What even is this: where are we right now? Where did everyone go? Dude he’s like this is all banished. They took these humans and they kidnapped them and they put them on the ground. Dude that’s freaking, chucky yo, get away from him, get away from him, go back to drone yo. He almost has a Music hey. What is up you guys welcome back to my channel today, i’m with winnie what’s up guys, and you guys already know what we’re gon na have to do today. As you guys already know from my last couple of videos, we’ve been literally looking for everybody in prime capital and we haven’t found anyone as of yet and it’s, been really freaking bad we’ve seen chucky we’ve seen a clown prisoner coming from clown prison guys and if You guys don’t know what clown prison is just make sure to check out my previous videos and you guys will get like a good idea of what has been going on and what clown prison is but yeah. I like somehow got here and i’ve, been with winston for the past couple of weeks and we’ve literally been looking for everybody, and we haven’t been able to find anyone as of yet which is really upsetting, and i don’t know where anyone could be. But besides the clowns, terrorizing us and besides all that jazz, we can’t stop and we can’t give up and that’s. Actually, why we’re here today, when you tell them what we’re doing today, so i have a clown radar on my phone and past hour, there’s been five spottings in this area.

I thought we might as well book it over here and put a drone up and see if we can see anything. You said that there was clown activity here, dude the app said that there was five spottings in the past hour and this app is actually reliable. So i might as well just give it a shot. Well yeah. I guess we should dude because, like i don’t know, maybe we can find someone. Finally, dude, like i don’t know guys we’ve literally been looking for everybody in prime capital for the past freaking couple weeks. I know some of you guys have been saying in the comments that they might be back home, but i don’t think that’s the case, because when i contacted my friends in canada, they literally said that everybody in prime was missing, but anyways dude. I suggest we just put the drone up right now: let’s, do it let’s do it, and hopefully we find something guys all right, you guys and we have liftoff on the frickin drone yo. Where even are we right now like? Where are we in arizona, gilbert area? I guess how far is that, like? Is that anywhere like suspicious or like nearby? Anything like that, we could maybe find the crazy thing is, is actually just regular neighborhoods, which is scary, because clowns are making their way over here. Yeah dude, i remember the last freaking video guys. We literally found a clown in a freaking pool.

Yo, do you see anything might as well just look over the neighborhood, because i don’t know in the last video we found a clown in a pool like i said, so we might be able to find another clown like in the area. You know what i’m saying as of right now i don’t see anything suspicious, so i’ma just keep flying it holy crap dude. This looks kind of like weird i swear to god: i’ve always seen clown sightings near fountains and water, which doesn’t really make sense to me because sounds literally hate the freaking water, guys yeah, as you saw from the previous video like they just dissolve in water yeah. Like that was actually insane, if you guys haven’t seen that video, you should definitely check it out, because it was really freaking, weird dude that actually looks kind of cool. Do you see that, like little rainbow yeah what the heck yeah we got? Ta actually get serious, because all prime capitals are really missing right now, so yo let’s get serious and like let’s fricken try to find them. You know what i’m saying. Do you see anything unusual as of yet as of right now, no yo just make sure to like look around put the drone like really high in the air, maybe like we can find something unusual like out of the ordinary. You know what i’m saying right now: i’m just trying to see. If i can see anyone through the neighborhoods like you said they could be anywhere in the neighborhood too yeah.

If you guys find anything, also just make sure to leave a comment down below. Maybe you guys can pick up on something that we can’t wait yo. What is that? Oh it’s, like it’s like a silo or something there’s, got to be plenty of spottings over here yeah, wait, wait, wait that looks actually really unusual. It’S, literally in the middle of the neighborhood too, like it’s literally in the middle of nowhere you’ll go closer to it. Maybe we can find something wait. Do you see anything? No it’s, really sketch bro yeah. It looks super sketchy. It looks like kind of like radioactive. Almost like you know what i’m saying yeah the little tank over here like what is that? What could be in that it looks like there’s, almost like tire marks or like crop circles in the dirt over there yeah. What the okay, i feel like the clowns, would literally be in the most like isolated areas, and this looks kind of like really sketchy. You know what i’m saying, so they might be there too. Hopefully we find them. Hopefully, you find something – maybe even a clue that can help us to find everybody, because this has been getting out of control like like seriously super out of control and the clowns have been actually manipulating us it’s like they know that we’re flying the drone. They know that we’re like trying to find everybody. You know what i’m saying yeah bro i’m just trying to stay over by the silos there’s got to be plenty of spottings over there.

