I recently spent a little over a thousand dollars on a drone. Specifically the dji mavic air ii fly more combo. Why did i spend so much money on a drone? Ive been hard at work, studying how to make better youtube videos and then sharing with you guys what works and what doesnt work. I will be judging this freaky little device by three criteria: ease of use, portability and camera quality, starting with ease of use im your average creative im, not that smart. I dont want to have to get a phd to learn how to use this thing. When i got this, i was hoping that id be able to unbox it and just be able to fly it right away as i started taking it out from the box reading the manual i realized, i knew it im too stupid to use this demon robot for Some reason i had a really hard time figuring out how to put the propellers on, but i am not a quitter. I didnt realize how much updating that i had to do. I had to make sure it was completely charged before i used it. I had to download the app as well as another software for my computer. There was an uncomfortable amount of terms of service agreement, type things that you have to accept before you use this machine im pretty sure i just signed away my life. China knows everything about me its using this drone to track me as we speak, but that is the price of using this thing hooray.

I had to watch the tutorial videos on the dji website twice after watching all the videos and updating all the software we finally went to the park to fly the drone. Hopefully i dont crash my drone into a human, a child or dog. I am both very intimidated and very excited at the same exact time. This is how we die. I have a suspicion that ill, probably freak out once it starts flying, because this thing kind of scares me lets get over. My fear of this drone Laughter. First, ever drone flight went well the process of flying. The drone was actually really really simple, its literally the touch of a button to get it to take off and to land. If youre familiar with video game controls flying the mavic air 2 should feel really familiar for you. I was also really scared of hurting this thing, because i did just drop a thousand dollars on it. I didnt want to lose it because im so dumb, i flew it into a tree or something it also has the ability to track and follow you again. I think it will end us one day. It did its job very, very, very well. It has about 34 minutes of flying time, which i thought would have been plenty but actually isnt very much at all, especially if its windy out my first battery ended up dying pretty fast when we went to the beach, particularly because of the wind.

So i definitely recommend getting the fly more combo if youre gon na get this drone. That way, you can easily change out its batteries to have plenty of time to continue filming number two portability. This is actually really important to me, because, let me tell you a secret about vlogging. The most expensive camera you can buy is not always the best camera you should buy. For example, the camera that im filming this on right now is about two thousand dollars, but the problem with it is its not very portable at all its heavy and cumbersome, and a lot of people are freaked out by it. When i take it around with me, when i vlog thats, why i actually do a lot of vlogging on my iphone, this thing is about eight hundred dollars. Half the price of this camera, its a lot more portable and its allowed in a lot more situations where people wont feel uncomfortable that i am filming on my phone because they just think im just your average vain millennial filming herself. Even though the quality of an iphone camera isnt as good as my two thousand dollar camera, it is technically a better quality device in certain situations. So a two thousand dollar camera is potentially worthless if its just sitting at home not being used. The same goes for this room as for portability, it hits all the marks. It is really light. It comes in under the weight limit, so you dont need a drone license in order to operate it, which is a big plus.

Because again i am lazy. I do not want to deal with any of that also im, not that strong. These muscles, i fully admit, are for aesthetic purposes only and theyre completely useless. So even a small girl like me, can carry it around for hours at a time and not really feel like its cumbersome. Unlike my main camera, which i typically get vincent to hold most of the time because im too weak, someone can easily just grab it from me and i lost thousands of dollars. Im also a really impatient person, and when i want to film something i want to be up and running in a matter of minutes. I dont like waiting with this drone, its still a little cumbersome for me, because im still learning how to use it. But i would say setup time is about five minutes. One downside is, i have to use my phone in order to control it and because i have such a big phone, its kind of annoying to plug it into the controller, especially because, with my case, the phone doesnt really fit. So i have to take the entire case off just to use my phone. You cant opt for the dji smart controller, its about a few hundred dollars more. If you buy that controller, you dont really need your phone in order to use it. The controller is an all in one device, but i feel like thats, really not necessary at the end of the day.

Now lets talk about camera quality ill. Let you see for yourself how good the footage looks like Music, Music, the fly more combo comes with nd filters, so for any bright lighting conditions, you can actually attach filters to make it more cinematic and the colors more vibrant. As a girl. I really didnt expect having so much fun flying this drone. I dont know how to explain it, but i got such an adrenaline kick from flying it. I might sound like a boomer when i say this, but i never thought this technology would be possible. Im still shocked that this thing exists in such a small size. Ive seen other people hold the drone as its taking off, and i have no idea how theyre doing that. I really want to learn how to do that because it looks really cool, but every time i set the drone down, i have to back away from it a good few feet, because i am scared of the darn thing. The gimbal works perfectly and the footage is so smooth. I was particularly worried about the smoothness of this device. I really shouldnt have because even on auto it was perfect. If you really needed really smooth footage, you can actually shoot slow mo in 4k. 60 frames per. Second, a random side note. While i was flying this drone in the park, there was a couple with a toddler near us. I honestly thought other people would have the same fear of drones that i have, but no they were very comfortable.

Seeing the drone fly around over their heads, the problem was, i wasnt, because im the one flying it. I have no idea what im doing so. I was terrified that this drone was going to dive bomb and hit their toddler, and i will just have to bear the consequences of flying a drone into a family. One thing i didnt realize as a new drone user, is that im going to lose sight of my drone. Eventually, you will and probably should fly it pretty far from you in order to get really good footage that worried me at first when i didnt know how far away it can fly for me, but it has the capability of flying up to 10 kilometers away for All us american dum dums thats 6.2 miles, which i dont even know if it can fly that far because the battery doesnt last long enough for you to be able to test that out, you wont randomly lose your drone because of wi fi or it wont, fall Out of the sky and youll lose it forever a thousand dollars down the drain. Because of issues like that, which sets my mind at ease, i read that other people would think that youre invading their privacy because youre flying a drone. But surprisingly in l.a i was probably the most freaked out person around my drone. Everyone around us from the beach to the park – they didnt seem all that concerned about this loud flying object above them.

That kind of says a lot about la people. I guess technically, the drone itself costs about seven eight hundred dollars and, in my opinion, the camera quality looks better than a lot of thousand dollar cameras out there on the market. Today i was so excited to fly this thing. It would be perfect for any kind of travel, video, music, video, outdoor sports, video and even if you wanted to film yourself, going to the desert to bury a body just for fun, you know like normal people. Do. Is this drone worth the thousand dollars that i paid for it? Yes, for me, it is because for me i want to make next level youtube videos, its my philosophy that you should always aim to be in the top 10 of your niche. Yes, thats my overachiever tendencies kicking in, but i believe thats how you set yourself apart and really grow and grow fast here on youtube, every little bit of improvement that you can have on your youtube. Video, in my opinion, is worth it if you are taking youtube seriously its going to make a huge difference in our videos. When i take it with me, when we travel and ill probably use it to spy on my mortal enemies, ill have some affiliate links down below in case you want to buy it for yourself. Im gon na go fly around my backyard.