Clam domes goes by the name of sergeant sabrix black clothes, two red, lightsabers and red hair is considered armed and dangerous. Okay, 10 4 copy that okay squad right now guys, as you just heard on the radio, we are currently being dispatched to a location by the clown bounty hunting association to a location where this one boss clown, has recently been located by people who have been driving Along this street right here, squad we’re, currently in south arizona about one hour away from the mexican border, and apparently these clowns have actually been coming into the united states from mexico wreaking havoc on small towns and it’s local. For over a week. Now we got all the gear on and equipment in the back that’s going to help us in locating this boss. Clown looks like this guys. You can see the wanted poster right here and the reward this clown is one of the clown bounty hunting. Association’S top wanted fugitives he’s been responsible for leading a bunch of the clowns in the area to battle guys he’s a boss, clown general guys. As you can see, he has two freaking. It almost looks like lightsabers that he carries. He goes by the name of sergeant sabres guys. You guys know here on this channel. We recently worked for the clown, bounty hunting association and we caught general greene. He was arrested guys. We brought him in to the clown bounty hunting association and you guys know we’re going to solve this clown problem.

One video at a time one less clown on the street could potentially be one person saying nobody knows exactly where all these clowns are coming from. But what we do know is that they are not welcome here with us in the united states guys i got the whole freaking squad with us. We got alex what’s up guys and we got ube they’re gon na be joining me guys as we head about 20 minutes south over to where sergeant sabres. The clown has been spotted guys. We got the 9000 in the back and strongly squad we’re going to be starting a brand new series here on this channel, where we actually go hunting for clowns and other monsters that are wanted by the authorities dramatic squad. So if you guys are ready for this drop a like on this video hit that subscribe button it’s about to be insane somebody squad and extremely dangerous, this is definitely risky, because sergeant sabres is one of the most powerful clowns guys his lightsabers are no freaking joke. You don’t want to be anywhere near those things when he comes for you, but charming squad. It is a risk i am willing to take for you guys if that doesn’t deserve a like, then i don’t want the hell dog with all. That being said, i will pick it up as we get closer to the location with the entire squad and without further ado, let’s freaking get it. Okay stronger is going.

We are currently pulling up to the exact spot where the clown battery hunting association had said they seen sergeant sabres guys. Look. It was right in here where these freaking domes are so yo let’s, try to find a spot to park up at and then get out and potentially fly the drone over that area just to scout it out and see what’s happening. You know what i’m saying yeah bro yo those domes are looking freaking insane we’re in the middle of nowhere and there’s giant structures. There i’ve never seen anything like this before, but they kind of look like little ufos, no yeah that’s. What i’m saying they’re, weird and you’re, trying to tell me that the clown association is saying the clown? Is there yeah dude? Apparently this is the last known location of where sergeant savers has been seen. You know i’m just gon na. Do a? U turn right here and then we’ll park up and take the drone okay guys and we found a spot to pull over yo i’m freaking nervous to get out right now guys we saw the picture of sergeant sabres with the lightsabers. If his name is sergeant, saber it’s got ta, be for a good freaking reason. Okay, strawberry’s got right here in the back. We have the atvs ready to go just in case we actually get in a foot pursuit with sergeant savers, guys look. There is so much freaking land there in the back for him to run away from us, but before we even worry about that, we need to see if we can even find him first.

Okay, sorry squad and we have the drone parked up right there on the truck i’m gon na go ahead and take it off right now and we’re gon na use this thing to scout the entire area and just try to see if we can actually come across Sergeant sabres, okay, yo holy crap yo. Look at this! Oh my god! Oh my god, okay strawberry squad, you guys, can see us right there hold on. Let me bring it up to us one second, whoa whoa, whoa, okay, yo! Look at it! Look at it right! There you guys can see us right there. Look at this freaking scenery all around us right now. This is absolutely insane yo. Look how much ground there is to cover that’s the thing but dude. There is so much ground to cover me anywhere. He could literally be anywhere – i mean specifically, he was seen near these domes right here, but i’m gon na take it for a quick rip just around the area and just try to see if we cannotice anything else, weird yo, look at all these like circles here. Do you think that used to be where domes were dude they’re like or do you think that’s like like truck circles like people doing burnouts, i don’t know dude. It looks like some kind of like weird formations. Those are huge yeah. It doesn’t look like a burnout. It could be like crop circles like what the aliens do yeah literally, that makes a lot of sense.