I get a bad feeling. I haven’t seen anything yet maybe just check the other area, maybe like to see anywhere else, that’s kind of like deserted or like abandoned or like that could be. Like somewhat scary, you know what i’m saying, because i don’t think there was anything in that silo area or whatever, but yeah go down this way. Maybe you can find something there what’s over here. Dude i have no idea. Is that, like new houses, yeah houses wait? Wait, do you see that wait? What was that i don’t know? Oh wait. No wait! Wait. There are people on the freaking roof, dude gee wait. Do you think those are clowns are just like construction workers, maybe they’re like construction working clowns or something that’d be freaking. Weird dude, i’m, pretty sure they’re construction – i don’t even know where we are right now, like we’re, pretty deep from the freaking drone dude, maybe bring it back. I don’t think we’re actually gon na find anything in this video dude. I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary. You know what i’m saying, maybe the clowns already like did their dirty work and like they left. You know what i mean: yeah yeah i’m gon na just stick over to the silos, though, because i have a bad feeling about that, but you really think something could be there yeah. I just have a bad feeling, maybe go back and just check it out dude.

I don’t know if anything could be there. You know what i’m saying i don’t know get a closer look: i’m honestly lost for words. I don’t know what to say: yeah i’m gon na just head back over there: okay, okay, okay, okay, yo, bring it back. Bring me back holy crap. Do you notice anything? I don’t know dude it’s, giving me really weird: freaking sketchy vibes dude, i don’t know. Why are these even still here i had no freaking idea, dude wait. What is that, where dude what’s that white thing get a closer freaking look dude, i don’t know it looks mad freaking sketchy bro. I have a bad feeling, yeah wait. What is that i don’t know? It looks like really freaking sketchy, dude bro. It just looks like straight up: abandoned yeah. It doesn’t look like anything, has been there for like a freaking. While you know what i’m saying dude, i feel like something is gon na pop out of nowhere. Dude, like maybe even like from the top i’ve literally never seen like a silo or anything like that ever you, like you know what i mean yeah i mean i saw him back when i lived in illinois, but i haven’t seen him out here: it’s, weird yeah And it’s so weird that it’s literally in the middle of the freaking neighborhood dude, i don’t, know maybe get a closer look. I feel like we can find something or maybe like it could be another portal because, as some of you guys may know, the clowns have been using portals and they’ve literally been using like spells and magic to get from place to place.

And this definitely looks like it could be a prime target. You know what i’m saying yeah. Definitely bro i’m gon na keep looking okay, okay! Okay, wait! Do you see anything what the heck wait wait? What is that wait, where’d that come from wait, what the heck up here dude, what the heck was that dude it’s like a yellow figure or something wait. I actually don’t understand guys. He literally came out of nowhere. What the heck was that, is it like a hazmat suit, almost yeah, it does look like a hazmat suit. Wait. Do you think this, like might be radioactive or something bro? I don’t know i’m glad that we’re all the way over here, though yeah, what the heck dude that looks, freaking sketchy, yo, get a closer look wait. What is that dude wait? Do you think that’s like a human being or a clown? It doesn’t look anything like out of the ordinary, though, like i mean like he came out of nowhere, which is really freaking weird, i don’t know if you guys saw that, but it looked like he literally came out of the freaking, like fence, almost dude. What the heck he looks, lost yeah, wait, i’m, so confused right now. Where did he come from, though that’s like my main concern guys as you guys can tell what’s he looking for he’s yeah he’s literally peeking in, but i don’t know, as you guys can tell. He literally came out of the freaking fence and the fence is like pretty locked off like it looks pretty like solid look like he teleported through.

