Well, that would be a no. What do you mean thatd? Be a no. I dont think theyll. Let you Music hi everybody pj here and im back from egypt uh. I dont know how long im back for i might be going back to egypt again soon, but you never know um anyway, im back in lincoln long time since ive been in lincoln. So i thought id have a look around see if anythings changed and see if theres anything interesting, knocking about its a perfect day for the dread road so ill. Have the tread drawn up and see what we can do right lets have a look around. Shall we right with the company called siemens? It is a very, very large company. It goes from there all the way down here. Siemens, energy, it says, goes all the way down there and then weve got another unit on this side. Here so um we will have a look around see if we can see anything and then we will get the old jet drone up and about so um. I dont know if were gon na get chance to see what they do here. But with a bit of luck, somebody may tell us you never know but theres, some quite big security gates, looking about got double gates, there look our double barriers and then weve got some more gates here. So how are you doing you werent? Sorry? No. I dont think so what do you do here? Yeah? I know its a big company.

What do you do here? Specifically, you just do security all right, its a big old plant in it yeah. You got two of them actually, one in lincoln as well, one in town, all right where abouts in town, you know bridges, um, not really about five minutes station. Oh yeah yeah yeah, just next to that all right, okay, its not as big as this one, though, is it uh just again, is it all right? I know ive never seen that yeah ill have to go and have a look yeah. I will be flying the drone over very shortly whats that i will be flying a drone over the top very shortly, why uh so im getting some aerial shots of the plant right, so i dont know if you want to let anybody know or anything uh right, Yeah um, not that uh im doing anything wrong. I just dont want to uh get anybody going, look theres, a drone there and start flapping and panicking, and all that kind of stuff. All right! Well, itd be about 10 or 15 minutes. I would have thought. Okay, though didnt look, you were all right until i mentioned joan, and then he started getting a bit like um im, not sure about that. So anyway, lets go and have a look further up, theres, some quite big offices. I saw here as i drove past, so lets go and have a look see what we can see at the offices now were coming up to what looks like the office area now and theyve got a lot of cameras knocking about cameras its like loud speakers, all Sorts of things and looks like theyve got a lot of people that come to work on pushbacks only if theyve got a bike to work scheme or whatever its called operating here, possibly then well go a couple of motorbikes undercover.

I certainly look after the staff when it comes to parking and things i cant see. If theyve got any um electric charging points, theyve got a lot of disabled places. Uh. I cannot see if theyve got any um. Oh yeah, it looks like theyve got some further up there. Some electric charging points, look like white boxes lets see. If i can zoom in cant zoom in much, but zoom in a little bit looks like theyve got some white boxes there for uh car charging right. So it is a, it is a well populated, um car part by the look of things looks like weve got a lot of staff here, but they are big officers. There definitely is a lot of officers here. All right lets have a walk. A bit further down. Lets see if we can get a bit close to the officers and see if we can find out what goes off here. Hello right, yeah, im just going down to the office to have a word with somebody in the office about flying a drone over the over the works right. Well, that would be a no. What do you mean that could be a no, i dont think theyll. Let you yeah its not a matter of whether they can. Let me or not, im just going now to inform them that im going to do it. It cant, stop me doing it um. Can you just stay here till i find out if you are allowed? I was just trying to enter any more because you are actually thats fine.

All i was going to do was go in the office thats all into reception, just to tell them what were going to do yeah. Why do you want to fly a drone over here? Because its an interesting sight – and i want to get some aerial shots of it, can we have your details like if we have someone just get in touch with you? Why would anyone want to get in touch with me if they have? You know any concerns about it, like security. Well, if youve got any concerns, you can come out and have a word with me yeah, but you know if youre not here and were concerned theres. So if you wont be here and playing a drone, you know we were not going to follow you when you will be flying well ill, either be here or down where main security is at the big entrance there right well ill um. Shall i bring rachel anyway, but if you want, if someones going to come out ill wait here, i can get patricia to have a word with ben hunter. Should we get this gentleman into a reception and sign him in because thats the process? Well, i dont mind ill wait here: im not got a problem with the only reason i was going to reception. Oh so thats a small dream. My phones got all drone, but its not that small. Should we take this job, you dont know how small it is really does it have like a collapsible yeah.

It expands yeah yeah yeah. Do you would you mind coming to reset interviews, no im coming to reception, get this site manager too yeah all right. Do you mind? No, i dont mind the taller its chilly here. Ive just come back from egypt. It was 50 in the shade there thats why ive got a suntan and my skins peeling im, not a lizard, not really no im, not from lincoln ive traveled. Here, where are you from maybe im from workshop? No, i make youtube. Videos. 400 nod videos, 18 million views. You are sorry, some of it will not all of it. Its got to be edited first. Can we just just just here if you can inside welcome to the parliament, said the spider to the fly just so loads of awards, eh loads and loads of awards, midlands original winner? What are they for being a nice place to work developing future talent? That sounds good manufacturer of the year partnership with education, huh thats a good mission statement on there. We are not doing you a favor by serving you, you are doing this a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so. How are you doing? I do it? Im ben, how are you doing ben the director is here all right, smashing im just looking at all your rewards, yeah yeah yeah, very good, yeah, um whats, the yeah. All im going to do is im just going to fly the drone over the top and just do a bit of aerial photography.