Yo, strawberry squad, this area, this entire area looks freaking insane right now and yo. The good thing is is sergeant: sabres has like red color, so he’ll stand out a lot in the sand. You know what i’m saying exactly, but it’s completely empty. If we see him it’s gon na be quickly somebody’s going look at all these freaking domes here. Look, it looks like there used to be more; maybe they were cleared out for whatever reason, what that, maybe they never finished, building them, maybe something stopped them in the middle yeah. What could have happened? You also see this town over here. This is the town that apparently, a lot of clowns have been terrorizing, like all the locals in there, which have been led by sergeant sabres, which makes sense because look the dome where he was last spotted is very close to that yeah like maybe. This is where the clowns all hide out and inside those domes is like trap, doors to like an entire clown city or some sort of tunnel that takes them like under the borders of mexico, like an underground city yeah. That would be insane look at all this freaking ground, dude there’s, so much ground yo. What would you do if we took the drone like way out here, and we saw like literally thousands of clowns like all gathering up like that, would be insane, of course, they’re gon na gather in the middle of nowhere bro, exactly bro they’re, probably all talking about Their plans and stuff, because this is where the least amount of humans are and where humans would least expect clowns to be.

You know, of course, and you know, clowns, have a bunch of battle plans and are waiting to launch an assault on the entire united states and what better to organize all that than in the middle of the desert. No one will even notice that they’re there exactly. Oh, my god, all our freaking clown hunting adventures, guys we’ve driven these clowns out of society they’re hiding out in these places, but that gives them more chance to further their operations. Exactly well they’re, getting more clever by the day. Yo! Look how freaking low to the ground? I am right now. Oh, my god that looks freaking crazy yo. What do you think is faster than us on the atvs or the drone? I don’t know man. Oh, i was on the atv for sure yeah for sure. Okay, somebody squad – we know that there was there – is a reward for this clown i’m, really hoping that we can capture him or at least even get him on camera, because then we could report it to the authorities and let them know where he’s hiding. You know what i’m saying exactly: do you think it’s enough to just get them on camera because let’s be honest, the authorities can’t handle this yeah dude. I don’t know these clowns are getting so strong. Nowadays, this is a clown general, so he has access to mobilizing tons of clowns. You know what i’m saying like you wouldn’t want to anger him, because, because, where there’s one clown there’s more guys and you don’t want him to alert them all.

You know what i’m saying oh his name’s freaking sergeant sabres like he must be the master of lightsabers yeah. He sounds like he’s, so powerful, terrified, literally dude there’s, a big difference between regular clowns and clown bosses clown generals. These are the guys you do not want to mess with okay, yo i’m gon na try to take the drone like down below into these into these domes and just see. If i can get a good shot inside you see anything in there. I don’t see anything i’m, not seeing anything. Oh my god, i don’t want to go fully in, though, because i might lose signal you think i can make it all the way to that other side over there. I think we’re gon na have to risk it. Probably not worth it probably not worth the risk. Oh my god, strawberry squad. Look at this. This is insane right. Now: okay, yo! I don’t see anything in there. Maybe we should go check the other one yeah look at the other one: okay, okay, oh my god! There are so many of these freaking domes to explore this. This clown guy could be anywhere and if we don’t see him in here, i’m, assuming like these wouldn’t just be out here for no reason – and i don’t think a clown would just hang out in these domes for nothing like there has to be some sort of Significance to these domes, we got to keep our eyes open for hidden entrances, something like that anything where they could be hiding exactly.

Oh, these clowns know how to hide. Well, yo, look you see anything in there, no i’m, not seeing anything yo, it looks crazy. It looks really cool. What would you do if we went in there? We just saw like a massive army of clowns. You know what i’m saying like and they’re all on, like computers like battle plans and stuff, it was like a clown military base. You know i think, we’re prepared for that kind of threat. What i find so weird is that there’s a lot of writings on the wall. Do you think the clowns could have written something on them? I don’t know, but it looks like this place, is super old like it’s, been here a long time like how old would you say, bro definitely 100 years yeah. I would say this has been here for a long time, maybe not thousands but definitely hundreds. Oh, my god, yo look and the sun is really going down right now and the last place i’d want to be it’s in the middle of the desert completely in the dark yeah, literally with clowns trying to hunt us down – oh my god, okay yo i’m, bringing It in here a little bit i’m, not seeing anything. Oh my god, okay, strawberry squad! This is freaking crazy. Right now, look i just went through the freaking dome dude, no way, oh, my god. Okay, okay, yo i’m gon na bring it down to this one.

