Yes, tiny acro drone on the market lets get into it, Music, all right guys. So when you hear the nas gold name, what do you think of the first one that comes to mind? Is a five inch acro quad, very capable very affordable, high quality aqua quad, but in this case, youd be terribly wrong. If i reintroduced this name in a totally new quad, so right here is the nozzle. In this case this is the baby nas gull nano this thing here, im guessing is very small. Never have i opened the drone or unboxed a drone in a box. This small so lets get this thing open. Take a look at this heres. My packing list put that to the side, got some stickers here, put that to the side, and we came for this. So a box in the box and this box is even smaller, so pretty typical of iflight with their boxes very white with minimal information on the outside here lets see here. I fight baby nos gold. This is the analog version. I dont even think they make a digital version. This is a very small light drone here, pnp plug and play just the beta flight version 4.2.8. So this is a real. This is a really new drone. Actually so it has the latest bit of light version on here, the date which doesnt make any sense because thats in the future since august, so these things are just in the market, so very, very new anyways lets get this open here.

Just one tamper proof seal! Well, just cut that open there we go all right. First thing were greeted with. Is some props? These things are so tiny, guys kind of yellow orange color uh. You have eye flight, a screwdriver looks like it. A allen. Wrench looks like some nylon nuts on here. Like some yeah some nuts and looks like a charger on here, so thats pretty cool, it includes a charger. You also have a this looks like a micro usb to usb a cable which is good for syncing. This up with betaflight – and here is this thing – is so tiny guys. This thing is so small heres the drone, if you can see that its packaged pretty well but anyways lets get it out of here. This thing is so small, wow um. Nothing else is in here, just some foam put that to the side, and this thing ive never seen the drone this small. Before guys, this thing fits in the palm of my hand. I have big hands, but it is surprisingly small, crazy, small. So a few things im noticing here from the get go. First of all, it is carbon fiber, which is pretty cool, not plastic, so they didnt skimp on the materials. Here it is very light which is good. I noticed that the camera here isnt adjustable but yeah – you cannot adjust it so youre stuck with this angle for now, so this probably will not be the best drone for indoor flying, although its very small.

Besides that lets look under here its a single piece, carbon fiber plate at the bottom, and this thing is so light. If you do crash this, i doubt youll break the arms on this, so it is a single plate. I can see a vtx theres. The board looks like an all in one board here, so pretty cool heres, your vtx antenna pretty good, and your typical, i guess ph 2.0 uh connecting this is a one cell drone. So lets go over a bit of the specs. So lets start with just the overall weight distance weighs 26 grams, so youre not gon na exceed the 250 gram weight restrictions imposed on certain countries or in the u.s all right. This has a 63 inch base with a i think, a 35 millimeter prop. These are gem fan props here, its cool that they have spares on here, different color. If you want to change it up a little bit as far as the motors theyre, very, very small, i thought use these a lot. This is the 802s and i think these are 22 22 000 kv, so they spin really really fast, but ive never flown a drone. This small – actually, i have and well get to that in a few minutes here. So, as far as the flight control, this is the f4 flight controller with a built in receiver. In here you have numerous options as far as receivers. This one has fr sky d8 receiver in here, but there is an option for crossfire on here.

You can put a crossfire nano receiver on this, but the vtex is the next thing here. This is a standalone vtec, which is pretty good, but it is limited to 50 milliwatts. So you you can adjust it theres two power settings on here: 25 milliwatts and 50 milliwatts thats. The reason why i did not go with the crossfire, because the outdoor crossbar is really good, and i made a promise to myself that i was going to go crossfire from here on in the future um. But it just didnt make any sense with this jones. Since im, probably going to outrange the vtx and this pretty easily, even with the foresight receiver on here, all right, besides that we talked about the camera on here. Initially, this is a non adjustable. This is the run. Cam atom ive never used this camera before its very, very small, very tiny. I think this thing weighs 1.7 grams, so barely nothing on here it is analog. This drone only comes in analog versions, so were not going to expect too much out of it, but at least it has a camera on here. There is some protection on here for the camera, so in case you do hit a object, a tree or something it is protected, its not gon na damage, the actual lens on the camera, which is pretty good all right. Last but not least, which is the most obvious part of this. This uses a one cell battery theres only one space for one here so, as i said, ph 2.

0 connector on here. Hopefully we get three three and a half four minutes on this thats. My goal, if i get four minutes out of this ill, be happy besides that theres no space for a camera. Obviously uh. This thing is, i said, 26 grams without a battery on here. So its going to vary depending on the size of the battery under making the model of the battery that you put on this drone, but everything looks pretty good. You have all this plug and play motor wires. That goes into the flight controller here at the bottom. Here, which is pretty cool, you have really good access to this micro usb for beta flight. The only thing, though i wish it had, although it might add weight its just some lets see, did they include them? No, usually you see some like pads for the bottom. So that, once this lands, it doesnt damage the carbon fiber at the bottom. Usually you have a little leg on here or pad to prevent them from damage. Now its pretty interesting that you know i fight would name this. The baby nasgol nano only because the nascar name is synonymous with a pretty good quality drone, nothing but praise, i think theyre in the second iteration of the nas glow five and it seems to be the standard for five inch entry. Five inch drones talking about that. As i said, this looks like a toy. The smallest drone ive ever found was one of these.

This is one i would say, a toy zone as well. I bought this in a store in a mall and it flew pretty good, but this thing is really a toy and honestly, this feels very similar in weight. If you look at the size comparison here, you can see theyre very similar in size, probably slightly bigger here, but its impressive. This thing flew pretty good only for indoors theres, no camera on this. First of all, you have a cheap, joystick or controller radio. On this, the range isnt that great to have something here with brushless motors. This thing has all the components of a traditional drone. You have a flight controller, you have built in escs, you have a vtx on top here. You have a camera in the front here, and you have carbon fiber all over, so to have all the components of a traditional zone in this. The size smaller than the palm of my hand, is really impressive, well see how it flies guys in the next couple of videos, ill be doing a setup and the first flight. So if youre interested in those videos hit that subscribe button, so youll be notified. Whenever i do drop those videos, so yeah guys, what do you think about this drill and do you think its going to fly good? Do you think its worth it its not that pricey um, very, very, i think, affordable and for the quality and the components of this drone? I think its a real good bargain.

This could be a really fun drone. If you want to fly, i would say probably not indoors, because these propellers arent guarded, but also uh, because the angle of the camera is so high. You would need a really good tilt to uh fly level and probably not recommend it for indoors. But probably in your backyard, this would be the perfect drone you dont want to go to a park or something just stay in your backyard. This would be a good drone for that and these propellers are so small. I doubt theyll make a lot of noise, but i dont know anyways guys if you enjoyed the video hit that like button. If you have any questions about this little uh drone here uh, i still have questions as well. I have to do the setup on this ill, be doing it right now and there will be some questions so hopefully, if you have questions leave them down below, i will answer those and, if youve noticed already, as i said before, uh consider subscribing youll be notified. Whenever i do drop a new video guys so anyways thanks for watching – and i will see you in the next video peace look arguably the tiny, the smallest, the tiniest italian, its cool just looking at this stuff, guys acro drone on the market lets take a look.