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So, in my opinion, when youre playing in these like this low, the elo, what you need to be doing is just get as aggressive as possible in all honesty, and you need to take gunfights and just if youre solo queuing in this elo, you just need to Kind of act off your own information and like youre, asking for a hard breach, which is fine, but in all honesty in this low of an elo, i dont think people are going to understand the whole purpose of a hard reach like. I feel like its going to be a 50 50 type of deal so starting out youre droning out youre, trying to find sight from the looks of it. Your keys are loud as hell. Okay, there you go my man just reloaded for one bullet. It really do be like that. Eh Music, you are a little bit new to mnk, which is which is more than fine uh. You just got ta play as much as you can like youre doing, which is uh no homework great now, ive did it all. In my homework club yesterday, thats the worst man when your parents try to talk to you, while youre playing cali is actually taking off heads. Oh my god, iq is just in sight. Somehow, like does mute, have ears. This is kind of what i imagine like uh. Copper legitimately being its just people running around and like its either youre, getting four owed or youre getting overboard.

So im noticing, like youre finding sight and one thing i would be doing if you want to become a better attacker – is set up a pre placed drone and like a cut off that you can watch quickly and then just establish that control. Because in this elo and in most elos, oh, my god, they reinforced blue location people. I i dont even know what i was saying. They reinforced the triple blue um holy hell. People are just gon na run around like rats and like ranked has just played like that and its good that youre checking all the common spawn peaks uh. Its kind of weird that you do have you know case once again and youre wasting the impact come on. Man thats from the breach, buddy youre, pulling up the pistol see. All of this could have been like not worried about. If all you had to do is like have a cut off. Cam, like you, wouldnt, have to check all these corners and whatnot something youre going to want to like try to make a habit as well is, since you are a little bit new to mnk from the looks of it, which i im assuming um, keep keep your Keep adsing like or keep like, pre aiming common spots and if you dont know common spots, yet uh thats fine, but just try to think about where you would be sitting. If you were a defender like try to think from their perspective, even though youre not in their shoes, if that makes sense, so, for example, like you can quick peek top main, you could quick be bottoming, and you should also look at what your teammates are doing, Because, once again, like, as a defender i hear sledge, i might try to take the one and walk up main stairs so nobodys watching the main hallway right.

I believe osa is doing her own thing as well, and also when youre playing vert like that youre not gon na want to put your entire body on the holes youre going to watch for those edds huh that sucks. You have two zofe stuns as well. Yeah right here, you should have like pulled up that zone stun i dont know if youre about to lose this, but another bad habit. Youre going to want to pick up on is cross replacement because youre its almost like youre panicking and aiming like kneecap shin level and thats. Fine, if you know theyre prone but try it try to up where youre aiming and just like calm down a little bit. You dont need a panic, because you could have definitely stunned out that maestro, even though he panicked too, he he impacted himself just for the future like in the high ranks. You know is your dpi or since too high, because it looks very choppy if that makes sense, which is usually in turn from like a very high sense in dpi, why man youre giving them dont dont? Do this youre wasting impact once again, youre giving a roamer a rotate and another angle that they can flank you on? So something im noticing is like youre youre running around aimlessly like if that makes sense, without a without a goal in mind and thats. Something you need to think about before the round starts is like what you plan on pushing because, like a lot of time, was just wasted running upstairs running around and this this might pass for like like low elo, but until you get like once, you get into Silver, i would say: youre gon na have a hard time playing like this, because, like people can on silvers all they want, but copper to bronze to silver, huge difference like golds play, silvers and golds play plaits.

So if that makes sense, then yeah ive seen games where, like flat threes, i think face silvers, so theyre opening in blue wow see. This is where you use the impact right there on the shield, and you should keep your gun up for moto door yeah. Just all you got ta do is impact that i think they killed him, but youre aiming way too low right here. Buddy Laughter, oh god, man thats, funny dont dont prep that window ever because at least from what ive seen in like platted champio is that server window is very common for someone to just jump into. So if i see the prompt where i can just jump in its going to throw a lot of your teammates off, especially they just jump in unless you have a frost mat under it, then its kind of safe. But i just wouldnt: do that down im assuming were in this meta, still spawn peaking like its year, one, oh god, where are you aiming theyre going to come up behind that truck man? Oh so, if youre going to spawn peek or or put your head in a barricade like that, make sure its only your head and not your entire body and where youre that close back up a little bit right here when the mavericks opening that like and you Know hes hes opening it like just swing it bro, because a lot of times, nobodys gon na, expect that, like hes literally making a whole ass circle, like you had time there to swing it like there theres times where you can be aggressive and, like you know, Hes there and youre not pre, aiming now oreo did tell me that it cut off here, but he won the round uh.

