Today we are going to be playing hide and seek, and what they don’t know is that matt is going to be helping me cheat in this game behind the stick with this drone and the winner of today’s challenge is going to be winning a ps5, but hang On actually wait liz guys, everybody really wants this ps5, but guys this is actually not the one that you guys can win. We have another one that came in the mail, but it got stolen. So bailey did it. You think one of you guys stole us. I don’t know who it is: okay, okay, whatever i don’t know who stole it, we will get to the bottom of it and when we do find that ps5, the winner of today’s challenge, will then win that ps5 and this ps5, if you guys, are wondering i’m Gon na be giving away to one of you guys, so if you guys want a chance to win, all you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel, bailey, liz and denise. You guys will be the hiders in the first round. I will be. The seekers are you guys, ready to go for a chance to win the ps5 what’s that what oh uh, no that’s that’s? Nothing don’t worry about that that’s, just uh, something for me to kind of help out a little bit. I know yeah all right guys. Two minutes ahead: three two one go go, go, go two minutes get moving, all right, guys they are off and hiding, and we got the drone going so hopefully, no one’s going going all right, guys, i’m off i’m.

Going this way, all right. You see them running anywhere yeah they all they went that way. We’Ll follow them come on. We got ta, follow them they’re in the garage they went to the garage, all of them no wait. Let’S move the other way she’s in the backyard. Wait go back here. Back here back here right here, where is she by the pool? Oh there? She is oh, my gosh i seriously shut up. This is the coolest way to play, hide and seek? Who is this bailey? This is actually so cool. Oh there’s, some good trees back here that i could hide in hmm it’s, just which one do i pick pretty good. I don’t know if i could reach actually let’s see let’s just give this a try all right, guys, i’m in the tree, hidden in plain sight, okay, so everyone is running around in the backyard we’re not allowed to hide inside. So only the backyard is on limits for today’s hide and seek challenge. I have no idea where denise is even with cheating with the drone. I got it. I know what to do i’m in the gym. Here we go perfect. I can just chill right here. Who is that on the roof someone’s on the roof, yeah wait is that bailey hiding on the roof? Does he have any idea that drone is not a good hiding spot? He probably thinks it is he doesn’t realize that the drone is above him? Oh, my gosh.

This is so cool. Oh there he is he’s running, oh where’d. He go he’s out of frame. I didn’t realize the drone is right. There i got ta get moving. During’S coming, get away, stay back i’m gon na spray yo stay away. We haven’t even got a lot of time to come. Go back! Oh my gosh man. Are you careful flying that thing? Oh, my god bring it down. It’S got spray paint all over it, matt bring it down. Oh my gosh dude. I think you got paint all over that lens. The drone is back. The two minute hiding is over. We need to go find them. I bet let’s see if we can go, find it okay, all right, so someone is definitely in the backyard. I think it’s liz. Well, they kind of all went to the backyard. Bailey definitely is on the roof somewhere, which is a crazy hiding spot, but because we have a drone it’s, the worst hiding spot of all time, so he’s gon na be easy to find. Please have to find out where on the roof, he is you see him on the roof. He was just up there somewhere. He might have moved to the other side. All right, we’ll keep an eye out for him, but he’s definitely on the roof. Liz, i think, went down in the backyard right, yeah, yeah she’s, definitely down here. She was like all back here. You could see on the drone.

She was kind of like over here, but she might have also went to the deeper part of the backyard she’s like under here i’m. Not too messy. I don’t think she would do that it’s hard to see who it was, but it must have been denise who went kind of towards the boys lounge. Do you have good skin? You see him back here. I don’t see liz. This is wearing a green shirt, so she kind of blends in a little bit yeah. Oh my gosh. I think i hear them right there, they’re so dumb they don’t even see me. Oh, my gosh carter is so bad at seeking. He always wants to play hide and seek but he’s so bad at it. I swear. I just saw something over there. Maybe it was a leaf falling. You didn’t see anything come on. I thought i did you never know. Okay, these are falling we’re, not trying to find leaves we’re trying to find people. If i was gon na be hiding in the backyard. This is a great place to hide it’s, completely spray painted and it’s a lot of fun. Oh that scared me. Oh gosh there’s water in the boy’s life, clearly that’s gross wait. Maybe no one is hiding in here. Wait no one’s in here. No, no, oh! No one is in here what i figured, maybe there’s, even two people in here i’m, so confused so good there’s. Just no way right like how could it be all the way back yeah we got.