I haven’t seen this one yet bro it looks like the wall was broken down. What do you think happened literally? All of them dude. It looks like some sort of like wait. Yo don’t see someone over there. Who was that yo wait? I just saw someone yeah, so look. Look he’s over there, okay, i’m going i’m following him. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. He was just running through the domes look he’s in he’s. Going in this one. That’S sergeant sanders that’s literally him yeah that’s literally sergeant sabres dude. You can literally see his freaking lightsaber dude. Did he see the drone? Did he see the drone? Oh, my god, what the hell? No, i don’t think he did. I don’t think he did, or maybe he might have heard it though he might have heard it. You know what i’m saying, oh my god, if he’s getting scared and running away bro, we don’t want that. Yo. Look at him! Look at him! You see him. Oh, my god, dude what the hell dude i don’t know. Bro looks like he’s practicing his freaking fighting yeah he’s in there practicing his freaking fighting right now, he’s training, what the hell. So they were right about his last known location, guys. We literally found sergeant sabres he’s right inside of this door, and our truck is over there. You guys can see us right over there. Okay, i’m gon na go on this side for a better view.

Yo let’s get a few more clips of him. Oh no he’s running he’s running now, he’s running yeah, he’s, running he’s on the run he’s on the run. Oh my god, strawberry squad. Look at this! What the hell, god we got! Ta keep an eye on him. Bro we can’t lose sight of him dude. This is freaking insane right now, dude, he looks dangerous like he looks like a clown. I would not want to mess with that’s what i’m saying. Oh, my god, yo where’d he go he’s in here. I don’t want to take the drone in there because he might try to slash our drone with that freaking saber to get a hold of it. We don’t know what kind of stuff they have in there exactly, but they can be hiding bare well there. He is look he’s right there he’s right there. Oh my gosh holy crap. Look at that dude he’s like practicing it’s like a double, ended: lightsaber yeah. You know how to use these lightsabers bro. Look at him dude. I would not want to be face to face with him good thing that we’re on the drone. Imagine we were there on foot. He might have tried attacking us with those freaking sabers, what the hell look he’s running to the other one. Now, oh my god dude! This is freaking crazy. I can’t believe what we’re fricken seeing bro i’m starting to think this is like some ancient clown training grounds: bro dude.

Maybe this is like only for the most elite of clowns to be in this area. You know what i’m saying: oh my god look he’s right. There, dude dude, i don’t even know if it’s safe for us to try to go over there and arrest him dude. He looks powerful yeah like one of the scariest cons i’ve ever seen. Oh my god. Yo alex just keep the drone right there. Let me grab the 9000 okay, okay, oh my god, strawberry squad it’s a good thing that we have the freaking 9000 with us, because we can actually use this against sergeant sabres to arrest him. If we just sneak into the domes undetected – and we take him out from a distance, he won’t even know what hit him. You know what exactly it’ll be enough to weaken him. Okay, somebody’s gone we’re gon na get these freaking atvs ready to go and we’re gon na head over there to arrest sergeant sabres, okay bro. We got ta move with stealth. Okay, okay, yo grab the agency strategy. Here you got it got it. Let’S go let’s! Go here pull this one down, pull this one down: oh my god. Okay, we got ta hurry. Dude! We don’t want to lose sergeant, savers, okay, he might try to get away both atv’s ready, all right, ube you’re, going to drive, alex you’re going to drive here. Okay, you’re going to film and i’ll look at the drone: okay, okay, sound good; okay! Okay! Go over go low; i’m hopping on the back dude i’m hopping on the back.

