Oh boy lets play some satisfactory today. We love this game around here, where there are endless ways to shatter your bones. Oh, but im getting ahead of myself lets catch. You up on whats happened so far. First, we built a wonderful normal working factory for like a second, then it turned into this then into this, and then this and also some of this. Eventually we reach nuclear power. It produces a lot of energy, but more than that, it produces beautiful, toxic byproducts. So much so that it hurt to exist here and we had to flee. So after that we slid our way over to oranger pastures, and this time we did it right. We erased all of this nature. We put down a beautiful working factory and we cant forget about hypertubes, which is good for normal transportation or linking them together and going so fast. You leave this dimension or if you split the difference, you can create a machine where we can aim this cannon back at our old base and see if we can reclaim that irradiated nightmare and thats. What brings us to here. So we have a couple of pressing concerns: each and every one of those barrels thats actively hurting me. While i talk thats okay, though ive got my handy dandy inhaler here, so whenever my health is getting me down anyway, let me give you the grand tour before we get started here. We have sumptuous radiation issues, followed by even more radiation issues and were gon na.

Have to figure this out fast, because i dont know what happened, but this place is definitely cursed now and even more radiate. Oh, it looks like things have kind of come to a stand still. I guess it makes sense, though, after all over here on this side of our base, the land of nuclear power plants theres been a couple of changes, since we were last here see. The last time we were in this base was before they added fluid to the game, and now that all of these beauties have been magically retrofitted and requires not just these, which are uranium fuel rods. But it also requires that we have water to cool the whole thing down, which obviously, we dont have based on this giant gaping hole, which means that weve got all of these plants, and none of them are working right now, which honestly is probably both good and Bad good, because no working means no nuclear waste. The bad is these being offline means we dont have any power coming to our base. Dont worry, though, were going to get this all back online and the first step is going to be getting all this radiation out of here. First, things first were going to need some items. Good thing, weve got materials everywhere, not to mention stockpiles are the best stuff. A whole container full of things that blow up and me with a detonator, and you know what that means. I cant just blow this stuff up by hand.

Can i well, it was worth a shot good to know where these things are anyway, so step one. Is we got ta flush out all of these barrels, or else i dont think reality is ever coming back together again, so were gon na go all the way over here to the outskirts of this madness. I see you flying up there. Dont judge me, and basically we need to figure out how to get all these barrels out from our base. Lets just use this convenient thing called a splitter and then well build out a conveyor belt from there and well just keep running this and well just take it all. The way to the edge here im not really sure what the plan is seeing as how theres nothing down here, but hey at least its getting all this waste away from the rest of my factories and, at the end of all, this well go ahead and put A nice big storage container there you go fellas, welcome to your temporary new home. So while we wait for all of this stuff to finish, filtering out of here lets get some other vital stuff done, as mentioned for the time being, none of these are working. You know, i know where there is working power, though, and its just one quick slide away a home sweet. Second home. I missed you, security, blanket of pipes and conveyor belts and materials anyway were not here for sightseeing.

No were here for that power that dirty environmentally unfriendly coal power lets just go ahead and connect one of these power lines and lets go ahead and build all the way back starting from there. This is us all the way back to our other base. Super easy to just run these forever. Dont worry this isnt gon na take any time at all, and we always know when were getting closer to home, because the frame rate takes a dive and everything hurts. Although now that im in the main part of the factory, i think all the radiations been filtered out and im not taking damage anymore im so happy its time to use my inhaler again anyway. Where were we oh hello? What the hell are you pet? The lizard doggo dont mind if i do okay well, great talk looks like the barrels are still coming, which shows that the process is working all the way to barrel heaven, and we know that for sure, because look at our glorious radiation levels, quite the radioactive vessel And as we get closer im really hurting now in theory, this should be enough because the farther away we get the lower the radiation goes and if were far enough away, the radiation goes away entirely, but i dont want to lose this entire area to that isnt. There a way we can get rid of this stuff permanently most other items in the game you can just throw in the little trash.