Ta fly the drone better. I couldn’t, but we saw them come down this way. Yeah. Can you find them? Oh wait. I said i see him, i see you up there. We got some of that. We got so it’s bailey. I think bailey come out, we got you come on. I see the phone, i see your sweatshirt guys, he’s literally behind the chimney. He didn’t find me now it’s my chance to escape again. He doesn’t see me. Ah, there you are there, you are guys comment down below. If you can see bailey up there, we got you at the drone wait. I just saw something: oh my gosh, i thought i got caught, but they caught, i think they caught bailey. Okay. This is sketchy. Why is that open for the next round? I think i know where i’m hiding you have any idea where liz is. I think i heard some noise back in the deep backyard. I figured that’s because i was calling for bailey and i was like bailey bailey and then i heard something behind the textbook. What the heck! Okay, all right, let’s get it. You seen the boat, no, not in here. Not many people know about this side of the house guys. This is where we do a lot of storage great spot to hide our shopping carts to the backyard. Wait. I hear something. Oh, you were right. That was right. I found a wild lizzy in her natural habitat.

How did Music Applause let’s go? Bailey, we got you first, we saw you and you spray painted the drill. You had spray paint and tried to paint the drone, also guys, since he was caught first on the first round. That means he’s eliminated and will not win the ps5. So the ps5 is between denise liz and myself round number three let’s go round. One is complete, here: are the results? Bailey was caught first, so that means he lost round number one. So he’ll be the secret for round number two and determining the winner between liz and denise. So liz. You won last round denise, you got second place, but the second and final round is gon na, be the one that determines who walks away with the ps5 between the three of us. You guys ready hold on wait a minute. What um denise the boys are like cheating using a drone, so i have an idea, wait, wait. What do you mean? You have an idea where are they going? The idea is the fourth person is coming back into this. You mean there’s, four of us. No, you need to focus now on finding me last. The only thing i need to focus on is getting this ps5 in my i don’t know what they’re doing, but you get to fly a drone and hide and seek, and whoever you find last gets to walk away with this car. So this is even in this.

You already know she stole the other ps5. What do you mean? Dude? I don’t know who stole the other ps5. We will get you honestly. Everyone seems guilty right now, so i i don’t know who it is but i’m going to find it eventually i’m going to find it. You can’t keep a ps5, so you’re not really going to steal it. Leave it in your closet. Now, you’re going to play it i’m, going to see it well that’s what liz and denise are going to do now? She had an idea. It is to go play. The ps4 i ran in dude. I don’t know guys, i think, bailey kind of has a crush on denise. What are you saying, they’re literally twisting it he knows whatever he says, you’re gon na believe don’t believe it y’all it’s, not even like i’m. Just saying, like i don’t know, i don’t know what you guys think you guys comment down below carter’s in his fields, it’s almost february for valentine’s day it’s coming up what can i say, love’s in the air, but it’s not for me right now. Why are you looking sketch i’m just admiring my car? Is there a ps5 in there? No, you are on the suspect list. Already you looked inside, but stove that’s. What i’m saying? Okay, i don’t know who it is, but everyone is sketchy that’s why he hasn’t been here. Yeah he’s probably been playing it. What the heck! What are you guys wearing? Okay, wait hang on a second, so you guys are wearing camo.

Now yeah, i don’t think denise is in camo that’s. Definitely camo wait liz. What are you even wearing whoa that’s crazy, but that that’s not fair wait? How am i supposed to compete with this all right? Two minutes on the clock: final round: three, two one run: okay: here we go all right, so they’re definitely not going to be able to hide from me. Let me let me see going up pretty high. Oh my gosh, the carter’s over they’re. Like camouflaged. Do you see them? Oh they’re, right there right there, oh she’s, going in those bushes all right, all right, where’s carter. Where did carter go carter? He went on that side. Oh, my gosh i lost track. I lost bailey literally has eyes on the entire property right now, but that is not good. What the heck oh he’s, running across the ark he’s going across the yard. Who is that that’s carter? What is he doing wait? Are they fighting what the heck are? You guys doing cheating i’m, not cheating. You guys have camo on yo that drone. You can’t shake it. Okay, i’m gon na try to bounce away on it. Can’T catch me now, i’m on the trampolines. What is he doing? He’S, not even hiding? Oh, my dude he’s wasting his time he’s, just not with your head. Okay guys, i think i found my hiding spot denise go to the boys, lounge there’s a lot of blue stuff in there, okay, i’m gon na hide there all right! Good luck! You too, all right.

We have 30 seconds left they’re, all literally panicking running around the yard. It’S hilarious, like someone’s, going down here, someone’s, going all the way down all right, so the lounge, the boys lounge yeah, all right, maybe carter’s, going to the boys. Okay is that that’s carter right there right by the pool the boys lounge, is like a pretty good hiding spot. I don’t think the boys would suspect that i’d be hiding there and it’s kind of cute in there all right. Let me pop you guys up i’m gon na try to hide right here. This will cover me. I know i’m already in camo, but i need all the coverage i can get. Thank goodness it’s big i’m gon na keep a lookout like. I can see out the window right there if anyone’s coming and then, if someone’s coming i’m, just gon na quickly hide under this rug that’s. What we’re going in here. It is guys the ultimate eating spot i’ve been in here once before, and it was really freaky and now i’m in here by myself, yeah what the heck is. It literally a check you got to blur this out, but this is insane three two one all right, let’s do it. I am immediately going this way. Okay, yes, we definitely saw them over here. Strong, walk right now, i’m, really, sick and tired. I really just walk right over there, we’re surrounded by a lot of bushes anyone could be lost.

