We got him here on a friday before san diegos super cross. I dont know how i managed that, but we did it. Hes a lucky guy, so we have stankdogs supercross practice bike. Yes, yes, 125 same as the race bike, can you explain? Maybe i i dont know how in depth you want to go on modifications, but whats done today. Okay, we got. We got a micro polished transmission by jim hasker. The the crank is done by crank works, then hasku does the uh cylinder and then its a fat head head with a custom cut piston to a 12 degree with v force. Reads: pressure get pipe and thats about it wow he was ready for that, hes knowledgeable and its super cross suspension. Obviously so thatll be the big differences. Now this one, its a fuel injected 150 its made primarily for the woods. I think he has olin suspension on it. So well see uh go spin, a couple laps do whatever the heck you want to do, come in switch bikes and give us a low down. Okay, heres. The best part about this bike. Go kickstart. Baby me: Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, um, Music Applause, um Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, hmm, Music, Music Applause, no okay, so the the 150 fuel injected versus the 125 carbureted um all around the 125 is honestly much more responsive even more than the fuel injection um. I did feel like in some of the pockets like, especially if it was like a supercross pocket, and you were to go to get on the gas super hard.

It does have a slight hesitation that this 125 doesnt for a woods bike it. It does have a lot of top end. It is one of the faster woods bikes that i have ridden the suspension on it. I hate to say this, but its great um. It is soft, but for for a beginner rider – and you know, for the trails that is, that is a comfortable riding bike and it definitely wouldnt get you in trouble: Music, Music, hmm, Music, Music, Music, all right Applause, Music, Music. Oh this bikes, hilarious right! I thought i had that no problem, and it just was like no the suspensions plush, though i like it too, its nice and nice and soft uh; Music Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, me; Music, Applause, ah, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, oh Applause, Music, Applause, Music. I dont know if the gopro, the gopro will capture my excitement a little bit right off the bat. Unbelievable all right. Well start with this one great bike like if i were racing in the woods. This would be a great bike for it. Powers super controllable. The electric starts a no brainer for the woods suspensions. Crazy plush, like you, dont, feel anything on that uh other than when you try to hit a jump but like in the woods hitting rocks logs. That plays awesome, but it feels like it has. No power, this bike, oh its so crisp its so its the best 125 ive ever written yeah yeah its sick, its just totally smooth you dont have to let off the gas it just throws itself into gear.

The suspension feels great. I bet you. I love the suspension in supercross. I can flick it around like nobodys business like i can just put this bike wherever the heck i want. Oh, you want to borrow it for east coast. It makes me want to. Can i rent it? You can borrow it gillette. So much fun so much fun. This is the best 125 ever ridden truthfully its great, oh, its just so perfect. Why? Why would you? Why would anybody choose the race, the 450 class, when you could race on this bike? Oh my god, all right! Well, there you have it seriously. Do i give it a score yeah for what it is. A 125 im gon na im gon na give this a 9.99 ill. Give that bike for what it is a trail bike, pretty good, probably 8.2 thats like solid, but not this is next level next level thats. Why nobodys, having more fun than this guy right behind me? I understand now. I understand now: uh yeah thats sick. Well, hey thank you for letting me ride it absolutely. What do you give that first score, one out of ten okay, well, im gon na im gon na give it a fair score off of if i was riding it in the woods um for a woods bike. Id definitely put it in the nine range setup, wise, handlebar, wise wasnt, the most comfortable bike for me, but for woods, id lets give it a nine and then my own 125 for outdoor im gon na give it a 10.

. I love it all right! Well, there you have it stankdog two stroke review thats the video everyones been waiting for im. Sure this bike is even set up. The way that i want it to be set it up like the bars are sick. I may not have the best style, but i know how to set that thing up to really good right. Oh its good everythings, perfect. What kind of bars are these stock? They are stock frozen, bars stock. I like it see thats like like. You were telling all the people in the class you dont just stock, just ride it stock. You just set it up the bars, the levers theyre, all stuck these bars are sick. Well, there you have, it youtube, uh, two stroke review. Thank you thank dog. He taught class today, awesome just taught class with his goggles and helmet on the whole time, thats a first. I like it. I like his style all right.