Today we have new video review and, as you can see this time, we are going to check something special from icm, its a kit and 148 scale. But the main point here is that we are getting not only one aircraft we get actually three of them and, as you can see, uh this plastic model copies db, 26 b and c version with q2 drones. So there are two drones which will be placed under wink and you can see it perfectly on this box art and we have a commercial sample here. So it means youll get exactly the same stuff as what youll see in this video review, and we are going to open it together with you and check what is actually supplied in this press release and by the way box is quite big. Here is comparison with my hand, its also thick. So if i flip it over like this here, you can see the thickness and we have some information about the actual aircraft and kit here so length of the assembled model will be 326 millimeters and there are 24 actually 247 parts for assembly of this db, 26 And also q2 drones, so parts count is not that impressive to be honest, but thats also a good thing, because it means that you wont have to waste your time with the separate elements, and here you can see two marking options for this aircraft. Obviously, drones will stay more or less the same and now im going to cut through this box, because box is sealed with tape just like any recent release from icm.

So i have to cut through with the knife and as you remember, i always say that if these seals are broken, then it means somebody opened this box before you and you should ask seller why it is like that i mean. Maybe there are some parts not present, maybe something else so its definitely worth checking if you encounter such packaging and now im going to open one more seal and we will take a closer look together. Okay, so here it is lets close. The knife and box will be tricky to open. I can bet, so i will do it off the camera, it will be quicker and the overall design is somewhat similar to what we are used to see from icm. So we have a color printed top lid here. It is, as you can see, its quite flexible, so it does not provide any protection. What is protecting the parts is the white cardboard box, underneath its quite sturdy and inside we get several plastic bags, which is quite surprising but thats, not as surprising if you think that we get two separate kids together. So here they are – and these are resealable plastic bags, so you can later store your kids in or your parts in these bags. So we are going to start with drones and they are supplied on two identical plastic spruce in one bag, and they might be familiar to some of you because we reviewed them as a separate kit in the video review and also in the articles.

So you can find it easily, just by typing the set number or maybe name of this drone and now im going to open this screw Music or take it out of the bag. And here you can see this frame so its not that huge. But lets not forget that we are dealing with the drone in 148 scale thats, why it wont be really big, but here you can see that we have all necessary parts and overall design, i would say, somewhat predictable. So we have to join these two pieces of edge house together. All wings and tail wings are molded separately. The same can be said about the engine bay area and inside. If i flip it over youll find all the necessary guiding elements, so it wont be such a difficult thing to assemble, but still you have to pay attention while joining this house together and again, its really nice thing to build thats why it was released as a Separate kit as well, so maybe some of you would be happy to build it as a separate, build as well, so now im opening another plastic bag. This one would say, is a main plastic bag im calling it so because it carries parts for the db 26, which is obviously based on invader Music. So we are going to start with this clear sprue, which is packed into a separate plastic bag, and i truly hope that there are masks included. That is the masking template, because otherwise it will be quite fun to work with this model.

So here you can see this clear sprue. Maybe we can zoom in even closer molding. Quality is really good, its never a problem with icm kit. So here i you shouldnt, be worried at all, but masks. We will see them in assembly manual because recently icm started including them into their fresh releases. So maybe this one is not an exclusion from this rule and next we proceed with a small frame for road wheels. So, even though these standard kit parts they look quite fine, i would rather recommend to find a resin replacement, especially considering the fact that edward is already producing the bryson set. It might be a good idea to install the resin wheels and youll get a bit better appearance in such hard scale, and i think its really important because it will be noticeable. It will be a quite, i would say notable upgrade so dont be lazy and definitely think about such thing. Next, we wont be zooming out, even though this is a large frame. We will zoom out once we check all the areas, but here you can see some of the landing gear parts. We also have some parts for the bombay wing mechanization here. Some parts for the cockpit note also this nose cone, which is molded as a single piece, part external fuel tanks. I think they wont be needed in this version, but they are still included. So quite a nice thing to have in your spare parts box more parts for the cockpit again, some wing mechanization ports, and here you can see some parts for winding gear.

So now, as promised, we can zoom out by the way here. You can also take a look at the uh instrument panel, so here we have all the parts – and this is quite a large sprue but as you saw, moulding quality works fine, so its just a matter of careful separation of all these parts. Frankly, speaking, im not sure why this sprue is included, maybe because of this piece of edge panel, because otherwise we wont be using rockets. As far as i know so, its just a matter of using this large panel and rockets will go into your spare parts box. But who knows? Maybe there is some alternative assembly option. We will check it in assembly manual because, for example, here we have yet another plastic sprue with the nose cone. This one is molded as a large single piece part which is really cool, because it will give you a nice appearance in this, i would say quite important area of the aircraft, so its just a matter of installing it into the right spot. You can see that we have guiding elements inside thats a good thing to see out of the box. In my opinion. Next we proceed with another big spruce, so here we have physiologs. Both are molded together with tail fins, so the only thing required from you is to join them together and install, of course, the rudder and the nose section, which was molded separately. Note that this circular section will actually serve as a guiding element as well, so that you can place it properly on this model.

