Oftentimes intruders will take pictures of the outside or even inside, of a home before they plan to target it, but it’s most likely that if you have security cameras, these intruders will leave you alone. They don’t want to get caught on camera in the app. So these clever intruders are now using a new method where they sneak into your house. Take a picture of the same angle that your security cameras record and then place the picture over the camera so that you can’t see what’s going on or do you suspect anything because you can’t tell the difference between the photograph and the real image? If you ever see this hanging off of your security camera, you need to get out and run immediately super squad. What the hell is going on guys hope you guys are all having a fantastic day guys we are back at the prime capital house and we have an absolutely insane video for you guys you guys are never going to believe what we call. I recorded all the days of this happening squad we’re going to waste no time we’re going to jump right into this i’m, going to rewind all the way back to about two days ago, where we first noticed a weird picture on the ground, probably asking yourself at This point a weird picture on the ground: how is that even scary heck up guys, because you’re gon na want to pay attention? Anybody has a security camera in their house.

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As you know, we live in one of the sketchiest neighborhoods in toronto, where a lot of suspicious activity goes down every single day. So it’s not a surprise to us that experience back to back chaos guys. So, as i was saying, we woke up and we found this picture on the ground and we know for a fact. Nobody in this house is responsible for putting this thing on the ground. Nobody here has even a polaroid camera that’s, exactly what i’m going to say. I’Ve never seen someone with a camera exactly and guys. We’Ve checked all the cameras and we literally couldn’t find anything bro honestly, you know what i’ve heard certain robbers when they break into your house. They take a picture of all your stuff, so they can steal it later wait. What are you trying to say that someone took pictures of my stuff that’s? What i’m saying bro, maybe it’s a picture of all the stuff they saw when they broke into the house? Okay, well dude, whoever it was. They clearly weren’t careful about this because they left this piece of evidence behind now. My question is this: what you’re saying makes a lot of sense, but if it is true, this particular picture right here doesn’t really make any sense like what are they going to steal the whole kitchen it’s, just a picture of the kitchen dude like you would think They were taking pictures of like valuable things around the house because there’s nothing valuable, really on this picture, it’s, just a single, so i’m gon na steal our sink or something exactly.

But then it got me thinking if we’re, to try to solve this puzzle. How about starting on where this picture was taken at what angle was that taken yeah you’re right? Maybe one of the security cameras records at that exact, same angle, yeah, dude, and, if you’re thinking what i’m thinking this can’t be good. Look at this dude, so it must have been taken from up here right at that angle, looking down at the kitchen like that, but the thing is what wouldn’t we have seen: somebody taking that picture on the camera that’s, what i’m saying you would have seen it Or there’d at least be evidence somewhere on the wall somewhere. Yeah wait! Look what what wait there’s something facing the security camera! Oh wait! What the heck here! Man alex hold this! Oh this! What the hell is that dude, i don’t even know it looks, show me squad what the heck yo that literally looks like what seems to be a picture hanging on the end of the camera. Oh my god, let me get a better look at this here. Press, the camera dude, what the hell is, this dude look. It looks like it’s being like held out by some sort of like some sort of wire. What could dude it’s a picture of this? The kitchen again wait. The same thing picture: dude yeah, what the hell? What the hell, i just thought of it! What if these robbers definitely have to be putting these pictures in front of the security camera so that, when i go to look at the angle on my phone, it looks like nothing’s happening you’re.

Trying to tell me all these days when we thought nothing was going on, they could have been robbers in the house this whole time and we wouldn’t have known exactly somebody squad if i’m correct a robber will place this picture on a wire in front of your Security, camera and then they can literally do whatever they want in the room because, from the security cameras point of view, this is what they’re seeing so it looks like nothing’s happening all right, so much question we’re sitting down now and we wouldn’t have been able to See what happened after the picture was put up, but i’ve rewinded, the security camera all the way to the point where it happened. We’Re going to react to this together, you ready guys yeah i’m ready i’m ready, okay, let’s check this out. This was around 401 pm guys check this out. It seems pretty normal right now, right right now, it’s pretty but look look. Oh somebody comes into the house and look. He has a polaroid camera on him. You see that, oh, my dude look, so he walks into the house, and it looks like he’s like looking around, for something who knows what he’s looking for see he’s like looking up yeah yeah, yeah, he’s, looking for a camera bro, and then he notices the camera. He grabs the chair and let’s see what he does here. He must have had to have like taken a picture from that angle.