I just want you guys to know when you guys are playing mozzie. In my personal opinion, i think its best to shoot as many drones as possible in the prep phase and then place your mazzy pass in common places because, like its cool, if you can get, maybe get one drone in the prep phase. But if you can shoot two drones and then deny wherever theyre pushing like say, youre gon na roam with mozzie, you can put some of your pes across the map or just some common doorways you can. You could probably cut off more drones and more intel for the attackers than what you just did with like putting on three pests, thats, just how i personally play mozzie and thats what i prefer once again, why is everybody spawn peeking, whoever you are uh, mr copper? Oreo chips, thank you so much for sending in you know your vod uh, i i know im being very cr like criticizing, but thats, like kind of the whole point of this video, even at the end of the video im going to do my own video over Home game and im going to review like the game that i hit champion this season, because i made a lot of mistakes constantly bro yeah lets get the concealed out of here. Oh my homies, a consulate very different vibe from last game, though, like last game uh. Nobody was talking, everybody was typing and you and your teammates uh talking so thats good.

Did he make the rotate? Why did he make the rotate on the bar side? Ah, okay, its personally, not what i would do. I do it by vault wall, but maybe theres a certain strat because, like you can say that a certain reinforcement or certain you know, rotate is very, very bad. But if it comes with a good explanation – and maybe maybe it can work man – you never know what are some of you guys in spawn peaking like every game im watching somebody try to spawn peek, you just saw him repel its good. You didnt, keep overpeaking im. Glad you rotated my man red 90s, open for some reason: uh. I think you shot a dead body jumping out, so you have four people off site guys. I dont want to say this. This might be the reason youre in bronze because, like its definitely like once again, soloq type teammates, but you got ta, keep what your solo queue teammates are doing and act off them. Your mechanics, arent bad. To be honest either like you actually have very solid mechanics. I dont even see that guy was he upside down. Yeah hes upside down man. You got ta get on cams too. Oh my break on uh upside down. You got ta, say reverse there. You go. You just put a healing station in the tub or wont you have to jump in the tub to get the healing. How do you guys? How do you guys play thunderbird by the way? Do you like to keep the thunderbird stations all in one area like a nice healing corner, or do you like to set them up for, like a certain strat or if somebodys gon na play a certain position uh, because, like a lot of times, i prefer to Put them all in one area, but that is just me, but its just very easy to deny those t.

Bird stations from grenades impacts whatever, but, like i dont, know, theres a lot of scenarios if somebodys playing a certain position and they overpeak and die and were not able to shoot it thats just giving the enemy team healing, which sucks three roamers as well. Okay, i wouldnt be opposed to the three people roaming, but its just the way that you guys are playing are so offset from one another but like maybe im over analyzing, because i havent played in bronze like in a legitimate fashion before so. I really wouldnt know what this elo is honestly, like uh with that barbed wire, i would maybe place it mid to bottom. I would maybe place that midway on the staircase, because by the time someone someone can just walk up that staircase and then automatically catch you off guard. But at least you have the sound intel if the barbed wire is bottom because theyre gon na punch it break it, and then you have time to react to it. You use barbed wire for more intel than anything to be fair, of course, slowing them down is. Is perfect, hes upside down again? What is up with this kid upside down, good stuff? That is the worst place to upside down? How did that kill me? You were upside down and so c4. What do you mean? You were not on the roof, your forehead, its a goddamn explosion. What do you expect to happen? C4? Get on cams, get on cams, yeah thats, your teammate.

Did your teammate just call finka and then not give a precise call where this rank feels kind of like so much different than copper, its way more aggressive, just from what im seeing copper everybodys sitting in corners, theyre reinforcing their themselves off bronze is like everybody runs Around on defense, like monkeys and just goes for frags and like im, very intrigued to see how attackings gon na be for this elo hes right there hes. Also there hes right there good call up nice that claymore that sucks man positive reinforcements, always good. How i hate kids, that smurf in lower lower elo and just talk like the c4 kid is making fun of that is bronze elo no, like dog youre, wasting your own life. If this is not legitimately your elo, then why are you playing in it like? I got ta know: is this fun for you to play in bronze its nowhere close to elo its not like youre? You know you have a your main, like you have a smurf uh, just a like vibe and like maybe you know, if you have to take a hit and cancel because you know youre facing cheaters, but this man literally is just playing in bronze. I personally wouldnt uh, reinforce memo off, though, to be fair, guys, the whole point of defense – and this is what a lot of players get wrong is – and i i say this a lot in diamond as well is the whole point is to extend out and contest And not allow the attackers to establish map control, because if the enemy team takes memo control very easy because they see you guys reinforced it, then all they have to do is open up a line of sight with maybe habano pellets maverick whatever, and it has more Cushion for them to watch worry about less angles that they could that they can get shot from.