Can here? Oh, but not these barrels, it doesnt want you to do that. All right lets leave this for a second and come over here and lets test some stuff on an area that doesnt have radiation. Okay, so getting rid of stuff. We cant just grab an item, drag it out of our inventory, because then it goes straight here on the ground and sure we can throw these things, but no other items can be thrown like that. So i wonder if there is any way we can. Oh, what the hell did that you you knocked me off. I bet you guys think youre. So clever, dont, you huh, oh well, we learned something new just now those guys can throw themselves off. So the question is: can we somehow attach the radiation to these fellas and then just lead them off a cliff okay hold on? I got an idea. Lets build out a couple of little platforms and then lets add some walls. Okay, hey come back here. I have need of you come on, come on, okay, better, stay right! There, im just gon na put something on top of you easy well technically its on top of him, but i dont think its part of him nope. Definitely not so, i think its safe to assume that theres no way to actually attach this to these creatures. Well, thanks for trying so for my next idea were gon na need one of these a pale berry.

So, do you remember that lizard doggo that we saw, as you can see, hes a little bit timid if we get too close? But if we take these here, pale berries go ahead and just put them on the ground. Little doggo friend loves them, and now he trusts us, and now we have the message to see if lizard doggo found anything basically now he has an inventory and occasionally hell find stuff and bring it to us. But we can also put things in that slot and now its just carrying it around while it follows us, so of course i think we have another question: can this little guy carry a stack of barrels only one way to find out come on little guy? Okay, where were we get ready for a journey? Oh hey, he found me some flower, petals, thats, so sweet. I love you too ill. Take those – and here you have these 258 barrels of toxic waste and lizard doggo seems unaffected by the tremendous amount of radiation. Well, you know what happens next right now lets see. How am i going to get you to want to be down there? What if we build some platforms? All the way out here come on come on, come on, come on, whos, a good boy, whos, a good boy, whos, a good boy, youre, a good boy! Oh no! Oh! No! Oh mission! Successful! Oh lets! Do it again, hey there little guy ive got something for you, good god that took forever, but at least we got him make yourselves at home in the waiting room here ill.

Even give you a window to look through all right, so heres the thing ive been doing some thinking and i dont know if i can bear to watch them fall down onto the cliffs below i mean, after all, look at these little guys. Look at those little faces they deserve better than that thats. Why instead were gon na use, something else jump pads lets see, lets just go ahead and excellent. All right, i guess we need to test if it works, yep thatll about do it all right, come on. Little guy lets get you all suited up: okay, okay, okay, you know what to do well. Im gon na go ahead and say that was a rousing success and before you know it, our nuclear waste problems are solved. Okay, come on out fellas! You look all ready for prime time lets. Not just wander them over here. Instead lets aim a bounce pad back. This direction, build a couple layers up and well put the other bouncy thingy at the top here. Okay, there you go. Oh, you guys spread each other out well, at least that one made it oh god, and for this one lets see if we can get nothing but net, oh close enough, who knew that getting rid of radioactive waste would be so much fun. Okay, we only have a couple more to go here, have fun guys. Ah thats a victory looks like one last straggler huh. You might want to revert your eyes, for this well looks like that took care of the radiation time to deal with the next mess.

Getting all this back online, we do still have to deal with radiation, of course, because to power these plants, we use these uranium fuel rods, but it shouldnt be too hard to deal with. All we need to do is focus on the water part and dont worry. I havent forgotten that this one needs water too. First things first, is we need to locate a water source, and you know – i think i know just the place oh yeah and this reactor over here too. Okay, so all we really need to do is find some nice deep water. You know this water doesnt appear to be terribly deep. Maybe itll work anyway. Lets see time for some water extraction. Oh yep looks like its gon na, be just fine. Okay. Now all we need to do is run some pipes, hey im sure this will be just fine right, pretty sure water doesnt naturally want to go uphill like that. But what do i care? What water wants? I just care that it connects okay and, with that all connected the entire base, still doesnt have power. So we need to draw upon our power lines that are, from the other base, im glad that you can drag these power lines out over to a cliff and then right into a waterfall, whatever theyll allow it so ill. Do it. Okay lets see. How are we doing water appears to be extracting at a perfectly whatever flow rate, and you can tell its doing its job by this little thing here, because of the things doing things as you can tell, i totally understand how water works in this game.