You know what i’m saying yeah he’s just like wandering around it almost like he’s, protecting it yeah yeah. He does look like he’s, protecting it. Yo maybe get a closer look, maybe like we can see if he has a face or like if he’s a clown or whatever, because yo i don’t know he looks mad freaking sketchy dude and you know i do notice the tire marks. I thought you say that what the heck guys do you see this? Are you guys seeing this right now? This is actually freaking insane dude. What is he doing, though? I don’t know but yo it doesn’t look like he’s like aggressive or angry or anything. He looks like he’s trying to get back in almost like he like got abandoned or like he got like vanished out or something yeah, so he’s trapped outside of where he came from yeah. What the heck yo dude, he is wearing a hazmat suit. You can see by his mask, wait he’s running something in the dirt. I think wait. What is he doing holy crap? You see writing. I have no idea guys literally right off the bat we freaking found something like i don’t know. This guy looks mad sketchy holy crap guys, i don’t know you guys can see, but like the place is literally right over there, but should we go like talk to him? Maybe he can like give us answers, or clues he’s like trying to open the gate where he is yeah dude.

What the heck holy crap i’ve never seen anything like this. Do you think it could be like a radioactive clown that would be freaking insane? I mean that would be a little far far yeah. I don’t know that’s kind of far fetched but dude. I don’t understand this right now. Where did he come from he’s like lost, but he keeps looking at the inside yeah yeah keep following him, keep following him. He looks confused. What is he doing? Dude i don’t know it looks like he’s like plotting something almost wait: he’s getting on the box now he’s jumping. Does he even notice the drone i feel like he’s like in his own little world dude? I don’t know he’s, like clueless almost yeah what the heck yo keep following him, though, like this is so weird now he’s going back. The other way wait, he’s running back to the other way, wait dude, he looks so sketched out like he looks so sustained. I don’t have a good feeling about this at all, he’s, like literally running yeah, wait what’s, he running to yo, keep following him. Keep following him: don’t lose him right now, dude holy crap. The way he is running almost seems like he is a clown yeah. What the heck, but i don’t think so dude like i’ve, never seen a clown wearing a hazmat suit, i’ve, never even seen like a radioactive clown. I don’t think that exists. You know what i’m saying yeah i don’t know bro.

You know what the heck wait. Yo, keep following him: go closer, go closer what’s he doing in that tank dude. I feel like he’s like protecting it. Almost like you were right, we get closer. What is he doing? Wait? He noticed a drone. Oh my god! It is a clown. What the heck dude it is a radioactive clown. What the heck holy crap guys! Did you just see that dude as soon as he took off his mask, you could tell that he’s, a freaking clown bro holy crap dude. You were wrong. What the heck dude! What are we gon na? Do we’ll keep following him. He definitely has clues and answers. Maybe he’s harboring, something there dude holy crap don’t sketch out right now, dude yo keep following him with the freaking drone. This is insane right now what the heck i can’t believe. We actually found a freaking clown. You guys what the heck he’s getting angry now dude. I feel like he noticed the drone and he knows that it’s us and now he’s getting angry he’s. Definitely harboring someone dude, i don’t know this freaking seems so sketchy bro, he’s. Actually getting mad yeah, what the hell he’s like shaking dude, what the hell! This is actually freaking insane. As some of you guys may know, clowns are very freaking strong, which makes sense as to why he literally can bend metal dude. What the heck dude keep following him, maybe we can actually he bent on another one? Yes holy crap yo.

Maybe you can find someone or something dude. I don’t know he’s literally just jumping around. I don’t know if he’s toying with us or he’s getting angry at us, but dude make sure to have the drone very far away, because in my last video you guys already know, chucky freaking literally took down the drone dude. It was not good dude, not good. At all, what the yo make sure to frickin not lose this one dude. We need all the footage we can get to. Freaking put the puzzles together to find freaking prime capital dude. Do you see anything i got ta find him yo where’d. He go what the heck i swear. He was literally just right there. Where did he go? Oh he’s like he vanished like i. I need to find him dude. I don’t know, but, as some of you guys may know, clowns know how to teleport. They know how to use magic and like they’re, just paranormal beings dude, like i feel like every single time. He like glitches the drone he like disappears. You know what i’m saying yeah it’s like they. They know when to vanish. Yeah yeah, maybe they know we’re here dude we have to like get out of here dude i don’t know i don’t feel good at all about the situation. Bro. Neither do i, but i got ta find him. Maybe he has something we need yeah, dude. Okay, wait! Keep going keep going, you have control yeah, you got it, you got it wait, wait, wait, wait dude there he is wait, it looks like dude.