But if you dont reinforce that and you make a rotate on the far right, maybe you make you know feet holes or you do something and you play inside memo as well. They now have to worry about contesting you and wasting utility on you and then, which you can back off and play site, but just reinforcing that you cant wall, bang, the person, if they jump in you, know the the little bicycle area so yeah like like on On kitchen, for example, its very common for people to go play vertical. So, for example, what i like to do is i like to play from vertical myself as a defender with somebody else, maybe reinforce triple uh and you know, captain is actually very viable on this part of the map, especially in ranked because a lot of people just Dont check their corners from what ive seen its most successful in like dive into champilo, but you can test them and then once you shoot up a certain amount of drones, you just rotate back to site and if you get a pick, thats good sounds like they. Just gong sixth rushed, but it does also sound like ones on master balcony. I think hes, the bottom right my man see devon is an idiot, also shoot the glass off the astro window, because you never know if somebodys repelling and then theyll drone you out and then they can just window banging, because you didnt get the sound until a Lot of players ask me in my streams why i shoot the windows over the glass on the windows its its because you now have sound indication if theyre repelling on it, the barricade with the glass you cant hear if the person repels a lot of times.

Also, if i were you after you light somebody up like that, rotate your body, because that guy could have one closet could have went that window and he could have wallbanged you like youre, getting the kills, of course, good readjustment to the head there getting the kills Of course, but staying in that same static position in higher elo youre going to get smoked no way, didnt bro, this isnt bronze no way im this bad yeah. This is very humbling for you, mr c4, if, like but im just gon na assume you dont, you dont know the call out for that specific doorway im, not sure i just got shot by the way you i think you heard the guy running above. If youre hearing some something and youre not sure because you dont have a direct line of sight or information based on a cam just be like sound call instead of im, not sure because, like sound call just means like you hear it, but you know sometimes sieges Are scuffed or you just get the sound audio wrong, so its basically not reassuring your teammates that its a direct callow, its more of just you know, an indication that he might possibly be above outside, so theres, usually two ways that you can attack this. This uh side of the map in ranked you can go 90 over, which means you go to from the other side, say the bomb sites av slash map.

You go to the other side of the map like astro and then you clear the entire map, and then you take an id. You go for a maps plant and you guys just you know, cut off anybody. Rotating 90 make sure nobodys flanking you red or you can just go from main and then go under and grenade, and you know, destroy utility and then to take study, control and then open up bar and then try to plant behind bar. Personally, i like to go 90 over a lot of the times of villa because it just works more successfully in in my elo, because usually what people do is they put head holes, uh, study side? And then you have a shield top main and then you have somebody on maths overall, its just goddamn annoying. But from the looks of this, it looks like your teammates are going 90 or theyre doing their own thing. Oh please, drone dont! Do this! Okay! Keep your gun up next time! You do something like that, where youre just opening up windows and whatnot and like i dont know why you open that, because if they drop the hatch or somebodys downstairs, they can jump out on you and you didnt shoot the cam outside yeah. This c4 guy is going through it, man hes, actually crying look at him. Youre everywhere i mean im in your walls. Im in your walls, im in your walls. Im in your walls, remember how uh when i was watching the copper.

I was talking about how you need to have a goal in mind with what youre attacking this is. The same thing applies it. I just fell because im dumb crosses involved, oh think it just thinking you up and the guy still revived you but yeah. No, you need to you need to have a goal in mind before youre doing or youre gon na make silly mistakes like that man theres, so many goddamn shields holy hell. You need to get off your drone and collapse because the way your teammates are theyre collapsing inside outside the map, where right to your right, sledge what okay im going to top red top right or skull thats skull, hey good use of the first maid. Are you planning, though, why, okay in that scenario, you naded her? She was on the right side. You could have held her swing and waited for your teammates to assist you instead of going for the plan, because what happens there? If you go for that plant and die is now she has a direct line of sight of bomb right out of the doorway. Whenever i die like okay, never mind bucks coming to help you okay, never mind. I i still wouldnt have planned it here, just because like if vel can just swing and if, like thinking buck, cant react it shell kill you immediately, maybe tuck on the door frame right here or, like i dont know, you won the round, though good stuff, something I would say, for you to focus on and most bronzers to focus on is once again establishing map control and having an understanding of what you plan on doing on attack youre, going to have a lot more successful rounds.

