Well, this is going to be a fun video because Im going to give a reality check to some of you watching this video right now. Why is it a reality check? Well, let me tell you the following: thats, a guy on YouTube. I get thousands of emails every day and a lot of people out there are asking me questions like I want to buy my first drone. What do you recommend? So many of these people have watched YouTube videos or they have a friend who has a drone, so they have some sort of idea of what they want. What they want to use it for and the main ones I always get are better have a good camera. I dont want the camera bouncing all over the place, so something like 4K for video, maybe photos at 12, megapixels or 48 megapixels, because Im a photographer, almost everybody who writes to me who wants a drone always tells me theyre a photographer. I dont know why. Next, they say its got to have a long flight time. You know over 30 minutes or over 40 minutes that would be great per battery and since theyre all new at flying, theyre all worried theyre gon na crash this drone. So they want obstacle avoidance or they want prop guards or something like that, but usually obstacle avoidance, especially when they say okay. You know Ive heard of drones, doing flyaways when they lose connection. So I want it to come back to me and when it comes back to me, I dont want it to crash into anything.

So I need that obstacle avoidance. For some reason. Everybody who asked for a drone all wants to fly their drone at least 10 or 100 kilometers away. Also, everybody whos brand new to a drone always asks the two questions: how fast can it go and how high does it fly and because of that everybody says I want a drone that goes really high, at least above Mount Everest, and I want it to go. Super fast next, a lot of people ask for the tracking or the follow me that were pretty much used to in drones, thats pretty popular, so a lot of people say Im a jogger Im, a runner or I have a yoga class, and I want to film It anything with movement, they want the Drone to sit there and film them and follow them around tons of real estate agents. I dont know why real estate agents always contact me. I dont think half of them are real estate agents or very good ones, because they ask silly questions but theyll say I want the Drone to fly through all the rooms in the house and make a video which is pretty good good, except that they usually want An fpv drone, they say I want to wear the goggles and do it. They dont realize that the fpv Drone hobby is the advanced hobby, so thats not for them, and the final thing they all ask for is the Drone with all those features has to be under 250 grams, because I do not want to have to get all this Certification regulation issues and everything else, so in my country I would like it to be under 250 grams, if possible, now for a lot of you in the Drone hobby youve already done the calculations in your brain, how much a drone like that would cost.

So I come back with the drones that meet those requirements and I always say you know check out the Mini 3 line, very good sensors in the front and the back its got tracking its got all the features you want. You also have the autel Nano line. So you got the DJI line. You got that Nano autel Nano line, youve also got the Hudson Xeno mini pro, which, if youre in the USA exodrones, has taken that over so check with exodrones. But the problem is: when I give someone who asked the question these drones as recommendations, they look up the price and then they come back to me and say yikes. I didnt realize the Drone cost that much is there something with similar features but less money, so that I say yes, there are drones that do cost less, but they will have less features than what you first asked for. In other words, you could get yourself a DJI mini 2. excellent, drum good range, everything else, but its gon na lack. You know the tracking and the obstacle avoidance. Uh DJI also makes a pile of SE drones, so they take their normal drones and they make a lesser watered down version. They call it SC, so those are all good Hopsin as well. They have the Hobson Xeno mini SC. So if youre in the states check out exodrones same drone in the states under the XO line, and then you have femi mini the Phoebe mini – is pretty decent as well.

You know that doesnt cost very much for these smaller type drones with lesser features, but people look at the price of these and they come back to me. Do you have something that has similar features to everything I asked for, but costs even less so then I go. How much did you want to spend? I should have asked that question in the first place and they always come back to me with the exact same answer kind, sir. I would like to buy a drone for under 100 U.S seriously thats what they want, and sometimes they come back with 75 or 50.. So in this video Im gon na buy two drones off of Amazon Canada for under fifty dollars and the reason Im doing that is just to show you what you get for fifty dollars. Canadian. Now, if I did 50 U.S, that would be probably better, probably get a better drone, but Im in Canada – and I have Amazon Canada. So I have to do Amazon, Canada and for those of you who follow the currency Market. If I want to buy one dollar U.S, I have to give you one dollar and thirty cents. Canadian yeah, our Canadian dollar, is not very good now what that means is when I order these drones off of Amazon in Canadian dollars. That means, if it cost me like forty dollars, Canadian well, if you want to buy the same drone in the US, youre gon na pay, maybe 30 or 25 dollars, I would assume so on my cell phone Im gon na put it over here.