Okay yo. I got the drone on us right now. You got it! You got it yeah! Okay, sick alex, you got yours: okay, let’s go let’s, go okay, guys we’re on our way, right now to the domes they’re right over there guys we got us on the frickin drone we’re heading there right now. This is freaking insane guys. Oh, my god, we’re probably going to want to go around back because sergeant savers, won’t, expect us coming from the back here. Let’S make our way to the back. Okay! Oh my god guys. This is crazy. Go guys! Let’S go let’s, go move it hurry up! Oh, my god, somebody squad we are approaching the freaking domes right now, they’re literally right there guys. Oh my god. This is crazy. Right now, yo yo, now let’s hop on turn them off turn them off. The domes are literally right here: okay, yo. We should probably turn off the freaking atvs now, because we don’t want sergeant sabres, knowing that we’re coming in, you might be able to hear the atvs okay guys we got the atvs off. Take the camera okay, someone’s going. We got ta move up and try to catch sergeant. Sabres, okay, let’s, go let’s, go let’s, go let’s, go rubble! You see all this rubble yo. It looks like there was like a clown war like maybe the humans and the clowns had a fight or something. You know what i’m saying yeah bro okay go, go, let’s, move let’s, go, go; yo, everybody be careful.

Yeah! Everyone keep your guard up because we never know there could be more than just one clown in the area. You know what i’m saying our clown guards guys. We got the 9000 ready to go just in case. We come across this freaking clown can. Are you good, i’m good somebody’s gone? I feel like i’m in freaking call of duty right now. This is insane. We also have the drone up right over there guys. Look guys i’ll shoot a shot at it right now. Just you guys can see. Okay, okay, i’m gon na shoot it right past it ready. Okay, three two one Music make sure nothing comes from behind us. Okay, i got you what the hell is. This i feel like it’s, about to break down on us yeah dude it’s, almost like that mission in call of duty where 50 000 people used to live here now, it’s a ghost town seriously: Music. Okay, let me just make sure it’s clear: oh my god, Music do you think he’s in this building area. Right now we saw him in this one right. It was the third one. Should i take a shot over there? I just saw him there. You saw him on the camera right right on the camera i’m gon na try to flank him on this Music disappearing. I didn’t see him dude. What are you talking about dude you’re, seeing things sure bro, okay, let’s move, i don’t see him.

I don’t see him. No, i don’t see him bro, you saw him 100, i told you, i saw him bro. I think he moves too quickly. What where was he? What was he doing? Bro? He was just standing there, spinning the lightsabers it’s, like he’s, calling us to battle he’s, calling us the fights Music hear that i think i hear him: the saber, the saber that’s, the saber that’s, the Music, absolutely savior. So weird we have to get out of here. We’Re stuck in the middle of nowhere, what do we do might have to abort? We might have to get out of here. This is too dangerous. I think so. This is getting too crazy in there you’re past the camera. Take the 9000 Music guys don’t is backstage. You got it dude he’s moving, but i think i got ta clear yourself: okay, okay, hold on i’ll. Tell you i’ll tell you what Music let’s go: quick, quick click right now, no he’s running he’s running! Oh, my god guys. I got him on the drone right here and we’re catching up on, got ta. Go we got ta, go, go, go, go, stop right! There you are under arrest, you understand, put the lightsaber down drop the lightsaber. Oh my god! Then, with the engine bro, you can’t start them: oh my god, he’s, so powerful bro dude, he freaking just slashed our atv strawberry squad. We weren’t able to apprehend sergeant savers. He literally got away dude.

Where did he go? He went somewhere that way. Bro i don’t. Even see him anymore – oh my god, yo we lost him. How did we freaking lose him? Somebody squad? Oh my god. This is insane squad. Okay, sergeant savers just got away. I don’t even know how we’re gon na get back to the freaking truck right. Now these atvs just completely stopped working association, is gon na get so mad at us that we didn’t catch him holy crap. Okay, guys this was a failed mission. We’Ll have to relocate sergeant, sabres and apprehend him at a different time. We’Re gon na start working on it. If you guys enjoyed this video for what it was drop. A like hit that subscribe button check out keanu’s channel as well as alex’s down below in the description and don’t forget ube, guys that’s going to be it for this. Video for now we got to figure out how the hell we’re going to get home. Yeah bro let’s push these things back to the truck. What else are we going to do? Okay, okay, let’s, go let’s, go okay and, as always, push Music strawberry squad. Our prime capital team merch is available using the link in the description. Send us all your pictures wearing the new gear and we’ll reply back to you as much as possible. Also, if you guys want to get a shout out, all you have to do is like this video and subscribe to the stromedy channel, along with everyone on the prime capital team.

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