Dont get me wrong. You guys forward them and whatever, but if you want to progress into the higher ranks and get like better and better and win more attacking rounds, because, in my opinion, up until you get into like mid plat area, a lot of people still dont know how to Attack and thats probably why theyre sitting in the platte elo is because they have no understanding of how to properly establish map control, get the bomb down, use utility and just get a proper execution off. Thank you for sending in the vaude my man. I appreciate it. Okay, so, since were on the silver uh im interested to see what the mirror strat is going to be, i dont see a mirror played on this side of oregon too often, but mirrors are also always mad is garfield. Is that me, okay, ive, seen that mirror strata actually and kids? It was more prominent when people would usually take attic which im not really used to anymore its good that when youre, when youre taking these gun, fights youre kind of repositioning your body. Besides right, there im not gon na lie right. There would not be the best time to pull out that c4. You kind of just like expose yourself and using that c4 is better off like to deny plan in all honesty and youre, not getting on cams. Once again, this is so hard to watch. He just gave him a rotate guys.

Never do that. Never never do that phase garfield with the 3k bro because it won. You just gave him sound indication to like push so youre, not gon na hear him if he pushes two. You gave him a goddamn rotate in the kids and you look the other way im gon na skip forward because, like i, i dont think the reinforcements and him placing the cave like everything that hes doing is very you know normal its not like hes doing some Abnormal ascades or anything so uh once again, youre playing the same position. If i were you, instead of how the frag is she in sight, when youre swinging by the way, like youre swinging to your left and youre, trying to peek the right side, dont lean the right way while swinging to the left. If that makes sense, because youre youre, giving up your perspective and understanding perspective is a little bit hard, i did a video where i, where i um, i did a video where i learned 10 skills from easy to heart and i explained them and i think number, Nine was perspective and understanding perspective. If you dont really understand perspective, and you want to learn perspective, go watch that video link should be. There should be a card at the top right or there should be a link down in the description um. Its a very good video im, not gon na lie like i actually took both of my pcs and i showed perspective and how to abuse it and use it to your advantage.

I means getting twitch ruined but yeah. Basically, in that scenario, i think it was picking you she would have won that gun fight, just because great shot, just because you know perspective the way youre, leaning ground. Is there a reason? Some of you guys, dont talk in game like you guys are on pc right, so you guys are typing to each other and whatnot. I feel like itd, be so much easier to just get communication down unless you know i understand a lot of you know younger kids or you know, if youre a female you dont want to be like harassed. So i guess that makes sense – or maybe you just dont want to deal with deal with their harassment in general, because some people uh some people like to be online everybodys on this mirror by the way and its very its very overwhelming, because if they rush freezer Or main, or even tower, theyre gon na theyre gon na get like an easy uav from mv2. Oh god, dude just place it on the mirror. Come on bro just place it on the goddamn mirror bro bro. What are you doing? Dont? Do that. Please place it on top of the mirror: bro thats a vibe killer, though, when your mirror and someone tries to play the mirror that youre trying to play you, you know for a fact that mirror that 80s is awful man – oh my god, idiots picked it up Right there, you should see ford like right here.

You could see four totally okay, i i swear your your ads is gone now, yep, they wall, banged it or yeager hes living his best life right. There youre leaning the wrong way again going into the pillar drop d box drop d box drop d box. Oh god, that sucks there goes your teammate well. At least you got uh the ace try! If i were you, i wouldnt repeat that same angle. After you saw nomad, try to try to make sound, maybe going to the right and then maybe go back to the left. You got to play mind, games and maybe up your crosshair placement a little bit more because its youre going to win a lot more gunfights. If you aim head level, i know its a its a hard habit to get into, but its a great habit. At the end of the day, it looks like your teammates are all going main for some odd reason like every single one of them outside the window, including jackal, dont, break barricades and then just drone off of them like that, because if somebodys playing a rat corner Theyre just going to run through the goddamn like outside on you, unless you maybe place a claymore first but like you, didnt, take attic nor trophy control and dont. Have anybody with you so opening the wall immediately is an awful decision, because once again you can get swung from trophy. You dont have army clear.

You dont have anything clear, so opening this wall up youre going to be overwhelmed by angles. You need to get some get some of your teammates over with you or get the hell off hard breech, because your teammates are not helping you over here like look. If you try to push in a master now youre overwhelmed by angles. Once again, look like trying to trying to get into bedroom now is going to be so difficult, especially someones talk left to the the breach youre using smokes very wrong here, and i feel like a lot of players. Do this as well. They smoke themselves, though, when in turn what you should be doing is smoke off the enemy so, for example, the enemy you can smoke off kids door or attic door, so they might be able to rotate in the kids, but at least they dont have immediate swing. On you, because the whole point is for you to get a get a plant down right, but now your teammates cant cover you if theyre on the breach, nowhere top white look like and since youre planning in like such a common default, you can definitely get swung. Very easily got it down, though, is garfield going in a rooney is destroying your team like face garfields nuts im gon na. Add him im gon na kill up with him. Now your teammate has a pistol, though oh my god, okay, once you see your teammate dead there, you need a reposition because its good, you got the frag, but mozzie stole the time to swing.

