Literally, ever since the tv show came out guys, the squid game guards have been known to go around the entire country and theyre trying to get everyone to play the games and because weve seen the show, we know how this goes down and weve actually played the Games ourselves, if you saw on kyles youtube channel, what did we play again? We played red light green light and then they made us play tug of war tug of war yeah. These were really freaking intense games and it was so stressful because again, as you guys know, if you get eliminated in the game, youre literally eliminated from life in general, they show no mercy guys like if you mess up in the squid games like they wont, hesitate To eliminate you and its crazy because, like each game, requires different skills like red light, green light, it requires like the ability to move quickly and also freeze and like stay super still and then tug of war. It was all about strength, so i feel like the next one that they make a slay will involve something to do with like being smart. You know, in that case, ill totally win. No, i feel like ill ill win. I feel like i would let the stress get the best of me, because what are the other games in the show theres like the cookie game. Theres, a game is one that i would not want to play id be so bad at that youre under so much pressure with the time limits they give you and stuff and whats the other one they play.

Oh, they play the uh, the one where you have to choose the glass, oh and the marble game. Do you remember the marvel game? Yeah ones like the the ones where they have to choose the glass like thats, not even fair, it doesnt even require any skills. Its just pure luck, yeah its literally whoever goes first, is just doomed pretty much. You know what i mean yeah and it just sucks because, like you know how in the squid games, they order you from number one all the way up to the last player you dont know. If the first player to play is gon na be good or if being the last one is the better option, because in the bridge game the only ones that would survive are the ones that played last thats. Why, generally, i would just aim for the middle like if i could be like somewhere in between those numbers id be happy, because i dont want to go first, and i dont really want to go last either. That is very true. Today were going to be getting the drone up and looking for these guards in our neighborhood, because theyve been bothering us a lot. Theyve been forcing us to play these games, we consented to one game and ended up playing two already. Once you start the squid games. You have no choice but to continue playing. You literally sign away your rights to them, and we have no idea why i dont even know what their motive is really except to mess with people and theres been so many police reports in the area about people calling in saying there was this creepy guy in A suit like with a briefcase coming up to their door and offering them money if they beat him in rock paper scissors and then, like, i always say, thats how they get you they lure you in with like something smaller and then they say hey.

If you want to win the big money, we have something for you and then thats how you get sucked into it. The money is literally all just a big trap and a way to get you to play the game. Honestly, i dont even feel. Like i dont know, i mean i havent seen a lot of the money. Have you? Maybe they dont even give money? I think they do, but the thing is theres literally hundreds of players in the squid games, and only one comes out on top, so your chances of winning this thing are actually so little. That is so true were gon na get the jon up and try to look for these guys. So we can be one step ahead of them and maybe prepare maybe see if theyre preparing some sort of next game for us or because, if we can actually take the drone up and find other people playing the games like they often host the games in like Fields and stuff like that, we can see which games theyre playing. Then we can prepare for the potential games theyre going to force us to play. Okay, do you want to fly the drone yeah? I can fly it. I can fly okay, okay, okay. We actually already got it ready on standby im gon na launch it from the house right now: okay, okay and we have liftoff on the drone right now. We just took off from the house guys lets react to this.

Okay, im really freaking scared. I dont want to see them today, im not in the mood for them too. Yeah im, definitely not in a squid game kind of mood i mean, but were asking for. We could easily just sit inside and relax watch some netflix today, but here we are making videos for you guys trying to find the squid game. People whats the first thing you see when you log into netflix squid game its literally everywhere. You guys, like its kind of literally blowing up right now, but these squid game guards you, you guys know they wear like red and pink theres a lot of green here, a lot of like brown. It shouldnt be too hard to spot them. I know they should stand right out. They really should i dont see anything though i would expect to see them in a field or like parking lot or something like that. I dont see anything so far. Oh my god, it looks really peaceful. How many people in the area like in the town do, you think, have actually called the number on that card im assuming a lot honestly, i understand the appeal of the game. I completely understand it like. It sounds kind of too good to be true, but a lot of people would call that number yeah look at this playground right here. Do you think anyone has ever? I feel like this playground like this would be a perfect spot for the cookie game yeah.

It would be, it would be because it kind of fits the theme. Oh, my gosh is that someone walking their dog yeah. I really hope theyre aware of whats happening in the neighborhood like im super nervous right now, because i just feel like the squid game. People are gon na know that were trying to find them, and they might just find out what will they? What will they try to do to us if they figure out that were trying to cheat were trying to like find out what games are are going to be played because were trying to cheat and prepare for the those games? Do you think they might eliminate us? I dont know i feel, like maybe theyll put us at like a disadvantage in the next game. You know thats even worse, like maybe theyll, make us play first in the bridge game or something do you think if you break the rules on purpose, you could get like kicked off the game not eliminated. If you know what i mean but like kicked off for breaking, i dont know it could either go. It could go one of two ways: either the squid game, people dont like when you cheat or they like when you cheat because remember a lot of the players in the tv show they would cheat and use like lighters and they would and that other guy was Pushing people off the bridge, i think the squid game people like when everyone starts to get like really violent and competitive yeah.

