My shot is more smooth than yours, because you dont have little buddy whats that i couldnt hear you. Do you even have a microphone on that thing? It looks smoother. Doesnt need to sound good, oh wait hold on zoom optical zoom. We are down in fort lauderdale florida, beautiful, fort lauderdale florida at a park, and we have been working on a project for zoom, united states and part of that. I needed to make sure that we had some dji drones, so i literally went to best buy and bought this dji mini 2 at best buy with my total tech protection plan, which i need for gopros anyway. So i said, oh, i could just get this drone and if i drop it, i can actually get it completely replaced on best buys plan, so ive been having a lot of fun with it like. I actually have been flying this a ton just enjoying that it has so much battery life for such a small little package and its perfect for what we need now winston was just flying his five inch around and i was flying this and i found him and Started chasing him through the woods im like oh, my gosh, its basically the perfect follow machine because i dont care. If i cry i mean i dont want to crash it, and in doing that, it gave me an idea what would happen if i taped this to a 5 inch drone so were literally going to strap my little mini v2 onto a 5 inch.

Drone fly it around and see how that looks: ive got it set to 2.4 gigahertz only mode and winston can even watch it as a remote viewfinder while were flying. So he can tell me if the framing on the shot is working or not so im gon na go ahead and just get it up in the air. Get some shots, see what things look like and then maybe well try to chase him around with this. Well, compare the chase footage of me flying the mini two versus me flying a five inch with the mini two, so i was trying to think of how to attach it. I was thinking – maybe i should do it on the bottom so that we could like look down with the camera, like winston could actually like pan it and like look around so that would be something that could be cool. But i dont really like the idea of like landing on it like this. Like i mean, i guess i can hand catch it or whatever so im gon na go ahead and put it on top, and i dont really have a very creative way of mounting it right now. So, im just gon na tape it to the top of the drone im, not getting any props in view as long as theres no vibrations from the drone. I have it, and i believe that this will work. Lets tape this onto this and get some shots using this, oh, is that not the sexiest thing youve ever seen its like four dollars in tape right there i think thatll be sufficient for a test, a little worried about the yaw axis there.

So i got to make my movements, nice and smooth. I think we can cruise like that and then well chase. I think chasing is where its really gon na pan out so heres. What we see all right, we were flying a dji mini two on a five inch first flight. Here we go Applause, yep that looks so weird. What do you mean? This is drone on drone action. Does it look good, though yeah fpv feed solid? I can see it. The yaw is a quick response time to it. Obviously, oh this guys with us, because theyre confused, i got ta, find some gaps right because thats whats thats whats, oh, this is scary. So usually, when you see the gimbal view youre not hitting small y tree gap, this is gon na be nuts. You need to put this on a dji group and be like look what my mini two did. Can you fly your mavic mini two like this? Oh dude, we needed yeah thatll holy crap yeah. This is funny to see from the fpv like. Is it cool? Is it a cool shot, though oh yeah, or am i just like showing off for no reason? You know i mean its its a its a gimbal footage, its not hyper smooth, but its definitely like the horizon. Being level is just different, its really awkward trying to film with a vlog camera and hold the smart controller, all right so im going to change the camera angle.

Im going to look down on the ground lets see she gets. You look straight down yeah im looking at the ground as we go down all right im back up to normal all right, so im gon na i can look up too Music, okay, im gon na dip down into the trees now and then, as i dip down You look up enough enough here. They didnt mean to go that fast, i kind of had to drop, but what happens if i give it a little speed, so im gon na kind of go a little faster. Now it just goes fast. It holds it. Dude! No problem: okay, now im going to kind of yaw around hold the horizon, so its locked on its holding yeah its good im, not going fast fast, but its fast, Music, laughs. Music – are you it flew like. I had a gopher on there, like i cant even tell that theres anything different based on what winston was saying. Im kind of excited to see this yeah its kind of funny to see like, like the small altitude corrections that i make as a pilot. Normally thats. Not a problem on dji drones, so its really funny to see that in frame definitely has the dji feel yeah with the gimbal and everything theres. Some like. I can definitely see some like yaw stuff, where its kind of like its not really anticipating it. Oh, you see the other drone fly through it.

Look at that. I love it. You can create some really interesting moments with this its like its wide enough that it kind of works but its narrow enough to be kind of a unique look. There could be a lot to play with there. I cant believe you could look down without seeing the drone uh at one point. You could see it you just ducked down, and that was great, oh thats, so bizarre because, like i cant predict or feel anything youre just along for the ride. Man yeah the down is kind of interesting but yeah. If i like, dropped through the trees – and you went as i went up like boom up, i tried it here, but i screwed it up. That looks cool, though like what, if so like what, if i do like a long like straight across the deck and uh winston kind of slowly pans up to reveal something: okay, heres, where we go faster, wow that looks pretty locked horizons, kept dude weve been making All these videos, with the ronin 2 drone, lets just strap a mavic mini to it. Just get dps okay with this. So now what i say we do is put winstons drone up in the air, and i chase winston around kind of at a slow pace and well be able to get super close and just hold that angle. And we can compare that to what i could do. Actually flying the mavic mini versus flying at full manual mode, a slight little bit of a design flaw is that now that im done filming with this, i need to take the drone off.