You kill you and get get the fuse off. At that point, you need to bait him to get on that defuse, but overall, good good stuff. Why do they have a mirror on the goddamn wall? Man? Once again, you guys dont have army control or anything, but you do have jackal up wow three people on the side. I saw one tuck left to the breach, my man that actually might be helpful for you to run in sight. I mean run in the master. What the hell am i watching three people on top thats nuts man dude somebody please just swing the mirror. Man like you guys have pings on both people. He just ran through you. Dont always need to plan on default by the way and just typed ash get up here. Thats cali, its not like callie, was gon na. Do anything anyways once again, im noticing this quite a bit like youre just opening the wall without taking any control of anything which is a huge goddamn? No, no because, like you dont know, if anybodys elbow you dont know, if anybodys tucked right bunker, you dont know if anybodys tarps door and now youre giving the enemies another angle to peek you on since youre at such a man disadvantage at the moment like you Need to stop being playing hard breach in in a solo queue. Atmosphere, see once again guys right that sucks. If we kill the top two phrase were good that mindsets always dumb because, like the person at the bottom thats one five puppet, he can end this game.

Positive just off two rounds: thats like saying that yo our cav is dog because hes, one and four, even though hes going cap on oregon face garf is going in man. Hes destroying yall lets tk again bro hes sticking it man pros dont fake bro. Oh oh! Oh, oh, oh bro, you got a bait, sound man, good stuff, but you got to bait sound like if you ran towards like the dresser area, but backed up a little bit, he would have got off plant and would have sprayed his gun panicking. And you have two different types of angles on him or you could have just slow walked and just swung him. This is the only time where i would possibly waste the ace charge or or go for a hard breach off the bat, because now youre cutting off one mirror, because it seems like your teammates arent going for ebox or theyre not going to play above. Oh so youre holding this angle too wide when you lean to the left there youre going to get perspective once again, im ready. You should like drone elbow in this scenario and just try to get information and establish bunker control, because you know your teammates good. You know your teammates are down freezer, so you need to create almost like a sandwich like atmosphere. If that makes sense like youre doing exactly what you should right here, youre making a play and did you need it? You need to check harry potter and backstairs, though yeah that sucks.

Why are they all peeking you like that? What are we, what dude, what the are you playing all right, something i would say man is uh overall try to try to try to work on your positioning and understanding positioning, because that is a huge critical point in siege and you need to be able to Kind of understand how to position your body to win more gunfights and also watch out when youre hard reaching. You need to learn how to establish map control because, like you, can do this now and do that. Do opening up walls and whatnot and win rounds. But when youre in the higher ranks, people are going to take advantage of doing like that. All right now were moving on a gold one reinforcements and whatnot. By the way that cave, claw that hes putting in the server by the t by the monitors you can go under, you know where swamp is above swamp like the cement ceiling, you can throw it there and its a lot better and it cant get grenaded theyre Gon na have to go under for it a lot better than that one. My opinion two people playing raptors, probably isnt the best, because now, like you, have a limited amount of space to be mobile. So having two of you guys there yeah okay, there you go. Ask me, or whatever name is its dropping down to watch below thats smart? This map has no idea what hes doing sounds like hes running holy hell man when youre talking clubhouse, if you guys are just going for strictly garage and flat which, like the mavs, struggling to get flat wall, you guys need to open up that single door right There the reason why you want to open up that single door right there is so late round its, not just because youre gon na immediately contest and try to push in a garage its its so later on in the rounds.

You have an easier time of just entering garage and you can get a easier swing. I dont know if these guys are actually going for a garage. I think theyre gon na go for a server like highway con, take which im surprised in gold ela. You usually dont see this type of take. This is something i see more in like high ranks. Competitive maverick would usually just put a feet hole in flat and then they would push master side but theyre having a very scuffed push from the sounds of this five seconds remaining. That was a very slow defensive round and uh. I dont know i guess the castle strike worked. Eh smoke do not die with utility left yeah yeah, you can rotate utility grab your shield up. You know theyre not pushing convert, hey, hes, totally number two utility, which is smart, but when you have 20 seconds 27 seconds left, i would not you rotate the utility. Then you should have peeped around 50 seconds 40 seconds that they werent pushing dirt and then just make the conscious decision to rotate your utility then, but theres really like no point now, because by the time you pick up that shield and then get out of dirt. Its going to be around 20 seconds, the last two people are gon na, have to get active and make a play, and the last thing you want to do is be placing your shield down and get.