I know that specific material is called mosh, green, everglades grass, interesting yeah, right, okay, we saw them over here. Maybe you shouldn’t know boys lunch right. I think we saw someone going there yeah, but you know i’ve been thinking about. You know she used to do all these giveaways with the ps4s and the ps5s, but i feel like she has a bigger plan than this. You know i feel like denise. You know stole the ps5 that was in the kitchen yeah, so wait. Sorry, i didn’t want to interrupt let’s watch miracles. I have a few questions asking you liz she’s right. There thinks i can’t sleep. We got a what what the heck, what what she was literally wearing that what dude she literally pranked us bro. She that’s not cool all right. Okay, no, no! No! No, wait! Yeah boys, she literally all right, it’s! Okay, guys! You know good sportsmanship i’m, not losing my cool here. Y’All are losing your cool. Y’All are overreacting about me, not overreacting, it’s kind of hard to see out the window it’s spray painted. I think i hear someone talking. Music ha ha carter come here. Oh, what the heck ow is that, oh, my god, what are you stepped on here? Music? Did you catch me first, because yeah you’re, the first one i thought i saw liz earlier, but she literally set us up. She did. She did so cheated all right. Well, i’ve got denise, let’s, go find carter and uh.

Maybe finally she’s pretty clever i’ll give her all right. So carter was up top he’s like by the pool last when he saw him. I got an idea coming to the gym. The bathroom yeah you haven’t, checked the other side yet so yep. I know i haven’t been by the window. You might have even gone in a car. I don’t even know what kind of hiding secret imagine he just left just like he didn’t really hide his feet with a drone advantage, but i mean i guess, whatever evidence i got prior to this, led to me finding denise, so it worked for me i’m out. I did the tunnel bailey thinks that i went into the gym, which i did, but i came out the other end, but she has no idea. I see him guys they’re coming up Music mate. I thought you could trick me hide behind this counter smooth. I didn’t think he’d be one to go in the closet like this, but why is that? Oh, oh my gosh wait what what the heck that’s creepy did. You know about this legit that what that there’s a thing back there i mean, i knew it was there, but i didn’t know this opened like that’s scary. Do you think carter went in there? What, if he’s in there carter i’m, not a chance to get matt? You go first me you you’re the seeker. You have to look yeah, but you i’m not going in there.

Okay, wait i’ll turn the flash on all right. I see something it’s like outside, but i don’t know where outside that leads to. I don’t think carter’s in here i’m wasting my time. Let’S go here, that’s, so exciting carter decided to juke us out, like that i mean denise. Did she sent us to make signals but dude? Where could he possibly be i’m losing my mom carter carter? You got a package, you need a sign for it, carter, no, the camera guys. My camera gave it away if you can see the reflection it’s a green iphone. Well, like i say i like to be colorful, but i was the last one. I won right. No sorry liz is still hiding. Okay, guys, i have a new hiding spot. I think i won but i’m literally in the bush. All right we got ta go find liz. I tried that idea. So last time i listened to denise. She led me to a wrong mix signal she led me to where is it the gym right, yeah no denise just walked by oh, i have a few questions for you denise. Where is this yelling at me? She’S always she’s, always with liz. So i have a feeling lizzy’s still in the lounge where’s liz. You need five seconds to tell me why bailey two three i’m, not helping you four five! Well, she doesn’t need the ps5. She already stole the one inside so let’s go find liz whatever stop.

Okay! Well, she can’t be camouflaged. Wait, wait, wait, wait! The camouflage is gone. We need to go check that out. I think she took it bailey you checked in here. Nothing again see it’s gone. She could be anywhere. She could be like down there. Oh my gosh man. Only if i could find this my background i’m gon na sit down. Okay, lay it back. Matt you wan na lay down too yeah yeah i’ll, take a seat, take a seat way back. Oh this is wet yeah, but it kind of feels good right here. Yeah let’s get arrested running around. I got ta stretch my back first. What? What is that? Why is this so hard? What the heck is it grass Music? Are you kidding me he’s, so nasty bro? Did i win throwing uh? Let me see your wind dance. I won, i won, i won, she won, she won, she won. Oh my gosh, okay, too much girl power, guys hide and seek, is over, and there is only one winner that will walk away with this ps5. Well, not this one i’m holding. But you know the one that got stolen and the winner is drumroll, please you guys ready for the next video click right here or right here also check out We got some awesome stuff like this plushie. This backpack shirts have everything that you could ever want.