, where i could attach the drone or where um i dont, know some kind of other some sort of stickers where i try to fix the drone. So this one is specifically designed for for that purposes, so it comes with a lipo back, so where you can keep your basically, where you keep your batteries in alright, what we have there as well uh. We have oh okay, so its on chinese and english. It says just send it: okay, and i think this is for for this place there you go thats, how it looks like very nice. So let us let us look at it, so this is the place where youre going to fix your drones and its going to be easy for us to do so since were here so before opening. Let us try this and see if its gon na work – oh wow, this is nice right. We could use the cineboop. You know.

Cinebook is one of my favorite, as you know, and the same can be done with the cinebo. This is awesome, okay, so this is how it looks, yeah very convenient, no troubles and it definitely shows your identity. This is awesome. Okay, so lets open and see what we have inside and i was told you can put 17 inch computer inside along with your stuff and, i think, were gon na test. It now see if its gon na work. Okay. So let us take this drone, so were definitely confirming that its easy to fix there. You go okay, so so what we have here, this uh, oh okay, these are the props i was ordering for my product 25. This is from iflight uh. I do recommend, as mentioned in my previous tutorial, this is one of my favorite drone, its really good, its its close to the ceiling from roadride. This is just a smaller, as you can see there, you go yeah, so i like cinebooks, especially with kids. You know if you do some commercials easy and, i would say safe definitely fly around the people, so these are two angels: okay, theyre really good. Now we put the props out so what we have inside so we have inside. I think this is really good for the remote controller, its one of the biggest. I think here we go thing up here, you go, it is my remote controller, its actually even you can you can keep it inside this way or that way.

Okay, not bad. Here we could have goggles. This is where the goggles will go. Oh see how easy it is definitely easy. Um im sure it is easy. Um the battery pack probably will go down. But again, when it comes to battery pack its uh, i would say subjective yeah. If you have any troubles with one battery, basically all back all batteries will be affected, although if its not inside the backpack, if its going to be here just laying, maybe it will work as long as your connections are well secured and protected, but its yet uh. You know some people likes to have those level but lipo bags, some people dont. So, but i i like them, i prefer them and to have them so yeah, so they can be stored inside okay, now uh. What else we can have we can have? We can put the tools are inside my my newbie drone pack tool, which is uh uh. I have all important tools inside of the bag and it can be easily go in and when it comes to the props. This is where you can keep your props sizeable. Okay, thats very nice and theres a actually theres a plenty plenty room for all your gear and they have porches inside you can put your cables. You can put your probably some notes recommendation on probably path where and how to fly. This is really useful. So if this is goes in okay, this is nice on the sides.

You do have this, where probably you can put your tripod or something water bottle here there you go here. This is where you can keep your memory cards or yeah some additional stuff which is really and might require. This is awesome. Okay, so i think they try to cover each and every element in the back to make sure you can. You can have everything all, but you do require here you go, and this is the one big compartment, thats uh thats, really cool high flight very nice. Thank you so much good design, um. The good thing is uh. This is very steady, so i had a previous bag and uh probably a year or one and a half year after i got cracks on the material itself on the fabric, so i had to replace it at the back side. This is what we have here: land yard and okay, and i think this is for you know around you west. So this is a bit um and yes and no uh for when you travel, i dont know if you mount if you on the mountains, if youre somewhere in the desert, it is good to have this around your waist, so you know so it will be easy For you to carry you know uh, however, it will be good if this can be detachable im, not sure, but it looks like they cannot do so so it has to be there. I just need to find the way how to pack, but on other side this is.

This is look awesome. If you open it there, you go the first in the front compartment you have stuff to put inside of that zipper or actually just keep it here. Well, um yeah, so this is nice. Now the interesting thing about it. It comes actually, it does not come with the module for the lights, although there is a light on the side of the back strip light. But if you pay, if and im just taking additional 16, so they provide you with a small module im gon na show it to you. I think i have it, and this is really nice at night time, a bit of showing off, i dont know, but let me show it to you there you go so yeah, so these are the module, and this is what you need to connect to four strap Lights so im going to show it to you – and this is where youre going to keep your battery connected to get a nice beautiful effect which can be seen at nighttime. So you get these other cables are here so youre gon na get one of your tools and youre just sticking in and screwing sticking and screwing. Once that is done, you get one of those lipo batteries connect and youll have a beautiful nice lighting. So let me show it to you: this is how it looks and at nighttime. So if you just put the lights on, you can change this different modes.

Where you can change the light sequence, you know and um the beauty of it. Maybe it doesnt not come from it. Doesnt come from. I flies. It comes from myself uh. If you have something when you propel us like mines, you know with the leds where you put the batteries so its the you know. It provides you with the light on one of the propeller and at the time when it spins it gives you beautiful. You know circular effect. So, if youre going to put those lights on the back uh with the drone and put them all together, which is there is no harm to the drone, is just for the light itself. This looks so awesome yeah and i think its um yeah, maybe its things to consider again it base based on you know on your wallet. If you really want to have it, if not its going to be there anyway, so its not like, if youre not going to purchase it, they will remove it. So i think its still there its just maybe you know for the future. If you want to get it, you just connect it or get the module and connect it so, and this is how it is well. This is just a quick and short episode on the i fly back and um. Honestly, i do recommend if anyone is out there planning to have something like this go for it. So if, if you notice, this is the dji bag for the drone – and i do have my phantom 4 here – a slider thats, the phantom 4 pro one of my best drawn, but so even this so previous for purchasing this bag.

For my quads i try to do something like you know: you get a velcro, you keep it here, then you stick it to one of the parts. You stick here on the drone and then it comes like this. So it was okay, but whether it was practical. What it was nice im, not sure um but yeah. We tried that and it didnt work it didnt work. So then um is that a bag. I got another bag for my dslr gear, so i decided to purchase something like this some kind of um. You know velcro strips where again you put your drone, you put it, you know velcro, and you know you just tighten it up and keep it like this and honestly it doesnt look nice isnt it. This is dslr for lenses for cameras, its not a really true fpv pack. So before purchasing this bike, i really tried many options and i said: okay, let me get something professional. Let me get something that really presents you well when youre there outside, especially if youre gon na film with the big crew. You definitely need to look nice and it is worth it yeah, so dont purchase it. Take your some. I mean take some time, uh see. If its, you know so really later, this needs that you do have to have but see if its really required. But for me, after three years flying. I think this is the time when i need to really get our proper back for my um fpv drones.

So uh this was just a quick review. Thank you guys for hanging out and um.