But again i dont think it will be such a difficult task for experienced modelers. As for the external surfaces, i mean external features. Just give me a second ill: try to focus the camera yeah. Now you should be able to see that here we have recessed panel lines rivets in all necessary spots, and the only thing which you should keep in mind is that these panel lines are not as deep as they could be, but it looks decent. I would say, but again it requires some careful painting and especially try not to overdo the layers of primer and paint, because otherwise you might end up losing these features. Next, we continue with one more sprue, and here we have various parts i would say, mix of various parts because, as you can see, these are both external and internal elements. They will have to be used on the aircraft and again you have to pay attention which elements are used which are not used because, as far as you can see, there are a lot of spare parts which will go unused in the whole build next. We continue with another clear plastic spray, so here it is packed into the separate plastic bag again so im going to open it right now and we will take a closer look together and molding quality seems to be nice, as i said before. I hope that masks template is included, but, as you can see, these parts look like real glass and i dont think youll have a problem with installing them on your fuselage of your b26.

Next, we continue with two identical frames, so here i think we can zoom out a bit, so here they are, as you can guess, they are dedicated to engine condors and also both engines, and this is a really cool feature of this kit that both engines are Included its not just some lets, say, plane, part which will be taking a place to imitate the engine inside no its a full fledged engine, thats why? I would recommend to play with weathering and maybe think on not gluing this one piece of front section of the engine calling to the engine gondola. This way, you will be able to easily remove it and expose the engine underneath, but again, the final choice is after you and, of course, you can also upgrade it with some pe parts which are sold separately, for example, by edward okay. So what is next? Next? We continue with large plastic sprue, which is dedicated to wing puffs, so here we are. We have also these large parts which will be holding actually both sides of the wing and note that all wing mechanization parts are molded separately. We have also the same approach to these elevators, and here you can see that we have some guiding elements inside. They will be helpful with overall position of such large parts. Next, we proceed with the last gray plastic spruce, so this one is dedicated to pretty much the same set of parts. The only exception is that we here have here separate engine conduits, but i dont think theres such a serious difference.

I would say with the previous proof and of course, these engine condos they have guiding elements inside, so it should be easy to align everything together and now. What im doing is removing the decals sheets from assembly manual and why im a bit confused, because i can see that we have two decal sheets for drones, but they are designed for different versions. So, for example, here i will show you the decal sheet for q2a and, as you can see, we still have some shark mouth and some other symbols, including stencils, but thats. Not all we have the second decal sheet for the drone, and this one is designed for bqm 34a. So here you can see it, and i mean its easy to notice that we have completely different markings here. So it will be uh. Quite an interesting question which one which marking will be used in the combo build, but next we also have a large decals sheet, so this one definitely will be used for the db 26b and, as you can see, printing quality looks nice. We have some decals even for the cockpit here, even though seat belts are not included, but stencils are included here so in 148 scale it will be a noticeable thing. So, as usual, im saying that you would be better off by applying all these symbols and that would make model a bit more realistic. Looking so now, we zoom out a bit more in order to fit in this large brochure, which is a assembly manual in a typical icm design.

It means its color printed. We have short history note and some technical specifications. Next parts map shows with the red color, which parts are not used and note that there are many elements which will stay in your spare parts box. Thats. Why? I was saying you should pay attention to which parts are actually installed here or there, because in some cases you get the similar elements. Here we continue with assembly process, so everything starts with the cockpit. Then we proceed with this walls and also sparse for the main wing. As you can see, they will be inserted into physiologic half next. We have the other half other physiology part being detailed from inside, and then you join them together. You start working on the tail surfaces where you have to glue each element out of two house due to their thickness. Next, we proceed with the nose section, so here we have quite an interesting thing that actually, this large one piece part will not be used. You have to use this design out of several elements. Still you get this one piece section which will be now useful in order to get a bit more convincing appearance, but note that the final choice will also depend on the marking you choose, so it will be. Quite important to follow it now, you should also use the weight, its 40 grams in the nose, and it will help you to avoid the possible tail sitter. Then we assemble wing, and here we install wing mechanization.

So, of course you can play with the retracted flaps, but it will require some minor adjustments because here, as you can see its not shown, and then we assemble engine gondolas or engine nacelles, if you prefer, then we start working on so even engine gondolas pack, the Weight in order to avoid tail sitting, aircraft thats quite interesting thing – 10 grams in each by the way. So here we continue with more parts in the bombay area, because this aircraft had slightly different configuration, then we assemble ending gear. We assemble both engines. Just to remind you that this frontal cooling area is molded as a single piece, part thats, why i was saying you might avoid in one of them in order to expose the engine inside note that bombay can be assembled in closed position or well. Open position is not represented here, but here we continue with assembly steps for the kda 1 or q2a fire b, and here we have assembly steps for bqm, 34a or q2c, also fire b. So these are also drones and next we install these drones on both sides of the wing. So, as you can see, these are actually two different types of these drones. Both will be installed under the wings we install propellers and thats pretty much all on the final pages. You have also masks template, which is really cool and, as you can see, it covers clear parts also. Some of the camouflage elements, which is also quite a nice thing – and here we have first marking option, and i think it was also displayed on the box art, and here we have the second one slightly different.

So it will be also an interesting choice in 148 scale. So definitely this will be a huge build in 148 scale, so i would rather recommend it to experienced models and of course i would be happy to hear your opinion about such release. Do not forget to write it here in the comment section below if you like this video press, the like button subscribe to our youtube channel and i will see in the next video review as usual.