If you havent seen that already, i strongly suggest you do so very interested to see what this things capable of out here. Weve actually had a look on the course as to what holes you know now come into play a little bit if we could drive them, or i mean that was a driver. Nine iron um part five uh, putting fantastic as as per usual, but its just such a powerful ball flight, sound and feel im gon na need to hit a few more to really gauge, but definitely nowhere near as bad or as muted as what i thought. It sounded in the curve net but lets go. I have been absolutely desperate to get out on the course. With this look at the carbon facing the sunlight. It does look a bit like a grill dont it a hob, a hub muscle hubs, muscle 335 meters is: would you try and keep it stationary for a shot? Tracer yeah yeah um, im gon na give this a crack its so pale winds a little bit off the left but uh i didnt with the flat ive just seen. I dont feel like theres a hole thats, not attainable, which is ridiculous. Obviously, stupid is in terms of feel thats bunker left side. The most powerful ball flight ive ever seen like in the open in the in real life. Sound is still its not horrible, but by any stretch, its definitely more of a muted, sound every sim too.

But the feel is just its like a soft. It feels softer your ears play crazy tricks on you. I tell you when youre in the net Music Applause Music. Do you want to see something really like? Do you want to see how bad i am all right? Id played that how i wanted to play it and the strike was good strike was fine Music, so i went into the stealth reviews, obviously being extremely biased towards sim2 visually still, im still on the sim two side, just ive said it before every crevice of the Driver just agreed with me: i love the look of it and were not straight were not too far away with this. Its still, obviously, a tailor made shape theres no knocking that weve got the my stealth as well, for your custom options, different colors, so you can make it probably look similar color wise to a sim to if the red and black is not your vibes, but its A beautiful looking club this is always a hole where you can open the shoulders as long as you dont visit brenda on the left and over those bunkers with a touch of cut, is usually shot so im going to open, see where we end up thats gone. Absolutely mild, no, it didnt it. It did actually now right. Um. If you go in the comment section, you will see mixed responses about this driver, which is absolutely fine, but please come and try it first before saying it does or does not go further.

What so? What do you think it looks tommy its definitely definitely growing on me its not there. Is it its not all right, then its, not theyre everywhere arent they. What are you talking about? No were not im here are we? He is too whats that guy doing hey stealthing. Is it yeah Music? Look at that. The other thing that impresses me, probably more than the distance thats coming out of this thing, is how stable it is. We saw that in the video as well. This has now got a 10 gram weight at the front which is going to mess around, usually with moi weve got the inertia generator at the back, obviously compensating a little bit, but its a six degree. This thing should be twisted with twist face. Well, it is twist face, but i aint talking about you ever with it. Many weve not filmed them all ive done a bit of a warm up, but not one has really missed. We ongoing, like quite limited sidespin its almost been a point and smack low spin dip in flight really powerful dont. Do it to me sim2 gone not yet so guys were going to end this exactly how we started it. A little montage b, roll slog fest, so thats about right, uncut, rawness, official name and the stealth plus for me is an absolute weapon theres. No denying that and im excited to do further testing with it so time to crack on guys.

Thank you, as always for watching. If youre, not a part of gmail, please hit the subscribe button. The bell notification follow us on social media. Facebook, instagram twitter, live streaming on, twitch, get yourself over there and come and join the best discord in the world. Tml link is below Music. This is Music hahaha, its only one cause. You should play the way, youre feeling listen carefully to the side Music. I reckon right right side of this.