You know spanked because you know youre youre placing a shield down now its a 2v2 um. You sound like such a nice kid man, no youre good. If we, if we know theyre gon na push from one direction, just if you can rotate utility, i dont want to prioritize it. Last time i did that i got on okay, this guys kind of contradicting himself hes right. You shouldnt, you shouldnt! Do it if you cant, but you basically told him to, and in that moment youre probably just trying to listen to him, make a rotate there. Dont uh dont reinforce gold off man. If they take logie, they only have to worry about the con angle. At that point, and that just cuts off like a lot of sight, if they get deep lodgy, i would, i would suggest, maybe putting this shield on condor like not actually inside the door frame but in front of the condor in the con watching. You know khan. So you can contest them. Okay, good shot. I dont know how janna was just up in that hole. Something im noticing about this gameplay when im watching is you dont seem very confident in yourself? Maybe maybe im misreading this, but it seems, like you questioned some of your decisions, a little bit like youre, constantly moving around and youre getting very jumpy. If that makes sense, you sound cold, you burn those smokes very quick man which isnt the worst.

Now, since the 3v2 – i guess yeah, you got two aggro, then youre too low man. It there play time five seconds remaining run out good youre, trying to tell them to see for the kitchen, hallway man. I dont even think that shits bangable from yeah thats the hard staircase side, something i would say man is dont, be dont, be afraid to get in more aggressive positions, just smarter positions, its good that youre trying to use your utility like the twitch run, and what Not, but i dont know if wasting a grenade off the bat, if you guys, are gon na go from master but keep in mind im youre solo queuing as well that man swung and died. This is few. No, you dont construction is clear. I think you located a bomb. No you cant say you think you got to say like its called its clear, because you just droned it out right at the moment, because its at the moment, caller, like you, did a good job of thoroughly droning everything. This is what im saying like hes gon na, be a little bit more confident, because you say i think your teammates are gon na, be your teammates gon na be confused as hell. You also do have another twitch on a pocket which you could uh drone like a set for like uh somewhere in sight right right here. You need to play for a pic man because youre in a 3v2.

What is the point of this youre gon na burn? The ads like you, you either have to have him ready to like use his stuns or do something yeah, because it will just reload stop reach the hatch thats, the stupidest idea. That is such a stupid idea. You do you go up red thats, just like no youre better off pushing the door while the way you push the highway like youre doing you needed to swing in im assuming hes. Did he listen to him? Oh bro yeah! No in that scenario, if your teammate says a dumb, you need to try to talk talk as much with your team as you can, when youre in a 2v2vx scenario like if you swung in when you were about to jump in kade, probably would have died or Gotten refracted and you have more likely to win that round. I know youre doing too much. You need to play vert on the hatch, if thats, what you guys are going for from the looks of it thats what your teammates are doing. You need to try to like, like look around to see what your teammates are doing or just verbally ask them, because now youre, just creating rotation capability for the attacker or defenders. Now the diffuser theres no way you guys win this right. Dont dont open up stock either because now youre giving them once again, another rotate, unless you guys have some type of a lounge flying cam, which i havent heard that this is what i was talking about with the silvers right.

I think it was silver on attack. They they theyre all over the place in terms of what theyre pushing, and this is kind of, like the vibe im getting right now from this, like youre, very unsure of what youre doing youre, not confident what youre doing good good gunfight good its good. That youre acting off this uh sound though right now yeah that was good positioning at the end. I one thing i would say man watching all this is as a gold player, i would say, try to be more verbal, try to try to talk with your teammates. What youre doing so, youre pushing down blue, say yo team im, pushing no blue or hold up im droning, so they dont just try to go for a plan and just try to guess that youre going to be watching them and just be a little bit more Confident with yourself, especially going on attacking rounds, knowing what your goal is and what you plan on doing, you can readjust what youre doing late round. When, when hits the fan, i dont think ive ever reviewed or watched that much playstation gameplay ive heard a lot of console players say that playstation is better than xbox and i heard playstation 5 specifically is better because of i dont think youre allowed you cant use A zim on it, which is really dope in my opinion, so if that is true, i would say playstation is better than xbox, though just because it knows zim, so you actually have to be mechanically like better.

You know. I think the cap can pick on up top. Co is very interesting. I dont think it would be my go to pick, but it actually might work because late round and edds are so helpful late round, because a lot of a lot of enemies like forget about it light round because all theyre thinking about is, i need to push. I need to push, i need to push or its good for sound and cell unless you have a twitch where that you guys can reinforce e3 and if you didnt know what e3 is its elevator, three, its those two walls there and then theres e2, which is The mid floor and then basements e1. So if youre ever wondering what that call out is e1 e2 and e3, its elevator one elve2 elevator 3., you need to be getting off cams in my opinion here, but you also do have the soloqueue teammates. I didnt want to answer you. Oh you saw another one. Oh thats, your teammate rook, its good that you were pinging there, because im assuming your teammates just didnt want to answer you so, but you also do have two dead teammates that should be getting on this lobby cam. So that does indeed suck your positioning here looks very well or very good youre repositioning for the breach trying to get on uh a little bit of a off angle, its all good, i think your positioning there was very good its just your crosshair placement you over, Like you were aiming like, he was going to be planning or crouched and its better that its better to flick down and flick up, if that makes sense so to be aiming head level, its a lot easier for you to flick down than if youre aiming crotch Level and flicking up freaking barb on a rooney thats interesting.