I feel like theyre, really just testing our limits. I think thats. What it is are we seeing anything yet? No im not seeing anything im. Just trying to take it all around the town and maybe even go to each field if each like open area and see if theres any games there, not too many open areas here, i dont really see much guys if youve noticed anything so far. Let us know down below in the comments. You know what i also noticed. They always play during the day. Never really yeah yeah yeah. They dont try to hide who they are because the squid game guards they they go to sleep at night, like theyre off their shoulders. Oh yeah, they probably are because they are like actual employees, yeah and the squid game guards. They they themselves are being forced to force us to play the squid games yeah. I didnt know that i didnt know yeah like the front man like hes, that guy in the tv show where that wears the black with, like the crystal looking face, hes the one that forces all the squid game guards to actually play the game. Oh my god. I kind of feel bad for them, especially the circle workers. Those guys are literally being forced by the triangle guys who are like the soldiers and then those triangle guys are being forced to enforce the circle guys by the square guys, but if they are being forced.

Does that mean that, like the players could kind of like try to gain their sympathy because they are being forced as well? I dont know it could be a weak link. Honestly, i dont know, but those square guys the generals that watch over everything. They really make sure that the triangle guys show no mercy so yeah like. If you mess up in these games, they theyre not, they wont, hesitate to eliminate im, sure, im, really sure. Okay, im gon na take it back over to the field. Yeah try to go like where theres open areas like the playground or the field or somewhere around there. Okay, okay, im gon na go over there right now. Wait! Jana! Wait! Do you see holy crap youre? Oh, my god, theyre there look. I see the squid game, guys, look theyre right there in the red and then it looks like theres, a bunch of players lined up okay, im gon na get really low to them. Okay, be really careful because they could see us yoda. Look at this theyre all lined up. Do you think thats my good game, the first theyre not playing what i think theyre playing? Are they red light green light? It looks like it its the exact setup for it, what the look theyre all pointing their weapons and everything look at this theyre about to play. Oh, my god see, i told you the police were right like there is squid games happening.

This is the game where only one can win right. Yeah only one player wait, really wait; no, no! No! No, no one player wins the entire squid game thing but like whoever doesnt make it here wont make it to the second game, the second round. Okay. So this is the first game for these people. These look. Look, look theyre playing theyre running, wait that guy moves; okay, oh my god! Oh my god, you must have just took them out theyre, taking them down holy crap. They must be, they must be taking them out with, like some sort of laser whoa, that guy just fell too yeah, maybe theyre using some sort of like invisible like like uh like sound wave or something holy crap, look theyre, actually theyre, so close theyre. So close, oh my god wait! Oh my god that guy just moved that guy! Oh, that just took him out as well wait. Did he win wait that guy just won thats the winner holy crap, look theyre like celebrating for him, so he gets the money now right. Oh my god. Look at that! Look at that. I think so for him. Wait that guy doesnt! Look too happy, though, because all of his players just got eliminated. Those are people which only knows whos that guy going to play against then because theres, no one else in his in his team, maybe well play against him next, like if you level up, you know what i mean we passed that game.

If we have to play in the net in the third game, maybe hes going to be involved in it, its kind of like like a championship. You know what i mean like it goes up and up and up hey just whatever happens. I really hope its. Not that cookie game yeah yeah, the freaking sugar, cookie john. I cant believe this. We actually just found the red light green light squid games on the drone live. I cant believe we just saw that guys, but we have an advantage because we just saw this. We now have the ability to prepare for the next round. You know what i mean. Yeah well well know who were up against and stuff yo. We should really start mentally preparing for the next game, because now that that games over with maybe theyre theyre trying to start the next ones, im gon na put you guys down now, so we can go and prepare for whatevers coming. We dont really know what the next game is. We dont know when its gon na happen, but we do know we ended up making the mistake of consenting at the beginning and we cant turn back now, so the game might happen any day now guys whatever you do, never call the number as tempting as it Is to claim that grand prize and all those millions of dollars do not do it, because your chances are super slim. There are literally hundreds of people participating in the squid games all across the country and its not worth it guys.

You dont want to risk getting eliminated, and then you know what happens after that. You dont want to risk getting eliminated for that money. Guys drop a like on this video and share it everywhere to spread the word about the squid games and make sure that everyone in your neighborhood knows not to underestimate and mess with the squid game guards. All right guys were gon na go. Prepare now were gon na, go, look over the footage and see if we can get any clues as to how to level up further in the game. I love you guys so much and ill see you next time.