You know yeah like as if he was part of the camera exactly this is so freaking sketchy. I cannot believe this kind of stuff has been happening in our house. This was yesterday too yeah. Look at that. You see that look. Look! It just took the picture, look and it’s coming out of the camera. You see that and that’s what he attaches that’s what he attaches this guy’s clever. He knows what he’s doing it seems like he’s done this exactly and he’s like wearing a mask, so there’s no way to identify him. He it looks like he’s got like a like long sleeve on and everything, so there would be no way that for him to leave dna or anything yeah he’s playing it smart, oh my god, yo you see that that’s the same picture. Look, you see right there and then he attaches it on strawberry squad. That is how these crazy lunatics that come into your homes are locking your security cameras using these sneaky tactics and then look at this check this out right here, you literally cannot tell you literally cannot tell the difference between this picture and what would be the real Life image bro, it looks the exact same thing. It looks like i said, holy crap, okay, so strawberry squash. We know that our house has been targeted. We can’t let this happen, but you guys know here on this channel. We are the mystery gang we’re. The problem solvers and we’re gon na get to the bottom of every mystery.

Now he may be able to use this method to block our regular security cameras there’s no way he could ever try to block a 360 camera. So what if we set the 360 camera up in the in the middle of the kitchen, set it up all night all day and try to catch this guy in the afternoon he tries to come again: that’s genius, that’s, brilliant. We haven’t noticed anything stolen from the house guys, so he’s got to be coming back for something yeah exactly he hasn’t done his full master plan, yet bro everything’s, all right let’s do this let’s! Do this i’m gon na go i’m gon na, go, get it and so strongly squad. That is exactly what i did. I went and got the 360 camera set it up in the kitchen, and you won’t believe what we caught on camera all right, strawberry squad. It is a little bit later in the day we just left 360 camera here for the entire day. We’Re gon na react to the footage now and see if we notice anything now. The 360 camera actually highlights certain points throughout the day where movement is detected. So i’m gon na go ahead and skip to that part right now. You guys ready for this yeah all right so right here it detected that there was some movement. Oh my god. Where is it coming? Oh, look. You see in the window right there. Oh, my god, guys strumming squad.

Everyone look at the window is that his head, what the heck – oh, my god, he’s like peeking zoom in zoom in i’m, gon na try to zoom in on him right there. Oh, my god, that’s such a creepy face what the hell he’s like jumping up and stuff dude yo he’s, definitely trying to get a better look. Bro yeah! Look! He went to the other window too he’s trying to get a better vantage point. What do you got to look at bro holy crap, look he’s coming in again the same way he did before. Look that piece is still up on the on the door right there. Oh, my god, yo this 360 camera is insane wait. You can hear you can hear shh somebody’s glad he literally comes into the house. Look he’s taking pictures dude. What the heck is he freaking doing dude it looks like he’s like looking for valuables or something that definitely broke that way. This is so freaking creepy. He hasn’t even noticed the 360 camera yet wait. He’S, like touching the tv dude wait, wait he’s like picking up the tv dude. He literally took the wait. Wait the tv is gone. The tv was literally right. Oh there, god dude he’s, literally taking the tv. Where does he go with it? Dude? Oh, my god, yo look! He goes around the side of the house with it. Oh my god, what the heck all right, sorry squad! It is the next day now we’re coming up on 4 p.