I personally love a rooney for the bp dude. I can imagine using a dmr on console man that must suck holy hell bro. My man spending the entire prep phase, shooting that were trying to shoot one goddamn drone, this poor man, calling where, though you saw him uh. Oh, this is so awkward man, i feel so bad for you got your frag hes gon na go for e3 and ones already on marble. Wheres your teammates, located, i got ta, know see that barber you put on like banana hall. I would have put that on marble or put on banana so that exactly doesnt happen and its more helpful for your teammates as well thats playing around it since youre bringing more of the utility than most your teammates. I love how youre the only one talking and all your teammates are just being, which is rude when you play ranked, they should kind of like force you to get out of parties or whatever you have on playstation, like they did back in the day with, like Modern warfare and like cod lobbies for search and destroy because it gives you a more competitive atmosphere and youre forced to talk to your teammates right. You cant sit in an xbox party or playstation chat. I dont know what its called should really have. Quick commands. Man like need a hatch need, reinforcement, need reinforcement here, you know kind of, like i think, uh. What game has it valerin valerian has it.

I think fortnite might even have no fortnite doesnt. Have it uh, valorent apex, thats the game, im thinking about apex enemy here, enemy here, enemy there? Oh, my god, no mad buddy. What are you doing stuff? No mirror down that sucks, very good twitch. I support it. I i support the twitch pick when you can actually be a good twitch. You know hes trying to get rid of those keyboard stations lets take a year for those goddamn things to recharge. Is your ace in garage with bomb why that is so silly of him? You see his feet, you see his feet, see his feet. Oh dude, how the hell doesnt this guy hear you? Oh no, keep your gun up brother. What are you gon na? Do no scope! I like your use of drowning enemies. For some reason, dont see your drone when its in the open, but you know if it works out, it works out. I guess eh youre trying to locate the others to the second guy, its probably in the site. You dont have time to rotate yeah. You know that okay whats the point of shooting that default cams up man, this man zoom ring around the goddamn rosie good, try im so youre, not bad. You have more confidence in yourself, like even when you make a bad play or, like you do something that, like was a mistake. The best thing you can do is observe what you did wrong, that that entire round i wouldnt even say like you, did much wrong.

You did a lot of things right you. You know, you use your abilities, you use twitch your teammates arent talking, so it makes sense why youre not being verbal, um, eighth, pushing garage and getting the single garage wall and staying there is stupid as hell. In my opinion, hes better off going server to try to execute a plant there, but whatever you did a lot of things right, its your teammates. It just happens like that. Sometimes your teammates just dont come through and they dont do their job properly. So you, you did very solid that round. In my opinion it just, i would say panic, try to panic a little less and shoot the default. Cam. Okay, im intrigued to see the knock play because on a map like bank or just any map in general, you can make a knock play. Work and its a one hit type of thing like you have to be sneaky and it seems like hes, starting out very, very smart heres a pre place in lobby. He knows banana has no utility on it. So as long as ash doesnt scuff his push like she is right now: uh yeah ash. Take the one beautiful drone work, beautiful, im, loving it im like mcdonalds, i think ash backed up. She definitely did youre gon na have to like wait a second or two. Just to re take this, which seems like thats what youre doing yeah they both left like a bunch of npcs.

This is what how like, when you play a game like hitman, you make a noise or something the enemies come, and then they go back to being npcs. Besides, you might hit a goo mine, oh bro, youre, not for a reason bro. What are you doing? Brody use your ability – oh youre, doing too much oh youre, getting back on drones, okay, youre gon na nade. Are you gon na nade teammate is top banana yeah lets say you held that a little too long? Oh, that was gon na. Be smart, though. If legion was still there, you hit him with that. Actually, okay, good stuff, i dont is i gon na destroy the castle uh marble. Is he doing get a map buddy? This is when you got to get aggressive now and take lobby since hes e2 youre doing an elevator, bro good aggression. You were pitching a twitch now youre in a 2v1 last was the last scene on site. No, those two nades didnt do anything for that that that game was that game was interesting, theres, a lot of things that he done right. I dont think theres many hed done wrong, uh to be fair. The only thing i would say is like minor things like where youre placing your barbed wire like nitpicking type, stuff, uh barbed wire, i would definitely say, put it on stairways, especially on bank, like mid banana mid marble, so they cant just drop the skylight and, like You know have free reign because you died a few times just off of that uh and be okay with making mistakes.

