If 8 radio and youre going to need some batteries, so you can pair that with the iflight full send pack now just to disclaimer. Iflight did send all this to me so that i could make them a tutorial video on how to bind these together. A review was not part of the deal, but i liked this so much that i wanted to make a review combo out there now disclaimer. This is not the best micro you can buy. I still feel like that is the modulus 6.. However, if you go down that route, youre going to need to assemble quite a lot of gear, for you to be able to use and actually fly it and then youre gon na have to go down the rabbit hole, learning how to get all of the pieces To work with each other whats compatible with that a lot of people just want to know. Tell me three things i can buy: buy them all from one place. Get them shipped to my house with prime shipping turn it on, follow the directions and get flying within minutes, and this is the best all around combo. This is actually a very, very good micro, tiny, whoop style drone. It uses brushless motors on there. It has these tiny little 0, 802, 22 000 kv motors, and it uses iflights tiny little r81 receiver now thats key because it works directly with this little iflate. If 8 radio and its so easy to bind up.

Some of these you actually have to plug into a computer. You dont need to plug this thing into a computer and install betaflight or any of the apps to get it to run thats the benefit of why this is so easy now. Why does this not one? Why does this one not fly as good, mostly because of this very uh, tough canopy? It adds a little bit of extra weight compared to some of the other models out there, but what you do get for. That is durability. You have to worry about crashing. This thing less than a lot of the other models out there on the market – and i like these – i fly full, send 300 milliamp batteries a little bit better than the other ones for beginners, because theres no wires hanging off of them and they fit just perfectly In there and when you fit it in there and you plug in your connector, you have no free hanging wire now, sometimes that wire, thats hanging off is going to get stuck on things, and this has a minimal amount of that. So its going to work great, you can see a nice little led so lets check out some of the footage, its very maneuverable, very controllable. I like that it doesnt have too much power, so this is perfect for inexperienced users for those of you that are experienced. You dont ever want something youre going to fly inside to be overpowered.

Why? Because you hit the throttle a little bit too much and its gon na fly straight into the ceiling um. So having something like this, that has a mid range amount of power is actually gon na, be better for control, its kind of like how, when you go to the autocross events, the guys in miata somehow are beating, like all the guys in the corvettes and lamborghinis Uh very same principle: this has the perfect amount of power for the weight and it flies great. So this is a nice beginner radio. It actually has hobby grade switches, it has hobby grade real gimbals, uh and theres only two buttons on here. So you dont have to learn open tx, although it does have it installed. It also has a module bay. If you want to expand later on – and i think this is just a great um kit to be able to get yourself ill – have links for all the stuff in the description, so you ill take the guess, work away from you so that you can get started In this hobby this is also a perfect radio for flying simulator. So this very cheap option can be paired with the 20 velocidrone or 20 liftoff simulators so that you can learn to fly um a larger drone as youre learning to fly one of these micro ones and then youll be perfectly ready to take the next step. What do you think in the comments guys um? If you were a beginner and this kit was available? Would you have gotten it? I got a radio when i first started that was not as compatible as this one is with different protocols.

It was about the same price and i ended up outgrowing it very very soon this one you still may outgrow eventually, but i think its going to last you a bit longer because you can start your first few full size models with it. You can simulator with it. You can keep it for a travel radio because compared to a full size, radio like this, it is just so tiny, so this can be taken with you anywhere. What micros are you flying right now, guys winter is coming my favorite for this season. If youre curious is still the mobile 6 express lrs version, the new one, i have a link up here for that review. But if youre a beginner and you dont want to have to piece together all the custom stuff that thing im using three hundred dollars of radio equipment to fly, that thing im using six hundred dollars worth of goggle equipment. To fly that thing, this, you can put together a kit for closer to two hundred dollars for everything get up in the air thanks guys, Music, so Music today were going to tell you how to bind iflights r81 receiver to iflights if8 radio control. This is the micro a65 drone, but itll work for any of the iflight r81 receiver. First, you plug in the craft to a battery then youre going to want to push the bind button for two seconds. So i can see the bun button right there, im gon na hold it down for two seconds once the receiver light turns a solid red that indicates that its in bind mode.

So now we are ready to bind this radio up so in order to bind it first, youre gon na turn it on. If you see its red youre gon na put all the switches to the back position and the left stick down now, youre ready to bind then youre going to move your stick to the center for the r81 receiver on the left side left stick center then hold The bind button right here for two seconds when its flashing blue that indicates that it is binding, so youre gon na, let that bind for just a minute and then, after its bounded, now its green and now its bound and ready to go. So we can test this out first in order to test it. Youre going to want to remove power, then put power back in now. If i arm it should start spinning. The props, so first thing were gon na do to arm is put the left switch down and the arm switch is gon na, be this back left.