Thats. All okay, have you got permission to do that? I dont need permission as long as its uh as long as its not restricted airspace. Then i can fly the drone anywhere right. You know and um its not restricted airspace here, so you know. Okay, i mean our preference would be that. Obviously this is private property. Here this is siemens, energy property. So we would prefer that you um, ask our permission. Well, im im, not ive, not come to ask your permission. Ive come to. Let you know that im going to do it right, so that people arent going ah thats a drone right. You know and and i mean to be honest um without sounding rude. I dont need permission right. You know so uh yeah yeah. I have to be off the premises to to uh take off and land uh, but other than that you know i mean have you seen google earth, because its because its private property theres certain regulations and stuff yeah theres theres a lot of regulations but um as Long as i fly safely, uh dont interfere with anybody. Uh i can. I can fly anywhere the only places i cant fly around airports and prisons at airfields. You know other than that. I can fly anywhere and fly over towns cities. Oh, i cant fly over large crowds. You know like football matches, yeah yeah. I was my my videos always on right. Okay, all right, but uh yeah.

I just want to uh. I mean the place, looks amazing, so i just want to get some. It is and like, if you go through the proper routes and stuff like that, then you know it might grant you permission. But obviously you need to ask us: yes, yeah what come and have a tour yeah. Absolutely yeah id love a tour but um yeah. I mean you know id love to see what you do. Do you actually manufacture here we do, but so not in the process of giving into youve got the camera on and stuff like that, yeah id. Ask that you, if you leave the premises and stuff and then, if you say, if you want to, if you want a statement or to come in and stuff, you should ask us through the normal routes yeah. Would it be able to video? If i come on site yeah, if you, if you, if you write to us and ask us well answer, can i have your email? Yeah well, well, ensure well, take your details and we can get in. My email will be on the bottom of all the videos right yeah, so maybe, if you want to sleep yeah thanks for your time anyway, youre a gentleman okay. Thank you very much bye, ladies, so i shall escort this you dont need to. I know my way honestly: okay, im not going to run off with one of your cars or anything like that.

All right. Thank you, bye bye, so he was a pleasant enough chat um. They never sound very keen on the idea of the drone flying over the top, but same as i said, um google earth Laughter right so lets get set up. Lets get the drone flying and well and well crack on and see. If we can get a few aerial shots, because this place is its very nice and its an amazing day for drone video, so lets crack on besides ive not flown it for nearly three weeks, while ive been away in egypt and ive missed it so lets get It on the go right so here we are airborne first time in a while lets go and have a look at siemens. Now we just had a couple of vehicles going in entering the premises and theres one just waiting to come out now that that red one on the left is just entered, and this one here is just waiting to go out and there you go. The barrier is up and hes on his way. All right lets have a bit of a wander down. The yard see what we can see if anything. This is public road mate here i dont worry ill move im not going to get this under another. I promise im allergic to pain. Lets go a bit further down, see if we can see anything so theyve got um. They have got some more units im, not this, but um, just zoom in a little bit, some more working area around the back here, security guards concerned that im going to get run over because im stood just in the driveway so its hard to tell what they Make here im gon na have to google it and have a look see if i can see it lets just zoom back out and theyve got quite a bit of stuff on the on the roof here: Music, its probably air conditioning units.

Is it yeah? It looks like it air, conditioner or some kind of extractors, or something like that. Theyre certainly venting either into or out of the um. The factory lets go and take a bit more of a closer look, definitely some kind of venting, whether its air conditioning or extraction. I dont know, but if it is extraction, i cant see anything where any of the stuff thats being extracted unless it just fumes, is actually going so thats. What makes me think that its probably just air, conditioning or fresh air going into the unit, because it is a fairly large unit – lets – have a look down the bottom of the yard. I dont think weve got much here. I think the only thing youll see here is my car and im, not in the red car today, im in the blue one look there, you go all right. Lets, have a a journey up the road and have a look at these quite posh offices. So youve got another uh another unit here, but this doesnt have that same extractor unit or whatever it is on the ceiling on the roof not on the ceiling. So obviously different types of manufacturing in different parts, so ill just have a wander along, as you can possibly tell if i took the camera down thats me walking along there. The drone is quite a bit quicker than me right. So lets have a look down this bit.

Shall we, i think we bring the drone down a bit actually now. These are the cycle sheds and things that we saw earlier as i was walking around theres somebody just getting on the bike now and ive. Seen see that theyre quite large officers lets have a look so ive got some more. Oh, look that looks like air conditioning units again. Certainly, uh. Look like cooling fans anyway, a bit of woodland and heres a car park to walk through early. So lets take a a look at the front of these quite substantial offices and, like i said they are quite substantial and when you get inside they are very well maintained and look very very nice offices looks a really nice place to work. Everybody was was very, very pleasant, i mean, i know they were a bit unsure about the drone at first, but everybody was very, very pleasant and the director was very nice, so um i may dig his name out and give him a ring and see if we Can arrange a proper visit, so there you go that is siemens from the air. Theres me look way. Music right lets get the drone back. This well thats my first video finished since coming back from egypt, so i hope youve enjoyed it. Uh siemens were very pleasant. I know they were a little bit nervous when i first started mentioning the drone, but once i explained that uh, i wonder what stood in there um once i explained what uh what was gon na happen, and that was quite legal to do it, not a problem.

So anyway, i hope youve enjoyed this video hope you havent, missed me too much while ive been away, ive tried to keep the videos up to date and i will see they in the next one.