It looks really attracting the weight is just under 250 grams, 4k up to 60 frames per second, an almost lock profile dc, like and above all, the ability to turn the camera to vertical and film arctic photos directly in vertical. How does it really look and feel on the ground and whos it for were gon na see all of that in under 10 minutes in this video before properly beginning the review i just wanted to let you know that this i mean im french, as you can Probably hear – and i have a main channel, which is in french, which is at almost 100k subs, but i decided to try and make an english channel. There will be content coming out, lets, say monthly, mainly reviews or videos that i can do in two languages. I do travel content gear reviews behind the scenes of all the projects that im working for like some commercials, and i also often get to try out new products before theyre released. So i would love for you to just click the subscribe button. So we have a sensor thats a little bit tinier than a one inch sensor like in the mavic 2 pro or mavic air air 2s weve got, though a 48 megapixel camera 24 mil uh focal equivalent and an aperture of f 1.7, which is pretty bright. We have a newly designed gimbal with the back axis thats, actually under the camera, which allows the camera to go really high, like on my favorite drone, which is the air 2s.

The camera is stuck at like zero degrees and cannot tilt up this one can actually film completely upwards toward the sky. I managed to actually film under a bridge and just film like properly under the bridge, but it also allows the camera to go completely vertical and shoot very cool photos or videos, which is amazing. We have two sensors on the front two sensors on the back and two sensors under the drone, so there are no sensors on the sides or on top of the drone, just be aware of that. Its extremely lightweight 249 grams, which is just right under the 250 mark, which makes it a lot easier for hobbies to fly because you have a lot less regulations just check your local regulations to see what this allows, but its really practical and in terms of weight. Its just amazing, and also since its really lightweight they had to cut down on everything, especially on the like material quality. So, as you can hear its actually kind of empty, there is really nothing it kind of feel a bit cheap, but its for the best for to reduce the weight at the back. You got the micro sd and usb c port, but there is no cover on it, so it wouldnt have cost much uh to put something on it. Batteries are extremely small, its it just feels like its all its 80 grams and on paper, its supposed to make it uh fly for 34 minutes, which is pretty amazing for the size of the battery weight.

So there are actually three packs theres a standard pack which is only drawn and no remote. You can actually use the remotes from previous drone like the air, 2s mini 2 and a couple others. You can also get a package with this standard remote and if you pay a bit more, you can get the new remote, which has an integrated screen. So this is really practical. You dont have to put your phone, get the cable and uh via future camera updates. You will be able to connect this this remote to some other drones like the air 2s or maybe mini 2, so but its like in the near future. I guess, and whichever pack you choose, i would advise you to get the fly more kit, which gives you two more batteries. A triple charger and a small carrying pouch now lets see what it actually does on the field, so im mainly a filmmaker. I take photos, of course, but im just gon na go through quickly what it can do in photos, its 48 megapixel. You can shoot jpeg or jpeg plus row, which is pretty good. The quality and dynamic range is actually pretty good. Uh just be aware that it doesnt always take 48 megapixels photo. It actually does pixel beaming and get you 12 megapixel photos, but you have like a function to take the actual 48 megapixel. As i mentioned, the camera is able to shoot directly into vertical mode, which is pretty fine, since instagram wants to apparently make only vertical content, including photos.

Great youve got the usual mode, so panorama burst mode in three or five photos: uh each burst. Of course, the low light performance uh whether its in photo video, is not great um. You know its a really small sensor, so 400 dont go any further because youre gon na see grain, so i mean usually when you do that you dont have any other choice, but just be aware of that. Okay photo is done now. Lets talk about the most interesting part for me, which is video shooting. This tiny camera is able to shoot 4k up to 60 frames per second, which is really good. So you have two color profiles: the normal mode and the dc like which is not locked but its flat lets say its just flat when i first tried it out and and did like a week in the countryside to do some shots. I didnt have access because the firmware wasnt out yet so i didnt have access to the dc like mod, but i managed to try it out later and its pretty good. I mean the normal color mode will will give you like a lot less dynamic range and uh, really punchy colors, which is good just to post, like as it is, but i really advise you to try out the dc like which gives you actually a pretty good Dynamic range, so you can shoot 4k 60 frames per second, but its compressed its written like not as hq.

I actually tried 4k, 25 and 4k 15 because im in europe side by side – and i couldnt really see a difference. There is probably a slight difference, but just its its actually fine theres, also a slow motion mode, which is uh, 1080 120 fps, which is good. But as always, you lose quite a lot of the image quality, but for social media, its actually fine, i mean its usable uh. The main issue for me is that its not a one inch sensor so its a bit too sharp in some details like at grass trees that is visible to me, maybe to some it wont, be a problem. But to me this is like the main drawback is. I can actually see that its a small sensor and its getting mushy in the details. I couldnt get an nd filter, so i did some really quick shots following cars and stuff, but the shutter speed is really high, so you dont really feel the speed, but this is going up to 60 kilometer per hour, so its actually pretty good. But again, the main feature which says a lot about this drone is that the gimbal in one tap on the screen can turn into vertical mode. Thats, pretty cool like its really amazing. You can get the best quality directly in vertical. You dont have to crop anymore and get some really shitty, looking footage its quite good to fly just using the vertical camera.

If youre still like me, one of the horizontal shooter, you can actually get something really interesting, which is that the camera is able to tilt up to 50 or 60 degrees up which is actually kind of straight up, which allows for some really interesting footage like you. Can do some hero shots creatively, its pretty interesting, the aperture is fixed. You cant change the aperture. You could do that on the mavic 2 pro, but its the same on the r2s. You cant change it so its either. You move the shutter speed or iso, but i wouldnt recommend moving the iso, so i dont really like using the intelligent modes that are actually getting the shots for you. I tried the tracking feature using the sensors on the front and back its also able to avoid the obstacles. Tracking is good. I mean i didnt have like the final proper firmware. It lost me sometimes, but its mostly good and its actually quite spot on. There is also the master shot function which is like you just uh point the subject, and it will do all the classical typical shots all by itself, so it takes like maybe two minutes and hes doing all the movements one by one. The only drawback is that its auto exposure, youre stuck in either 1080 or 4k 30 frames per second quality isnt as good its not for me, but maybe for beginners. Why not? I forgot to mention, but theres also like a two times: digital zoom, that you can get in 4k, just just dont use it because well its getting really mushy, not the best quality but its there.

Just regarding the battery so its supposed to be flying for 34 minutes, i actually got maybe 25 minutes at best. Just for you to know. There is also like a bigger battery thats available, i think just outside of europe, which extends the supposed flight time to 34 minutes to 47 minutes, which is pretty amazing, but just be aware that the drone goes upwards of 250 grams, because the battery is heavier now. Its time for a conclusion who is this drone for the main new feature of the drone? Is that it shoots vertical content. So, if youre doing a lot of vertical content, tick tock reels. This is the drone for you. If youre someone who wants to get a pretty nice high quality drone, but you dont want to have a really heavy backpack, you dont want it to take too much space in your bag or in your suitcase. Well, this is the drone for you, its also really good for beginners. If you have the budget its not like 400 bucks, its maybe more in the 700 800 bucks, if youre really into cinematography – and you really want the highest quality. Of course, this run may not be for you because well, if this isnt the highest quality drone its maybe go for the drones with the one inch sensor or even the micro four search, which is the mavic 3.. Please dont forget to like comment and of course subscribe, because i really need like a few subscribers to get the channel going.