I knew we were freaking gon na finally find someone dude holy crap. What is going on? What is he doing? I have no freaking idea: he’s like using magic to trap her dude, what the heck he took off the mask. Wait, who is that dude that’s freaking, yawning bro we literally took off the hazmat mask and yohan is literally right there dude yeah. We should definitely help her bro. We have to what do we do, though? No i don’t know but yo he’s taking her somewhere. Where are you going? Did you notice how he had her on a spell dude no he’s been literally freaking trapping her this whole time. Maybe you have to like go from place to place to find everyone from prime capital because dude you want us right here. Yo we have to freaking find a good way to like save her yo. Do you have a weapon in here? Do you have one of the nerf guns yeah? I have nerf gun in the trunk. Maybe i should go out and like try to like rescue her or something or maybe we could use the drone like how to save her. You know what i’m saying first. First let’s see what he does, though yeah yeah, what the hell. What is he doing now keep the drone on him right now holy crap dude. What is going on guys? We literally freaking found yana on the drone with this radioactive clown.

Did you see that he’s pulling the drone in again, i can’t control it what’s. He doing. Did you lose it yeah, wait, dude what the heck! Oh wait! Oh, my god, what the heck yo you lost it! What is he doing, he’s like laughing what the heck dude? Oh my freaking, god dude what’s, he gon na do yo. He just snapped wait what the heck that mean dude! I have no idea now: he’s jumping around again dude he’s, happy yo, he’s toying with us. Dude wait what’s going on right now. Oh my god, we got ta disappear, yo what’s he gon na. Do now. Oh wait! What the heck! Oh, my god, what guys? What the heck just happened! We lost control of the drone dude. I freaking knew it. We finally found someone from prime capital dude yana is literally right here. Do you think she was here the whole time i don’t know it’s like they had her captive, maybe they’re taking her from like teleportation to teleportation spots, yeah dude, you might be freaking right, but yo i feel like we should definitely try to rescue her. Did you see that the clown looked like he had radioactive powers or like a magical like aura around him because yo, he literally put his hand out and jana literally just got stuck there. You know what i’m saying bro yeah. Maybe you should go, save her. I feel like i have to but yo even like the way he came out of like the freaking place, dude.

It looked like that was literally a freaking portal dude, but you know what i definitely do have to savor yo stay here and i’m gon na go outside. Okay, bro! Good luck! Good luck! Okay, okay, okay, all right! You guys! The clown is freaking literally right. There i’m in the middle of the field, as you guys, can tell it’s very open and i can’t risk being caught by this freaking clown right now, but yo i have the gun and he’s literally right. There guys holy freaking crap i’m gon na go behind him. Oh, my god! Oh my god! Oh my god wait! Wait. I got ta go okay, guys i’m, going to sneak up behind him and as soon as i sneak up behind him, i’m going to freaking threaten him. We need to find freaking yana and i literally saw her on the drone. I don’t think i saw that but yo i got ta be super quiet right now: hey hey! Where is she where’s jonah tell me where in there? How do i get in i’ll shoot? You i promise – oh my god – oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god guys he told me. I got ta drop this guys. He literally told me that janna was literally in there holy. Did you take him down? Yeah, wait! How’D you get out bro. I think he had a spell on me, but when you took him down, it must have released me or something dude holy crap yo get back with us coming to the car right now.

What are you doing here holy crap? You have any idea where you are right now. I have no idea where dude we’re living in the middle of freaking nowhere i’ve been literally searching for everybody, and i found you finally like holy crap. Do you know where anyone else is? I have no idea, but i told you this clown prison is literally the most terrifying thing ever. I think the team members are still trapped there dude holy crap, okay, well, yo. We have to get into the car right now. Are there any other clowns? I don’t think there are, but he is super powerful. He yeah is he like a radioactive clown or something like i don’t understand he has to be because i’m telling you i felt him like affecting me. I swear he’s radioactive dude that’s, so freaking wide okay, let’s go back in the car. Let’S go let’s, go guys if you guys, like that video make sure you hit that like button and hit that subscribe button. We finally found freaking someone in the prime capital squad, but with that being said, we got ta go right now, so i’ll see you guys in the next one. Peace.