You should see my cell phone now Ive already gone in. I told Amazon to just give me anything that matches the criteria drone. You can see it at the top. I turned on the prime Im a Prime member because I want it to be delivered tomorrow and then right beside that. I said, find me something in the 25 to 50 dollar range, so it puts a filter on and this is what it showed me. So we go down, we can see right off the bat. It is giving me drones for kids when you buy a drone for under a hundred dollars, youre, probably going to get a drone with brushed motors, not brushless. You probably wont get a camera and if you got a camera, its going to be pretty terrible but either case, you know nothing great and theres going to be nothing great about this drone theyre, just gon na be fun toy drones. So going down looking at my screen, you can see theres a best seller, its a holy Stone, and that would make sense because holy Stones, a popular name in the budget drones. So they make a drone there that a lot of people have bought and its 44.99 comes with three batteries: no camera on it. I want one with the camera, so Ive already picked this one and Ive already ordered this one. This is the ghoul Sky, ghoul RC. I just ordered it like 10 minutes ago, except I forgot to turn on the video on this camera, so it didnt record it.

So I got ta show it to you again anyways. So here it is its orange in color. It does have brush motors. I can see them in the arms, but its got some funny things. It says it has a camera 4K dual camera. Well, I dont think so, and it shows that if you do the scissors its going to snap a photo which its not its, really gon na be terrible. Its got palm recognition which its not its going to fly into the walls but its an orange colored drone and it looks pretty cool and it says, has 3D flight 360 degrees. So I dont know what that means. Normally 3D flight means flips and everything, but well see, but its only 38.99, Canadian. Now one thing I want to show you with all these beginner drones that I notice. If I look at all of them like this, one was pretty cool. This is a its not a holy Stone, its a holy ton, anyways mini drone for kids. I love this. I love the protective little prop guards on this thing, but one thing I noticed said every single picture. They always show a child with all these drones, as if youre gon na buy your little kid whos, three or four years old, youre gon na buy them a drone like this theres, even though it has the prop guard thing, youre, probably still going to get a Blade in the eye – and here the kids got a helmet on or something well.

I wouldnt call that a helmet but anyways. They always show children in this, and I want to show you one other one Ill show you the one. I did buy theres a second one right here. I bought this one, so this one here is the holystone HS, 450 mini drone and the reason I bought this is because its yellow in color it looked pretty cool. It comes with three batteries that orange one that I showed you previously, that didnt show it coming with anything other than one battery, but it says it says its got: obstacle avoidance, obstacle avoidance on a little tiny drone, so Im pretty interested to see that Ive seen It before, and sometimes it works so if it works on this one, its pretty good once again, theyre going to show this drone flying around kids because thats what they do here, we have a kid in a jail cell or thats, a crib hes trying to break Out hes even got the stripes on his shirt like hes, in jail, but yeah. It shows also doing all sorts of cool things. So we are going to try that I love this three batteries. You get 21 minutes of flight, well its actually seven minutes per battery times three but uh. I did order that one and once again I ordered it like 10 minutes ago, but again I forgot to hit the record on this screen and this camera. So I was just talking to the dead air, so when I get both drones, Im gon na unbox them here Ill show you everything I get and then were gon na take them for a spin and Im gon na show you what you get for under fifty Dollars, Canadian here we are one day later and Amazon has delivered my box of goodies, so lets open this up and check out what I bought.