I got ta spend another forty dollars in gaff tape to take it off and then put it back on so its a little bit unfortunate, all right so as part of the project that we were talking about earlier, that were down here in florida to be filming. Weve got the guys from uniform sierra youre going to meet them a lot more in the next couple videos, but while were flying and im chasing winston theyre going to be watching the screen and reacting to what they see. You guys fly a little bit of fpv yeah a little bit ive been flying since 2014 and uh pretty familiar with it id say so they know what to expect out of an fpv drone. But now im gon na fly not an fpv drone with a dji mini 2 strap at the top of it. So im excited to see what they think about that footage. Yeah im super pumped, i just saw him flying it around a little bit and it looks really dope im excited to see what it looks like on the screen and get some real time reaction to it. So lets get it up in the air. Give these guys a follow on instagram thats, all right here, duncan tv on youtube, dont follow him on youtube, actually go unsubscribe. If you happen to already follow the links in the bio, the unfollow link is down below. Oh, that was close Music, oh navigation system.

Mavic is not happy about this. That is some stabilized video, oh thats, like next level thats facebook yeah. How close am i to him, looks like youre right on him dude. This is like prototype prototype, dji fpv right here: yeah thats ive, never seen stabilized video like this fast between gaps, thats, really cool mavics like lagging a bit weird like i keep thinking hes gon na miss some goggles and hes. Not oh, oh youre. Right, a little little ground, tap thats, so oh theyre, so tight its so low to the ground too. Like never do this with a real mavic yeah to get the performance of a of a standard micro mini quad and that beautiful thatd be nice turns it kind of loses it it like lags yeah. I think you hit the limits on it, yeah so on some of those turns as he rolled in the roll kind of lagged or hit the maximum limit, and you can kind of see it right there yeah. That was a perfect example. Oh, my god, so close youre gon na like chop the gimbal off with winstons back props, oh thats, the best shot right there. That was so that was so sustained yeah. I think keeping the yaw flatter really keeps the gimbal uh happier mm hmm kind of losing them yeah. Last video, oh gimbals, going crazy wasnt a fan of that it kind of hurts the brain because you see winstons quad rolling, moving like independently.

You know that yeah the chase squad is also doing the same thing, but youre not seeing it youre, keeping them pretty well centered for most of this – oh close, oh my god. Oh, my god, oh so close yeah, i mean this is this is the only way the mavic mini 2 is going to be able to keep up with the speed or hit these kind of gas. Oh hes going to hit it again. Oh good reaction, good reaction for a little bit just tell me when hes out of frame, okay, all right, thats, perfect right there. Oh look at the props from that angle, out of the frame, cant believe how long hes been flying for seven minutes. I know you think the extra the extra weight you think would have a bigger uh impact on his yeah on his fpv client, but yeah theyre, just really cruising really good right. There thats perfect hes, like really top of the frame there center there beautiful. Oh, you were like reading his antennae. Yeah cut that out of you thats some next level, stuff thats awesome. There were some times there. I literally thought that back antenna was gon na go right into the mavic camera thats its like its watching a cinema video in real time with all the stabilization yeah, no like post processing needed there. That was crazy. There were some angles where the props you were so close. You couldnt even see the back props.

It was just antennae its like theres, just the front of the frame, its so crazy. I have not had a chance to see that yet, but i am so stoked to see it. Oh wait, okay, so this is the footage of him chasing me with the mini 2. On top of his 5 inch, i heard them saying that you were reading the text off of my antenna at one point, so im curious to see this yeah thats, like the first thing i noticed, is my uh altitude hiccups. When you see the gimballed footage, youre used to seeing super man youre on there quick but see like im, not even that close because its a narrower field of view, oh its a good three four feet back, but its like im, taking up a good phrase that Turn looked good so again, its still kind of like that, like kind of robotic, like turn, but its im not totally sold on that part of it. But this is also the entry level dji product out there yeah. It is our first time trying this as well, but like look at that, it also makes it look like youre really kind of moving on that. Oh dude, it was hard to fly this slow, oh dude, thats. Why i got lower it looks. It looks really cool. It looks like youre photoshopped in there yeah, so i mean theres. Definitely the theres. Definitely that re, like the delay of the game.

Oh yeah, its just like the the ground, is just melting away with motion blur the drones fixed in the middle yeah, so theres like a little bit of a roll hiccup like theyre, saying on, like tighter yeah but like those are pretty significant, turns like its not Like im, just you know, dilly dallying, i was really banking, it and banking and yanking, but dude you are in there. There were a couple where i got a little bit too close when he accelerates up, and i dont kind of keep up with him because its a narrow field of view he pops up out of the frame really quick. So i kind of got to anticipate his movement up, see its one of those things. You definitely have to predict. Just like youre working, a handheld gimbal. You have to predict peoples movements and get that get that feeling, but its really hard. If you cant see it. What the gimbal is trying to do is react to whats happening so like if he goes off and then i kind of snap with them its its too late at that point. Whoosh thats cool, oh yeah, oh yeah, whoosh! Here we go. I did go through this one with you, whoosh nice awesome. I cant wait to see some stuff. We do with that, because thats theres, i mean its just kind of fun playing around but theres some cool ideas. I dont know what the practical application is for this.

Like we got to find some more stuff to try, i feel like maybe like some rc cars or something nice and low, or maybe some rc planes or chasing rc cars, because theyre moving quick. If you can angle down and hold that angle, because then you can pitch the drone and the drone is going to be fine, but the angle is gon na stay looking down at the rc car. That might be a fun thing to try. So whatever you see is something that we should be filming with this ridiculous setup, maybe well make some like actual like 3d prints and like get it on there nicely not going to happen. Leave in the comments. What you want to see us film, with a mini 2 strapped to a 5 inch drone thanks very much for watching stay, flying also whats. The craziest thing you strapped to your drone.