Man, because, like you, know, everybody potatoes, i potato all the goddamn time because im ass, i know this person, like i i dont, know the person like that thats playing, i dont think, but i know the person thats talking, i think thats rusty, which is someone ive Played with and hes been champ, so one of these guys atk, silly uh, talented, oh okay, okay, thats, joey, okay, hes playing our pip weirdo. I dont know how far that is, but i see something downstairs: oh wait. What is that? I forgot that i can do that. C4. C4. C4. C4. C4. All right, the comms are very probably crowded if youre watching this – and this is usually what higher elo sounds like a lot of the times, um its a little bit crowded here, like a lot crowded. Actually, but like i can pick out what theyre saying theyre focusing on this video, a lot which i dont know if they fed into his room, which, in my opinion, is just not needed like if someones roaming and its like a vigil and hes a basement or Hes uh first floor. He does not need to be dealt with because hes vigil hes gon na hes gon na have to come on two air jabs hes gon na come up, uh staircases, and he, if you feed into him, youre doing exactly what he wants, which i still dont know. If that that was the case, because iq did have a scanner on him, but you never know if anybodys assisting vigil uh the only thing that concerns me right now is im watching them.

Drone call everything clear, but who is establishing map control? Realistically, it should be finca because think is like a primary entry at the moment, in my opinion, nades gong six lmg, like so mexico. You guys droned all of this, oh and you guys – could have had this 90 control a lot sooner. You guys are stalling out now, as you can tell, because you lost that one man yeah vigil, is downstairs right now running across hes going up maine. This is a wasted. Nade! Please dont need that: okay, youre jumping in uh yeah, im nitpicking out of my ass. All all you had to do. There is really add somebody to journal 90s, so you can re establish control instead of wasting a grenade that one nade can do so much for the round. Hes called it clear now: youre, okay, youre joining red. Now, okay, thats smart youre, putting a flank cam that makes sense going on in 290, 290 theres, two holding 90 right now, im pushing one more one, more one thing, crouched see. This is where your grenade bridge is open. Also, in my opinion, if youre doing a 90 side over on villa which is a very common, take dont open up the entire wall. If your habanero is just make lines of sight, so they feel pressured when theyre rotating. If you go for a default plan on the vault wall, its another angle, that theyre going to be stressed about and its another angle, that gives you a direct line of sight in the site.

If you open up the wall completely, it gives them another rotation and another way that you can get flanked reload 40 seconds. I was gon na, say, theres no way, youre gon na be able to jump in there and take all three of those heals 15 seconds. This man really just hid. I i that that thats, a tough thats, a tough round all together, because you guys are, in the heat of the moment, youre taking vault youre about to go. Try to plant you dont know where t bird is so that thats just unlucky to be honest, good shake cody. That was huge, baby theres. Only four guys. All right lets just take this ticket yeah, okay, its smart – that you guys are saying lets take a slow and a 5v4, because you know you dont want to give up man advantage, the the defenders are going to have to get a little antsy. One thing i i do got to say: you guys need to take control off of intel and im guessing like because you guys are all smart players. You guys probably just had a hiccup miscommunication, whatever whatever, but someone needs to act off that intel man study properly. If you guys want to play enough man, i im nice. That was a really good play. That was that was like really really really smart. Aggression, like you jump in uh, you somehow find the person split. I didnt even see him at first.

My neighbors dog is barking dont, mind that i press pause and play too much here, goddamn, okay, the that he swings. And then you react pretty quick here. You have the lmg, so he re swings like like a silly goose because he needs to take the one and then you re aggress onto the rotate. So as soon as you see his head, you pop it off. The great play. Good lets lets hope that im gon na know that you just sit on this window. Oh my god, it works. Okay, okay. I thought i was hearing some but like i in deer, if you know ones 90 and ones dear theres, solidified one guy on site. At that point, you two eve boy and silly should just flood sight. No, because the guy dropped, the hatch. I think he just called out, and then you have the cross for red and if anybody crosses over the guy that is by uh, why did i think they were an aviator im, an idiot bro im watching a red candle? Okay, yo one one thing: yeah one drop drop below Music. I see you youre lmg, crutching, its all good um, oh thats, annoying man, yeah just put on a five five thing: ill call it. Oh Music, ken thats, an annoying angle to peek into man, Music. On the middle window, holy im, terrible underrated opinion when youre up 3 0, oh and then you swap to defense on villa, go kitchen dining.

First, the momentum will not shift as easy as as it is right now, because the momentum has shifted completely Music. Five. I think wheres mel again, i didnt see mel because they dont have wall. Open mel just needs a reposition here, okay, its cali, i mean not mel melissas top man. I said callie kid just swung him out hes in study. You know you can tell by the mental man this this mans like i.