So, just to refresh your memory, I bought the I got ta look over here: the holystone HS 450 and the ghoul RC X1. So Ive got two packages in here. This would be the HS 450 heres, my secondary camera hs450, and this would have to be the Google Sky RSC, one that comes in its own carry case, its foldable thats, a 4k camera. Look at it its just this tiny little pouch everything looks so big on Amazon, but these are just little peanut thing, so this one here was 38 dollars and this one was 49 all right. So lets quickly open the boxes and check out what the heck we bought here supposed to come with three batteries which it does. You can see the three batteries right there bring it over to this camera, so you can see the three batteries its supposed to have a forward light obstacle avoidance prop guards, throw and go it. It does 3D flips and it has altitude holes there. We are theres our drone theres one battery in the top already and two more here and you just charge them up via USB, and I bet you theres a USB cable in here, which there is. There are two USB cables in there. So I guess they want. You to charge two batteries at a time. I do see you get spare props you get a screwdriver looks like you get some velcro. You get a prop removal tool.

You get the remote control right here. It shows that youre gon na need three AAA batteries. To get this powered next, one comes in this really cool little case lets open it up and check out what is inside so there we go. Look at that! Look at that! Look what you get check that out its not bad its like getting a large size. Drone in a tiny little micro case so again lets pull out our drone. Oh this ones got some weight to it. Wow thats interesting here check this out heres our little drone. So it looks like this theres, your 4k camera up front and heres your dual camera, which means theres a camera on the bottom, its Optical flow, but you can switch between these two cameras and the app. Apparently the camera is movable, you do it manually before you take off you set it to where you want it, and everything seems to be foldable, so let me unfold it here. Put that like that, like that – and it looks like this – one only came with one battery, so let me yank it out and see if it tells me what size it is. There is nothing to indicate exactly what size it is. I dont know if its a 1s or a 2s, but what do you expect for 38 bucks? So then we have our remote right here and you can see the joysticks are not on it at the moment and this piece flops up and that would be your power button to power it on.

So lets see how many batteries it takes once again. Three: double a batteries to power. This little guy now, obviously for the camera to work Im gon na have to connect it to an app on my phone and in the instructions. It should tell me what the app is. You do get this nice little bag of goodies. I have a USB cable for charging. I also have the joysticks right here: the tops for the joysticks right there and Ive got some spare props and a screwdriver. So I guess the next thing to do is charge up the battery, get it fully charged and then read the instructions, connect it to the app and well take it for a flight and Ill show. You that all right its time to take the holystone HS 450. For a flight, it says it comes with three batteries. We know that it has a forward light. Youll, see that when we start flying obstacle avoidance, it actually works. I tried it prop guards. Yes, you can see them on here, throw it and it goes. Yes does. 3D flips and altitude hold here we go so on the bottom. There is a power button, press that and it will turn on so lets, do that there we go, it turns on hold it in your hand. Until the light stops flickering there we are, and now I can throw it so Im going to throw it towards my window over there.

This is the front and thats the back. I should have it the other way around, but here we go there. We are so she flies and it turns on the obstacle avoid its automatically right now. It probably needs to be trimmed look its going over there, but uh yeah theres an obstacle avoidance on it. If I go down here, look at it, I can knock it around. Put my hands, it will just do. Flips automatically. Does flips whoa hit the wall whoa, so it shouldnt crash into anything like see Ill. Let it go, it knows, theres a couch there, so it goes away from it and it just keeps on avoiding things until it runs out of power in your house, and you could probably play hockey with it. You know you knock it to the next kid over. There and then it goes over there like I better, go get it. I want to grab this thing with the prop guards. You could pick it up while its still spitting there. We go a little flip and then shell come. Oh, no, no, no! Its under the couch all right, so let me power this off and then Ill show you with the remote so now with the remote just power that on its good and then were gon na power this on, but Im gon na. Stick it on the floor and take off from the floor its on put it down flat. The light will stop flickering when you take your little joystick here and move it there we go.

