There is a quarantine competition going on right now, where I am supposed to be running a solid axle monster truck for two minutes to impress the judges Laura. My judges, who are the judges, will be Joe public on on YouTube. They'Re. All gon na be they're all gon na be signing and checking out. Yes, hi guys our video will be starting just momentarily, but we just wanted to make sure that we had the rules proper. We were supposed to be inside a small bay, a single bay for the garage single thing. First, we have cut the shop in half to where the white table is right. There is this is only half of where our loading Kings arena is so over. Here. Lots of room my truck fits right in this space right here. My full size, truck and we've set up some jumps around here. He did say no editing and only one roll over right with that, like one hand of God exactly now, he didn't say that we couldn't run music in the background, so I got some that will help us tell us when we start the video and when the Run is over yeah. Here is the truck that was requested. This is an axial SM t10, so a 110 scale solid axle monster truck on 3s lipo. It does have a sound kit installed on it for that extra monster truck sound and basically, if I fail, if I roll over and I have to move past one roll over.

Basically, if I tip over twice I'm going to tell the judges to stop. Judging at that time, but I'll still run the rest of the run to keep the entertainment factor here, because there are people all around the world that are checking this out, so you're ready girl, yes, Music, Music Applause, Oh Music, Applause, Music, Oh Music, Applause, Music. My picture Music Applause, Applause Chameli, yet today the SMT 10. I freaked up my servo guys but it's totally worth it.