The important part is if we come all the way over here and we check the pipes, we can see the waters running all the way here, just fine and if we look at the plant itself waters all there uraniums all there looks like power is back on The menu and onward to the other power plants all right, excellent, i think weve done some really fine work here lets see if everything connects as planned. Lets start with one initially well, doesnt appear to be any water getting here at least not yet. What do you mean this weird gross, illogical, pipe system? Isnt working, i mean if you take a look at our splitter here, this ones getting plenty of water, as is this part right here? Oh wait. The flow sucks, so without really knowing what were doing were gon na use. This pipeline pump allows fluids to be transported 20 meters upwards. Okay, well, great work, your magic okay! There we go, looks like we have more flow coming through this thing. Sorta water sure is weird: oh yes, much better full capacity in the pipes thats. What i like to see? Okay, how are we working you big behemoth? Oh yes, burning water, too fast and occasionally offline thats. What we call progress, you know what why am i trying so hard? After all, this is a pretty large space lets see how many of these can fit and then two and three and four okay.

That seems better. We have a couple more quite a bit more. I have no idea how many are in here. All i know is its more than i had and i hope its enough to siphon up the entire ocean now its time to get to the piping ta da pipes, pipes and more pipes. I spent a little time building just a couple of pipe systems here. Let me give you the grand tour: basically, they start here and then they extend out here and then they route over here and then god only knows where they go next, pretty much if theres ground to cover thats, where we put pipes – and i do mean anywhere – Where theres ground to cover or if its cliffs, also now pipes, heading past this first power plant, thats right pipes, and we just follow this very comprehensive pipe system. How you doing there buddy you having a good time, and we just keep on going to follow where the pipes go until eventually we make it over where we can see water, making it to all of our power plants. Who would have thought pipes were so easy? All you got to do is just have so many running everywhere that eventually everything can connect and have water and yeah sure when these things are producing power, they also produce nuclear by products, but thats a solved problem. Everybody wins and with all these glorious power plants up and working again, so too are our factories yeehaw a beautiful endless manufacturing.

Oh and dont worry, i havent forgotten about this guy. I know we need to get water up here too, and i know that seems pretty daunting, but dont you worry ive got an idea so hold please and connected see that wasnt so hard to get water up here. All i had to do was build a couple of water pipes. A lot of water pipes a lot a lot, a lot of water pipes yep. This is what i did. I started with a pipe on the ground, ran it all the way to the start of my conveyor belt, tornado and then just kept building and building and building and before you know it fresh water straight from the source and boy howdy. Is this doing amazing things to the frame rate im, just glad that it turned out putting all this pipe down was easy. That said, while i noticed the radiation nightmare is over, oh boy, have i noticed some cursed stuff still happening. You know, i think i know what we can do granted. I dont want to waste all this beautiful manufacturing prowess or this gross thing, but i think i have an idea to salvage our factory and our frame rate so lets head back over to red base where weve got our hub in the hub is where we unlock New milestones and over here in tier vii, we have something called aeronautical engineering and in that we have something called drones, transports available, input back and forth between its home and destination ports.

I, like the sound of that, so in order to unlock these things, we need to amass all of these items and then we just feed it all into the machine. A big old button appears which will send this cargo container right here into orbit, but before we do that, i have kind of an idea: can you take an explosive to outer space for me only one way to find out and launch okay have a nice summer. Oh, that does work well nice to see its completely unaffected and now because of our generous contributions, we have fun new toys. So for starters, we cant just put a drone down right here in the sand. It needs to go in the drone port. Okay, i see how this works its like a little carrier thing batteries to power. The drones go in here and these are like in and out points for importing and exporting materials, easy peasy, lemon, whatever couldnt be more simple: okay, yeah and drones fit right here. Look at that ready to transport, okay. First things, first lets go ahead and connect this thing all the way through our pile of crap, i mean surely somewhere in here, are batteries right, wait! Wait! Those look like batteries to me quickly, new conveyor belt! Add a splitter and now take some of those batteries now that these are well underway, were gon na put two storage containers, one for the imports and one for the exports and for stuff to transport im just gon na use.

