I flew it with gnb 450 milliamp hour 1s with the ph 2.0 connector. This does come with the rolled or folded. Pin ph2 connector. If you guys are wondering yeah, it probably wear out eventually and youll probably need to replace that not a big deal. You can get those pretty much anywhere but uh yeah. This is you know, basically the 73 millimeter version of the baby nasgol that um they made. I think in direct response to the flywheel model, and i will get to the comparison a little bit later in the video they originally made a 63 millimeter version, which i did not review, and i know that a lot of you guys asked me why i chose Not to review that version, and i just looked at the specs, the weights and the flight time. The expected flight time was fairly low, like around a minute and a half two minutes on a 1s 300 milliamp hour lipo and i decided well knowing the complaints uh. The raging complaints, i would get in the comments section about terrible flight time i was like well, it wasnt not really worth it for me to uh review that, knowing that i was gon na get hundreds of complaints about low flight time and so thats. Why? I didnt review it and you know the flywheel came out great flight time on this. One again ill talk more about that a little later, but lets talk about this one, so you know very minimalistic.

I think its like a one millimeter bottom plate and maybe half millimeter top plate, uh 1s flight controller board. I think uh yeah, this one is a has a built in d8, spi, receiver, free sky. Of course. The video transmitter there you see on top is only 25 or 50 milliwatts and it does connect via these pins right there to the main board, so no wires, so it doesnt wait a little bit there. The micro usb port comes out of the bottom. Here. You have a tpu strap here for the lipo uh its on the bottom, so they switch from a top mounted to a bottom mounted battery setup here got the run cam atom for the fue camera, plus this little tpu mount to hold the camera in place, and It is a fixed angle now for those of you that are worried about the range of the spi d8 receiver. You can um put on a external receiver there. There are two pads there for another uart for a uh. You are choose to teach you an r2 there that you could potentially solder on an express lrs, receiver, crossfire or whatever. If you want more range, but again, 50 milliwatt uh video transmitter. How far away are you planning on going on just 50 milliwatts of power? You know, i think, the its probably gon na be just fine for this setup. Oh wait! There are two motors here: um 17 000 kv so lower, keeping then on the 63 millimeter version on the 450 1s.

If youre just cruising around uh youre going to get approximately a six minute flight on this setup here, if youre doing more aggressive flying trying to do acro tricks racing, that kind of thing, youre gon na get closer to a three minute flight, maybe a little bit More than three minutes, so those are the averages that i got on this battery, which barely and i mean, barely fit in here this. This tpu strap is designed for this, the size of in terms of the thickness and the width, and it is uh challenging to get it in there it, but it will fit and and the battery ejections are probably not going to happen once you get the battery In there youd have to kind of finagle the battery connector in here it will work, and you want to put this on the same side as the connector like this thats, the only way that it would work now. I did try to use this a little bit higher capacity battery heres a 650 uh. I forget which one this came with one. I think it was an eachine model, its a little bit longer its about the same width but its about uh nine tenths of a millimeter thicker. So you cant really see it here. Um until you pull the calipers out, but its almost a millimeter thicker does not fit in here. I know there are other g and b batteries now that are longer than this, like um 660, i believe, is one i believe ill link it in the description that are the same dimensions in terms of the width and the thickness, but just just longer.

So, if youre, looking for more capacity for longer flying, there are batteries available that will fit because its basically the length doesnt matter its the the width and the thickness of the battery to fit into that strap. And if you can match that any batteries that same with the thickness of this one will fit in here and youll get a little more flight time. If you want to go up, but basically youre, going to add more weight, youre going to lose um, basically youre going to trade agility for a little bit more flight time. But if you just want to cruise around just want longer flights, then yeah sure why not uh go for it. Uh longer batteries should fit in here. No problem, as you can see – and you know definitely more more uh into the back and in the front. But you do have to worry about this connector length here because it has to bend around and you need a little bit of slack there to get into that connector. Otherwise, its gon na the battery is gon na stick out in the front and it might show up in your camera view, but probably not too likely with that camera angle, all right. So this is how much it weighs its uh, 25.8 grams by itself, with the 1s 450 were coming in at 38.6, so this is significantly heavier than the flywheel fly was coming in at 21.6 without the battery so 21.