m, and you guys know what that means from what the past two recordings have told us. This guy keeps coming to the house at 4pm, so with us right now we have binoculars and we’re actually going to use these to spy on the house over there about five minutes until 4pm i’m expecting this guy to come. Do you think he’s going to come? Dude, oh 100, bro he’s been coming every day dude. What are we going to do if we actually catch him in the act? Bro we have to like just go on massacre. Okay, sorry squad look i’m going to put the camera into these binoculars, so you guys can see check this out. You guys see that strawberry squad look at that. You can literally see super close up to the house alex i’m, seeing something good yeah dude that’s, literally him that’s literally him oh he’s, coming over the side of the house, what the heck look he’s like making sure nobody’s looking yeah what dude he’s coming around the Back right now, again the freaking extremity squad. Oh my god, look he’s going into the back he’s going in through the back door. The same way. You got him last time yo. What do you think he’s going out here? Look at this dude. Look! Look! Look! You see him yeah what the heck is. Oh, my god wait where’s he going now we can’t yeah. We lost him. Bro yo. Just look through all the windows hold on no he’s.

Not i don’t see him where the hell is he going? What do you think he came here? Just he probably went upstairs man yeah, wait, yo, wait what yo look he’s up in my room right now. Do you wan na stay in my room? You see that, oh, my god, what the there’s like his hands on the window, dude he’s literally in my room, he’s, what? If he’s, trying to steal my plaques or like my computer or something? Oh, my god or even my camera equipment, dude yo? What this guy doesn’t know is that guys, strawberry squad, my room, has a remote lock on it. Are you serious yeah? It literally has a remote lock on it. It makes it sound when it unlocks and locks. I have the app right here he’s in my room. I should just lock the door on him and walk him in and then we’ll capture him and then call the police yeah. Okay, come in okay, it’s loading, it’s loading, hurry up block come on! Oh my god: okay yeah, you hear that ding dong, okay yo! That means he’s locked in dude let’s go let’s, go let’s, go let’s, go let’s, go he’s up, let’s go let’s, go come on guys, come on he’s going upstairs. We don’t want him to know we’re coming. No, he might be trying to get out right. Now. Sorry squat: this is no you’re locked in you. Can’T get out we’ve locked the door on you dude, then you’re driving.

No, you can’t get out of here. Bro you’re, not going nowhere i’m, literally going to call the police right. Now nobody stopped. No, he stopped. He stopped dude what the heck what’s going on someone just slid out of the door. Wait what the hell it says you ain’t catching me: aha idiot, bro who’s. He calling an idiot yeah. Who is he calling we just go in there there’s three of us you’re gone you’re gone. Where are you? Where are you what the heck yo where’d? He go. Wait what the where’s getting on the window! Bro? What? What dude you think we escaped out! That way! Did he escape out the way? Look he’s right there, he’s running dude, he’s, running quick downstairs, quick before he gets to the front dude he’s gon na. Take that team hurry up guys cannon come on keep up we’re gon na he just disappear. We lost him. How did he disappear? We have no way of identifying him because he was wearing a mask and everything. Oh my god, oh my god, what the heck he’s literally nowhere to be seen. We were too late, guys dude. What the heck are we gon na do crazy. We might have to wait until tomorrow at 4 pm again, but then again, he’s – probably not going to come this time because he knows we’re on to him. Yeah we foiled him. We trapped him bro, yeah, okay, sorry squad that is going to wrap this video up.

We had no success in finding this guy this time, but there’s always next time. Somebody’S club we’re gon na get extra cameras set up and try to see if we can catch this guy in the app shout out to alex shout out to candy for being in this video guys make sure you check them out down below in the description. Show me the squad, if you have any thoughts, theories or opinions, comment them down below, and i will see you guys in the next one for another banger and as always, peace, strawberry squad, our prime capital team merch, is available using the link in the description. Send us all your pictures wearing the new gear and we’ll reply back to you as much as possible. Also, if you guys want to get a shout out, all you have to do is like this video and subscribe to the strongbody channel, along with everyone on the prime capital team. All you have to do is head over to my main channel page. It looks like this on the side. You’Re gon na see prime capital subscribe to everyone underneath that and type done in the comments for a shout out in the next video shout out to this person right here for subscribing to me and the entire team.