.. Well, learn, learn …. I think that hearing so many times Master. Finally, I believed it.. I hope you at least have a good time. Today we have with us the new eye flight and half 5 lr, a new mini long range of these that are becoming so fashionable, and the truth is that this drone, I have loved to pilot. It is a light drone, but With enough power so that we can do whatever we want. In fact, I would call it an amazing flight 5 lr, I don’t know if you can think of a good name, put it in the comments and if we suggest it ai flight as the next name. I hope you enjoy this review so much As I have enjoyed, recording it and putting myself in the comments to see what you think of this mini long range and which of the ones we have seen so far on the channel. Would you of course, give the like and subscribe if you have not already done so and Without wrapping myself later videos here comes the drone in this box or, as you can see, on the one hand, we have an advertising theme with the rockets here. It tells us which model it is. It is the first to 5 analog for 4 s, more public and more pure. We open the seal here. We are this and the first thing we have are 12 complete, happy games here. We have, on the one hand, a usb cable.

On the other hand, we have an extra for a couple of rubber bands to hold the xlii pos, some printed pieces to put the camera and the rods to what is the receiver, the remote control of the camera. If we want, we can put this fastening for the web, but with the 360 urges, but good guy go pro. The drone or the cool guy is how nice, how nice is this? The drone some stickers with the The pilots of the team and some configuration instructions for the gps is that it does not come connected as standard and in Chinese in case we want to put it. Everything is therefore what has arrived in the box and how we always do a first look at the drone to see what So here is the you see how cool it is. It is super nice. I like it a lot. It is simple where there are those who are super simple: it has nothing, it has nothing and at the same time it is beautiful, which versions we have well. We have two main versions. One pales is the analog one. That is this one that you have here, that costs 249 dollars on the flight page in the dave light shop for the version without a separate receiver, we have the digital version. That brings each view with the nebula nano camera. There is no other in Right now and we also have it without a receiver that costs ‘9 in euros.

It would be 326 euros and with a receiver 428, this is about 350 euros and the price is going up a bit, and the first thing we are going to do is read all the labels that it brings because Bring a lot of papers. As you can see, one we start here makes a test flight in a safe area. The loss or breakage due to having driven like crazy, is not covered by our guarantee here for a better behavior put the battery in the center of gravity. I am a drone ready to fly vin de ame and default flight is set to the angle mod. This is the most assisted. We have done it, so you do not have a problem on your first flight out. It is also removed, and here is another – the receiver is in place 2. Well, very well, thank you very much and it puts us to toast where we have to press, and now we have read everything that had to be read and we are going to start to see it. The first thing that catches our attention is the engines that you see super cool and touched what the bearing is feels a joy. We are talking about motors in this case for 4 s of 2550 kv and, as you can see, the measurement is 2005. They are, of those that have become very fashionable in this type of 5 drones. Inches super light. This case we see that even the magnets, because, of course they are curved.

What is the cable? You can see that it is quite well wound are motors. I really like the red colors that it has inside very cool curious. One thing keep in mind that the Propellers are screwed directly to the engine. We do not have the typical fat screw that is put with a nut. They are screwed here, so they send us some spare propellers Second important point: what is the central stack? We have here? U, the controller at the top. In this case, we are talking about access mini efe 7. This is an f 7 with which then have enough computing power to do whatever a mp 6000 has to be, and, of course, it carries that from eb to beck and everything we want at the bottom. You see that ls ce is on a new level of the stack in this case. We are talking about a sc that supports hiccups is from 2 to 6. S is a vlez the s for, Therefore it does not have telemetry and it normally gives us up to 35 amps with peaks of 40 amps. Behind the stack this we have here a will be autonomous, as you have placed on top with its own battery. If we drop the drone and get loose, The battery is not a problem, since it will sound without any problem, and in this case, as I was saying, it is analog here in this silver box that you see here, we have the video transmitter.

That is, a sachs is force in this case, and it gives us output powers of pitt, 25, 100, 400 and 800000 watts. So t So much left over to make a range let’s say tell you that it is Trump type and can work with voltages from 7 to 36 volts a little further back. You see here that he is connected to the controller. The antenna for good is quite well located here. It is one of these little girls and the little camera you see here on the front is one each cge rattle v2, with a 21 millimeter lens and a very low brightness. I like the 1.8 lens better. It is more open, but with this one I also suppose it will do its job very well here, At the top, we have room for a receiver, for example, if we put an xm plus and as you can see down here, it also goes to another receiver, Which, in this case, is where the one that comes standard is installed, which is the receiver tves the crossfire? Since we are in the lower part, you see that the arms are all very good. What is the carbon beta is perfect. I like this site of dave light then, as I have told you all, this is a piece let’s say printed in 3 d, where it is placed The antenna in the front part. We have protections for the arms of course, and also for the rear motor where the gps goes, and here you see it better connection for the battery an x of 60 and the antenna that protrudes as it is a good bit is but Well it doesn’t seem Like it’s, going to break so much it’s quite flexible in this case, the cables as you can see, have plastic protectors on the arms, so they don’t break with the propellers and a little more to say, it’s, a very cool little drone with Very good looking.