6 versus uh 25.7 – and you know its interesting Here, if we get into the comparisons, you have a slightly bigger motor around the flywheel. A weighted 2.4 a little bit lower kv. 16 500 kv same props, the weights, significantly less. You have a bigger video transmitter here on the fly with 350 milliwatts, which youre going to need for that express lrs receiver. Here um, you know youre going to get way more. Video range, maybe more control range on this setup and it weighs less and has longer flight times in comparison. So if youre on the same 450, you can probably squeeze out another one or two minutes on this one here versus the um iflight and you get more video range and more control range. If you want to go express lrs, of course, if you want free sky, then of course you know go for this one. I think free sky is available for this one as well uh in terms of the bigger motor and the lighter weight youre going to feel a little bit more. I dont know it feels like this is a little bit more um control in the low end. Not quite as much top end because the lower kb motor, so i still feel like either one of these isnt great for acro or racing really its just theyre. Both you know pretty much for flight time and for cruising around. You can do flips and rolls and tricks and stuff on both of these now with the um, the geometry of this frame or the flywheel with being sort of a dead cat and the the way the battery is balanced on here, i recommend it to fly away That they change the frame so that the battery could be side mounted instead of front and back, and they did do that.

So you may be lucky enough on a later batch to get a sideways mounted battery option. Im gon na hopefully get that soon. So i can show you guys that, because i think thats gon na at least on the pitch axis, its gon na feel a little bit um more responsive than with the battery forward and backwards on this particular frame. Now this one here, you know, being seventy three millimeters motor motor, its more or less an external frame, its not gon na make too much of a difference. You can try and finagle a sideways battery mount on the bottom there, but yeah its um. It might make a difference – im, not 100 sure, but you know i think ill make more of a difference in this, because the motors are seem to be closer together front to back on the flywheel and um yeah. You know in terms of like flying performance, not a whole lot of difference, in my opinion, if, if you gave me one or the other and told me what you know to guess which one was which um it would take me a while to figure out, you Know not knowing any other clues like you know, props in view or the camera, or something like that. Obviously uh. The camera will give it away. If you guys look at the the field of view on the flywheel, its its all much larger than the run cam atom camera that will give it away.

But if assuming that camera cameras were the same, and i cant tell in terms of just flying performance, it would be harder to tell what the differences are between these two, because the weights are similar and the performance is similar in terms of the power from the Motor, i think the difference is going to come in the flight time with a lower kv motor on the flyweight and the less weight you just get more flight time, and just you know, if you add more weight, everything else being equal. Your flight time is just going to be lower its just um, simple physics: there really nothing, no rocket science there, nothing really to explain. So. Obviously you know the question is, which ones better, which is best thats kind of up to you to decide ive. Given you all the details on uh whats different about them, you know, if you want more flight time, you go for the flywheel. If you want uh, you know, you know, if you maybe like uh, prefer i fly in terms of their customer support, their bigger company, etc. You know go for rifle theres, not that much of a difference between the two models. It really kind of depends on what you want to go for so um yeah thats im going to leave it that you know. I think you guys can decide on your. You guys are smart enough to figure out which one is better and yeah.

You know if youre looking at this model, specifically the nas girl, baby and youre, not sure about the 63 millimeter or the 73 millimeter, i would get the 73 millimeter just because you just get more flight time more performance overall. I think this is a better experience, but if you want, you know the smaller form factor, then you know you know and youre willing to trade that off for a lower flight time, yeah go for it uh, you know thats, just you know, it all depends on Your preferences, every everyone, has a different um preference for something, and just because someone else you know like me likes longer flight times, doesnt mean that thats necessarily the best it might not be the best for years. So just keep that in mind anyway. Im gon na put uh the full flights for uh more. You know a shorter, more acura type of flight um down in the video description along with a sort of longer cruisy type of flight as well. So if you guys want to watch that in you know, in the in terms of like watching the entire flight in full screen, then yeah go ahead and click those links down in the video description, as well as links to everything else down in the video description. So hopefully that will help you guys out in terms of making the decision on whats best for you, uh thats gon na.