Im back youtube fizzle. Oh my kids covered. Today we got a very special video because i went out and i bought something that i personally think is going to be one of the greatest purchases of my life. Okay, youre wondering: where did we get it from? We got, you know, probably from gucci uh. We got it. Probably you know from one of these expensive high end stores such as goodwill picked up this bad boy, ufo uh hand censored grenade. Somebody actually gave this hidden treasure up, they put it in goodwill. I thought no one was gon na get their hands on it, but now look at us were testing this thing out, because guess what it looks, awesome weve already learned how to set it up. Little wire, okay, look i dont honestly. This whole video is just leading up to the point where i, actually, i lay a can of mountain dew on it, if hes sitting on the other side of uh a park or a baseball game like i want to know that i can get a drink delivered To me, via drone its not then im gon na im gon na file for a complaint for our first test of the day, serving it up garys way. Ah turn it off were gon na turn. The sucker on in the car thing is so dont freak out. All right, i wont freak out, you got ta, throw it up and then you got ta catch it with your hand, and it will hover using the magnetic force of gravity.

Because what happens is the gravity? Because you always have to take the six point three and when you divide the gravity by six point Music, an three all right, ready. Three, two one stop i told you not to freak out brian you freaking freaked out real bad were gon na plan. This out get it get it Music whered it go as you can see right here, Music, thumbnail, real, quick, just kind of drop here. Hold it up here and then drop it and be scared. Get it in the middle of us now im not really gon na say how much horsepower this thing has, but ive just been told that like, if you throw it up right and then it catches the flight get ready where ill put some pass stay there. Okay, ready here we go three two one one of the propellers out somethings wrong here, product at hand, breaks no propeller, so waste all this time, all this money, so theres one thing left to do she like how much you care about this three dollars? Three dollars. I just broke another freaking power. Are you serious? You broke another one wait. Maybe it might fly better. Maybe it rolls better here. Whered you break it at. You broke three. Now all right guys so uh since it broke im, just gon na play a little skit for you guys to make you laugh so uh. Here we go three two one go all right so guys we have a uh.

This ufo here its like a drone that you put like this on your hand and it flies, and you get a little something like this and, like you know, hey what are you doing what what what wheres rent money? What do you mean rent money? How much does this cost you three dollars buying this instead of get? What are you doing dude? What are you doing? No, you need to pay the rent thats mine, thats, mine, no dude. What are you doing? I dont care. What are you doing? What are you doing? Why dont you do that dont work. No more guys! I do apologize for the cringy skit, but you know its got to happen because we screwed up the freaking out product before we could test it out. But if you guys want us to buy a legit one online and test it out, then we will right yeah. So i guess there might be a part two to this. So if you want the part two give it a lie. 15 likes seems reasonable. 15 likes 175 views part two catch.