It has nothing, it is super simple, as you can see light, and to see what the measurements are, the diagonal between engines. We are talking about 219 millimeters, a length of 173 millimeters and a width of 135 millimeters height 28 millimeters. The arms are 4 millimeter carbon, while the central plate is 2.5 millimeters and the upper plate and the lower plate are 2 millimeters weight ready to fly without batteries 247 grams. Therefore, we do not stay below 250 grams, with b Ateria, not even close, and take into account that we also lack the propellers with all this, which is what the manufacturer promises us. It promises us quite maxim, go pro flight times and without anything with a 3000 milliamp lithium ion battery tells us about 22 24 minutes. That would be the top and it has after these, with batteries type 18 650, with a go pro nike and the same battery would work in 20 22 minutes. This is we will go down a couple of minutes to carry that go pro. Always this battery. We go to a lipo that It is the most common because, with a lipo of 1304 s with nothing, we are left in 14, 15 minutes 12, 13 minutes with a go pronei and with a normal, go pro a go pro: hero 8, because with a 4 S 1300 milliamps. It could give us about 46 minutes. As you can see, I do it, but it takes away a lot of flight time.

It already has the setup ready to fly. Therefore, all we are going to do is provide the station and go ahead and see how this ring flies, because it is ready is that it has even bara the autonomous mo is fully prepared to do. It is the first test I did with the drone. Let’S say a mid range long range, always under legal limits without exceeding 500 meters of distance and always well in the sight of a scout that you take it into account and well, as you can see, the feeling was very good. I really liked this drone. Treina dwelling on these mini long range because it is a joy so much to do this type of flights to which I am getting a bit the trick, and I am liking it. A lot, for example, to do a A bit of freak, also help you to click without any problem below. You can see that in the image it is analog. It is not digital in this case, and it goes quite well except good, because when you get into a shady area such as this one, if there are trees that They are blocking your vision or they are close there. Yes, you are not failing a bit. What is the video signal if it did not have a fairly good video signal and what was seen with the camera and others quite content to does not reach the level of the? As you will see, then I am not able to see some ninja branch.

I leave them, it does not matter, you can see it, but the warm image very well let’s say the best in terms of analog image. Yes, when you see that they put me in A place where I do not have direct vision of an antenna, glasses is when it begins to have a problem here. The attachment right here is when it gives me weight, but hey you see that the drone continues calmly. After a milk as it is against a pineapple, you can put it in slow motion and doing very well is that is super soft. How it goes for good here have in the overall picture was somewhat stabilized, but you see in the tiny image in the box is also perfect. No, no, no, no rattle or vibration or anything It pilots very well. It is very pleasant to carry so let’s say in a quiet flight. What are the batteries? I have a little old batteries. I will have to try later with some newer ones. I promise you a second video about this. Dr one lasted me around 5 minutes per battery more or less. This is the 4 s model. I do not know 6s, but even so I did not notice at any time lack of power or anything like a very smooth, very noble flight, and it did not do anything to me. That is rare. When it comes to this type, let’s say more kinematic flights quieter and more enjoyable.

Then after this video I will give you a free flight with some prophecies and others, and there is also this drone. I liked a lot and that I did not. I took it to the east, a next video. As I was saying, I will try a little to give it some more cane, but you will see that even to do free, it is a drone that gives you total peace of mind and that it is going very well. Someone asked me how about these drones to start flying well, I think it is a good option because they are drones that are not very heavy. They are relatively light. The mini long ranges are quite hard, they do not give any problem, and if you have a beautiful space where you can pilot, they are a very good option either in this or the re with 5 That we saw recently. The two are very similar this one. I think it has a little more power, it weighs a little more. It is power we will see a comparison later, but both are a very good option for those who want to start having a rum for a while or for which He wants to enjoy flying. I don’t know you will tell me to see what you think of this drone and you leave it for me below in the comments give it a like, of course, please, and if you are not subscribed subscribe, and I await your comments.

next pilots. No. Ah 2.