I haven't stuck at home with this whole situation, but important point now we will use these, maybe no, these orange ones. We might use these ones I'm. Talking about lipo batteries, everybody's got a fistful of lipo batteries, because that's what the Hobby runs on, you may even have some yellow ones. So why am I making this video? Well, if you're not going to be using these batteries for the next few weeks, put them on storage, put them on storage knew they may be fully charged because you were paying to go out flying in the weekend and you weren't able to get out, and maybe You can't get out to fly. If you leave your battery's fully store fully checked fully charged it's, not good for them for a number of reasons. First of all, it will fully charge. Batteries are far more likely to puff because the chemicals inside, when they're fully charged are highly reactive, so other unwanted chemical reactions can take place which releases hydrogen gas, which causes the batteries to puff, which reduces their capacity, increases their internal resistance. So you want to bring them down to a storage charge about three point: eight volts per cell, most four button charges have that it may take a while because they don't discharge your very high rates, but you've got nothing that time at the moment ice. I expect so put these on storage and leaving that one till you're ready to use them again and if they, if you've finished flying with them and you didn't, recharge them just check and make sure they haven't been over discharged and if they have been over.

This judge put them on storage as quickly as you can so that will mean that when this whole thing is over, you can get out there and do some flying without having finding your batteries of turned into balloons, because that's not a good look. So yeah very important. The other reason you'd want to bring these down to storage if they're, fully charged is that the rips in a fire risk now? The last thing you want is to have more problems than we've already got, so you really want to bring these down to three point: eight volts per cell, so they're far less likely. If, if, for example, you know they get damaged or fall off a bench or something file is likely to burst into flames, if they've got less energy in them and a three point, eight volts per cell they've got much less energy than when they're fully charged at Four point: two volts ourselves: so there you go today's to go and find all your lipos check the voltages. If that below three point, eight volts per cell or above three point eight volts per cell, put them on storage. Now so that you've predicted the lipos and you might have protected your house really important stuff that it's just a little tip a daily tip from us. The model reviews, thanks for watching I've, got as I've said on my XD journal. I'Ve got quite a few videos in the can, which I was waiting to film other parts of, but given the current situation, I'll release them as a part 1 and I'll do the follow ups when I'm able to get out flying.

So there will be some more review. Videos coming up on this channel stay tuned, don't forget to click the bell so be advised because YouTube's going real funny them a bit spastic. It is a lot of people have found that they're not getting the notifications when people upload videos, even though they've been getting notification before YouTube, seems to have gone through and reset a whole lot of stuff. So if you don't click the Bell and click to be notified every time I upload a video, you won't know yeah. Why no and you miss out on all cool stuff anyway, thanks for watching guys stick with us, I will try and keep the flow of videos as regular as high quality, as I can, which means more. I can't do whiteboard videos, I don't have a whiteboard here, but I will be doing some tech, videos and i'll be using computer graphics, where i'll normally use the whiteboard or maybe i'll just draw on the wall.