Copper not for any reason just because i have it now. We need to configure the drone port and were going to name this first port, cindy offi and now lets move a little bit aways from this station here and add another drone port over here and well set up another container. This ones going to be just for receiving and were going to name the second port gim me goodies, excellent and were gon na set it up so that cindy offy has a destination port of gim me goodies. Oh and the moment we set this up, look whats happening, wait. Dont, leave without me, lets see where this thing goes. Wow were really high up here were flying as high as my rail gun even well looks like its going to the destination, and it looks like its coming in for a nice smooth landing. Oh and here comes our supplies, perfect. That works like a charm and then, when its done it whoa. It takes off in a perfect pattern to do some sweet air maneuvers before landing in its original pad again to pick up more supplies before doing it all again kind of curious. What i can do with this thing, like i see it doing all these evasive maneuvers but like if i build foundations and just intentionally try and get in its way? Is it gon na know how to deal with this were about to find out huh it doesnt care at all and then off.

It goes well thats an interesting first test if it doesnt care about collision. This gives me an idea so heres. My master plan were gon na use those drones to take all these luscious supplies and transfer them to our other non cursed base, because after all, we dont want all these supplies or all this luscious power to go to waste. Now. Do we, of course not so one of the things, though, is that these drone ports actually take up quite a lot of space and something tells me its smart to have at least a couple, but luckily, i think i know a place thats centrally located. All of our stuff that has virtually unlimited building space, and i think i know what we can use to help us out behold my original train station back when you could make train station names really really really really really really really long. Those were the days anyway, were gon na take a little trip, because if you recall, i made a nice little railway that doesnt give a crap about the rules of terrain at all. And now here we are underneath the world where theres so much open space. For us to work with anyway, look at all that space out there lets see if we can use it first. Things first lets make a platform for building on yes, perfect for a drone port just got ta run some power for it. You know im fairly certain the thing will fly off, even if we dont give it any materials so long as we just tell it where to go, were gon na tell this to fly to gim me goodies.

So i think in theory the moment i place this drone down, it should just take off you sound like promising noises and promising behavior bye. Well there it goes halfway across the known universe, all the way to its destination, where it abruptly stops and then appears to maintain a holding pattern. Along with this other drone – and i have no idea why – its not because i put the foundations there right its not like you cared about that before well – lets check real fast nope. They definitely still dont care. Wait. A minute looks like the power went out on this. Is that why lets fix the power and find out? Oh looks like that was the reason now that we got the green stuffs landing again. Okay, wait now. I have to know if i leave it red, also known as no power. How many of you can be up here lets find out, shall we okay? Now we have four total, were gon na make sure to set them all. To give me goodies, oh boy, and here they go stay in formation, pilots. What did i say about breaking formation? You might be asking yourself why didnt just build these things closer because then we couldnt have this amazing journey and we wouldnt be able to see this glorious drone ballet. Okay here they come lets see what happens i see. Well, i think we know what needs to happen next dont. We is there a limit to this.

Only one way to find out. Okay, so ive been at this for a little while now ive built a couple of drones, the foggy view distance here stops you from seeing all that ive made. But let me tell you theres a lot of drones here in total theres 384 drones here quietly spread out underneath our base and for each and every one of these theyre all set to go to gim me goodies. All right so lets turn on the power. Oh boy here goes nothing, oh my god. Up and off they go off at two frames, a second to seek fame and fortune on their pilgrimage to the sacred gim me goodies. You know what i did back at the base too. Just to add some fun is. I added a bunch of explosives to things, not sure how that works, but im not gon na question it. You know so we can get that real feeling, like theyre, trying to be shot down, evasive, maneuvers, serpentine serpentine before you know it here, they are coming in to join the queue higher and higher and higher. Oh, my god. What are we looking at? This is actually really pretty huh. You know what i guess there really isnt a limit. It looks like this really can just keep going forever. I mean seriously look how high this goes. Theres my cannon theres, the drones and heres how much higher they go and boy is it gon na be a long queue to land at this station? Ah, one down an eternity of drones left to go.

You know, lets just use more. Traditional means to get our stuff from the other base, so lets tackle that next time, by the way did i mention that i stream i do link is in the description. You should check it out, so i hope you had fun.