This is now connected to this. So if I hit this button here and take off its going to take off here, we go its pretty stable but thats without obstacle avoidance. Now, if you put obstacle avoidance on, you can then smash into things like right now, if it smashes into the wall its going to crash so to put obstacle avoidance on. I believe it is just hold down this button here there we go nope. That was the circle. Sorry Ive got to do it circles get back here. I dont watch over there lets go over here. All right lets. Take it out of circle mode. There we go put it back into normal mode, come forward uh. It must be this one. This is the speed control, so let me get over here. This is speed, I think, thats the obstacle avoidance on there. We go now its flashing thats obstacle avoiding. So if I put my head in there there we go yeah so anything around it. It just goes in the opposite direction, so Ill. Take that off. You dont need it when youre using the joysticks, so thats normal speed, pretty slow for flying in the house. And, of course, if you want to go faster, you put it in one speed up thats a medium speed, much faster for flying in the house, make sure you know what youre doing and then, of course, you have Race, speed, theres, your Race speed, which will go Super super fast, and if you want to land it, let me bring it back here down and it lands nicely now.

The cool thing is, is I I think I can throw it up even with my remote on so lets, try it yeah there we go and I got control over it over my remote and I lost it up in a tree. So let that be a lesson If Youre Gon na Fly this outside in the wind uh have some place where it cant hit anything, throw it up there we go. Oh, you know what its up in the tree again, whoa whoa get off the roof, its still going, its not connected to us its just its flying with obstacle avoidance. Oh oh, thankfully, its in my backyard hitting a tree there. She falls down all right. Okay, so forget everything I said when you throw it in the air it doesnt want to use the remote its not even connected. So let me grab this thing back here. Well, Lisa landed in my yard. Next we have the ghoul RC X1. It does come with information about the app that you use and Ive installed. Everything on my phone so lets take it for a flight. Now I have a pretty big phone, an iPhone 11 Pro Max and it seems to fit on here quite well. So this is one of those drones where you power on the Drone. You connect your phone to the Wi Fi of the Drone. Then you open the app all right Im going to place the Drone down here on this pile of pillows.

One of my cameras should pick it up. I guess I should power it on first, so you just press the top button thats the power button. Now, when it powers on the lights, go on and were all good plop it down its pretty much all set to go turn on your remote, they will connect next, find the Wi Fi from the Drone, its called the Wi Fi 8K. I dont know why it says 8K, its not even 4K wait. Do you see how bad the image is then youre saying whats the app? Let me show you so on my phone. If its working, you can see it its called Wi Fi cam open that that is your app hit, the start button and theres the Drone. So so you will see the video as I bring it closer there. It is its kind of like zoomed in the video. Looking, if I look at my head look what you can see yeah its its not the greatest at all so uh yeah thats, what you get not 4K guys, even though it says it in the ad. So here we go so this drone is kind of weird you just move the left joystick up and down. If you want to take off or you can use the take off and land button, so Ill go up and down and its recording video right now so Im gon na fly it through my house really quick going along.

The video should look not the greatest, because its kind of like zoomed in I dont know why it does that. But it does it so there we go and then coming around again, and here we are so it is a pretty cool drone because its foldable and its pretty small – and it only cost me 38 dollars. So I will say in that regard its pretty neat and the other features it has. It can take a photo, but the photos look just as terrible as the video uh it does have trim functions to keep it remaining still does have different modes for flying. You know like slow fast and it can do flips. I think it can even do flips and doors watch this theres a flip whoa and it goes into my plant. So you crash or anything all you do is pull the joysticks out and it resets the gyro, and then it does have a takeoff and land button. Here there we go. She goes up by itself. Its very durable Ive crashed this many times and it keeps on working. Let me try that flip again, I didnt, like the last one, so lets go flip Im going to make a forward flip there we go forward. Flip got it. You have an awful lot of other features on it here. Let me just land it really quick. So let me show you the other features on here. Im gon na put this kind of looking at me all right, so uh this is the camera videoing me uh.

You can see its still recording. Let me show you what the photo looks like a photo. There we go next. One over would be look at your pictures. I believe that Ive already taken yet so it shows photos or videos that youve taken the next one over is vir. In case you buy those goggles off Amazon. All you do is put your phone in the goggles and then, when you look youll see one image of voice. Two then you have gestures, hand gestures, oh three, two one adjusters, it started recording a video with the gestures. Next, you have lock and unlock, and this is in case you want to fly it with your phone and at the far end you have more settings. You have 30 60 100 thats your flight speeds. Then you have music videos and then you know, do some effects on the photos you take were not going up and going forward. So now you get the video Outdoors. What it looks like this button seems to fly not too bad outdoors. I dont have it on high speed or anything but uh there we go there. You go full speed, so I know I could pick it up way up there all right. How does that look? Thats, full speed, Music? There you go thats sport mode, not bad! For uh 38 dollars put it in flippy mode. There we go. It actually flies for a long time, which is quite interesting.

Okay, so thats, the bottom camera probably looks horrid going up. Over top of it were gon na go way up there. Can you see anything? Do I even look like Im in the photo were up in the wind? Not bad flies in the window. Okay, so theres, the bottom camera whoa. I almost thought I lost that up in the tree. There we go all right, lets go back inside, so there you have it. You cannot pay 50 and expect to get the quality of a thousand dollar drone. I have so many people who write to me and say you know those ads where the government is hiding stuff from the people, and you can get this drone for like a hundred dollars and its worth. Ten thousand dollars is that for real, no, its fake its. Like this, they have a little toy drone and thats what you get for your hundred dollars so for a hundred bucks, youre, never gon na get much in the way of a quality drone, its always going to be a toy drone. When this one here, the HS 450 by holystone, it is what it is. Theres no lies in the ads. This thing does exactly what they said it does and it does have obstacle avoidance and it does come with a little remote and it does flips and it does all these other little cool things and its a lot of fun, but its a toy drone.

Its for indoors, mostly, it only costs me 49. Canadian, do I think its worth 49, Canadian yeah. It seems like a drone. You would pay 49 Canadian for because its a toy drone and its a lot of fun if you live elsewhere in the world. Im gon na put a link to this one below and its probably going to cost you a lot less than 49 Canadian, because our dollar is not that great, so check the link below. Next, we have the Google RC X1, which comes with the remote, and you can put your phone in it and it has a camera on it that you have to move up and down yourself. If you want to look down well. Actually, there is more than one camera theres, a camera on the bottom as well Optical flow. So this drone says it has 4K. It doesnt have 4K. Almost every drone. You buy that costs less than 300. Well say it has 4K 8K or something ridiculous. They dont. So for 38 dollars, Canadian with the remote, I think its a pretty good deal. You know the gesture controls. I said it before. I even bought it that gesture controls are gimmicky and on here theyre gimmicky, because it will never sit still in the air and be moving all over the place. Theres no way you could take your hands off the remote control and then have this fly in the air. Look at you and do your your little gesture.

So it takes a video or a photo. It wont it will just keep flying away side to side up and down, especially if Outdoors its really not designed for it its a toy drone, but it is foldable. You know you have a little foldable joint that you can fit this in your pants pocket. No problem its so tiny and pull it out and go film something the video quality is nothing spectacular. However, it does work, it does what it says it does other than its a lie: its not 4K, so for 38 dollars. Canadian, do I think its a good deal. I think its a great deal for 38 dollars, Canadian, because I got what Ive paid for and I didnt go into it. Thinking. Im gon na get a thousand dollar drone for 38 dollars, Canadian, so Im going to place a link to this one below this video go check it out. So with all that said, I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope for some people. It gave them a bit of a reality check and for anybody who goes and asks me in the future. Can you recommend a good drone for a hundred dollars or fifty dollars? Im gon na? Send you right to this video, alright guys, thanks for watching this video check the links below and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and Ill catch.